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  1. Ray of Frost (ranged touch attack d20 roll 11, if that hits 3 pts of damage.)
  2. Arkady, no need to worry. Here is how I see it. Yes, she is a Paladin and a Noble, however she has not been sheltered her whole life so some choice words will slip and as far as the whole evil vs evil, well she seems intelligent enough to realize that she can not take them all out herself. If I feel you have over stepped your bounds I WILL let you know. I am fairly lax on the the alignment thing. I, for one am enjoying the snarky young Paladin, however I may enjoy putting her in her 'place'...... That is a joke, pleasentake it as such.
  3. New post is up. It is a partial post, as I am allowing the party a chance to converse with each, if you want to. I will finish up the post and post it later this week. I have been contacted by a potential new player. So I might be bring him into the picture. I have added s few new classes to the mix as well. Witch, Monk, and Troubadour all written by Stuart Marshall, the gentleman who wrote OSRIC. I have links to them on the website if you want to have a look. I want to explain the witch just a bit. Forget the negative connotation that goes with the word. Witch is a spell slinger that is slightly different than the normal magic user. Thank you all for playing. I am having a great time confusing the heck out of most of you.
  4. Bucky looks at Gayle, “ Mam, I assure you that The Baroness or Penn and the Oldhefs would be my only listeners. Anything told to me inside one of these private dinning rooms id held in the utmost confidence. I will bring the Oldhefs, so that you may ask your questions. I have sent word to the Baroness of your arrival, but with the new knights and and other army in town, she will have her hands full. I should warn you all. Thulsa Doom has put a price on each of your heads.” He takes a rolled up piece of paper out of his pocket and lays it down on the table. He leaves the room in search of the Oldhefs. It reads 'Wanted: (shows the pictures of the party) Alive 100 GP, dead 50 GP, it is signed in an elegant script; Thulsa Doom
  5. Thanks Gargs. It is hard to know where to 'draw the line' to stop adding detail, I want the players to know more about the world, but most will not care beyond the name of the major NPCs and the inn and the 'general store'. I am over here stressing over "how many people live in this town?" I need to finish the gods and get them back into the guidebook. My biggest fear is not putting in some vague piece of information that someone asks for. That was a very helpful reply. I can always add more details later as they are needed. It is just the OCD in me say "DETAIL EVERYTHING!" cause I want to know more. Thanks again for the reply.
  6. ahh o.k will try the link to the web site and I will remove the pdf from here. Thank you very much Doug.
  7. Not sure why I just clicked on it and it downloaded just fine and I opened it just fine as well. Give me just a few Chaoswolf. Try the link to my web page Chaoswolf.
  8. Hello all Here is my question. I am creating a "Player's Guidebook" for the town I am running my OSRIC group through. I wanted to know about how much info should I put into it? it is not a bad sized town. Population has not been 'set' yet, still working. It is in my home brew world as well, so There is some world background that I have put into it. oh heck hang on. There I have attached it to this post. Read it and tell me what you think. I have pulled the 'Gods' out for now as I am working on a more detailed version of the gods. and things have changed. Also there are some of the things I have changed and have not finished yet. I have gotten some feed back from my player's, but I would like more. I want a player to be able to read this in 15 or 20 mins or so and be able to play in my world and town with that knowledge. I an still 'building the town as well I have left a lot unfinished as the players have not 'needed' it yet. I am on Spring Break this week, so i have only the one job to deal with added to that fact is I have been sick for 5 weeks and am now on a steroid to help clear this crap up so I am a biut on the wound up side of things and would like to get the bulky of this all hammered out and off my 'to-do list'. Thank you for any input. Here is a link to my web page with the pdf at the bottom.
  9. Alright new post is up. Try to have your post up by the 20th of March...........just kidding.. I am on Spring Break this week so when we get a majority of players replies I will post. As a side note I have nothing major planned so if you guys want to get to the meat of the next one let me know and I can make a longer post just telling you what happens between now and the next major event. I have not gotten this far with a PbP group (finished and adventure... YEAH!!!! Pat yourselves on the back.), so I wanted to give your characters some after RP, but if you all want to 'skip it' and hit the high points we can do that. Let me know and let me know if your cool with adding more players. I have a couple of places I can 'advertise' for 1 to 3 more people. Yes I know it is MY game, however as my friends and players in this group, I vuale your opinion.
  10. Yeah Yeah rub it in.... your dice are very well behaved.... I think I have one that might roll good for my character. but as I said before the other tow I have used in the past have been super hot, I have had to fake a few rolls just try not to do TPK. As a side note; i just noticed that I have attained Godhood. Not sure when that happened, but hey cool none the less.
  11. Bucky takes you back to one of the private dinning rooms. He and two other waiters comes in after a while carrying trays loaded with food., “Sorry for the wait, I had to find Estelle.” (You all know Estelle is an elderly human female [rumors put her in her 90's] that works as the back up cook at the Candle.) The two waiters place the trays down and exit the room at a look from Bucky. Bucky waits until they leave the room. “I take it you got the Oldhef farm problem solved?” Neo starts eating at a furious pace. He acts like he has not eaten for days.
  12. I will have a new post up either later tonight or sometime tomorrow. Does anybody have any objections to me bring in a new player or three? If I get a few more players, I am going to offer them some new classes that I have found and want to 'try' out in a group. They look nice and were written by Stuart Marshall, the gentleman who wrote OSRIC, so they should mesh well with the system, just not sure how they will work with in a group. They should operate just as well as any of the 'normal' classes, but time will tell. Anyways let me know. If I am going to try to recruit a new player or three (if you know someone who would want to play have them contact me.) I would like to do this weeek as I am on Spring Break and can have a little more time to look.
  13. Initiative roll 16 +1 = 17 [Yeah three good rolls on the same dice!]
  14. Perception (roll 16 +1 = 17) Knowledge (Arcana) (roll 17 +8 = 25) [Trying to remember if we could reason with this and if I could communicate with it]
  15. I have been lounging over here in left field bouncing between works and trying not to drown in a sea of used tissues. I think we were trying to figure out how to get a metal spike into Xoltan's hands to have him communicate with the lightning elemental.