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  1. I teach, but I don't have a classroom to myself, thus limiting customization options. Furthermore, customization should be limited to things that little hands can rip apart without grief to you or them. "It just came apart in my hands!" I do keep a rolly toolbox filled with interesting junk and surprises... padlocked. It has been groped, examined, and abused, but not broken yet, although I do understand that at one point it rolled out of a classroom, down the hall, and fell down a flight of stairs ALL BY ITSELF... Didn't break, though, or open. So I figure it'll do it again at least once in the coming school year.
  2. The graveyard set would be a good deal at $100; at $80 it's a steal, and at half a C, it's ridiculous. Mythos at fifty? Hmm...
  3. ...wul, it sure won't fix mold errors...
  4. I generally don't do soft serve ice cream, but come summer, I HAVE to do it once or twice. There was a little mom and pop burger joint in Victoria, Texas, way back lost in the sands of time. It is no longer there, hasn't been for a long time. But it was within walking distance of my grandparents' place, and when they wanted to get rid of the moppet for a while, someone would give me a dime or a quarter and send me to the Ice Cream Joint. Wish I could remember what it was called. It wasn't a chain joint; there was only the one. But I'd walk down there, and you could buy a small soft serve cone for a dime, or a much larger one for a quarter. Flavors were vanilla, chocolate, and the three Flavors Of The Day, which varied. Lemon custard was a particular favorite, but raspberry sherbet was a good one, too. A day someone gave me a quarter and I'd hustle the five blocks to the Ice Cream Joint and then focus on devouring a soft serve cone before it melted.... those were good days. I miss them.
  5. Dis here is Verocithrax, from Reaper's own website. Verocithrax is a serpentine dragon, and looks most boss when painted. I had him in metal originally, and recently bought the Bones version. And I was surprised to see that he has a pewter tree, seen above, to hang his tail on. Why was this? He had no tree in the Metal version! Oh, wait. He has a tree now because his ankles are too thin to support his weight; once you assemble him, the weight of those wings will start to cause him to sag backwards! Another way of fixing this, though, would be to drill a longish hole up through his feet, through his ankles, up into the thicker parts of his legs... and then put long steel pins in there, to better support his weight. Since they're inside his legs, you'd never see them! However, I'm guessing that Reaper was assuming that maybe not everyone would want to do this, hence the addition of the pewter tree. Another example is the Dragontooth dragon I used to have. His wings kept falling off. Drove me nuts. I tried crazy glue, I tried liquid solder, I tried jewelry glue, I tried three different kinds of epoxy, and I would have tried Sovereign Glue or Portland Cement if I could have found the former, and if I'd thought the latter would work. Didn't work. Jostle the dragon, and one or both wings would fall off. One day, a guardian angel introduced me to the glory of the pin vice, a small hand-operated drill. With it, I drilled holes into the wing sockets on the body, and then matching holes on the little nubs on the wings that were supposed to go INTO those wing sockets. And then I dropped an eighth of an inch of coat hanger wire into those holes, test fit to make sure the wings would fit flush, and crazy glued those wings into place with the coat hanger wire pins in position. The wings fraggin' stayed put. That's pinning.
  6. No. I've bought two packages, four figures. I've painted three. The first two were a righteous pain in the bahonkus, due to the priming actually interfering with the paint. The third I used brown liner as a primer, but his face was mismolded; the right side of his nose started in the right place, but it just kept GOING, to the point where his nose, if he was a mannequin in 1:1 scale, would have been some three inches wide. I shaved it down a little with the tip of an X-Acto and then disguised it with paint; due to the wideness of his nose, his other eye socket was pushed WAY over to the left, and I basically had to paint the eye in place in that side. And his mouth promptly disappeared under the first coat of actual paint. A THIN coat of paint. THIN paint. Watery, even. That's how shallow the detail is. Wound up having to fake that, too. As opposed to the Elven Blacksmith from Bones III, which I also painted today. Three coats of paint on 'er face, and I can STILL see her features.
  7. Summer? Grilling and smoking any time I want. Hosing the dog down; she insists on water games whenever I water the potted plants on the deck. Fresh tomatoes and vegetables from the potted plants on the deck. Day trips into the mountains. Pale ale. Going barefoot. Afternoon rainshowers. Being outdoors in the afternoon and being gleeful I am not in Texas...
  8. I prepped the second wizard, washed him with Brown Liner, and he took paint way better than his brother did. Used the same colors for comparison, and there was next to no streaking, everything went on as smoothly as I'd expect from my paints. Concealed the broad nose partly by shaving it down, and partly with paint... so now instead of looking deformed, he just looks like he has a touch of Cherokee in his ancestry. Regrettably, the detail is still too shallow, but I can work with that.
  9. Robert E. Howard's birthday and Towel Day.
  10. I'm in. Location: Colorado International: no Starter box: If need be.
  11. I have finished reading the Lamentations Of The Flame Princess supplement given away for Free RPG day. Hardback, no less. It's a new magic system, with spells, for the LOTFP game. It is not the WEIRDEST thing I have ever read in gaming, but it's in the top ten. Adults only, indeed.
  12. Mmmyes, she did have that "unleashed in Disneyland" look to her.
  13. I have several of the D&D lizards. They make peachy man-sized more-or-less-realistic komodo dragons. Had a player whose character lost a hand trying to tame one.
  14. I have GOT to attend one of these things... perhaps next month. If not for Free RPG Day, I'd have been all over it.