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  1. Dr.Bedlam

    Wedding Toppers

    ...wul, dang. Now you got me thinkin'. And I already HAVE spare chainsaws....
  2. Dr.Bedlam

    Wedding Toppers

    Not exactly a wedding cake... but it was pointed out that this whole circus STARTED with those mouselings, so...
  3. Dr.Bedlam

    Wedding Toppers

    Well, the story's seven or eight years in the making, but we finally got married. Now we just need to get Gene Van Horne to sculpt a bride and groom mouseling. Or a zombie bride and groom mouseling. Or a bride and groom mouseling with chainsaws... http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/44574-zombie-mouselings-a-love-story/&tab=comments#comment-616402
  4. Dr.Bedlam

    Cranky Old Man

  5. Dr.Bedlam

    Raise your hand if it's snowing

    Light dusting of snow in south Denver. Colder than I would like, but not all that unseasonable; March is our worst month here for snow.
  6. Dr.Bedlam


    I'm gonna steal all your ideas, and apply them to my own Mudgullet, who stands naked and unassembled on my workbench. I can pay you no greater compliment.
  7. Jeez. What is it with old RPG books these days? I've been gradually filling gaps in my Dungeons and Dragons hardback collections over the years, right? And finally, Dances with Mouselings and I decided, "We're done with trying to remember to carry lists of everything we're looking for, every time we go used bookstore pillaging." And so, we made a special little Amazon Wishlist, with all the books she and I are looking for... but that we don't intend to BUY from Amazon. The whole point of the list is to have it handy on our phones when we're in a used bookstore, see a treasure, and suddenly stop and go "Do I have that already?" Because Amazon wishlists include pictures, and can be edited on your phone, no matter where you are! And when I began punching in D&D books? Crap in a HAT! They want HOW much for that old Second Edition thing? Jeez, could I RETIRE if I sell off my collection? Ouch! But I found "Code Of The Harpers" and "Exemplars of Evil" on Saturday for only a few bucks each...
  8. Dr.Bedlam

    Cranky Old Man

    A few weeks ago, I acquired the Jarlaxle resin figure/kit, the Gale Force Nine licensed D&D figure. Began work on him as soon as I got him home. He's a swashbucklery kind of guy, and I liked his look. So, naturally, his left hand sword blade was broken off, and I managed to drop it into the black hole that opens between my feet EVERY durn time I sit down to paint or assemble or whatever, but I wasn't TOO upset; sword blades and weapon swaps are among the easiest mods there are, right? And it's not like I'm short on replacement parts. And so, I have been working on Jarlaxle these past few weekends. And finally, today, I attached his right arm after painting and detailing his chest... and that left hand sword blade began to bother me. So I dug around, found an appropriate blade in resin, and set about attaching it. Bad news? These kits are RESIN, and resin's unforgiving stuff. There wasn't going to be any pinning this. This was a project that was going to have to go right the FIRST time. And I caaaarefully glued the new blade in place. It fell off. And I caaaaaarefully glued it back, and held it until I was sure the glue had set. It fell off. Some small amount of profanity later, the blade stayed where it was supposed to, in the proper orientation, and pointed in the proper direction. And I didn't trust it for a second. I knew quite well that if I tried to go get a sandwich or take a trip to the bathroom, the dratted sword blade would either fall off or sag and suddenly harden in an embarrassing downward position. I needed to prop it up, relieve it of the need to resist gravity while that glue set up. What to use? Durnit, I shoulda planned for this... what to USE? And my eyes fell upon Frankenstein, the recent Reaper figure, who stands semifinished among an army of other unfinished figures atop my workbench. Was he tall enough? Yes, he was. And between his broad shoulders and flat head, I knew instantly that he'd be perfect to prop up the sword blade until I go back and check. And here I sit, sipping a pleasant beverage and wasting time online while the kink works out of my neck. And on my workbench, Jarlaxle pauses in mid leap to dub his fellow miniature "Sir Frankenstein." There. That's a thing you know, now.
  9. Dr.Bedlam

    Two sets of thumbs up to Reaper

    Mmmmyes. Customer service takes a back seat to nobody. Fairly rapid, too.
  10. Dr.Bedlam

