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  1. Overlords

    Afaik any part of the model base may be under the template to take effect so if one deploys tightly in a square, 12+ models are touched or so we measured.
  2. Overlords

    Overlords - 1000 points - Onyx Legion Doctrine Troop 1 (655 pts) General Matisse Armor of Courage Magic Weapon Arik Gix, Inquisitor Strach, Warmage Ranthe, Evangelist of Khardullis Shadow Legionnaire x 5 Overlord Spearman x 2 Bondslave x 3 Troop 2 (146 pts) Taletia, Disciple of Ashkrypt Lola Darkslip, Assassin Magic Ranged Weapon Bondslave x 6 Troop 3 (98 pts) Onyx Golem Troop 4 (98 pts) Onyx Golem Troop 5 (3 pts) Luck Stone Total Models: 24 Damage Traoks: 52 I've recently had an uneasy experience against this list using Icingstead proxies with Boerogg, but I see here a great potential as a universal list. We used scenarios from our campaign engine, so I try to make analysis based on them. Here are 4 main combos: 1. Maneuverability of the main troop based on Burst of Speed from Ranthe. That allows 5+5+5+2=17" of movement of the seemingly slow infantry unit. 2. 5x2 Spies guarantee having all the activations before or after the opponent, as needed. 3. Taletia, a seemingly weak mage, however can siphon here slaves and effectively cast Barrage on Lola, making a pair of extremely dangerous templates. 4. She can also easily teleport golems, adding further maneuverability. The overall concept is based on a complete main troop with staunch infantry for defense, Matisse to kill something, heavy magic phase to soften things up and buff, slaves for divert and additional support. Small second troop is designed to make nasty surprises to get easy points from enemy, where opportunity arises. Golems make perfect solo fighters. On defense the main troop may survive a serious onslaught and then bring a sure retribution, but it is assault where it shines. For attack we may concentrate the power of the main troop on any direction and make that quickly. We use our spies to get complete initiative. We activate last and move on the double, with burst of speed close enough to the enemy, then activate first the following turn, smash enemy screen with magic and let Matisse with friends to swarm and annihilate the most powerful enemy melee model - this charge may be destructive enough to kill even 6 DT 13DV model with DR2 (like buffed Boerogg, for example), thus crippling the opponent's ability to perform effective melee further. The effectiveness of this charge may be again enhanced by teleporting golem and kill something tasty, that is exposed by the main troop. This main troop is best deployed and moved in a square, with heroes safe in the center, thus preventing the enemy to get Ranthe from afar or swarm Matisse. Scenarios with open houses, like Battle for the village, Pillage, Release can be won easily. With control of the deck and burst of speed we may get to the doors and take shelter inside the buildings even before the enemy approaches. Having staunch infantry it is easy to defend there and elites can work effectively from the upper storeys, punishing with templates the enemy crowded together tightly to storm the doors. Only a couple of factions can effectively try to forestall our dash and anyway we enforce the opponent to behave in a predictable way, that makes us easy to make an effective battle plan. In scenarios based on Markers, like Pitched battle, Ambush, Bridge etc. our golems are just brilliant. We let the enemy to get stuck in fighting and then teleport golems to seize enemy rear markers and hold them till the end. If the enemy holds the markers with expensive and tough models, being afraid of this golem infiltration, then we have upper hand in main melee. Cheap models would not hold markers from golems. So the opponent either goes on passive defense, trying to secure markers, and can be chewed down piecemeal, while we can choose the moment and place to strike with all our might, or throws caution to the winds and goes into all-out assault - then we use our magic, shooting and meat shields to soften him up and make counterattack later. One more effective combo is as follows - we may threaten enemy mages or expensive snipers with a fork of solutions. If enemy is deployed and moves loosely, we may throw a golem forward and hunt this model if such an exchange may be profitable. If the enemy surrounds the mages tightly, we use barrage from Lola, even exposing her, what is devastating against soft models, killing them outright. I consider this list to be an obvious favourite (considering a skilled player as well!) during our currently running campaign out of all 9 players, let's see if my prediction comes true :)
  3. Dark Elves of Darkreach

    Yes, my fault, thanks for the correction! I've thought somehow that number of Solos shouldn't exceed the number of normal troops and took band to be the one. Then I'll just swap one beast from the main troop for Duskwidow for the band. I'm aware of the effectiveness of Ice, having played a lot with Moandain, but was about to try something special these elves can perform. Shadow spell seemed to me to have a real potential.
  4. Dark Elves of Darkreach

