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  1. "Hey! Think I'll check out the basement!" I was posting over on the Getting To Know You Thread, and thinking about bad horror movies and TV shows. Normally, when I talk about "bad," I mean "so bad it's good," but I was thinking about Fear The Walking Dead, a show where I watched the entire first season and half the second before finally giving up in disgust. What IS it about this show? Why did it irritate me so much? After considerable discussion with people I know, I decided it was because the protagonists are idiots. Notably, they make a variety of EXTREMELY questionable decisions. *Travis goes to check out the abandoned church after his stepson sees a zombie there. Travis finds no zombie, but he finds considerable gore and a corpse. He tells no one and doesn't call the cops, despite the fact that the zombie apocalypse hasn't begun yet. Hah? *The family becomes aware that a creepy man is wandering around in the side yard. They all go out to see him, leaving the sliding door wide open. They can't find him, and reenter the house, to find him munching on a dog in the living room? Hah? I WAS gonna keep listing bullet points, but... nah. But I can think of any number of shows and movies in which SOMEONE apparently thinks they're building suspense, when in fact all they're doing is making their audience go "WHAT? How could they do THAT? What kind of idiot, in this situation, would do THAT?" In the movie Cabin In The Woods, an excellent deconstruction of horror movies that works both as a horror movie and a PARODY of horror movies, they actually explain this: our protagonists make odd decisions that don't make sense because they're under the effects of drugs and subliminals, administered remotely by the science team observing and influencing them. Why ELSE would someone go into a daaaark vampire infested basement without bothering with a flashlight or light switch, much LESS a gallon of garlic aftershave and a fully automatic crucifix launcher? TV Tropes has a word for it: the Idiot Ball, a plot device that requires a character or characters to behave in a brainless way because the plot requires it; the jock HAS to go in that vampire infested basement without turning on any lights and die horribly screaming, despite the fact that he seemed bright enough earlier in the movie... because he's carrying the Idiot Ball. In honor of Halloween, I invite any and all to record their thoughts about those brave redshirts who not only get offed by the killer or the monster, but do so in the dumbest possible way. Takers?
  2. I grow tired of the producers messin' with canon. Klingons keep mutating. Ship design follows some very weird paths. Starfleet officers don't act like Starfleet officers, except when they do. It feels like "they should love this because it says Trek on it" as opposed to " we made more Trek."
  3. One of the finest moments in "The Mist" is when one guy leaves the market with a rope tied around his waist. The rope plays out steadily for a while... then suddenly whipsaws around... And then goes limp. When our hero reels it in? The end is messily severed... And soaked with blood. Classic horror on a budget.
  4. Terribly so. Looking forward to seeing everyone again and just soaking it all UP.
  5. I had crushes on various girls in my teener years. None of you know MOST of these girls, so I will leave their names out of it. But two I never met that I would've gleefully asked out were P.J. Soles (Halloween, Carrie, Rock & Roll High School) and Elizabeth Sladen (Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures). C'mon, fess up. Who?
  6. I finally got Ma'aldrakar's torso basecoated. I don't think I'm gonna finish in time for the con, though...
  7. It disturbs me a little to think that two of the women I have mentioned that I had crushes on in my youth... have died. I am old.
  8. Who is embarrassed by a painted army? I'm embarrassed when I'm at the FLGS and I see someone playing with the Adeptus WhitePrimerus...
  9. I find myself a tad antsy. I wasn't able to make it last year... first time in nearly a decade... due to a friend's personal crisis. It looks like the world isn't going to end before I make it THIS time, and durned if I ain't nervous...
  11. Erf. I stand corrected...
  12. I had no idea there was a book, much less that it was written by Andre Norton.
  13. Y'talkin' scale or you mean "how tall in centimeters or inches" or what? All of these figures are roughly 28mm, in which an actual inch equals about six feet, so a knight or warrior would be a bit over an inch tall, counting his base. Bears and suchlike would be represented in this same scale. This yere's yer griffin. See those little triangles in the lower right side of the picture? Those triangles are about an inch apart, and the bottom one's about an inch off the ground, which should give you a visual clue about how big the critter is. You will note that those triangles (or Bryangles, as they're called hereabouts) can be found on the edge of about every picture in the catalog, which should help you to some extent, I hope.
  14. I read it after the movie came out. It's one of those stories where it's not bad in and of itself, but it's NOTHING like the movie, in nearly any way, much like Forrest Gump or How To Train Your Dragon. It's not a matter of the book is better or the movie is better so much as "Aside from the title and some details, they are nearly completely different stories." I have often pondered how these stories mutate from "published story" to "completely different story that we nevertheless have to pay royalties on." I was thinking that just TODAY about the Ray Bradbury story "A Sound Of Thunder," which in writing is about a cowardly big game hunter and the dangers of changing the past... and how in nearly every filmed adaptation, it ends with a tyrannosaur running amok in a Canadian city doubling for New York or Los Angeles.
