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  1. Official Answer: No. Do not bring your Keurig. A Coffee Vendor has already been secured and you bringing that would violate the contracts in place.
  2. we have that guy at home. he falls over a lot, makes sense to put him on that base. He is not a slotta fig. I'll try to remember to look at the underside. the kids looked, it is from WOTC 1999, is a ogre or half ogre.
  3. It was removed for Forum Rules violations and will remain gone.
  4. Pre-launch

    And yet again, this reminder needs to be made.

    I was still telecommuting for B1 retail release so I can't comment on how it was done as I wasn't in house for it. For B2, we released the box set items first, because there was nothing we needed to do in the way of packaging. Then we released the licensed products and the jumbo blisters. After that we released the smaller blistered items in batches of about 10-15 each month. Those we have to package up for retail and the necessary quantities for a new release are high enough that we need the time to get it all packaged. I expect similar to occur this time around.
  6. Ron and his team are in Vegas for the GAMA Trade Show. He can't help you before next week.
  7. bump since upgrade has made locating more challenging
  8. Email help at reapermini dot com
  9. Try your local library. Many are now offering this service for their patrons.
  10. they are in and out of stock quickly these days. we can't make them fast enough. they only seem to always be out of stock because of the size of the orders that keep wiping them out. check over the weekend, Friday should see a few more release.
  11. It'll be longer than that.
  12. Yes, email Emails are read and acted on during business hours, M-F 9-5 central. If you don't include your shipping address, you delay the process. If you send images or attachments, filters will eat your emails. If you are using figure name and omitting the model number, you delay the process since many names are on more than one model. If ordered direct from us, including the order number speeds up the whole process.
  13. All Metal CAVs are discontinued. Only the Bones CAVs are available for purchase. You can find them in our online store here:
  14. You don't need to email to let us know. No, really, we are aware. Yes, we know about the outages.
  15. Nope. Images removed. Links are fine.