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  1. It comes packaged in a Large Blister which is approx 10 cm x 6.5 cm with a little room for wiggle.

    It is too late to join the project that ran on Kickstarter July 2015. It is also too late to join through our pledge manager that closed in June 2016. It is not too late to purchase these items when they are released to the retail markets beginning Summer 2017.
  3. send email to help at reaper mini dot com both those items will be a few more months to restock

    No. Thanks for thinking of us, but no. We can't accept gifts and if you like us enough to gift, you like us enough to allow us to stay employed. So, no.

    [ADMIN] this is the time of the project when light hearted banter and chatter in this informational thread becomes a problem for us. Please, please refrain from using this thread for the fun conversations. Please let us answer serious questions and address concerns without the attempts at humor that derail the conversation and net us angry emails and confused phone calls. [/ADMIN]
  6. [MOD] Off Topic Chatter and general sillyness have been removed.[/MOD]

    Yes, the pledge manager has exactly one shipping address stored per user. You are the same user in each of the various projects that use the pledge manager.
  8. Thank you for the suggestion. This is one of the many upgrades the new version of the website will offer.
  9. We have some as desktops found here:
  10. Um, no. That is incorrect information. New Releases go live on the 24th.

    Factory Shutdown is not exactly accurate. Many facets of our routine will not change. personnel will be shifted from certain areas to cover fulfillment and we will be working in shared space. there will be no impact to availability of the Anniversary models. they will continue to release on schedule. internet order fulfillment will continue as normal.
  12. The license to produce expired and as such we have ceased production and sales of the Heavy Gear Paint line.

    I have been informed an update will be made on the first Friday when the other KS updates are made. With our travel schedules, those responsible for posting updates and their content have not been on site to make updates. March had a lot of out of office time.
  14. Thread closed. New version opened. Find it here:
  15. Official Answer: No. Do not bring your Keurig. A Coffee Vendor has already been secured and you bringing that would violate the contracts in place.