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  1. Roll 1 ( who care what the plus is or is not).
  2. Alright NEWS FLASH. I have exercised the demons that resided in my laptop. They are now fully fit and residing else where.So in short I have my laptop up and running. I have made a new post and will shortly be backing this up so as not to lose anything. Please have a reply up by May 31/2017......just kidding, at this point, I am afraid I have lost a few of you, maybe all of you. who knows. Anyway, If you are still in the game at least post a reply here in this post to let me know you are still wanting to play this. I know I have confused most of you and your waiting on the action........I promise the main event will be starting here shortly. I look forward to your replies.
  3. Desmond looks at Gayle then looks at her hand on his shoulder and shakes his head. “I definitively need to have a talk with your father. I agree with your compromise. Let us go and talk with the Sergeant. Master Cutburt please go ahead and we will be along shortly.” Master Cutburt nods his understanding and heads out the door. Desmond turns to the others in the group, “What say you? Do you agree that we should go talk to the guards and see if we can go to the river under escort, or should we just stay here?”
  4. Even though my attack will not work, that is what I was wanting to do, so it skips me and goes to Auberon.If the little bugger is still alive next round AND visible I will nail him for at least a point of damage.
  5. I will use the Evocation School special ability Force Missile. Auto hit deals 1d4 damage + coupled with Intense Spells, adds 1/2 my level (min of +1) to the damage roll. D4 roll 2+1 =3. (I can see the arvuement that if I can not see him then I can not hit him, if such isnthencase no big deal..... I learned a new ability of my mage is the important thing to me.)
  6. The Great White!
  7. Sorry for holding up the party. Between work,work,and work it has been hard to find time to post. Now my laptop has crashed and I am left with just the tablet and phone to type replies on.
  8. (Sorry busy and now the laptop crashes. First roll 29 just kidding that was the d30 I grabbed in my haste. real roll was 15 + something which I can not find so take the 15.)
  9. Ahahahaha. I lied. May has not slowed down and now for the big NEWS!!!! My laptop has crashed! Yup you read that right. I am working on my tablet now and it has most of the same files, but not all of them, so after school gets out, a week from today, I might be able to pick this back up. I have to do a double check and see what all is missing from the tablet and what I will need to download to it. Also things might be wonky for a bit after we start back up. As I discover that I forgot that one vial PDF. As a side note, two file I have been working for the last three months have been left in CHAOS!! Namely the players guidebook and the Gods of Pandarrow that part of which belongs in the players guidebook are left two the three versions behind where I had them. Anyways I return you to your regulatory scheduled life.
  10. Alright folks, new post is up.It took me a while. I will give you all until the 29th to reply. Things here have gotten out of hand.... my starship has reached "Ludicrous" speed and i am ready to get off this ride. I can barily wait till may, when things will slow down a bit.
  11. (4th day of Gateway, Moonday) You wake in the morning to a light snow falling and frost on the windows. As you headed down to the private dinning room you can smell someone cooking fresh Trout, which reminds you that in three days time, the month of Steelhead starts. The month is named for the Steelhead Trout that is fished heavily on all 42 days of this month. Some of it will be eaten or stored here in Castra Isca, but a good portion of the catches this month will be shipped down river to Hessianburg. As you enter the private dinning room Desmond is seated at the table chatting with an older gentleman. You recognize the gentleman as Dawien (Day win)Cutburt, who is the head of the fishmonger guild. Both men are eating breakfast and both are still wearing their tabards from the night before. You happen to notice Dawien's coat of arms is two up right fish. Both Desmond and Dawien stand and Dawien will stand and introduce himself to each of you. Bucky comes in and takes breakfast orders and returns with what ever you have ordered. During breakfast Dawien will ask polite questions in a friendly manner. From the the conversation you can piece together that Dawien is an old family friend who has been elevated to nobility because of the land that he owns and all the fishing business he does. Neo is sitting next to Desmond, happily eating what looks like and smells like trout fillets. As you finish breakfast, Dawien will say, “ Desmond there is something I need to talk to you all about. I would like to employ you for a job. There have been..” There is a quick rap at the door, followed by Bucky and a flush face boy. “Master Cutburt,” Bucky says, “this boy has a message for you and he says it can NOT wait.” “Master Cutburt, please come quick, Master Hartmann says that the river has turned yellow and it seems to be killing the fishes!” (You all know that, Cator Hartmann is a fisherman and is a friendly rival of Dawien.) Master Cutburt looks shocked, but recovers quickly. “ Tell Master Hartmann that I am coming.” The boy turns and sprints out of the room. Master Cutburt turns toward Desmond, “ I have to go check this out. I will return later to discuss a job.” Desmond quickly says,” I will go with you.” “Me too!”, says Neo. Master Cutburt, Desmond, and Neo all stand up and head toward the door.
  12. Hey Can I cast a spell that I do NOT have memorized by reading it from my spell book? I seem to remember something about that.
  13. "Yes, what was your master's work?" {Knowledge(Arcana) to see if I know what that 'work' maybe, Roll (18+8= 26,YEAH!}
  14. [Knowledge(Arcana) (to see if I know what magic might be involved) roll 5+8= 12.]
  15. Please check out the new post. It is the results of your last posts. I am still working on the next day post. I was unable to work on it this weekend, it is mostly done,so hopefully I will get it finished by this weekend.