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  1. There will be at least one person selling exotic wood plinths at the con. Ron
  2. I’ve got most of my painting stuff piled up. I just need to finish staging and then actually pack. Work will be a bit busy on Monday and Tuesday with meetings and interviews. Then, before I know it, I’ll be driving to Denton. I’m going to pack a Blender Bottle and a packet of Grady’s to try brewing some cold brew coffee in the fridge this time. Ron
  3. Yes, I’m seeing a higher rate on Wednesday and Thursday as well. That’s pretty normal: their revenue management modeling shows that room demand is going to be higher during the week from business travelers, so they should charge more. Ron
  4. Hilton Garden Inns normally charge for breakfast unless you have a room rate which includes breakfast. For group rates, whether breakfast is included is part of the negotiation of the rate. There is a Starbucks and a Steak and Shake a short walk away, so there are other options. Your bill will likely be about the same though. Ron PS: Remember to include 10% of the total before coupon for tip when figuring your breakfast budget!
  5. You can also get individual parts of sets. For example, if you want just penguins from the Familiar Pack V, you can get them. Or, 20 farmers with hoe from 02825, you can. It's worth going on the tour to see how the metal minis are made. Also, there will only be a small subset of Reaper's metal mini catalog available at the con. You can request metal minis be brought or cast and brought to the con, but it's nice to be able to just go and pick them out. Ron
  6. If you're willing to spend a bit, Lascaux Matte Varnish works really well through an airbrush. Does a much better job than Liquitex. I buy from Dick Blick. Ron
  7. Good point: I should have specified Series 7 originally. I had problems with the Series 7 splitting under moderate load. I did try a W&N Watercolour brush (at least I think that it was Watercolour. May have been a now discontinued line). Once. I never did use it again since the brush was so unusably soft and squishy. Ron
  8. I don't like Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes. The first one that I got was good, but ever since then, the #1's and #2's that I've gotten have all split even with a moderate load. I take really good care of my brushes, and I've only had this problem with the W&N S7. My favorite are the Da Vinci Maestros (in size #1), but the Raphaels are fine too. Ron
  9. Funded

    If they really did have an everlasting membrane as originally planned, there would be more value. At this point, I think that it's mostly the convenience factor of a pre-made wet palette with 100-200 precut pieces of parchment. The everlasting palette is just like the other wet palettes out there in that regard: you're paying for convenience for the most part. If the convenience makes it worthwhile over a homemade or existing solution, backing makes sense. If not, then not so much. The little well palette is a nice to have addition. Ron
  10. Don't stress about buying bottled water. Make sure that you have enough water containers that you can fill with tap water. Tupperware and pots will do. Shoot for 5-7 days of water at 1 gallon a person/day. In a pinch, a new and washed 30-45 gallon round trash can will work just fine for a family. And fill most bathtubs with water for other uses. Ron PS: I'm eyeing Irma's track too: unlikely to head to Texas, but still...
  11. <hug> Mori, I'm glad that you, Justin, and your in laws are dry and safe. At least the rain seems to be slacking and moving off to the east. Grocery stores are open in drier areas and letting folks in a few at a time. Very thankful for the first responders and for the folks that have shown up to keep others supplied and fed. More and more roadways are draining and clearing out. A couple of levees have been topped or breached in Fort Bend County and Brazoria County by the Brazos, but rescuers are getting folks out. Ron
  12. As of 7 AM, 24 hour rain totals for Houston are mostly in the 10"-20" range. 12 hour rain totals are in the 8"-15" range. The three rain bands likely flooded many homes. The southeast side of Houston was hit particularly hard since the first rain band stalled out there. More rain is coming. I'm fine, but I'm concerned about friends in the area. Ron
  13. For folks in Houston, it all depends on where you are and luck of the draw. Shakandara, Dulineal, and I are all on what is currently the quiet (west) side of Houston in between two storm bands. No rain right now. SW side of town got hammered last night. East side is being hammered right now. The dangerous part for much of the affected area (from Corpus Christi to past Houston) is that Harvey will be drunkenly meandering about until mid week (or later). Winds won't be bad, but the continually Gulf fed rain bands will be. One of the best forecast sites for Houston (Space City Weather) said that the pattern will be hammered, then lull, then hammered, then lull for the next few days. They also said: "From here on out, the official forecast track is basically summarized as follows: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" Ron
  14. James Wappel probably will have his videos available on usb drive sticks. Ron