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  1. Transition points. Transition from "naked" to "begun." Transition from "begun" to "acceptable." And then to "Tabletop Quality." From there to "very good," and beyond to "competition quality." ... but from there to "overreaching clusterhonk," not so much.
  2. I use Swords and Wizardry in the classroom, with premade characters, each corresponding to a type of figure. Third graders manage it just fine.
  3. Is a sticker. I have one on the back window of my car, but the snows are beginning to take their toll...
  4. I always felt kind of bad that his Bond work overshadowed everything ELSE he ever did. And he did quite a bit. I first knew him as Bond, and was surprised later to find out he was actually quite the actor. Sort of like how everyone remembers Alec Guinness as Obi-Wan Kenobi... a role he took solely for the money, to finance what he REALLY wanted to do.
  5. Archaic programming languages, dating from the old keypunch days, didn't LIKE prime numbers, except as part of a standard numerical sequence. Throw a random prime in there, particularly as an OVERpayment (since the machines were programmed to detect underpayment and nonpayment), and it gummed up the works. Or so I am told. Occasionally, I will find that I have bought a book I already own, usually in the quest to complete a series -- I have three almost-complete sets in paperback of the Fafhrd and Gray Mouser books, because of the changes in cover art. A problem I seem to have that no one else does, though, is that things APPEAR... notably games and miniatures... with no memory in my skull of having bought them. I've talked about this before, in a thread in here somewhere about the Cryptical Closet of Castle Bedlam. The first example was Deadlands Frag, an expansion set I wanted, but didn't want to pay fifty bucks on eBay... and then one magically appeared in my closet. Recent examples include the Pathfinder Iconic Barbarian figure in Bones; I remember getting one as part of a Kickstarter, and painting it. Two others have cropped up since then, which mystifies me because I'm not all that crazy about the figure, and certainly wouldn't have bought singles. And one of them was PRIMED, for potato's sake, with what appeared to be Vallejo Primer, that sort of eggshell colored white they make. I don't USE Vallejo primer! A second Iconic Cleric has appeared, and a second River Troll, all in Bones. Not that it HARMS anything; I've given away any number of Bones and spares never hurt. But for the life of me, I couldn't tell you how they're getting there. At one point I wondered if my ex-wife was gaslighting me, but she would never buy miniatures -- she'd pick some other way of doing it. And I've been divorced for five years now, and spare minis are still showing up! It's a mystery.
  6. Fulfilling

    ...so how many OTHER outfits rig up trackers to inform their backers minute by minute about pledge fulfillment?
  7. I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about...
  8. Fulfilling

    Flame war, nuthin'. I asked a legitimate question, and you politely answered it. Thank you. Sounds like I missed a kerfuffle. Then again, it hadn't occurred to me that the Reaper fanboys would be jerks about it.
  9. Possibly. Then again, this was back when you could overpay your electric bill by 31 cents (31 being a prime number), and it'd confuse the computer and cost them about fifty bucks to have a human backtrack and isolate the error.
  10. One of my baby's birthday presents next month is the Special Edition Grim Reaper. And she wanted the Mausoleum and Graveyard from the Bones KS. Hell, I'm just going to have to go out and get another glass case for the living room, at this rate.
  11. I teach. I teach Special Ed. I teach Behavior. Patience is a prerequisite. Patience is a job skill. Patience is necessary. As to impatient, once, many years ago, I opened a paycheck to find a grand total of seventy-eight cents on the payout line. This was an error, and I went to Payroll to straighten it out. They told me I hadn't been to work in two weeks. I explained that I'd been on vacation, and had filled out the necessary paperwork, and could we please check? Sure enough, the computer explained that I had been on paid vacation, and that I was due two weeks' pay. And the Payroll lady agreed to correct the error... on my next paycheck. I explained that my rent and car payment were due on THIS paycheck, and that it was Payroll's error, and that I should not have to suffer due to someone else's mistake. She kindly explained that to cut me a check NOW would require a Senior Manager's approval. And then left it at that. I asked if a Senior Manager could be contacted. She fumfuh'd and duhduh'd and implied that one did not bother Senior Managers for such trifling matters, and that I would simply have to wait two weeks, and didn't I have any savings, for paying my piddly little bills? And I might have lost my patience at that point. I explained that my finances were no one's business but my own, and that I had committed no error, and that I expected to be paid, regardless of any errors made in or by Payroll. Now, please. Contact the Senior Manager in charge, and inform him that there is a problem to be addressed. Now, please. This sounds a bit more reasonable than it was. Around the words "my own" in the above speech, I took hold of the corner of the desk, lifted the desk an inch or so, and then dropped it. She reacted with shock. I found this faintly gratifying, so I did it again. And around the first "now, please," I did so to punctuate each word. She called the Senior Manager, who was shocked, and completely understood my disgruntlement, and authorized the cutting of a check, right there on the spot. He was really nice about it. No trouble whatsoever. Had a bit of a rep in Payroll, after that. EDIT: Now that I think about it, they accidentally overpaid me... the original 0.78 from the first check...
  12. Fulfilling

    I'm sorry... who was being condescending and insulting to backers? I must've missed this part. Not being sarcastic, I genuinely must have missed that part. It's possible; some days I don't check in here at all. I was operating on the fact that they literally had a flame war here, near as I can tell, which ain't happened much in the years since I have been a part of this forum... Frothers, this ain't. I've kept an eye on the updates on the KS site, and they seemed to be fairly regular. At least, no less so than previous Reaper kickstarters. I know they had some unforeseen complications, but they've always come through before. If there is a genuine grievance here beyond "I demand X," could it be outlined for my information in a reasonable and nonpoisonous manner?
  13. What can I say? If you're gonna do Spelljammer, and you're going to do Neogi, y'need umber hulks in quantity! Cthulhu Headed Wizards are plentiful and cheap, and Astral Reivers I can get ... um... LOTSA places, but Umber Hulks ain't covered in the Open Source! And what is it about people in this hobby that they tend to accumulate plastic drawers?
  14. Moo hoo ha ha. Dang, Pez, the umber ones are hard ENOUGH to get at a reasonable price. I'd have to be Bill Gates to get the PINK ones...
  15. Fulfilling

    Perhaps. But being an [expletive deleted] about it would not improve any aspect of the situation, now, would it? In my analogy, or in the real situation, I'll wager...