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  1. fulfilling

    I am not authorized to post in the Kickstarter comments. if yall chose to share that info, it would not be a problem. Also, I'm out of the office on vacation until next week. Email is on hold.
  2. fulfilling

    I have confirmation that the replacement pallet has arrived at our UK Hub and shipping will resume tomorrow.
  3. These items were discontinued several years ago.
  4. LIVE

    We have many things still unrevealed for the next few weeks.
  5. Live

    Traditionally, we do not split up the expansion sets for individual item purchase until Retail. Traditionally, we only split the Core set into subsets based on grouping of how they were added. I have no insight on how anything may be split for this project other than there is a future plan for the Core to be split in the Pledge Manager.
  6. Live

    mwhahaha yes, we need that.
  7. fulfilling

    While that sounds like a simple solution, it really isn't. There is not enough of the product at the UK Hub to pull the order from there. There is not enough of the product here to pull the order from here. Sure, perhaps we could have pulled part from each place and sent multiple shipments, but the probability for errors was much higher than putting all of the product at one location and pulling it together. We ran through many scenarios and decided shipping the pallet was the best of all the bad options. There were no good options. I am waiting for word on the status of the pallet. Both the replacement one and the one missing. I'm really not ignoring yall, I just don't know any thing more.
  8. LIVE

    Metal is beyond the scope of this project. Same plastics as previous Bones.
  9. LIVE

    Thank you for pointing that out. It has been corrected. Base is 1 inch square forwarded to those who make that decision maybe integral bases are what we usually do, however there are larger models that have bases separate as one of the many pieces that need to be assembled. This is generally part of the mold making process and won't be known yet. we do not plan on this however the nature of Bones, conversions are super easy
  10. fulfilling

    When people who failed to lock in their orders contact us and we have to manually adjust things, it can impact what is shown on the tracker.
  11. spreadsheet. first cell = 77001 fill down current line stops at 77640