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  1. How Did You Learn To Play?

    In 1980 I was a 6th grader and an 8th grader was apparently bored on the bus ride home, so he started running me through a dungeon. I just told him what I wanted to do and he worked out all of the rules himself. I got the DMG and Otus starter set for Christmas upon request, not knowing or caring that they were 2 different games, and except for a brief stint in a punk rock band, have been playing and or reading games continuously. Halber
  2. Dreamforge Games - Current State of Things

    Well actually in the post before he said some of the alien Shadowkesh kits will be coming out soon, but after that he is obviously considering options. Halber
  3. Model suggestions for a Leviathan?

    Safari, LTD has an amazing and fairly inexpensive Leviathan. Halber
  4. Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago

    I was ok with them, until I realized there were no tails. I'll still get a set, but I have enough minis that need converting to want to get more. Halber
  5. Small Gaming Bases?

    I agree. The bases offered by Reaper are 1 mm too tall to be compatible with most PPM minis. I have to shave off a mm and hope I get it even, which is annoying and prevents me from buying more bases. Halber
  6. Reaper, the Early Years

    They have used the Wargames Factory sprues in their "Test of Honor" line. They even added some metal characters and metal bits to add to the plastic sprues. Halber
  7. Star Trek in D&D 'Verse

    There was a Star Trek animated series episode that dealt with this called "The Magicks of Megas-Tu ". Check youtube for some inspiration. Halber
  8. Star Wars - D6 Version Coming Back

    Technically the D6 version is not coming back, but is getting reprinted, like the 1st edition AD&D books did a short while back. The new Fantasy Flight system is not rules compatible with d6, but the scenarios can easily be ported over. I also have to say I like the new FF system better than the old D6. Halber
  9. Traveller Character Generator Game

    Scout Adam Kask 6B8B69 Age 46 7 terms Cr150,000 Skills: Air/Raft-1, Auto Pistol-1, Electronics-1, Jack-o-T-2, Navigation-3, Pilot-1, Sword-1, Vacc Suit-3 Benefits: 8,000/yr Retirement Pay, Low Passage, Low Passage, Scout Ship Service History: Attempted to enlist in Scouts. Enlistment accepted. Voluntarily reenlisted for second term. Voluntarily reenlisted for third term. Voluntarily reenlisted for fourth term. Voluntarily reenlisted for fifth term. Voluntarily reenlisted for sixth term. Voluntarily reenlisted for seventh term. Mandatory retirement after seventh term. Do the scouts have no ranking? Or did mr. Kask survive by being a desk jockey or something? Halber
  10. The Guide To Modern Fantasy Monster Miniatures

    Actually I thought Yuan-ti came from A. Merrit's "The Face in the Abyss". They are called Yu-atlanchi and lived in Inca lands, and I think pathfinder's azlanti and based on this too.
  11. The Guide To Modern Fantasy Monster Miniatures

    The displacer beast originated from a couerl. https://muleabides.wordpress.com/2011/01/10/origins-of-the-displacer-beast-and-rust-monster/
  12. Science Fiction RPGs?

    I find it's cheaper to get the starter sets for the various era's and collect the dice through that. Halber
  13. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    No, they are PVC with unattached black ABS bases. Wizkids rarely uses styrene. Halber
  14. Frostgrave Campaign 2017

    I'm in central MD. Where do you play? Games & Stuff? Halber
  15. Primaeval Designs by Acheson

    Not all dinos were feathered. If you look at their velociraptors, they are appropriately coiffed in feathers. Halber Funny you say that. There's new evidence that suggests all dinosaurs were feathered, or at least most of them. We knew that therapods were feathered (tyrannosaurs, raptors, etc.), but now we've found ornithischian dinosaurs with feathers. That means it arose early enough that nearly all dinosaurs at least had the genes for feathers.[/size] There is at least one hadrosaur that they are certain had no feathers http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2007/12/photogalleries/dinosaur-pictures/photo2.html Halber