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  1. Tagging or Name problems v2

  2. New Releases April 2

    The following new release items have a hard release date of Monday, April 2, 2018. Dark Heaven Legends Metal Fantasy Miniatures 03863___ Alandin, Elf Paladin by Werner Klocke $8.79 03864___ Belthual, Elf Chronicler by Werner Klocke $7.99 03865___ Briarlings (2) by Ben Siens $7.99 03866___ Bryn, Half Elf Rogue by Gene Van Horne $6.99 03867___ Aletheia Edair, Duelist by Gene Van Horne $6.99 03868___ Sir William the Peacemaker by Bobby Jackson $10.29 03869___ Ankoa, Barbarian Hero by Bobby Jackson $8.29 03870___ Dire Penguin by Jason Wiebe $6.99 Reaper Dungeon Dwellers 07003___ Dungeon Dwellers: Bloodbite Goblins (2) by Bobby Jackson $10.99 Reaper Master Series Paints 09681___ Prom-night Pink $3.69 09682___ Stark Naked $3.69 09683___ Morning After Blues $3.69 09799___ MSP Core Colors Triad: CAV Colors (09295-09297) $10.99 09800___ MSP Core Colors Triad: Additives III (09298-09300) $10.99 09801___ MSP Core Colors Triad: NMM Gold Colors (09301-09303) $10.99 09802___ MSP Core Colors Triad: Copper Colors (09304-09306) $10.99 09803___ MSP Core Colors Triad: Liners II (09307-09309) $10.99 09804___ MSP Core Colors Triad: Washes II (09310-09312) $10.99
  3. Baran Blacktree

    We do: https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/07002/sku-down/07002 It was not limited to February, but is ongoingly available. Additionally, review the forum rules. We don't allow sales/trades/other forms of commerce on our Forum.
  4. Bones 3: Kyphrixis release date?

    eventually, all items from Bones 3 will be available at retail.
  5. Bones 3: Kyphrixis release date?

    it is not the clear version, it is the white version.
  6. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    We like Komodo Loco off the Square. Haven't tried the new ramen place, Hanabi, on Carroll yet.
  7. Hello, it's been a while. Have some picspam.

    No worries, glad to see you sharing the painting you are doing again. Missed you, big guy.
  8. Restocking is not a quick process. It has been three to six months at earliest for Bones items to return to stock. We are currently revising our procedures to reduce this time. Look for it in a few months to be available again. As for emailing response times, it depends on the address sent to and the daily volume of received emails. Response times for general queries are often longer as the more urgent emails have higher priority for attention. Help@reapermini has received over 290,000 emails since November first when I reset the counter.
  9. Guessing this one's dead?

    Frozen paint, yep, this winter has seen a lot. Send an email to help@reapermini.com.
  10. Bones 4 at Origins?

    Easy to answer. No chance. We fulfill the kickstarter before we release to retail. We are on schedule to fulfill the Kickstarter in FEBRUARY 2019. Origins 2018 WILL NOT have Bones 4 Product available.
  11. AdeptiCon 2018 Volunteers: Open Call

    FInal Call. My badge registration window closes on Monday. I'll need your details by Sunday to add you to the team.
  12. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    [MOD] Just a reminder, this is the thread for our Bones 4 Kickstarter Project. Off topic posts have been removed. There are other available open threads for wish lists of items to see added to our various lines. [/MOD]
  13. The Report Button.

    Every single post has a report button. What happens when you click the report button, aka report a post? It is like pulling the fire alarm to call emergency responders. Reporting a post is a big deal. All Administrators receive emergency notifications and all of the Moderation staff are informed. All of them. This included the company owners. They regularly ask for information on why we have reported posts. Why should you report a post? You should report a post when there is a blatant rules violation that needs to be addressed in a timely fashion. The best example of this are the spam-bot posts that pop up occasionally. These should be reported. What should not be reported? Reporting a post because you made a duplicate post or thread is not appropriate use of the report button. Messaging a member of the moderation team is the proper way to handle that. If you are confused about whether a post ought to be reported, ask one of the moderation team for clarification before you push the Report Post Button. How do I find the moderation team to know who to ask for help? They are listed under the "Staff" link at the top of every page directly below the header.
  14. Some advice please