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  1. I grow tired of the producers messin' with canon. Klingons keep mutating. Ship design follows some very weird paths. Starfleet officers don't act like Starfleet officers, except when they do. It feels like "they should love this because it says Trek on it" as opposed to " we made more Trek."
  2. One of the finest moments in "The Mist" is when one guy leaves the market with a rope tied around his waist. The rope plays out steadily for a while... then suddenly whipsaws around... And then goes limp. When our hero reels it in? The end is messily severed... And soaked with blood. Classic horror on a budget.
  3. Terribly so. Looking forward to seeing everyone again and just soaking it all UP.
  4. I finally got Ma'aldrakar's torso basecoated. I don't think I'm gonna finish in time for the con, though...
  5. It disturbs me a little to think that two of the women I have mentioned that I had crushes on in my youth... have died. I am old.
  6. Who is embarrassed by a painted army? I'm embarrassed when I'm at the FLGS and I see someone playing with the Adeptus WhitePrimerus...
  7. I find myself a tad antsy. I wasn't able to make it last year... first time in nearly a decade... due to a friend's personal crisis. It looks like the world isn't going to end before I make it THIS time, and durned if I ain't nervous...
  9. Erf. I stand corrected...
  10. I had no idea there was a book, much less that it was written by Andre Norton.
  11. Y'talkin' scale or you mean "how tall in centimeters or inches" or what? All of these figures are roughly 28mm, in which an actual inch equals about six feet, so a knight or warrior would be a bit over an inch tall, counting his base. Bears and suchlike would be represented in this same scale. This yere's yer griffin. See those little triangles in the lower right side of the picture? Those triangles are about an inch apart, and the bottom one's about an inch off the ground, which should give you a visual clue about how big the critter is. You will note that those triangles (or Bryangles, as they're called hereabouts) can be found on the edge of about every picture in the catalog, which should help you to some extent, I hope.
  12. I read it after the movie came out. It's one of those stories where it's not bad in and of itself, but it's NOTHING like the movie, in nearly any way, much like Forrest Gump or How To Train Your Dragon. It's not a matter of the book is better or the movie is better so much as "Aside from the title and some details, they are nearly completely different stories." I have often pondered how these stories mutate from "published story" to "completely different story that we nevertheless have to pay royalties on." I was thinking that just TODAY about the Ray Bradbury story "A Sound Of Thunder," which in writing is about a cowardly big game hunter and the dangers of changing the past... and how in nearly every filmed adaptation, it ends with a tyrannosaur running amok in a Canadian city doubling for New York or Los Angeles.
  13. I did Ma'aldrakar's tail. I did Ma'aldrakar's scenic base. I did all five of Ma'aldrakar's heads. ...and beyond that, I'm still workin'.
  14. Keith David did the voice of Goliath in Disney's Gargoyles, and is well known for his amazing voice talents; he's one of those guys who's done equally well as a face actor and voice actor. It's also worth noting that half the cast of Next Generation did voices on Gargoyles at some point or another. Johnathan Frakes did Xanatos, the main villain, who even LOOKED like him, Marina Syrtis did Demona, the OTHER main villain, Michael Dorn did a gargoyle villain who turned up from time to time, and Brent Spiner did Xanatos' aide, who later turned out to be Puck. I liked that show.
  15. In discussing this thread, She Who Dances With Mouselings mentioned John Barrowman from Torchwood, and Matt Bomer, from White Collar. Even I had to admit, those two are pretty. I also remembered having a thing for Wendie Jo Sperber, who shared the show Bosom Buddies with a very young Tom Hanks. She looked at me, and said, "You know, I had a thing for Peter Scolari, from that same show." For some reason, neither of us was terribly attracted to Tom Hanks, for all that he's been very successful since...