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  1. Thanks, everyone! Glad you like him ( / love to hate him). @Glitterwolf: Good point. It is more about the townsfolk/peasants besieging the palace, not the whole city being under siege. The "rightful ruler" has to defend himself against such rabble. ::P: Derek
  2. Here is the latest of my Pathfinder figures that I painted: Barzillai Thrune (#60205). I sculpted this figure last year and he was newly available at ReaperCon 2017. If you go to ReaperCon this year, you can see this figure in person. As with Octavio Sabinus (link to my Show-Off thread), Barzillai also appears in the Pathfinder Adventure Path "Hell's Rebels" as a major NPC: link to cover image of #97. (Wayne Reynolds painted the cover art. The armor makes me think of a shark.) Barzillai is the new lord-mayor in Kintargo, and his notions of law and order are going to provoke a lot of resentment, especially from the PCs! I wanted the base to evoke a city under siege, so I sculpted the stone rubble out of Aves Apoxie Sculpt, and stuck some toothpicks in as stakes. Enjoy! Derek
  3. dks

    77167: Ingrid

    Good work! I share in your delight on the eyes and lips. Nice to see how you picked out the details on her equipment, too. Thanks for sharing, and good luck with your next figure! Derek (sculptor of Ingrid)
  4. dks

    MASTER PAINTERS 3-5 words biography HELP PLEASE

    Doug Cohen is a superstar in the North Texas historical miniatures community. He has helped bridge the gap between the historical and the fantasy/sci-fi miniatures communities -- or at least convince the historical-minis guys that painting a fantasy/sci-fi figure can be liberating because they can choose whatever colors and designs they want, instead of what historical accuracy dictates. Doug's dynamic and detailed battle scenes / dioramas include scratch-sculpted or heavily converted figures, and they always astound me in ReaperCon's painting contest. I don't remember the details of how Anne Foerster met Doug and connected him with Reaper, when she was the staff painter for Reaper. Photos of his contest entries are in the ReaperCon MSP Open galleries, such as at https://reapercon.com/mspopen/2017 Laszlo Jakusovszky (note the "z" in his last name, though the ReaperCon page doesn't have it!) has all but retired from miniature painting in order to focus on 2D illustration, but I especially remember his painstakingly smooth blends and vibrant colors. He produced an instructional DVD in 2008, "Hot Lead: How to Paint A Better Miniature". Jennifer Haley practically became a household name in the early-/mid-2000s, raising miniature painting to a higher level of art. She painted a lot for Reaper, Dark Sword, and Freebooter, and continues to paint for Cool Mini or Not and other clients. She and Anne Foerster were featured together in the first Dark Sword instructional DVD (2011), and she starred in a "Miniature Painting Secrets" DVD by CMoN. Jennifer Greenwald has leapt and bounded up the learning curve over the last few years to become a standout among Reaper's current freelancers. Thanks, Derek
  5. Glad you folks like him. He was a fun figure to paint. Right, he has a tab/slot base, but the rock under his left foot is part of the stock figure that you get. I sculpted the rest of the stones & moss on the base. Derek
  6. Very nice! I like the subtly luminous quality that you achieved in your painting, especially in the skin and the crystal. I also like your choice to pair him with his throwback "Mini-Me" familiar. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work. Derek
  7. Excellent work on the character background and these 2 figures (@wdmartin) and on the character art (@2bitprince)! Your players should enjoy how you're enhancing their experiences in your games. Right, Reaper has several tiefling figures but not one to fit this artwork specifically. You could convert human or elf figures into tieflings by adding horns and a tail with greenstuff, maybe first drilling into the backside and gluing a wire there as a core for the tail. This female figure, for example, has a wavy hairstyle similar to the art but is androgynous in build: http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/jackson crusader/latest/14545 Derek
  8. dks

