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  1. [MOD] off topic posts removed [/MOD]
  2. [MOD] Gender differences in toy models have multiple other threads already available to have this discussion. Please continue your conversation on this topic in a more appropriate thread. [/MOD]
  3. ladystorm

    LTPK - MSP HD = ?

    They have not yet been released with their new numbers. I have no information on when we can expect this to occur.
  4. ladystorm

    February Bones Black Promotional Mini - Rock Troll

    May I suggest yall recall the first of the month snafus, and plan on giving the system a day or two to get all the glitch kinks worked out before yall push the order button? Place the order Monday Afternoon instead of Friday oh dark thirty. Remember weekend crews can't fix tech issues and don't read emails.
  5. Not gonna happen. Previous kickstarter, the now ex-employee who shared that was reprimanded for the leak.
  6. Hmm, sounds like frozen paint. Perhaps you are in an area experiencing freezing temperatures. Email help@reapermini.com for assistance.
  7. ladystorm

    How do I track my Reaper Package?

    No. That feature of the site is not compatible usually with the current shipping software. You should receive an autogenerated tracking email when postage is applied to the package. It should arrive within 2 business days of placing the order. If that didn't arrive, check spam folders and if still not present, email help@reapermini.com for assistance.
  8. ladystorm

    Reaper bones monthly packs

    The monthly packs started as Bones 3 releases and continued as restock packs for retailers. There are two each of the stated SKUs and are not customizable. If there is to be a Feb release, it hasn't yet dropped. My understanding is there will be a Feb and Mar before they are revised for Bones 4 releases, but depending on fulfillment and packaging time it might be as long as June before B4 packs are released. Please review the forum rules and refrain from conducting trades on Reaper's forum.
  9. ladystorm

    Reaper weapon packs - anyone know if metal or plastic?

    At this time, all of the available weapon packs are metal. The exception might be if you are buying from a secondary market (ebay?), where you could find the unreleased Bones 3 plastic weapon sprues.
  10. ladystorm

    Reaper Bones 4: Information Thread

    Update for February 15, 2019 - No News is Good News! No News is Good News! Sadly, there's nothing new to report this Update. Things are still status quo with our warehouses running out of space and containers on the water. We'd planned on showing a few of the models from the Core Set and some of the Options, but the dreaded flu has crept into the Reaper offices this week, leaving us short handed in several departments. We'll have photos next week for sure. (Pass the chicken noodle soup.) We understand that this isn’t the most exciting news, but as we near the end of this project things are starting to ramp up. We’ve notified our shipping partners, sourced supplies, and started mapping out our fulfillment zones in our warehouses. We’re as anxious to start shipping as you are to start getting your rewards! There’s light at the end of the tunnel! Most Frequently Asked Questions How do I update my shipping address? To update your shipping address, log into the Reaper Bones 4 Pledge Manager and change those details. It is most important NOW, that you verify the address is correct, as any returned packages will be subject to reshipping charges. It is your responsibility to update your address through the Reaper Bones 4 Pledge Manager. Sending us an email to update it will not be honored. The Reaper Bones 4 Pledge Manager link is https://ks.reapermini.com/bones4 If the information doesn't appear to update, log out, clear your cookies/cache, and log back in. If you need to change your shipping country, you will need to email us. There may be an increase to your shipping expense that will have to be paid before the country can be changed. How do I verify my order? What did I order? To review your completed orders, follow the Completed Orders link on the Bones 4 Pledge Manager. The Reaper Bones 4 Pledge Manager link is https://ks.reapermini.com/bones4 If you see at least one order (defined as an itemized listing of product) under Completed Orders, then you're fine. If all you see is your shipping address, you are not fine. There is no order on file and it is too late to fix this. When will my rewards order ship? When does Wave X ship? There is no update to the information we shared last update. Our final container shipped last week. This means we expect to receive it the first week of March. This means we won’t be able to begin fulfillment in this month (February) as planned. This is as frustrating for us as it is for you as we remained on target to be on time, for once, up until this news reached us. We were so hopeful that we could pull this off on time. Thankfully, this should be a minor delay in the plan and not as late as previous projects. Once we receive and unload the final container, we will begin the transition to fulfillment. We will have final inventory verification, staging of the warehouse, and scheduling pick up arrangements with the shipping carriers. Then we can begin to pull the orders. Both the AU and the UK Hubs will receive pulled orders on pallets and ship the boxes from their location. There will be no wave shipping from these hubs. Their pallets are planned to ship from our US Hub before we begin Domestic/US Hub wave shipping. As we have done with previous projects, all Domestic/US Hub waves will ship one after the other, with us stopping long enough to restock and resupply between waves. We expect all Domestic Waves to be completed within 4 weeks of beginning shipping. What about Brexit/Chinese Tariffs/other political situations around the world? We are aware of these situations and are monitoring them closely to see how they might impact our fulfillment. When, and if, there is enough information for us to lock in a plan of action we will do so. Until that time, all we can do is stay informed. Other Problems If you have other problems, please email us at help@reapermini.com. Be sure to specify what project you're having a problem with (this is Bones 4). That same help desk handles all customer service for all of Reaper's retail and consumer orders, as well as our previous projects, so we need your help knowing how to best help you. Please do not include screenshots or attachments, as we have stringent security protocols which filter these out and delete the messages containing them. Convention Schedule Our next scheduled consumer show is Adepticon in Schaumberg, Illinois, March 27-31, 2019. We are hosting a Paint and Take and will have our Retail Booth. We will also be at the GAMA Trade Show in Reno, Nevada, March 11-15, 2019. Stop by and say howdy! Update Schedule The next Friday Update will be March 1st, when we'll take a peek behind the curtain and show you what it's like to unload a shipping container! Thanks! ~Reaper
  11. Since retirement I'm no longer the updater, so I have to wait for the update to arrive and cross post it from a device that allows me to do that. I'll get it up later today.
  12. ladystorm

    Yes, I did.

    I appreciate that you noticed. Thanks.
  13. ladystorm

    Yes, I did.

    Many, many things lined up. Most are going to bring me joy. The first few days gave me coffee with a dear friend, lunch with my bestie, game night, board gaming on the Square, lunch date with darling hubby, cooking dinner more than once, smoking cheese, Lego kit, books read, jigsaw puzzle, new gym/pool membership, cat furniture built, IKEA furniture built, no morning alarms, and so much more. It only gets better from here. There is a betting pool on how long before I get bored. I'm not there yet.
  14. ladystorm

    Yes, I did.

    I have committed to assisting with the show for 2019. As a member of the Reaper Hall of Fame, I kind of ought to be there. And with more time to be social. As stated in OP, yes.
  15. ladystorm

    Yes, I did.

    Yes, I did retire last week. I no longer punch the Reaper time clock or receive a paycheck. I am blissfully unemployed pursuing activities that foster my own joy and peace of mind. How does this impact me/you on the forums? Doesn't really as I was active here long before I received employment from the company. I will continue to be the Admin for the foreseeable future.