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  1. Favorite color? Favorite storybook character?
  2. Egads! Probably something to be checked out on Snopes.com. But if it is true... That's pretty darned scary!
  3. Just a huge update to this. We are living in Chandler AZ now! My Boyfriend got a job down here in the Phoenix area. So no, I haven't forgotten about all of you. I've just been busier than a one-legged man in a kickboxing tournament! I've been unpacking the house, and getting things organized. Darsc Zacal: Oh how well I know. My boyfriend put his house on the market on November 1st. He bought the house 11 years ago for like $215K. Property values in his area of Delta went up so much that it's assessed now for $615K!!! He has it up for $630K. Oh and how about Delta having the highest gas prices in all of North America? That was on the news a few weeks before we moved. When I did the math Y'all we're paying something insidious like $7 a gallon for gas! We always made sure to go into Canada with a full tank and then would fill up on our way south to seattle again once we crossed the border.
  4. Truthfully I've already been to Phoenix, got off the plane to 99 degree heat. It wasn't all that bad so long as you don't immerse yourself in the direct sunlight for a long period of time. It went over the century mark there a few times while I was visiting. By the end of a week I was pretty acclimated to it. The best part was that my arthritis, fibromyalgia, and allergies didn't bother me in Phoenix!! Talae: We are moving to the Chandler/Gilbert area of town as Chandler is where Microchip is. Are you near there? I have an Aunt in Buckeye as well.
  5. An ex of mine called these D100's "argument starters." I can totally understand the dice addiction. I just went and purchased a set of 20 malachite dice from chessex for my boyfriend as his folks in cleaning up his house and packing it to get it ready for sale misplaced all his D&D books and his dice. Thankfully they won't get their hands on anything in our apartment that we are packing up ourselves. When purchasing the dice for my boyfriend I discovered that my old dice addiction was surfacing because I wanted all the pretties I found on amazon.com for myself when I did a dice search. Dice with elven lettering, Dice of chainmaille, dice of glow in the dark swirls. Yeah I had to clean drool off my keyboard. I can't wait to get to Phoenix and finally have a place to collect my dice and minis again.
  6. Hey all! Life takes its very strange twists and turns. In October my boyfriend and I are moving from Seattle to Phoenix. He got a job with Microchip in what I call a classic eleventh hour save as by the end of this month his current contract with EA Games was up. So I need to know what gaming groups there are in Phoenix, and what good gaming stores there are as well. Thanks!!!
  7. Good to know about the taxes. I know his property taxes on his house in Delta BC are very high. Whether he sells or not depends on where he lands his job. He could end up back in Vancoucer BC, in which case I end up moving to Canada and we keep his current house. The whole process hangs in the balance of where he finds a job. However I know he's still trying for the job there in the Dallas area so we'll see where we end up in the long run.
  8. This sort of reminds me of a campaign I was involved in several years ago now. Our DM had this habit of giving PC's curses if their character did something really stupid. In the case of the Paladin in our group, she had taken the tarp off a pile of barrels the DM would have rather she not have done. So a bit later as we are crawling through a dungeon... *WHAMO* PC encountered a goblin and kills it, but not before being cursed. The curse? Every other word was a swear word. The rest of us were rolling on the floor laughing as this pious paladin was suddenly swearing every other word. It was epic.
  9. OK, those are to darned cool! It's nice to see a fresh take on a wedding cake topper.
  10. sculpting fail What is Sir forscale??? I think I've been away from this place for to long, the lingo is confusing the heck out of me. As for the sculpt. I like the skin pattern so far on it. Have you considered how you will eventually paint this guy? Maybe in some tropical poisonous frog pattern?
  11. Looks like you will be fielding quite the army of babes in your sessions. Great work on the paint jobs. There is no better sense of accomplishment than fielding an army you painted yourself.
  12. Thanks guys. I'm passing the information along to my boyfriend. You've helped a lot!
  13. I really need to floss my brain now. Thanks for that Lanse. As for the mini and it's paint job. Wow I wish when I was a kid that someone had painted awesome things like this for me! I think your wet blending attempt worked out well.
  14. Ok, been out of mini painting since 2008, so I don't feel I can critique anything adequately. What I will say is that for being up 48 hours straight I admire how clean the paint job is for that time span. I don't find the bases distracting - I find them awesome. Afterall they are robots. Robots are seen in the movies standing on metal floors and all sorts of sci-fi type surfaces. Silver works fine.
  15. What is the job market like in Dallas and the general cost of living? Why am I asking this? Let's just say a lot has happened in my life as of late - cross-country move (NY to WA), great awesome boyfriend who is a Canadian transplant. He's applying to a job in Dallas soon and if he gets it obviously we're moving - again. The really ironic part of this whole thing is said boyfriend is the same guy I dated in 2002 who got me hooked on mini painting! So I see mini painting creeping back into my future as soon as we make a permanent landing someplace. We're trying to sell his house in Canada right now and living in an apartment in Bellevue WA while he works in Seattle. His job he is currently at, ends at the end of September so he's been applying to all sorts of programmer jobs since March. So yeah my life has been a hair crazy - but it's a GOOD crazy. And I want to paint again! He's already promised me a Studio all to myself once he buys a house again!