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  1. Alright folks, new post is up.It took me a while. I will give you all until the 29th to reply. Things here have gotten out of hand.... my starship has reached "Ludicrous" speed and i am ready to get off this ride. I can barily wait till may, when things will slow down a bit.
  2. (4th day of Gateway, Moonday) You wake in the morning to a light snow falling and frost on the windows. As you headed down to the private dinning room you can smell someone cooking fresh Trout, which reminds you that in three days time, the month of Steelhead starts. The month is named for the Steelhead Trout that is fished heavily on all 42 days of this month. Some of it will be eaten or stored here in Castra Isca, but a good portion of the catches this month will be shipped down river to Hessianburg. As you enter the private dinning room Desmond is seated at the table chatting with an older gentleman. You recognize the gentleman as Dawien (Day win)Cutburt, who is the head of the fishmonger guild. Both men are eating breakfast and both are still wearing their tabards from the night before. You happen to notice Dawien's coat of arms is two up right fish. Both Desmond and Dawien stand and Dawien will stand and introduce himself to each of you. Bucky comes in and takes breakfast orders and returns with what ever you have ordered. During breakfast Dawien will ask polite questions in a friendly manner. From the the conversation you can piece together that Dawien is an old family friend who has been elevated to nobility because of the land that he owns and all the fishing business he does. Neo is sitting next to Desmond, happily eating what looks like and smells like trout fillets. As you finish breakfast, Dawien will say, “ Desmond there is something I need to talk to you all about. I would like to employ you for a job. There have been..” There is a quick rap at the door, followed by Bucky and a flush face boy. “Master Cutburt,” Bucky says, “this boy has a message for you and he says it can NOT wait.” “Master Cutburt, please come quick, Master Hartmann says that the river has turned yellow and it seems to be killing the fishes!” (You all know that, Cator Hartmann is a fisherman and is a friendly rival of Dawien.) Master Cutburt looks shocked, but recovers quickly. “ Tell Master Hartmann that I am coming.” The boy turns and sprints out of the room. Master Cutburt turns toward Desmond, “ I have to go check this out. I will return later to discuss a job.” Desmond quickly says,” I will go with you.” “Me too!”, says Neo. Master Cutburt, Desmond, and Neo all stand up and head toward the door.
  3. Hey Can I cast a spell that I do NOT have memorized by reading it from my spell book? I seem to remember something about that.
  4. "Yes, what was your master's work?" {Knowledge(Arcana) to see if I know what that 'work' maybe, Roll (18+8= 26,YEAH!}
  5. [Knowledge(Arcana) (to see if I know what magic might be involved) roll 5+8= 12.]
  6. Please check out the new post. It is the results of your last posts. I am still working on the next day post. I was unable to work on it this weekend, it is mostly done,so hopefully I will get it finished by this weekend.
  7. Here is the 'results' of your post. Ludo Bucky continually brings in pitcher after pitcher of ale for Duerro, until bedtime. Loim Bucky will shake you lightly when it is bedtime. Arkady Bucky will assure you he will get a message to Penn. He will bring in Helga to help you move Neo to his room. Helga helps you get Neo to and into bed. Haldir The library is a smallish affair and most of the books are related to cooking, but you do find a few books that are journals from Master Surefoot's adventuring days, most of which detail what he cooked and not what they found or fought.
  8. "Ready to go." Xoltan readies Ray of Frost again.
  9. I am here hanging with Ray till the level hits the fan...........
  10. Alright People the new post is up. Please have your replies up by the 8th of April. As I stated in the playing post I have chosen to make a long post so I have 'sped up time' a little. this post will finish out the current day. The next post will be when you wake up in the morning. Please read the entire post and then you may reply on bits as you feel that you need to. If you have a question for say Penn than Penn will 'stay' and answer them. As you can see I started this post with the day that you are currently on. I have not decided on a year yet so I have left that part out. I am going to try to start all new post with the date and if need be an approximate time of day. The next post I will introduce more of the weather. Well I will work on the next post, until next time.
  11. (In order to speed things along, I am making a long post. If you have questions or part take in a conversation after an NPC exits the room then anything you have said will be said before they exit.) 3rd Day (Sunday) of Gateway (The month of Gateway is only 6 days long.) Upon seeing the party, Jed says,”Did you chase off the ghosts?” After the party tells it's story: Jed will say' “Thank you all. There is no way I could ever repay you, but anytime your out our way and you need a warm meal and a place to stay, well we have the barn and we would be awful glad to have you all stay at our place. “ Bucky will escort the family out of the room, shortly after in order to prepare to head home in the morning. After the Oldhef leave, Penn will say, “I see you have seen the poster that the 'Thugs' are spreading around town. Doome may have signed the order, but Bane is the one, who is pushing that you be found and brought to him. I am fairly certain that Doome only signed the order, because Bane is starting to use you guys as his scapegoats. I will contact the Adventure's Guild and tell them you have successfully completed this contract. The Baroness has rented this private dinning room for you and rooms upstairs for you to sleep in. I suggest you stay here at the Candle for the next couple of days. Since you have 'saved' the Baroness live, I will tell you that we have a plan in motion, but I will not go into details.” He looks at each of you. Neo appears to have fallen asleep in his chair. “ I do not want you guys trying to lure out Bane, by going out. I understand your adventurers and you have put yourself in danger and will do so again, however, Bane will NOT fight fair. I do not want to have to put together a rescue operation for adventurer's who get themselves into trouble. My resources are streached thin, I have to have a detail on the Baroness and a detail even on myself, I also have men guarding the Candle, even though they are not needed. The Candle is Neutral ground as far as most everyone is concerned, however I can not speak for Bane and Doome. Bane is a maniac, who you have slighted and he wants blood and there is something about Doome.... “ He trails off as if he has had a thought. “If there is any thing you need please ask Bucky. He will see that you receive it. “ He gets up and hurries out of the room. Shortly after Penn leaves Bucky enters, even though it is nearing evening, Bucky looks exhausted. He smiles as he enters the room, Supper will be serving in the next couple of hours, Master Surefoot has opened up his personal library if you wish to read and he has instructed me to tell you that the courtyard will be closed and the teachers at the Adventurer's Guild have agreed to come here, so that if you wish to workout you may do so. (The Candle surrounds the courtyard, with only horses{outside guest} and deliveries being made there. I do not have a concert floor plan for the Candle, yet, but I picture it with an enclosed courtyard and four or so stories) If you wish to hang out in here, I can have a few of our board games, cards, dice, what have you brought in here.” Just then there is a timid knock on the door. Bucky moves swiftly and goes out the door. A few moments later, he reappears through the door. “ It appears that Desmond will not be attending dinner tonight and will not be back until tomorrow, as he has to attend the baroness' dinner tonight with the 'other' nobility. Bucky will take any and all dinner orders as you are hungry. When your ready for bed, Bucky shows you each to your room.
  12. Ray of Frost (ranged touch attack d20 roll 11, if that hits 3 pts of damage.)
  13. Arkady, no need to worry. Here is how I see it. Yes, she is a Paladin and a Noble, however she has not been sheltered her whole life so some choice words will slip and as far as the whole evil vs evil, well she seems intelligent enough to realize that she can not take them all out herself. If I feel you have over stepped your bounds I WILL let you know. I am fairly lax on the the alignment thing. I, for one am enjoying the snarky young Paladin, however I may enjoy putting her in her 'place'...... That is a joke, pleasentake it as such.
  14. New post is up. It is a partial post, as I am allowing the party a chance to converse with each, if you want to. I will finish up the post and post it later this week. I have been contacted by a potential new player. So I might be bring him into the picture. I have added s few new classes to the mix as well. Witch, Monk, and Troubadour all written by Stuart Marshall, the gentleman who wrote OSRIC. I have links to them on the website if you want to have a look. I want to explain the witch just a bit. Forget the negative connotation that goes with the word. Witch is a spell slinger that is slightly different than the normal magic user. Thank you all for playing. I am having a great time confusing the heck out of most of you.
  15. Bucky looks at Gayle, “ Mam, I assure you that The Baroness or Penn and the Oldhefs would be my only listeners. Anything told to me inside one of these private dinning rooms id held in the utmost confidence. I will bring the Oldhefs, so that you may ask your questions. I have sent word to the Baroness of your arrival, but with the new knights and and other army in town, she will have her hands full. I should warn you all. Thulsa Doom has put a price on each of your heads.” He takes a rolled up piece of paper out of his pocket and lays it down on the table. He leaves the room in search of the Oldhefs. It reads 'Wanted: (shows the pictures of the party) Alive 100 GP, dead 50 GP, it is signed in an elegant script; Thulsa Doom