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  1. Kickstarter Sophie Question

    I saw in one of the recent Kickstarter updates that everybody should have received their Sophies by now except people in Canada. I'm pretty sure I ordered a Sophie, but I did make some last minute changes to my selections in the Reaper Pledge manager, and I may have cashed in Sophie for a dragon or something. Is there any way I can see what I chose? If I did order a Sophie and haven't received it, whom should I contact about it? Thanks!
  2. Kickstarter Sophie Question

    Awesome, thanks! Looks like I did cash in Sophie for something else - it's not on the list. All is well with the world. :)
  3. Kickstarter Discussion Thread

    From the Kickstarter page: But I agree with your assessment in general. :)
  4. Doc Is Old

    Well, if you're going to do THAT... No trip down miniature memory lane would be complete without a trip to The Lost Minis Wiki: http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Main_Page Or to DND Lead: http://www.dndlead.com I apologize in advance for the hours of your life you are about to lose.
  5. Doc Is Old

    I'd love mine back, just without their original paint job. I'm no great shakes as a painter now, but the paint jobs I used to give minis back then… using Testor's enamels, a crappy brush, and nothing resembling patience. It's just downright painful what I did to those poor minis.
  6. Doc Is Old

    Oh, those Minifigs figures were, really ugly, at least by today's standard. Heck, even by the standards of old Ral Partha minis. I know some of that had to do with the manufacturing process at the time (thick necks and really thick ankles), but when you look at those old ones, it drives home just how far minis have come in thirty years or so.
  7. Doc Is Old

    Although the old school OD&D, D&D, and AD&D art was not as polished or consistent as what they use now, I must admit a preference for the old stuff. Erol Otus, Jeff Dee, Jim Rosluf, and others I can't pull from the mists of time at the moment. It's all been downhill since succubi started wearing bikinis, if you ask me.
  8. Doc Is Old

    That bartender better hurry up with the drinks before Doc starts crying along with me.
  9. Doc Is Old

    Man, this thread is making me nostalgic. And sad. At one point, I had an awful lot of the minis that have been posted in this thread, plus tons of other gaming stuff and at least 8 years worth of Dragon magazines. They suffered the worst of fates: sold at a garage sale when my parents moved to Florida. Well, except Eldritch Wizardry. i still have that. My mom was too embarrassed to put the book with the nekkid lady on the front out.
  10. Kickstarter Discussion Thread

    Man, with all these recent posts, I feel like I got out really cheap at $250. I don't even know what I'm getting for that. I just bumped my pledge to what I felt I could spare whilst still staying married, figure I'll make the decision about what I actually get when the survey comes out. Or let my kids.
  11. Kickstarter Discussion Thread

    Well, that was disappointing. Only $3.5 million dollars?! Man, we barely scraped past the minimum to get this thing funded. Oh, wait… hold on… just a second… I might be off by a few… …orders of magnitude. In all seriousness, congrats and thanks to the busy beavers at Reaper who suffered through the last month. So… Is it March yet?
  12. Kickstarter Discussion Thread

    So… just two hours until… …Bryan gets to get some sleep.
  13. Kickstarter Discussion Thread

    ecdysiasts? The only reason I can imagine a goblin even knowing this word is that there are… oh god… goblin strippers? I really hope that's not a stretch goal.
  14. Kickstarter Discussion Thread

    Okay, yikes. Way to pull me out of my comfortable numbness, there Reaper. Big 'uns for free? Let's see, I've already fainted and swooned. I'll have to go with "squeee!" this time.
  15. Kickstarter Discussion Thread

    I just threw a bunch of extra money on my pledge and I don't even know what I'm getting with it. I figure I can find something. My son's been refreshing the Kickstarter page a few times an hour for the last few days, so I'm pretty sure he'll be able to spend any extra money I haven't allocated. He's really wanting that new dracolich, which I hadn't originally planned on getting, so I'm sure some of it will go toward that. Heck, I haven't even been paying that close attention to the reveals the last day or two. Not that they aren't nice (they are!), I'm just kinda numb at this point. So many days of Christmas in a row. (and that's not a criticism, Reaper folks - it's a comfortable numbness and it's my own darn fault for getting in so early)
  16. Kickstarter Discussion Thread

