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  1. Chrome

    Cranky Old Man

    Isn't the whole point of retirement so that you can finally take naps during the day?
  2. Chrome

    2018 Board Game 10x10 Challenge

    So @Talae did you get 10 plays in for Gloomhaven? What were your final thoughts on it? I bought it last year, my group played it twice, and nobody wanted to play it again (so I sold it). We all liked parts of the game, but nobody enjoyed the card/action mechanics.
  3. Chrome

    Tyrant scale differences

    Probably related to how the game went dark towards the end of CAV 1. It had been selling like hotcakes and then suddenly model production just came to a halt w/not much info from Reaper as to why. Lots of players left during that time, then a whole lot more left w/the announcement of CAV 2. That left a lot of FLGS's with inventory that they couldn't get rid of.
  4. All 5 guys in my group made it last night so we finally played Air Baron! Here's a small pic of the map. The concept is that you are competing to control regional Hubs (the big circles) by buying/takeover individual airport (Spokes - the small circles). Each hub has a market value and you win when your combined market value + cash on hand reaches or exceeds a value (based on the # of players). It's kinda like Airport Monopoly.
  5. Chrome

    Confrontation: Classic

    Moar apropos... We are talking about Europeans after all....
  6. I'm surprised to see that I didn't brag about this here earlier. Out of the blue, some stranger on BGG offered to trade me a copy of Air Baron for my copy of 7 Wonders Duel or Ticket to Ride. I had marked myself interested in trading for AB, but did not have either of those other games marked as "for trade" so this guy was just taking a shot in the dark. And I was trilled to accept! Air Baron is an old Avalon Hills game from 1996 that is out of print. My group has played it 2 or 3 times using a friend of a friend's copy, but none of us own it. I've seen it sell on eBay for as much as $300 and the copies for sale on BGG are usually over $100 or are very worn, so I've never bought one of those. This guy said that his copy was in very good condition, so I was willing to trade my never played copy of 7W Duel for it. I was shocked when it arrived and I found it to be in near mint condition! The rulebook has a few creases in it, but other than that everything is in amazing condition. It couldn't have been used more than 3 or 4 times. The paper money doesn't even have any bent corners! Hopefully we'll play it this week at game night if everybody can make it. (We've had a low attendance the past 2 weeks w/the holidays and ppl being sick.)
  7. This might be the most passive aggressive post from a business that I've ever see. @travellerccg you do realize that everyone can read this, right? Perhaps you should invest in some customer service training...
  8. Chrome

    Myth: Journeyman

    Someone on BGG shared an email they received from an employee at Ulisses that the sale was finalized at the end of last week and an announcement should be coming soon. (This was a personal email exchange between the two of them, not a marketing email or something anyone else would have access too.)
  9. Yay Myth! But, stop taunting me with your LE book!
  10. I'm working from home today. And watching Beerfest! If you've never seen Beefest, it has the 2nd best plot twist in all of movie history. (Only beaten by Vader's "I'm your father".) Hudson Hawk is a masterpiece of movie making! Also, I watched Surrogates the other night. Another great Willis movie.
  11. Once again we broke out Star Trek: Ascendance, and once again we did not finish the game! This was one of the fullest maps we've ever played on, yet it didn't seem like any of us were very far along towards victory. Not really sure what was going on with this game.... One interesting/frustrating note - those are my red Klingons at the bottom of the pic. If you follow the bottom/right edge of the board you'll notice a dead-end system w/1 ship on it. That system is labeled Black Hole. And that 1 ship was the only surviving member of a 10-ship fleet that got sucked into said black hole. 2 turns of production down the drain....
  12. Chrome

    What's on TV?

    I've been enjoying the new Sabrina series on Netflix! I've yet to hear anything good about the new season of Daredevil so I've been watching Sabrina instead. And I'm still following Magnum, and yay Supernatural is back!!!
  13. I enjoyed TSQ, but it just takes up soooo much space. When you're sitting on the far side of the dungeon it can be a pain to track what monsters are over there. They def could have laid things out better.
  14. Chrome

    Star Craft Board Game

    Yeah, not sure how much fun it's going to be to paint this. They are just your cheap plastic game pieces. And there are a lot of them.
  15. Chrome

    What's on TV?

    So I have really been enjoying Magnum P.I. The two episodes since the premiere have had the right kind of pacing for the show. No big huge cases, just small stuff that spirals out of control, more or less just like the original did. In episode 2 they mentioned that Magnum's dad served in Vietnam, which got me on a conspiracy theory that this show's Magnum might actually be Thomas IV (Thomas is a family name)., and Juliett could be Jonathan Higgins' daughter. That would explain how/why Robbins/Higgins knows this Thomas and uses him as the basis of his books. But then while watching the latest episode last night I thought about Rick and TC having the same names and that seemed like a pretty big co-incidence. However after checking a Magnum fansite, I was surprised to see that Rick's real name was Orville the III, so that's a family name too. However unlikely, I suppose it is possible that all three (Thomas, Rick, and TC) followed in their father's footsteps and served together during this war.