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  1. No worries, the whole day is set for minis. Assembly, prep, priming, airbrushing, painting...whatever we care to work on throughout the day.
  2. This will be my first Reaper Con!
  3. Anytime he's ready, I would be glad to work with him on eyes, OSL, and just about anything else. And I'll help make sure he has a great time at RC, no worries, there.
  4. Good call, I was looking for something like this. Found one on Amazon, $24. Should be here in a few days, look forward to trying it out.
  5. Wow, like the Ghost King himself, this thread has arisen from the shadows. Thanks, all, for the kind words. To be honest @Sushiroll, I don't really remember the base. Dang, has it really been 8 years? Okay, hang on a sec, I'll look...oh, yeah, I see now. I cheated! :-) Or took the lazy easy way out, if you prefer. The square base is a recessed-top, pewter number Reaper used to make before the price of tin went through the roof. The recess is a little deeper than the current plastic versions, so I glued the figure's base into the bottom of the square metal base, then surrounded it with greenstuff pushed around to mimic the original's flagstones. Welcome to the hobby, and keep painting!
  6. Agreed. I can only think of one that survived a move. I don't know details, but chalk it up to smart, dedicated owners that moved for the right reasons and did their homework. But, yeah, most of the time, I think it takes too long to reestablish in a new area with new customers. It's like starting over, from scratch, and if they aren't prepared for that with advertising plans and capital set aside for the long haul, they will fold. Randomness: I once tried to smell the color 5, but heard nothing.
  7. I think I see what happened. It was Role of the Die, on Bonnycastle, when I was last there, probably 2015. That moved to Bardstown Rd, then closed, as you noted previously. Now it's Legends Comics and Games, under new ownership, on Bardstown Rd. I'm sure by the time i have an opportunity to visit (November? 2018?), it will have changed, again.
  8. If you could count them, you might wind up around, oh, I dunno, maybe 18 or so. ;-) Good night, y'all...
  9. Yellow Pages shows Role of the Die at 1950 Bonnycastle, open tomorrow. Not that it matters; I haven't been there in a couple of years, either. Have you noticed a theme, here? I don't get out much. Job changes, mainly. Although I have made it to Louisville Game Shop, Comic Book World, Pet Shop Comics, and Bluegrass Magic. Once each so far this year. I do not believe I have yet made the acquaintance of @Kangaroorex. @Bloodthorn is on the south side of Louisville, can't recall for sure if you met him at a Knoxville, TN event...? If we get something going at Empire, he might join in. A few more from Indy and Louisville might make for a good event. I'll stop by Empire soon, check it out, maybe sound them out about a paint day. It will be late in the week, maybe the weekend before I can get over there, though. Watch for details by PM.
  10. My Google-Fu is fail tonight. I know I heard of another one, maybe two, around the Ville, but can't remember and haven't turned up anything in a search just yet. On the other hand, there are several bars around. Granted, I'm not much for the bar scene, but I've heard Kaiju can be fun. Here's a pretty good review of Kaiju and three others. Louisville Game Shop, Role of the Die and Book & Music Exchange are not far apart in the Highlands, and that puts them near Heine Brothers and other coffeehouses, so in my book that's close enough. Twice a month at Bluegrass Magic on Outer Loop there's a board game meetup. I host an occasional board/card game day, too, and have one coming up, soon. PM me for details on any of these, I'll be glad to help where I can. A paint day would be great. I don't know about Empire, though. The last time I was there, it was not a good experience and I have not been back. That was years ago, though, so maybe they have improved since then. Geographically, Empire is the closest to home, so maybe a second chance is in order. Then again, maybe I should just host a paint day. (looks at calendar, winces) I'll have to get back to you on that one. Keep me posted, if you find out about one, or if you pull something together. There's a midwest collegiate league, local team's home ice is about 10 minutes from where I work. First game is September 16, so it won't be long before I can start to get my hockey fix.
  11. Get him to take you to dinner, then a gaming cafe? There are a couple around Louisville, and one in Jeffersonville opened in May, IIRC.
  12. I have no affiliation with any of the great houses, so that probably makes me a Ronin. Time for a new badge?
  13. Never said you did, was just recounting a story, explaining why I never bought or used one.
  14. Ah, yes, the d100...I tried one or two in my FLGS, wanted one to satisfy the collector/completist in me. The problem was, without a dice box big enough to capture the thing, it tended to roll right off the table. One was roughly the size of a baseball and weighed about twice as much. Saw someone try to roll one like it in a D&D game, put right it through the miniatures and the DM screen, into the DM's dice pool. That was enough to convince me I maybe didn't need one of those so badly after all.
  15. Guilty as charged. For my first red box D&D Basic games, the GM passed around his dice. 2nd game or so, I brought d6's from my mother's Yahtzee sets. Later, I got my own red & blue boxes, more dice, and I think either Chessex or Gamescience clear color dice. And Armory. When the d30 fad came and went, I had a few and worked out some AD&D charts to use them. Still have a couple with +/- that needed crayon or similar fill-in, plus a clear one. I don't think I've ever lost, tossed or given away more than a few dice. I still have my original, rounded-edge plastic ones, Mom's Yahtzee dice, and pretty much everything since then. Of all my gaming stuff, dice have the record for longevity, even over (gasp!) miniatures.