  15. I did Ma'aldrakar's tail. I did Ma'aldrakar's scenic base. I did all five of Ma'aldrakar's heads. ...and beyond that, I'm still workin'.
  16. Keith David did the voice of Goliath in Disney's Gargoyles, and is well known for his amazing voice talents; he's one of those guys who's done equally well as a face actor and voice actor. It's also worth noting that half the cast of Next Generation did voices on Gargoyles at some point or another. Johnathan Frakes did Xanatos, the main villain, who even LOOKED like him, Marina Syrtis did Demona, the OTHER main villain, Michael Dorn did a gargoyle villain who turned up from time to time, and Brent Spiner did Xanatos' aide, who later turned out to be Puck. I liked that show.
  17. In discussing this thread, She Who Dances With Mouselings mentioned John Barrowman from Torchwood, and Matt Bomer, from White Collar. Even I had to admit, those two are pretty. I also remembered having a thing for Wendie Jo Sperber, who shared the show Bosom Buddies with a very young Tom Hanks. She looked at me, and said, "You know, I had a thing for Peter Scolari, from that same show." For some reason, neither of us was terribly attracted to Tom Hanks, for all that he's been very successful since...
  18. Still lucky: NO failed projects or rip offs. One in particular, I forgot about: the Low Life Miniatures, due to going through an ugly divorce. Andy Hopp contacted me when the minis came BACK, and was good enough to reship them to my new address. Great guy, Andy Hopp. A couple are delayed: Polyhero Dice's Wizard Dice, although they're due to deliver in November; and Sandy Peterson's Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder, at some future point. TSR's Top Secret, Kev White's dangerous ladies, and the last Reaper kickstarter are still on sched. So I figure I'm doing okay.
  19. Main thing that drove me ape about that game was its lack of a PAUSE feature. The one time I won it, I had to play it for nearly seven hours straight! I had to hide in cabins so I could run and pee in the bathtub! Arrrrgh!
  20. I hadn't thought about that in years, but FASA's Star Trek game, back in the eighties, had a similar conceit: you could go up a point in a skill if you used it during an adventure. Which led to some highly questionable skill checks on planetside missions...
  21. After more than fifty years, I have concluded that I'm plain vanilla heterosexual, based on the available evidence. There's a lot of evidence. And if nobody needs to be ashamed of being gay, bisexual, asexual, transsexual, pansexual, or omnisexual, well, I'M durned if I'm gonna be ashamed of what I am. As to body shaming, I don't recall doing any, nor is it a thing I'm likely to do; my own tastes run towards the well upholstered. But if I'm out of line, do bring it up. But durned if I can recall any responses in this thread that I would regard as judgmental, much less unacceptable. I think there's a definite trend towards "famous people in movies and TV shows," but if Lynda Carter thought she wasn't triggering a flood of pubescent hormones across the country, I think I could safely say that "That's a bit naive." But durned if I can say she shoodna taken the job, worn the costume, or done the show. Not my call.
  22. I dunno. I'm still not seeing the judgment or the sexism.
  23. My embarrassing crushes WERE the result of my immaturity at the time. That was sort of the point. And I was unaware that any judgment was taking place, except possibly about whether Simon Pegg was a crush one should be embarrassed about or not. But I invite you to explain, precisely, why this is sexist. Men and women both have crushes, embarrassing or otherwise. Seems pretty egalitarian, really.
  24. At the time, THACO wasn't much of a departure for me. I was a heavy player at the time, and as we transitioned from first to second edition, we ALREADY pretty much had the hit tables memorized backwards and forwards, so the idea of simply doing a calculation in your head of one number didn't seem like much of a change. But then, I am a nerd. And not a young one.
  25. That was kind of one of the things that led me to launch the whole topic. I personally feel that only an idiot would venture into my sub basement without flipping on a light switch. Not because there are zombies or flesh eaters down there; there aren't. But there's headknockers above and trippables below, and even I can't navigate down there without a LIGHT! And I still remember an argument I got into with my chums in a situation much like you've described about whether or not Bubbles was an idiot because she's crabwalking backwards on hands and feet away from the oncoming killer rather than taking a second to leap to her feet, kick off her heels, and RUN for the funeral home in the background! Regrettably, some of these movies are sufficiently unscary that the watchers can't sympathize with the characters' terror... and the fact that terror often leads to bad decisionmaking. As opposed to the Idiot Ball, which is also often seen in movies of this type...