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  1. I'm GUESSING they were digitally sculpted; the pictures on the box look like renders, and to some extent, the PHYSICAL FIGURES look like renders. This isn't a BAD thing, necessarily, but I agree; Commander Riker doesn't look a lot like Jonathan Frakes, and he looks for all the world like Captain Morgan swatting someone with his phaser. You could well be right about the bodies, assuming they could just repose them digitally.
  2. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    I generally prefer a good feghoot, but puns are good, all the way up to the point where you have that one clever fellow who runs it into the ground and keeps going.
  3. Today's acquisitions include the new Star Trek minis from Modiphius. Now, I've made a point of acquiring all the Star Trek minis as they came out. And for some reason, they always quit making them fairly QUICKLY for some reason. I got lucky when a friend found the old Heritage original series bridge crew and gave them to me. I bought the FASA minis as they came out in blisters. I wasn't fast enough with the single boxed set that Last Unicorn put out, but got lucky and found them still in the shrinkwrap in a junk shop. I have the HeroClix bridge crew from the original series. And while looking for more, I discovered that the Modiphius minis had finally hit the retail outlets. So I moved fast, and bought a box. And I am driven to consider the effects of digital sculpting and rendering on minis design and production. And some stuff the sculptors have told me. In particular, Jason Wiebe, Julie Guthrie, and Sandra Garrity have all talked in my presence about "telling a story." A miniature should not simply represent a static moment in time; that makes it look like a little mannequin. The figure should be DOING something, reacting to something, it should have some LIFE to it! Knights and wizards aren't just posing for portraits! And most work by these worthies amply demonstrates this principle of minis sculpting. Every mini I can think of offhand by most Reaper sculptors looks like it's DOING something, or ABOUT to do something, or at least REACTING to something. Artists don't generally seem to like mannequin poses. And frankly, I've got kind of SPOILED by that. I look at what they're DOING, and that tends to inform my paint job, my source lighting, and so forth. What are they doing? What are their stories? And so when I began to assemble and prep the Next Generation crew, I was looking for their stories. I noted to some dismay that the figures are dressed in different uniform eras, for one thing. Picard, Riker, Data, and LaForge are all wearing movie era uniforms with zippered fronts. Worf, Yar, Dr. Crusher, and Troi are wearing TV era uniforms. This will, I suspect, lead to a bit of discord among those who play the game, and want all the uniforms to match up. But since I wanted them mainly for display and collector reasons, it was nothing I couldn't live with. And then... I pondered the poses. Picard, Data, Crusher, Worf, and Troi are in dynamic poses. Picard is about to shoot someone with his phaser. This seems a LITTLE out of character -- Picard was more of a diplomat than a gunslinger -- but he was no slouch when he had to zap something. Data is hurrying to his aid with a phaser rifle, which does imply something needs to be shot, and shot good. Worf is equipped with his bat'leth, and assuming phasers don't work on it, he's prepared to reduce it to coleslaw singlehandedly, if need be. Troi is hurrying to help with a tricorder, as is Dr. Crusher, with tricorder and medical kit. And then we get a little weird. Tasha Yar, former Chief of Security of the USS Enterprise, is unarmed. Her fists are balled up, though, and she looks like she is prepared to to beat the universe into submission with them. Her pose is dynamic, and kinda belligerent. She's going to kick your broccoli, right here and now, bucko, and she don't need no steenkin' phaser to do it! Lt.Cmdr. LaForge has his diagnostic kit, and is looking upward, tricorder in hand, doing engineering stuff. This is all well and good. However, the base that comes on his sprue is a rocks/wilderness base. What precisely is Geordi doing? Has he come to repair a rock? Is a tree in need of a Level 2 Diagnostic? And then we come to Cmdr. Riker. He's wearing a movie era uniform... but the figure lacks a beard, a feature Jon Frakes had in all the movies. Still, no biggie; a beard can be painted on. He is in a Captain Morgan pose, one foot elevated on a rock. He holds a tricorder in his left hand. A phaser is in his right. And then I test fit the arm. It's separate, and has to be glued on. And this led to ... um... some difficulties. Y'see, I figured that he, like Picard, was taking aim at some alien threat, prepared to zap it into next week, like his brave captain and android right hand man! Um... no. Only way the arm fits and looks remotely right... he's either pointing the phaser straight UP, dangling it next to his elevated knee, or pointing it off to his FRONT. Thing is, he's looking off to his RIGHT. The first pose makes him look like he's pointing it skyward while he lectures the Pharisees or something. The second pose makes him look like he's staring at something in the distance, perhaps thinking, "Wayul, gaw-aw-lee," a la Gomer Pyle. And the third pose makes him look like he's just smacked someone across the face with his phaser. Combined with the tricorder in his other hand, I found myself imagining the dialogue. "Wow. What the hell are YOU supposed to be? (takes tricorder readings) Well, whatever you are, you're ugly and I don't like your face. I challenge you to a DUEL! (***smek***)" Perhaps I am being too OCD about this. I think I will go and tinker with them some more...
  4. You all make me glad my spouse has a more relaxed attitude about minis purchases than my ex did...
  5. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I really liked the oxcart I saw online. Went to my FLGS yesterday. They had oxcarts. ...so warped and bent that it would be more trouble to fix than to build one from scratch out of balsa. The beholder was cool... but not so impressive I thought I needed a tenth or eleventh beholder figure. I did buy an umber hulk, though. Nice to finally find one that's common and cheap.
  6. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Can't think of anything I particularly regret. I would not now climb up on the garage roof, but it was a thing when I was seven, and it seemed safe enough THEN...
  7. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    For some reason, I've never much cared for sweet tea. Herbal, iced, hot, with lemon, whatever, but I'm a lousy Southerner: I'm not wild for sweet tea. And the idea of tea as a morning beverage is... um... a thing I had never considered.
  8. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    At least tequila fannybangers don't need an electric kettle...
  9. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Tea? In the MORNING?
  10. Barring disaster, yes! Assuming I'm over this BUG by then...
  11. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    MORNING beverage? Cream and sugar, with a side of venom for that one chump who wants to make the ancient crack about having some coffee with my cream and sugar.
  12. I regret I'm gonna skip, and keep all my viruses to myself. May they die a horrible death, all of 'em.
  13. GW to re-release Necromunda!

    But not entirely surprising. If they wanted to hook me, all they would have had to do was SELL ME A *%#^$ GAME. SELL ME ALL THE RULES, ALL AT ONCE. Hell, I wouldn't have even needed the MINIS, I'd have bought them separately if I'd had to! But no, no, no, they couldn't do that. Can't sell all the rules in one book, no, no, just no. Got to sell it all piecemeal, and then sell all the expansions. Can't give them the option to stop anywhere, no, no, no. My answer? No, no, no.
  14. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Mmmyeah, I had that ensemble. As well as the gold plaid pants with the avocado polo shirt. Difference is, I wore them when no one laughed at you for wearing them. Sympathies.
  15. Minis we would like to see

    I've always liked the idea of Cu Chulainn tossing his Gae Bolga with his foot. Durned if I can think of how a sculptor would make him look cool DOING it, though.