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  1. Thanks, this is important to us as well and it will be occurring when we roll out the new website. In the meantime, the product descriptions will clearly say resin if that is their material. If you are looking for plastic, their part numbers will start with 77xxx, 80xxx, 89xxx, and 91xxx. The 621xx Line is mixed with only 62109-62112 plastic. The 722xx Line is mixed with only 72244-72251 pewter. All other miniatures are pewter.
  2. Are you buying it online or in person? Reread my previous post.
  3. Funded

    I'm getting a lot of questions/concerns about what people think they have ordered. Before you email to verify your order, log into your pledge manager and look at your Bones IV Pledge Manager Paid Invoice. If you are seeing red numbers that are different than the quantities you should be seeing in the Pledge Manager, please 1) try a different browser, 2) log out and back in and 3) delete cookies and/or clear your browser cache. 99% of the emails I'm getting are resolved by those two directions. Regarding shipping, the shipping rates are live and fluctuate every time the carriers change their rates. If you had an estimate during the project and have higher rates now, there have been rate increases more than once since the project ended.
  4. I can confirm this $40 purchase is a web store exclusive and does not apply to purchases at ReaperCon. I will further confirm all other online October promotions are also not applicable to ReaperCon purchasing. ( as in purchasing made in person at ReaperCon )
  5. The reason we don't discuss Ninja Shopping is it violates the no trades portion of the Forum Rules. Don't force us to enforce it by breaking it.
  6. Funded

    Thank you for asking. As a late backer, you have higher prices than those who backed through Kickstarter while the project was live Aug 1 - Sep 2 2017. The prices available to you as a late backer are higher than the graphics, yet are still lower than retail will be.
  7. Funded

    send email to we would need personal information from you to look into this and we will not collect it over a public forum. pretty much
  9. Funded

    The grey isn't harder plastic, it is simply colorant. TPTB have decided all Chronoscope models will be produced in that color so there were items in B4 that will be grey. This change is well over a year old, closer to two. It just takes time to work through stock on hand.
  10. Reaper will likely be removing cords plugged in that pose safety hazards. You will not be allowed to tape your cords down. If you feel you need personal lighting, chose battery powered options.
  11. Funded

    If you didn't back the project on Kickstarter, go to and sign up for notifications as to when the pledge manager opens. Until it opens, which should be not too far off now, you can't do much with the pledge manager. Bonesium comes in many different flexibilities. We won't know what the right one will be until the proofs arrive in many months time.
  12. Bobby Jackson sculpted Sophie in Bones 3
  13. [MOD] Chatter has been removed. This is an informational thread. [/MOD] Still applies:
  14. Yes, Unapproved = Don't bring them.