    03885 Dreadmere ranger

    I speed-painted this figure when I was at Reaper HQ two months ago. You can see a 12-minute video of that (at roughly 8x speed) on Reaper's YouTube channel (link to video). Back at my home studio, I spent several hours improving the 2-hour paint job. I made a thread about it in the Works in Progress subforum: link to thread. And here is the result. Enjoy! Derek
  9. Another 90-minute session this evening (cumulative 7 hours). Plaid blanket, more work on the boots and base, texturing, glints. I've thought about freehanding some stitching or embroidery on the coat or tabard (especially if it looked damaged/frayed), but I can call him done for now. And here's this shot against a gray background, so you can see the blue-green color of the sword blade a little better: Here is the "before" and "after" comparison, side-by-side: Thanks for looking, Derek
  10. Thanks, folks. @paintybeard: Her expression turned out quizzically complex. Sulky from one side, Mona Lisa smile from the other? Check it out:
  11. Behold, Bregan the valkyrie! Gene Van Horne sculpted her, and she was a lot of fun to paint. The rock has a core of old leftover bits (Green Stuff), held together with new putty, and a surface layer of Green Stuff + ProCreate + Aves Apoxie Sculpt. I have a big container of glue-on snow product in my cabinet but haven't used it much -- I have generally sculpted snow as solid masses and then used paint to add the flaky texture -- example1 (dark elf sorceress), example2 (dwarf king) but I decided to go back to the old for a change. I think I also used this same container of "snow" on 02152 Fafnir of Kjord (link) ... painted in 2003!!! There's a Throwback Thursday for you. My painting style has changed a little since then. Enjoy, Derek
  12. Thanks for the comments so far. @haldir: I deliberately made his hair auburn instead of dark brown to keep him from looking too much like Strider. I guess I should have made his coat something other than dark green if I really wanted to avoid the comparison. @buglips*the*goblin: Yes please, save the spoon for ice cream, not for Schubert brains. Hope this is helping you, even though the hour-by-hour updates don't show exactly how and where and why I applied each brushstroke. @Maglok: Thanks! I'll be teaching two sessions of my "Painting Expressive Faces and Eyes" class at ReaperCon this year. @Warlady: Glad you noticed that! I had a hint of the reflection in the initial speed-paint, and it didn't take much new paint to enhance it. I used Golden Skin, which is neutral in the abstract, but looks orange next to the gray-greens and gray-blues I used on the rest of the blade. I worked for another hour-and-a-half this morning. (Cumulative 5.5 hrs.) This session: coat, bow, quiver, boots, basing, wood of the torch, and firelight. The coat kept getting lighter overall, because my half-tone smoothing layers mostly covered the darker color. I needed to glaze the shadows back in and will do more of that. I also glazed the laces of the tabard to "flip" them from lighter than the tabard (maybe made of thread/cloth) to a darker brown (leather). I'll need to go darker still, but keep the light highlights because leather should be shinier than cloth. Here's how he looks: The blanket will be next. That's the only big thing I haven't touched up. Derek
  13. Another hour-plus of painting yesterday. (Cumulative painting time now is about 4 hours.) Most of my work was on the tabard and the sword blade, but also some on the chainmail, sword hilt, bracers, gloves, soil, bow, and torch (wood-grain, wrapping, base of the flame). I had Woodstain Brown, Terran Khaki, Golden Skin, Pale Lichen, Pale Olive, Icy Grey, Volcano Brown, and Brown Liner on my palette. Still going... Derek
  14. dks

    Diorama Advice

    Having just reread Dune a few weeks ago, I think I know what you're going for. Excellent idea. If your viewers don't know Dune, though, you need to show them that this isn't just another generic "big monster is about to eat the little human" scene. Are you willing to do more conversion to the Fremen figure, or maybe use a different figure and convert it by adding Fremen gear? This stock figure is just a man standing at ease and coolly observing, not an elite desert commando risking his life to hook a Maker. What if you showed the moment when he lunges out from behind a rock with hook held high, or just after he has put in the hook and the worm's roll starts to pull him off the ground? Another Fremen or two might be dodging away from the thumper, or at least hiding nearby, to show that this is a tribal ritual and not just a solitary activity. And maybe you can model some subtle circular waves in the sand around the thumper, to make the pulsing visible. Derek
  15. I was out of town for most of the last week, but I made progress today. One hour of painting -- probably 45 minutes on the face & eyes, 10 minutes on the hair, 5 minutes on random other areas. I haven't added the orange glaze of "torchlight" on his face yet. For the highlights on his face and hair, I added a greenish white (09150 Bloodless Skin), rather than my usual Linen White, to the midtones. I'll add Bloodless Skin to all other highlights. That consistency of color will put him into a murky swamp setting, not warm sunlight. (I overheard Jeremie Bonamant telling someone about the importance of a unified lighting color when he was at ReaperCon several years ago.) Although most of the figure is unchanged, I think it already looks a lot better overall. More to come! Derek