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  1. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    Metal cans for food storage were in use since about 1772. The first patented can opener didn’t show up until 1855. Ron
  2. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    I once successfully and honestly used the line "I'm sorry, but I will be late for our date tonight because I'm going to stay and help unload a couple of jaguars." on my wife when we were dating. If you look carefully, you can see me wander in and out of the frame in the background during several early episodes of Animal Cops: Houston. On my mother's side, I'm descended from King Rama V of Siam. It's not as impressive as it sounds from that sentence alone: Rama V had some 80+ children, and he ruled over 100 years ago. My mom did say that when she was in school, she had a very traditional professor who insisted in calling her by an honorific used for nobility (and he was the only one who did so). Ron
  3. [MERGED] PAX Unplugged

    Reaper will have a booth and a paint and take. I can make some guesses of who might be there, but they’d just be guesses. Ron
  4. Sorry, I don't have a clue now: I've never heard or seen such a thing. It's like the sealer is more like alcohol or some other solvent. Have you tried using the sealer on a test mini or two to see if it's a particular paint or all/most of the Vallejo that you have? Ron
  5. Did it dissolve all of the paint (down to the plastic)? Or only a layer (like a wash layer)? Ron
  6. Airbrush to Spray Reaper Brush-on Sealer?

    Whoops, yay autocorrect. Still better when I accidentally proposed to a friend and had to let him down gently because we’re both already happily married. Ron
  7. Is the mini metal, hard plastic, or Soft plastic (like Bones)? Did you prime the mini? How did you apply the Brush On Sealer? Ron
  8. Airbrush to Spray Reaper Brush-on Sealer?

    Yes, you can shoot Reaper’s Brush on Sealer with an airbrush. Just do light thin coats. Just a dusting. I don’t remember if I used the Brush On Sealer as is or slightly thinned. I regularly varnish my minis with varnish shot (was “varnish broccoli” thanks to autocorrect) through an airbrush. I was using Liquitex Gloss Varnish for the first coat, but I switched to Golden because the Liquitex was leaving the Bones minis a bit tacky. For the matte coats, I use Lasquaux Matte Varnish (ordered from Dick Blick) because of how well it knock out the shine from the varnish. The Lascaux works best unthinned. Ron
  9. Registration Desk Hours?

  10. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    There will be at least one person selling exotic wood plinths at the con. Ron
  11. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    I’ve got most of my painting stuff piled up. I just need to finish staging and then actually pack. Work will be a bit busy on Monday and Tuesday with meetings and interviews. Then, before I know it, I’ll be driving to Denton. I’m going to pack a Blender Bottle and a packet of Grady’s to try brewing some cold brew coffee in the fridge this time. Ron
  12. [SPLIT] RC2017 Rooms thread

    Yes, I’m seeing a higher rate on Wednesday and Thursday as well. That’s pretty normal: their revenue management modeling shows that room demand is going to be higher during the week from business travelers, so they should charge more. Ron
  13. [SPLIT] RC2017 Rooms thread

    Hilton Garden Inns normally charge for breakfast unless you have a room rate which includes breakfast. For group rates, whether breakfast is included is part of the negotiation of the rate. There is a Starbucks and a Steak and Shake a short walk away, so there are other options. Your bill will likely be about the same though. Ron PS: Remember to include 10% of the total before coupon for tip when figuring your breakfast budget!
  14. Reaper Factory Tour

    You can also get individual parts of sets. For example, if you want just penguins from the Familiar Pack V, you can get them. Or, 20 farmers with hoe from 02825, you can. It's worth going on the tour to see how the metal minis are made. Also, there will only be a small subset of Reaper's metal mini catalog available at the con. You can request metal minis be brought or cast and brought to the con, but it's nice to be able to just go and pick them out. Ron
  15. Rustoleum Matte Sealer

    If you're willing to spend a bit, Lascaux Matte Varnish works really well through an airbrush. Does a much better job than Liquitex. I buy from Dick Blick. Ron