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  1. December specials?

    Same molds, same size.
  2. December specials?

    The announcements for our Black Friday and December promotions should be made in the next day or so. I believe we were waiting on a painted mini picture or two for the graphics
  3. Reaper Bones 4: Information Thread

    No. All rewards ship at the same time. We do not split rewards order shipments.
  4. Models with multiple weapons?

    These models come with a sprue that includes all of the weapon options shown. Assembly required on these models.
  5. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    This thread is for Reaper's Bones 4 Kickstarter. Off topic posts are removed.
  6. Kickstarter idea

    Incorrect. The last item was the elf ranger flat. The line was absorbed into other existing lines and is still available. Not all have been released as we have limited numbers we can release each month.
  7. No. We ship to distributors and retailers. If we don't announce that items are available to them, they don't know to order them in. What got copied to that New Release post is the metal monthly release solicitation listing. In it we informed distributors and retailers what our new items were/are/will be. Our anniversary figures availability is limited to their anniversary. This pattern is not changing. The add to cart button is present as it is available to buy individually, as well as being a free item for qualifying orders. It will be turned off at the end of the month like all previous months have been.
  8. New Releases November 27

    The following new release items have a hard release date of Monday, November 27, 2017 Reaper Special Edition Miniatures 01451___ The Nativity: Wise Man #3 by Jason Wiebe $6.49 01610___ 25th Anniversary Dain Deepaxe, Dwarf Hero by Jason Wiebe $10.99 Dark Heaven Legends Fantasy Metal Miniatures 03843___ Aurelio Endrino, Bonehenge Warlock by Bobby Jackson $7.99 03844___ Damaris Walmund, Duskwarden by Bobby Jackson $6.99 03845___ Mina Splinterheart, River Widows Captain by Bobby Jackson $6.99 03846___ Vatanis, Maggotcrown Necromancer by Bobby Jackson $9.99 Chronoscope Modern Metal Miniatures 50341___ Mrs. Claus by Bob Ridolfi $5.99 Reaper Boxed Sets 10047___ The Nativity Boxed Set $49.99
  9. 3rd Wise Man

    Set to release with the next round of Metal later this month and how does a complete Nativity box set sound?
  10. considering we have an entire cosplay closet and a theater major with an extensive stage make up set up, just about anything. from George Washington to Boba Fett to valkyrie to zombie to steampunk scientist to western gambler to clown to Star Trek bridge crew and more
  11. Eternally Clogged Paint

    Actually, ALL of our bottles contain agitator beads.
  12. Paint agitators

    Reaper puts glass beads in all of our Master Series Paints.
  13. Reapercon 2017 minis online?

    The promotional paints will not be made available for sale.
  14. Well, wait until November to get that order in if you want the November model. A word of observation, place your orders mid week the second week of the month. Lighter volume of orders for that department to process.