    Well, not to be the voice of reason, but I never figured we'd break a million in the early days of this, so the Reaper folks could add a 28mm happy meal box to vampire and I'd still be thrilled about it. As it is, there are probably more minis coming than I'll be able to paint in my lifetime, so just can't find the energy to be "disappointed". I am a little surprised the dungeon decorations weren't earlier, but I'm glad to have them either way.
  17. Kickstarter Discussion Thread

    There are absolutely good ideas in 4th Edition, but it's also a bit of a convoluted mess in parts. Call me an old fart, but honestly, I don't see your #1 as a good thing. I know a lot of people do, but fighters shouldn't be given spells in disguise. They're fighters. They're supposed to hit things with a weapon until that thing bleeds and dies. That's why the exist. It's what they're for. They get to deal and take a lot of damage right off the start in exchange for less options and a more linear ability progression. They're the option for players who favor the short-game. That's not a bad thing. There are long- and short- game players in the world (and everywhere in between) and there should be something for everybody. Absolute 100% game balance at all levels is for boardgames and wargames, not role playing games. I'll give you #2. The basic mechanics in 4th edition are so much improved over the older stuff. I mean, AC going down to -10 and tons of different charts spread throughout the books… it was all kinda dumb. None of us seemed to realize it back then, but the constant referring to charts was wasteful. I like the basic mechanics introduced in 3.0 much better than what came before, and 4.0 is essentially the same system streamlined and buried under a few gallons of frosting and sprinkles. #3 Yeah… no. I just can't agree with this one at all. Their character generator is kind crappy and they sic their legal dogs on anyone with the audacity to make a third party alternative. If it were free, I could forgive them some, but as a pay subscription service, it really just can't be described as good without the consumption of large quantities of illegal drugs. It's poorly programmed and only seems good because rolling up a 4ed character manually is so horribly painful and time consuming. Also, no mobile version? What the hell? It's 2012. Most people have a smartphone at the table now. The fact they don't have an iPhone and an Android version is just unforgivable at this point. #4... well, this one's purely subjective, so the judges can award no points either way. Personally, I honestly liked the inconsistent, sometimes-bordering-on-amateur art of the old days. I'll take Erol Otus over a Boris Vallejo wannabe any day. The new stuff is kinda just too generic and a little too sanitized for my tastes. An artists's interpretation of a committee decision. But I suspect I may be in the minority on this one. That being said, believe it or not, I don't hate 4th edition. I see it as a letdown in ways and definitely a missed opportunity, but I don't hate it and, in fact, own several of the books. Actually, my 11 year old son is DM'ing a game tomorrow that I'm going to play in, and I'm looking forward to it (he's been working on his adventure all week). Sure, 4th edition encourages min-maxing, is unnecessarily complex in places, and player death is a fairly remote possibility, but you can have fun with it if you don't get too worked up and emotional about its flaws. If you don't have fun playing, you really can't blame it on the system. I am cautiously optimistic about what we've seen so far with D&D Next, too. I'm sure those who started on 4th edition will hate it, though.
  18. Kickstarter Discussion Thread

    Oh, gosh no. We played everything that came out, but D&D was our first love and we kept returning to it.
  19. Kickstarter Discussion Thread

    Yeah… that was second edition for me. My group steadfastly refused to even consider second edition well into the nineties. Heck, a few of us got upset even before second edition when everything started getting more polished and generic-looking covers. We liked those old single-color module covers by Erol Otus and Jeff Dee, dangit! It's a universal role-playing constant that you have to hate the first new release after the one you started with.
  20. Kickstarter Discussion Thread

    Twas brillig and the slithy Bones did gimble and gyre in the wabe.
  21. Kickstarter Discussion Thread

    Is Pathfinder really that popular?
  22. Kickstarter Discussion Thread

    Well, I was about to respond, and I got the notice that we did, in fact, hit #4.... Not that I can sleep either way....
  23. Neat idea but, as I feared, not a pin for hundreds of miles around.
  24. Kickstarter Discussion Thread

    Man, this is wrenching. It's 11:30 on the East coast and I'm wondering if we're going to hit yet one more stretch goal before midnight. It's less than $2k....
  25. Kickstarter Discussion Thread

    Dammit. Is it worth risking a divorce to up my pledge again? Maybe.