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  1. [SPLIT] Vortex Shakers

    I've had the Robart for years, but found two major issues with it. (1) Did not shake paints well enough, even letting it run for a while. (2) The fiddly strap. Yes, replacement straps are available, but I did not care for the ongoing expense and aggravation. They are 'rubber bands' and tend to dry out, crack, and eventually snap off. Not when shaking the paint, but when putting on / removing the strap. I recently acquired a vortexer like the one shown below. I plan to get a new 'head' for it, one that will handle 6 to 8 bottles at a time, and make use of the On switch. Holding the paints won't be necessary, then, just load it up and let it run.
  2. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Military Miniature Society of Illinois - their big show is in October, this year was the 13th - 15th. Reaper Con's Open judging system - cert, bronze, silver, gold - has much in common with the MMSI, based on similar International standards. Besides the traditional historical and ordnance categories, some years ago they added a fantasy category.
  3. A Few Minis Prospected

    Made by Reaper for Warlord - Overlords Faction. 14128 Moraia, Overlords Hero
  4. ReaperCon 2017 pictures

    Next year, I'm skipping the shuttle and going by car. I need more than 15 minutes between tour ending and shuttle leaving.
  5. ReaperCon 2017 pictures

    Not ALL my Garritys, just the ones I took to RC. :-) You should know that I'm not a big fan of passive security 'deterrents' or after-the-crime monitors, so what you are seeing might be an early sample of my new security system's proactive effects. Or maybe not, maybe it's just 'one of those things'. Who can say for sure, right? ;-)
  6. ReaperCon 2017 pictures

    Wow, thank you! Likewise, thank you! It was on my entry card, a single figure for Painters category, immediately in front of the display group. :-) Thanks! I'm okay with the mini, but she may be a little camera shy; I've not yet managed a good 'studio' photo. On the other hand, @Doug Sundseth gave me some great tips to try out, hopefully this weekend. In the meantime, Yephima can be found in the Inspiration Gallery and the late-2016 Reaper Facebook page contest. Thank you! IMHO, it's only failure if you don't try. Everything else is experience. Good shots, @Wren! And yes, thank you for 'ratting me out'. ;-) Ha! And I spent hours within arm's reach of @buglips*the*goblin at the next table. It's a good thing he had several pounds of my Garrity orcs and such to weigh him down, else he might have mugged me for Yephima and glowy Partha paint. :-)
  7. ReaperCon 2017 pictures

    Yours truly put Vanessa Redstorm and her trusty steed, the Garrity orcs, and about 150 others (99 oz, in grand total) out there. Happened about 10:30 Thursday morning. Yes, there was a vendor selling his personal collection of minis and RPG materials.
  8. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    Nope, looked at photos and street view, doesn't look like it. I'm sorry to hear about a fire like that, taking out a good establishment. I hope they can rebuild. Website's event calendar seems like they plan to be back after the 17th...? The place I'm thinking of was across the river from downtown, I think down Lamar Blvd. Might have been 1st because I remember being near the Congress Ave bridge and hoping to see bats. Parked near a small park/garden and some apartments, walked a block or two to a street lined with houses turned into cafes, small bars, several food trucks, and houses with food trucks attached and converted to a cafe/bar. Ah well, I'll figure it out eventually, or find a receipt or menu tucked away somewhere. Great, now I'm hungry, again. :-)
  9. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    Flu shot - done today! I think someone recommended County Line before I got there, but this was in December of 2013, just a couple of days after Dallas & north Texas had that big ice storm. Austin had no car rentals at the airport or for miles around, so I depended on a business partner and taxis to get around. One business partner took me to Rudy's and another place I cannot now name...dang, it was good. A smokehouse and brew pub, but not Uncle Billy's. Anyway, yeah, I couldn't get out as far as County Line. And then I came down with some sort of flu-like bug, made me less adventurous for the last day or so before flying home. See also: I got a flu shot today. :-) On the plus side, that trip to Austin was amazing in so many ways. The convention was really good, plus great people, great food & beer, live music everywhere...oh, yeah, I will go back to Austin, no doubt about it.
  10. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    I am a bark hound, on a mission for great Texas BBQ. I was introduced to Rudy's BBQ on a previous trip to Austin a few years back, and I'm read for more Thursday night. I hope they bring bottles of sauce for sale. If not, the shuttle to Reaper HQ on Friday may be making an unscheduled, brief detour. ;-) @SamuraiJack, Hard Eight BBQ looks amazing, so I'm down for lunch there, too.
  11. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    No costume for me. There's just too much going on in general, plus another change in painting projects. I'm not in panic mode, as that is rare for me, anyway, but I am a little concerned about shifting gears again at the eleventh hour.
  12. Reapercon Admission Tickets/Badges

    No worries, the whole day is set for minis. Assembly, prep, priming, airbrushing, painting...whatever we care to work on throughout the day.
  13. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    This will be my first Reaper Con!
  14. Reapercon Admission Tickets/Badges

    Anytime he's ready, I would be glad to work with him on eyes, OSL, and just about anything else. And I'll help make sure he has a great time at RC, no worries, there.
  15. Lighting @ reapercon

    Good call, I was looking for something like this. Found one on Amazon, $24. Should be here in a few days, look forward to trying it out.