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  1. vutpakdi

    ReaperCon 2019 tickets

    Also, event tickets probably won't go on sale until around June. Ron
  2. vutpakdi

    Kickstarter failures and moral/financial choices.

    My impression of the Robotech debacle is that Palladium (aka Kevin) decided that since the Kickstarter project blew up so much, the game was going to be a huge hit so they overproduced the initial wave intending to fund production of the second wave with sales proceeds. When the game flopped, they didn't have the money to produce the second wave. I only had one Kickstarter project completely fail to deliver to me. In this case, I think that the creator failed to do the math. He delivered wooden pens to half of the backers and then disappeared when he reached a break even point. Ron
  3. vutpakdi


    I can see the Mountain needing some improvements for undercuts. That said, I doubt that it's worth getting new versions of ones that you already have. @Talae: whether any of them are going to be worth getting really depends on what you need to base. For example, if you don' t use Sanctuary much, then Dungeon probably won't be all that useful. Deep Space would be good if you play 40k, Kill Team, Infinity, or the Mantic sci-fi games but useless if you don't. Ron
  4. vutpakdi


    Of the ones that I have, almost all appear to be the same except for side lettering: Imperial Forest Deep Space is a renamed Industrial Victoriana Battlezones Sanctuary Dungeon Urban appears to have a slightly different right side with smoother areas It's possible that the ridges/relief is higher on the upgraded pads and that isn't showing up in the pictures. Ron
  5. vutpakdi


    I’ve had no clean up issues with Sculpey or green stuff if I let the green stuff cure for 10-15 min before using the pads and apply a very thin coating of Vaseline like petroleum jelly on the green stuff. I have some Green Stuff World rollers and a fair number of the Happy Seppuku pads. Betweeen them, the rollers seem good for patterns that repeat (like bricks or flag stone). It’s hardest to get good results with the Happy Seppuku pads. Ron
  6. vutpakdi


    I backed 1, 2, and 2.5. I've been very happy with my stamps. I've used sculpey before and had good results. Ron
  7. vutpakdi

    Athena: FeR bust

    Yay! You have power and are relaxed enough to paint! I love the detailed description of your thought process and and the step by step pictures. I picked up the The Atlas Beauty by Mihaela Noroc. Lovely pictures for inspiration. You can see some of the pictures online. Ron
  8. vutpakdi

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    I suspect that Reaper ran out of supplies of the 2018 paint and did the best that they could. Ron
  9. vutpakdi

    Everlasting: the Best Wet Palette

    I’m happy enough with my Studio version for travel use (for example, use at ReaperCon) for the convenience. Does it keep my paint better than the old Wonderbread sandwich container? No. But, I don’t have to cut a piece of parchment paper, and there is a bit more room to work, so I’m fine with the Kickstarter cost amortized over the number of uses. At home, I’ll still use my Masterson palette with a piece of chamois and cut Reynolds parchment paper. Ron
  10. vutpakdi

    ReaperCon Survival Kits

    Part of my kit this year will include one of those double walled, vacuum insulated tumblers and a bottle of cold brew coffee concentrate.
  11. vutpakdi

    Roll Call for Con

    I'll be there Wednesday to Monday early morning.
  12. vutpakdi

    Anyone basing?

    I will probably bring some of my Basius stamps and Green Stuff World rolllers. You’re welcome to try them if you’d like.
  13. vutpakdi

    Big Mother Trucker

    Skip In and Out: go to Whatburger instead. El Pollo Loco has great grilled chicken. There's also a Braum's for your ice cream fix. Ron
  14. vutpakdi

    Paint kit on airplane? Advice?

    Ive taken a small paint kit from Houston to Stavanger, Norway, in winter. No problems with frozen paint. I think that it can get cold, but freezing temperatures in the cargo compartment are rare. Ron PS: I use a double edged safety razor. Very economical, especially since the Merkur blades that I can can last me months (your mileage may vary).
  15. vutpakdi

    Reaper Swag Points

    The Swag Point program ended long ago. The best thing to do with them put them in the recycling bin. Ron