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  1. dks

    03775 Tengu Wizard

    Thanks, everyone! Glad you like her. @Cyradis: Yes, the leader gets to stand on the tallest rock! Derek
  2. dks

    03775 Tengu Wizard

    Here is my painted rendition of the tengu wizard -- the last of the 3 tengu figures that I sculpted for Reaper. (The other 2 figures are the rogue(ninja) and the warrior(samurai). Click those links for my Show-Off threads.) My idea when I designed the figure was "Since crows like to collect shiny stuff, maybe a tengu wizard can work magic using shiny stuff." Hence, the preponderance of jewelry -- rings, a bracelet, an anklet, and a big octagonal pectoral. I sculpted the clothing smooth and simple so the painter could add freehand and shininess. Someone here on the Reaper Forum (sorry, I forget who) suggested that male and female tengus probably look the same to a casual viewer ... so although I hadn't thought of the wizard as female before, now she is! The colors of this zany old bird's feathers and eyes are not as bright as those of the other 2. Her left eye is clouded over. And here's a group shot: I have a few more photos to share, but I won't make you click through to a separate WIP thread. Before I started painting the figure, I didn't know what colors I would use, whether to harmonize with the cool colors of the other two tengus, or use more contrasting colors After applying a coat of black brush-on primer, I painted a careful monochrome value study, using Brown Liner as "black", plus the Shadowed Stone - Stone Grey - Weathered Stone triad. I spent about 3 hours on it. I forgot to photograph the result, but it was something like this. (This is a full-color work-in-progress photo that I converted to grayscale electronically.) To get inspiration for the colors, I looked through a few Spectrum art collections on my bookshelf, and chose a painting that was mostly rosy purple and salmon-pink, with some accents of blue, green, and red. After about 5 hours of painting colors over the grayscale study, this is how the figure looked (with a blue paper background instead of the gray that I used in the photos at the top of this post): I paused here so I could do some electronic "painting" for the freehand, and see whether the pants would look better green. Then I spent about 4 hours painting the freehand, glazing, texturing, and touchups. One more hour to make the base, and an hour to paint it. Enjoy! Derek
  3. Wonderful. I enjoyed seeing the in-progress version at Paint Club, and now seeing the result. The texturing in your brushstrokes is superb. I like how the gold of the lettering ties in with the gold of his eyes. Derek
  4. Overheard at ReaperCon 2018: "Why is Derek wearing that military helmet? Cosplay?" "No, he's trying to keep Buglips from stealing his brain." @Glitterwolf : I enjoyed inventing and painting my own Space Marine chapters, too. The Pathfinder line has a few other official Hellknight figures, but of course you could create your own order with suitable paintjobs and/or conversions on any group of armored figures. Sounds like a fun project! Derek
  5. dks

    Two from Hero Forge

    I like what you've done with them -- harmonious color palettes, good treatment of the two different skin tones (pale and olive), good contrast in the highlighting and shading to convey material. Your clients should be pleased! Derek
  6. dks

    Bjorn, Dwarven Warrior

    Excellent! Your NMM is great, and I like your choice of teal for the cloth and leather bits, to complement his red-orange hair. If you are looking for a next step (or two) to take, I suggest... 1) higher highlights on the leather and skin (and even a little glint of light in his eyes). Leather and skin naturally have a smooth/oily surface that reflects light, at least when they are clean. When I do NMM on figures, I have to step up the highlights on the other materials (leather, skin, hair, smooth stone, etc.) or they sometimes look dull by comparison. 2) subtle reflections of the surrounding colors in the NMM, such as the underside of the knee-plates or shield. I add these after I've put the figure on its base, added grass or other scenery. I look forward to seeing more of your work! Derek
  7. Thank you, all! @Glitterwolf : Read more about Hellknights, and specifically the Order of the Torrent, at the Pathfinder Wiki! https://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Hellknight https://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Order_of_the_Torrent @Darius Glenwell : Good, I hope this recipe works out for you! Be sure to show off those figures after you paint them. I thought at first that Deep Amethyst would look too purple to appear "black", so I was going to use the Dark Elf Skin triad (purple-gray), but this looks good to me, especially next to the blue tabard/cloak. I used the Dark Elf colors in the "silver" details and the "steel" halberd-blade. Derek
  8. Hello again! I just finished painting another Pathfinder figure, Octavio Sabinus (#60206). He appears in the Pathfinder "Hell's Rebels" Adventure Path, issue #98: link to cover image of #98. (Wayne Reynolds painted the cover art.) Octavio is a Hellknight, and although all Hellknights hold a deep enmity for chaos, they aren't necessarily evil. Octavio and his fellow members of the Order of the Torrent are some of the goodguys (relatively). The Order of the Torrent wears Hellknight plate armor with an aquatic/sea-life theme. Octavio even has barnacles growing on his armor and weapon! (To paint this "black" armor, I used Blue Liner, and a gradation from Deep Amethyst to Misty Grey.) I sculpted this figure last summer (2017) and he was available at ReaperCon. I rarely sculpt figures wearing heavy armor, so this was a good challenge. Another figure of mine with similarly intricate armor -- and a polearm with a critter on it -- is the villain Staunton Vhane (link to Staunton's Forum post). The front and rear shots above are the main viewing angles that I intended, but here is a shot at a different angle, to show other details on the helmet and shoulder: Enjoy! Derek
  9. Great work, folks! I appreciated seeing what you achieved on these large models and dioramas -- creative, whimsical, ambitious, and impressive. I look forward to seeing more of your work here on the Forum (WIPs and Show-Off threads) or in the Inspiration Gallery, as well as in person at ReaperCon. You are inspiring (/peer-pressuring) me to paint large models of my own! Derek
  10. dks

