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  1. I've tried FFG's Star Wars game. I rather like the game itself, but I do not care for a system that requires you to go out and get yet ANOTHER set of dice. I'm a GAMER. I have dice in every shape and color dice COME in. I have dice in shapes that give geometricians nightmares. I have NON EUCLIDEAN dice. And yet I need to go out and get yet ANOTHER set for this game?
  2. So today I got my "Pirates" set from Antediluvian Miniatures. Nine days, transatlantic. The set consists of "pirates" who could conceivably be painted to somewhat resemble Inigo Montoya, Fezzik, Vizzini, and the Man in Black, aka Westley the Barn Boy, aka the Dread Pirate Roberts. They sit on my workbench, the primer drying. And while I thought to myself, "These figures will make fine NPCs and guest stars, as well as wonderful showpieces," I also find myself thinking, "It's a durn shame they couldn't have stuck Princess Buttercup in there. And Prince Humperdinck, while I'm thinking about it. And what about the Six Fingered Man? Hell, and Miracle Max? And his wife?" And so, while I wait for the primer to dry, I ask the Group Mind: What figures, from what manufacturers, would be convincing doubles for: *Princess Buttercup *Prince Humperdinck *The Six Fingered Man *Miracle Max *Max's wife?
  3. Ooookay, I think I've taken the joke about as far as I mean to. As of the moment, I have enough figures, vehicles, and TERRAIN to play a very weird little game of Warhammer Forty Kay anywhere. At least, I have my side. Bryan can bring his Tyranids. At left, we have Terrain Piece One. Originally, it was going to be Terrain Piece Only, but it vanished this morning from the back deck while I was waiting for the spray primer to dry. So I built Terrain Piece Two, much like the first, made of ripped up cork, glued together, and when I took it outside to prime it, I found Terrain Piece One. It had blown off the tray where I had left it to dry, and somehow blew backwards and under the tray. Chaos theory in action. So I said the hellwiddit and pulled out ANOTHER cake topper. The first one was The Immortal God Emperor Playing His Ukelele; I cut it off at the legs, and decided to try a bronzing effect. It worked surprisingly well for as little effort as I put into it; it was literally Primer Coat, Metallic Peridot, Chocolate Brown Wash, and Laguna Blue Wash; I used craft paints instead of my good mini paints. In between coats and drying times, I drybrushed the cork with increasingly lighter shades of gray, and applied Elmer's and cat litter for a rubbly look. When the mice were dry, I glued them on. Note that the severed head is face down; this is because it was a Minnie figure, and somehow, I did not wish to open the can of theological worms presented by the idea of The Immortal God Emperor serenading a hula girl. When everything was dry, I took it all on the back deck to get pictures in the fading sunlight. I was able to get a couple with and without flash, before principal shooting was interrupted by a mycetic spore infestation, dropping from orbit.... OH, NO! FELINID GARGANT!!! ....eeeyeah. My Pirates have arrived from England; nine days from hitting SEND to delivery this afternoon. New record for international! And now, the Mouselings are for display. That is, when they get done with the cat. SPESS MEHREENS! FUR THE EMPRAH!
  4. Cooking shows? No.
  5. Murphy's Law dictates that THAT is the carton of eggs they'd put in my order for delivery. And some yahoo would put it under the four cans of chili. Which they would then put on top of the bread. I have HEARD of the hangout mini.
  6. Thanks for the tip. I've been known to scavenge terrain when the scale is close enough...
  7. Those of us who know that a grocery store will cheerfully sell you broken eggs if you don't check. And I'm supposed to trust Amazon with this?
  8. Hell, I inspect my EGGS before I put them in the cart; I've got broken ones more than once.
  9. Sigh. The path to grouchy old manhood is laid out before me. I've never bought groceries online, and I am uninclined to do so; standardized products like dog food and Diet Coke is one thing, but I will never buy a tomato online.
  10. I dunno. Maybe I'm just bein' old and grouchy... but the first troll I ever encountered was a nightmare. Too many hit points, it kept growing them BACK, and three attacks per round, able to fend off three different people! And the image I still have is of the first edition Monster Manual... green, gangly, rubbery, eyes like black pits...
  11. Well, they're based on the officially approved art. So, yeah, I'm not crazy about the Monster Manual troll, either. Too human looking. I want trolls that are fraggin' terrifying to behold. Then again, I'm not thrilled about the new goblins, either.
  12. ...My bank requires that you become an authorized user, fill out paperwork, show multiple IDs and have your signature card submitted before they'll put ME on someone else's account, or vice versa. Either that, or show valid power of attorney. I find it disturbing to think that some ape with my name and phone number could get access to my bank account.
  13. Still thinkin' about the Troll. I WANT to like it, but the sculpt is... untrollish. It doesn't look like a monster. It looks like a huge angry homeless guy demanding WHO STOLE MY PANTS? I think, "Maybe it looks better painted." So I went Google Image, WIZKIDS TROLL PAINTED. Best pictures I saw there, I've already seen; they were on this forum, here. Fine paint job, but I've seen way better trolls.

    I believe Reaper has a presence at Gen Con, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a paint and take there. As to stretch goals, profits, and stuff: I daresay that Reaper stands to lose more of MY money by saying "No, you must participate in the Core Set, and pay for it," than they would by saying "Pay a dollar, then cherrypick whatever you want." I'm sure they have thought of this.
  15. This sounds weird, and I'm not getting it. Your inlaws are on your bank account? Or I can open a bank account in your name and go merrily burning my way through your paycheck?