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  1. Dr.Bedlam


    I think Guindy's right. Belt is good, but that front boss looks like he beat out Hulk Hogan for the champeenship. Boots are awesome.
  2. Dr.Bedlam


    What Darsc said.
  3. Dr.Bedlam

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    When Toy Story was in production, the head of Disney was Jeffrey Katzenberg, who did not care for the rather soft tones of Woody and Buzz's relationship. Katzenberg wanted a new script, something "edgier," with more "insult humor." In the second draft of the film, the one production started with, Woody was considerably more of a selfish jerk, as opposed to nervous and insecure, far more sarcastic, and worse with the insults... which, in a film featuring Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head, is saying something. When Roy Disney saw the story reel, he called it "the worst thing I've ever seen," and the entire project came within a hair of being simply cancelled. Instead, Pixar was told to go back to their original concept, while reusing as much finished footage as they could, and the film as we know it took shape and was released. It was the only Pixar project that Katzenberg had anything to do with, as he left Disney rather suddenly before the film's release. Due to the appearance of Pizza Planet, a pizza restaurant, in the first film, there are now at least two Pizza Planet restaurants in the real world. In the first draft of the script, Andy, the boy whose toys Buzz and Woody are, had both a mother and a father. This was changed to his being raised by his single mom (Laurie Metcalf)... because the film's budget wouldn't allow for the extra voice actor and the model development for another human character. Barbie and Ken were slated to appear in an early draft of the script, but Mattel nixed the idea; they didn't like the idea of Barbie having a PERSONALITY, since Barbie is supposed to reflect whatever any little girl who owns one wants her to BE, and they were afraid that if the movie painted her in an unflattering... or merely DIFFERENT... light, it would hurt sales. This is why Bo Peep was Woody's love interest in the first film. Mattel changed their mind after the wild success of the franchise, which is why Barbie appears later... but will not likely appear in Part Four, as Sony now has Barbie's movie rights. Interestingly enough, while a number of Buzz Lightyear toys have been made, following the success of the franchise? There has never been a Buzz Lightyear figure that included every single feature that Buzz had in the movie (apparently, there's one with pop out wings, and another with Karate Chop action, but not one with both, as the mechanisms would have to occupy the same space). EDIT! This link leads to an eight minute chunk of footage on YouTube that includes one of the cut scenes of Woody's "edgy" character. John Lasseter cringes at its badness, but admits it's necessary to show it for history's sake. Woody coulda been a serious (broccoli.)
  4. Dr.Bedlam


    If y'do that, you'll have to sculpt the demon head on separate... but it could be done.
  5. Dr.Bedlam

    Bubblegum Dragon

    Oof. Someone liked a post, and reminded me that this thread existed. Amusingly enough, a class of third graders where I work has adopted BBD as the class mascot...
  6. Dr.Bedlam

    Identify The Critter

    You are, of course, correct. I have seen two foot wide dragonflies, sea scorpions the size of dogs, and spiders whose carapaces could make football helmets... ...in museums.
  7. Dr.Bedlam

    Identify The Critter

    If I need something the size of a dagger to kill it, it ain't a BUG, it's an escapee from an episode of Mystery Science Theatre!
  8. Dr.Bedlam

    Identify The Critter

    ...what kind of orthodontic horror do you need to hunt BUGS?
  9. Dr.Bedlam

    D&D books?

    Well, yeah. As a narrator and content provider in the source books, he was great (I was and am a BIG fan of the Volo Guides). It was just in the novels he got a tad cloying.
  10. Dr.Bedlam


    WHAT? NO MORE PROGRESS? THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! The WOTC prepaint: I thought it was nice that they DID one, but I was never terribly crazy about how they DID it. In particular, he should be using that shield for defense, not as a counterweight to a roundhouse swing, durnit. Do it better.
  11. Dr.Bedlam


    Oo, progress. Now you got me wanting to try this. Always liked the character/action figure, and the WizKids prepaint was a bit of a disappoinment. Frankly, yours looks like it will be better. Although the idea of trying to sculpt that helmet rather scares me.
  12. Dr.Bedlam

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    i just figured that went without saying.
  13. Dr.Bedlam


    I look forward to seeing where this goes.
  14. Dr.Bedlam

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    General John Sedgwick. Teacher, father, and General in the Union Army. The thing about the Civil War and its generals? You can find books about EVERY ONE of these guys. Durn near everybody above a certain rank who fought in the Civil War would go on to be famous as all hell, and due to the nature of the Civil War, a lot of these guys started out as junior officers, or even enlisted men, and got to be generals amazingly fast. And then they all wrote their memoirs and retired. Except the ones who died, who got mentioned in other people's memoirs. And they, too, were famous, and are remembered. General Sedgwick died at the Battle of Spotsylvania Court. He wasn't a bad general, but is not remembered for his achievements so much as his last words. He was apparently unhappy at how his men at one point on the line were crouching and dodging Rebel sniper fire, and approached them, and said, "What? Men dodging this way for single bullets? What will you do when they open fire along the whole line? Why are you dodging like this? They couldn't hit an elephant at this dista---." Some say that this is the exact point at which Sedgwick fell dead, a sniper bullet in his head. Others say that he managed the last word, and another sentence after that before his untimely demise. Depends on who you ask. It is, however, a fact, that Sedgwick died during his speech, picked off by a Confederate sharpshooter. It is apocryphal whether or not one of the crouching soldiers that Sedgwick was addressing remarked afterwards, "A shame he wasn't an elephant."
  15. Dr.Bedlam

    Identify The Dragon

    Ahhh. And now I know. I have all three. They were only a few bucks each...