    Cranky Old Man

    I went to high school in the Seventies. In south Texas. That's where I took Driver's Ed. In deep south Texas, in the Seventies, the schools did not have teachers. They had coaches. Seriously. The coaches taught all the classes, ran everything, and the senior coaches put ties on and were administrators. I'm not exaggerating by much. Driver's ed was not unlike boot camp, but in a car. We learned never to go more than ten miles an hour under any circumstances because sooner or later, the elfhole WOULD use that brake on the passenger side because it was just so damn funny to watch everyone tumble forward, ice over teakettle. Despite this, I did learn Situational Awareness. You were ALWAYS aware of what was going on around you, both INSIDE and OUTSIDE the car. That's what the MIRRORS were for. And if you forgot, the coach would remind you. Loudly and sarcastically, implying you were too stupid to be aware of your mirrors. And it irked him to no end if you knew he was about to hit that dratted brake, and you braced yourself and didn't jerk forward when he did. If nothing else, I made him keep his foot on the brake every single second, so I couldn't see his foot move and therefore brace myself. I learned to be aware of what was going on around me. I'm guessing that nowadays, Driver's Ed is taught by dope smoking hippies who love you and think your clothes are nice. Because at the grocery store, nobody pays any attention. And that bothers me far less than the people who are in hell's own hurry to get in front of me, gotta get AHEAD of you, MUST GET IN FRONT OF YOU... and then their brains lock up and they stop cold. Who am I? What's my name? What IS this place? Food library? People do this during my commute, too, but at least they don't generally slam on the brakes as soon as they get ahead of me. Occasionally, they WILL slow down, often well below the speed limit, since now that they're in front of me, they don't have to go eighty miles an hour any more. But usually, the lanes are clear enough that I can get out from behind them and pass. Grocery stores lack this option, as I can think of several in the vicinity where passing another shopping cart is durn near impossible; the aisles are too narrow. That's the bad thing about leaving Texas, where all the HEBs have aisles wide enough to land small aircraft in. And no, I don't much care to tell the tale of my experience with mob psychology. Suffice it to say that I really don't care for situations where I'm being abused for the amusement of others. Particularly when said others then get offended because I don't see the humor in the situation ("Cancha take a friggin' JOKE?") There's jokes, and then there's jokes, and then there's the infliction of trauma. The Doom Cat is a sleek black house panther, and regrettably, he apparently is one of those creatures that was destined to get by on his looks. Because he's not a smart cat. He is in fact, remarkably dumb. He'll be eight years old this Halloween, and in eight years of living with me, a running gag involves the ordering of pizza. When we don't wanna cook, a pizza is ordered, and eaten in bed. Doom will jump up on the bed. He will smell the pizza. He will follow the odor to the box. He will climb up on the warm box. He will melt into a little kitty puddle, enjoying the warmth. And then he will remember the food smell, and try to open the pizza box to inspect the contents. And in eight years, he has yet to figure out that you can't open a pizza box while you are standing on it. So yeah, he's famous for taking a position in room, floor, or stairwell, and flat not noticing the gigantic human creatures that walk noisily and comparitively slowly up to him... and then stop, because he's blocking the way. And in eight years, he still hasn't figured out that occasionally, the man creatures will nudge him, or worse, step on him, an event that causes great howling and indignation on the rare occasions that it happens. Maybe I need to step on people in the grocery store. Then again, my cat has no lawyer. Grouchy.
  11. Dr.Bedlam

    Cranky Old Man

    Hell, even my CAT wanders in front of me and then stops cold. And then looks hurt when I accidentally kick him. Is that the secret? Do I need to start kicking people?
  12. Dr.Bedlam

    Cranky Old Man

    Ever been assaulted by a mob, Darsc? I have. Bad thing about it? The mob does not listen to you. And THEY decide when it stops being funny... not you. And you'd be amazed at how long a group of people can find amusement in kicking you around. And for the rest of your life, you will feel very differently about crowds.
  13. Dr.Bedlam

    Cranky Old Man

    Jeez. I felt well enough to go to work today, and look what happens! 1. I've been old since I was about 24. That was when the younger generation began giving me a hard time because I wasn't up on their slang. The fact that my beard has gone gray now just confirms it. 2. I don't carry a knife any more. Used to carry a penknife, but now I work in a school. Hell, I still carry a P-38 can opener, and have been hassled about it at the courthouse security station. Because y'know, dozens of people are killed every year by tiny folding can opener blades. 3. Perhaps I will skip ReaperCon again this year. Somehow the idea of a whole crowd of people screwing around with me for their entertainment and amusement makes me feel unwelcome at best....