    Monochrome Painting

    I've painted some monochrome figures (example: link or search "monochrome Schubert" in the Inspiration Gallery) and taught classes about it at ReaperCon. My main point is how the range of values (dark-to-light) and the size and shape of the highlights (broad or tight, smooth or stippled, etc.) can tell you what something is made of. Leather (for example) goes up to higher highlights than cloth of the same overall color (say, brown leather vs brown cloth), because we see reflections of light off the smooth surface of the leather. If you want the leather to look old/scuffed, then the highlights might be stippled/rough and not so light, but probably still lighter than the highlights on cloth. Look at B&W photos with a more critical / analytical eye. You know what the materials are from the information your eyes give to your brain, but maybe only unconsciously; now figure out how you know it. Then you can use paint to fool us into thinking we're looking at different materials on your miniature. There's a lot more to it ... but I do fill 2 hours of a class on the subject! I hope the advice from @Pingo and @Cyradis and me helps you get started. And I look forward to seeing your project. Derek
  11. dks

    03229 Elise Anya, Vampire Hunter

    Good work! I like those colors for the tawny-blonde hair. What game is this for? Derek
  12. dks

    77330,77331,77332 Derro

    Very nice! I like your slight variations in the clothing colors, so you can tell them apart on the table. ("Blue-sleeve spearman is attacking the paladin...") I hope they make your players work hard to earn their XP. (Side note: these were among my first sculpts that Reaper produced. First released into Dark Heaven Legends in 2005!) Derek
  13. Here is my rendition of Kevoth-Kul, the Black Sovereign of Numeria. I sculpted this figure last year (2017) and painted him over the last month (Feb 2018). I started painting him at Paint Club in Denver, when I was visiting Gene Van Horne and Michael Proctor for the weekend. I met @Cyradis, among others. Numeria is the Pathfinder nation that blends fantasy barbarians with sci-fi. A spaceship from another galaxy crashed there long ago, and people have been plundering the tech-wreckage. Kevoth-Kul is the nominal ruler of Numeria, but someone else is pulling his strings. His goblet is full of delicious spaceship juice! Mmm, mmm. A full day's supply of Vitamin X! Oops, he spilled a few drops. His consort is Kul-Inkit: link to her Forum thread. Art for the Pathfinder Adventure Path book: link to cover at Paizo website. (Any resemblance to famous barbarians of Cimmeria is ... well ... probably well-intentioned homage on the part of Paizo Publishing and/or artist Wayne Reynolds.) Anyway ... the photos: I had painted some small "transparent" potion-bottles but not an item like this before. I paid attention to how Angela Imrie and other painters made solid miniatures look clear. The effect works best from these 2 photo angles, because you can convince yourself that you are seeing orange vapor through the glass goblet, though it is actually painted on the surface. It doesn't work as well from the side views. Enjoy, Derek
  14. dks

    Mother Nature Bust

    Wow, I admire your ambition in painting a bust this size. You're doing amazing work and I am glad you're letting us see how you do it. Thanks. I am amused how those details in her hair have such utilitarian origins (covering moldlines). As you know, I study faces and eyes a lot. Something looked odd about her eyes (beautifully detailed though you made them) and I realized it was that the irises and pupils are not concentric. (Granted, maybe you want some idiosyncrasy for a fantastical/mythological subject.) Easy fixes to make the irises and pupils align: a) Touch up the scleras to make the iris-circles smaller. b) Expand the irises at the bottom to make the iris-circles larger. What do you think? It is subtle, but people will probably look at her eyes more than anywhere else. Looking forward to seeing the rest of this. Derek
  15. dks

    Nephal, Shadow Prince Demon size?

    Hello! Derek (the sculptor) here. Sorry I didn't catch this thread earlier, but I'm glad @TaleSpinner and @alchemist gave you the answer you were looking for. Yes, I intended this figure to stand about 9' tall at 30mm scale. AD&D 1st edition said Graz'zt was 8' tall, and 3rd edition said he was Large-sized. The base of the painted example is 40mm-diameter. Anyway, thanks for choosing this figure, and have fun painting him! Please post your version to Show-Off when you finish. People around here will be glad to praise you for what they like, and (if you ask) suggest ways to improve. Derek