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  1. Live

    Just saw the Nagendra reveal. Warlord may be a dead game, but it's cool to see Taltos and its inhabitants getting as much love as they have over the course of all four kickstarters. It's a shame that Bones minis weren't around when Warlord was more popular; the price point for getting an army together might have given it a real shot at gaining a stronger following.
  2. Live

    Hopefully, many people who had never even heard of a froghemoth prior to Bones 3 realized that they did in fact actually need one the moment they saw the reveal.
  3. Live

    Any official word yet (or at least strong rumors) about a Ma'al Drakar-sized not-Bahamut? Bones 2 and 3 gave me pretty much everything I was personally hoping for in terms of insanely huge miniatures (Khanjira in 2, Ma'al in 3), but since we're doing a fourth one, I figured I'd ask nicely for a colossal, good-aligned dragon god this time around.
  4. Live

    Nice starting selection of minis and stretch goals so far! The new fire giant is my favorite out of everything that's been revealed. More giants, please! Also, sorry if it's been asked already (I don't have time to read through 40+ pages in this thread), but any chance we'll see mini versions of Mr. Bones' gaming buddies? I don't normally go in for chibi stuff, but those would appeal to me since I'm already familiar with the normal versions.

    Thanks, Cranky Dog!

    Do we have a link? Tried searching but couldn't find one.
  7. Bones 4 is next month, but I'm still working through my backlog from Bones 2, lol. Here's my version of Narthrax, my favorite dragon from that KS. This was a really fun mini to paint. More pics and a detailed WIP over at my blog (link down in my sig).
  8. It's based on a 60mm from Reaper. I'm pretty sure it's the "Display" one and not the "Gaming" one. ( Family shot, lol. Yeah, I always felt like the iron golem from Bones I (which is where the other three are from) was too small. Too small for a D&D iron golem, anyway. Glad to have an iron golem of truly epic proportions now!
  9. Some pics of my recently completed iron golem.
  10. 3D Hubs is another website to check out. Basically, if you have things you want printed, you contract with people who are local to you, have them print the items, then arrange pickup or shipping. Are you looking to print things you've designed, things you've found on sites like Thingiverse, files from various Kickstarters?
  11. This sounds awesome, can't wait to see more! I'll try to remember to check this thread now and then, but will there be announcements on the front page and Facebook when the book is ready?
  12. Well, it's certainly not very portable, lol. Goes to check weight using postage scale Just under 29 pounds with the minis.
  13. Thanks so much, everybody!
  14. Thanks so much, vegascat! Bones models would make this much more affordable, thanks for bringing that up. Cost-wise, the minis were actually more expensive than the molds and the materials used to make the board! Yeah, my original desire was to paint the minis like actual gaming minis, but I know my limits and I knew that I needed to keep it simple if I wanted to actually see it finished. You're correct, even in a classic black and white chess color scheme, it still takes a while to clean, base, prime, and drybrush 32 models!
  15. The castles/rooks are also Bruce Hirst's designs and made using the blocks. Thanks for checking out the blog! Not sure why the pics aren't showing up. Do you have any filters active or anything like that? Maybe try a different browser?