    I've put to test the following roster with a considerable success - 2 wins against angel-heavy Sisterhood, 2 wins and one loss against orc-heavy Kargir. Troop 1 (709 pts) Sinisthreax Armor of Courage Shadow Blade Nanuranidd, Sorcerer Shadow Demon Arachnilith x 3 Shadowstep Warrior x 4 Shadowguard x 3 Shade Beast x 2 Troop 2 (123 pts) Shade Beast x 3 Troop 3 (84 pts) Phase Cat Troop 4 (84 pts) Phase Cat Total Models: 20 Damage Traoks: 53 Dark Reaches Doctrine We have 5 cards - good enough for 1k game. The main drawback here is a lack of Spy and that did cost me that lonely lost game, when Tundra Stalkers with ranger+run got to my flank and activating first on the second turn swarmed one Phase Cat and Nanuranidd. Ok my fault, I didn't encircle him with Soldiers good enough. The other variant for the roster would be to swap Shadow Demon for Zalash (too much competition for our Elite slots being few in number) and one more Shade Beast for the band. We get necessary Spy and Assassin rules, but Demon still seems to be much more enduring, albeit Roar appeared not that effective (Sisters shake off Negative States, orc player just rolled DIS well :) ) Swap rule from the doctrine may be effectively used a couple of times, but that is far inferior to such things as Summer Blossom, Rampage etc. In order to maximize a number of models with Blink I take Shadowsteps. Shadow Blade helped me once, but Sinistreax is well too soft and gets damage easily. Darkreach magic is strange indeed - Sinister Shadow seems the most effective, but brought me only a couple of wounds on enemy leaders or mosters at most. The effect here is more of the psychological one, forcing the opponent to consider initiating Melee. Poison template was useless against Sisters and I've taught Kargir player to move in anti-blast order good enough. These elves might need something more straightforward like inferno or storm. I'd maybe drop magic here for melee, taking both Demon and assassin. Where elves truly shine is Displaced. If you screen your cats and dogs with cheap models or terrain and doesn't allow the enemy to swarm them and overwhelm with a high number of dice, you get the upper hand in the prolonged HtH grinder. Cats are just perfect as solo - very enduring and heavy hitting as well.
  5. Sisters of the Blade

    I've tried a band of 5 Sable Guard (as mercs for Tembrithil using our campaign engine) and they did wonders against Kargir - with maneuver and swift strikes singlehandedly annihilated a unit of Torg + 4 stalkers losing only 2 in return. May be that's luck, but this unit seems to be very effective. Has anyone tried these mounted girls?
  6. Campaign Engine revised

    We have already played 750pts (2011), 1000pts (2012) and 1500pts (2013) to get people collect and paint step by step. 1500 seems to be a bit too much, because a single game consumes 3+ hours. In the campaign to come we are going to start from 750pts and increase the limit with each round up to 1300pts. The local community is divided into those who prefer smaller formats and the fans of scaled skirmish almost evenly.
  7. Campaign Engine revised

    I've finally finished working on the battle report with rosters from our local league, played as far back as the last spring. So here is the link to PDF (10MB). Sorry for mistakes :) From all the features from our Campaing Engine we took only a scenario. We a planning a new campaign (involving mostly Savage North factions) for the coming winter, so there will be a new version of the rules. They are going to be refactored and complemented with new modules (mercenary units made of natives, neutral units as a third side on the table, variable game format for each round, etc.).
  8. Clarifications & Errata

    Might it then instead be written for its next Shoot Action, lest it works only for Defensive Shots. Am I missing somewhat?
  9. Necropolis

    Antiblast order - is a term used by WH40k players (and many others) to describe the technique to minimize the number of friendly models under a possible template (3", 5", chain lightning etc. depending upon the opponent) There is a dichotomy: if you place models wide enough, they lack Mov to make combined charge and allow enemy to engage them one piece at a time, but if they stuck together, they suffer from templates. With Mov as low as 5 you have to take a spellcaster for dispel and use screen to block LoS not only to Judas and Knights, but to the surface nearby, because the template not necessarily must be centered on a model. I've discussed the issue with a friend of mine, whose experience with Vamps surpasses mine. So, our suggestion: Necropolis - 997 points Troop 1 (714 pts) Judas Bloodspire, Anointed of Hars Armor of Courage Naomi, Mistress of Wings Phylactery Vanderast, