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  1. Mojoman

    [SPLIT] Artist Con, October 24-25 at Reaper HQ

    I second the request for a schedule of events. I'm coming on the 25th and would like to see what will be going on and plan for stuff. Exciting to come out to Reaper again!
  2. Mojoman

    Undead Assembly

    Thanks for the encouragement! I had to quit last night after laying down the base coat. It took a little too long to dry, and I had to get sleep before work today. I hope to work on them more tomorrow. I've spent a grand total of about 30 min. on them so far. That time includes the time it took to fix the warped bits, but not the dry time. I think I sat there for a good half hour or more staring at them and surfing the forum here hoping they would dry.
  3. Mojoman

    Undead Assembly

    Here we are base coated with a dark walnut brown. I like a dark base coat to hide recesses that I may not reach. I am going for tabletop quality so I'm trying not to kill myself on these minor baddies... Sorry for the distracting background and poor photos... Using my phone.
  4. Mojoman

    Undead Assembly

    So, I've decided to try my hand at batch and speed painting... First post here is of the raw product after warp corrections. Zombies, mummies, and skeletons from the 2012 KS...
  5. Mojoman

    How would you make Books

    I love that DMG.Info made it on here. I've been dying to try his method for books and furniture... perhaps this weekend... hmmm. good luck with your mini. Be sure to show us the end result!
  6. YES!! I agree, Ted. I often forget to take my glasses off and end up with a headache. When I paint without them, it is so much better. On topic... Pixel (Heidi) you have a great gift for this art. Keep it up! I'm so glad that all these nice people are in one place creating such an encouraging community to learn in!!
  7. Mojoman

    Jeggare and Radovan

    Astonishing. Just... Whoa.
  8. Mojoman

    Pentrago's painted stuff

    Absolutely fantastic work! I've always been partial to the Egyptian themed sculpts and you have done some amazing stuff. I really like the colors you used! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Mojoman

    What figure(s) are YOU most proud of painting up?

    I would have to say this Spartan is my favorite. This was the level I was at before I took about a seven year break. It's been so great to get back into it.
  10. Mojoman

    02852: Buck Ronan, Monk

  11. Mojoman

    (Re)newbie (Re)learns to paint with LTPK1

    I, too, just started painting again after a long hiatus. Welcome back! You have a great foundation to build on. Keep it up and post here often. There is a wealth of knowledge from some of the friendliest people on the internet!
  12. Mojoman

    02852: Buck Ronan, Monk

    A nice job coming from you is a big compliment. I've seen your work! Thank you!!
  13. Mojoman

    02852: Buck Ronan, Monk

    So, this is for a friend who plays a monk character in our Pathfinder game. I went with the Ken look from Street Fighter, but changed up the gi for a different color. I'm happy with him.
  14. Mojoman

    My Works-in-Progress: Bones on a Budget (Craft Paint)

    As a tabletop gamer myself, I LOVE your style. You've really inspired me that you can be quick and simple with your painting, and yet still get great results. I really appreciate the step-by-steps you showed. Great stuff! I'll be coming back to this thread again to steal your ideas. THANKS!!
  15. Mojoman

    14021: Shad, Mercenaries Rogue

    Haha... big understatement. We'll see if he finds the cure or gets killed by vampire hunters on Saturday....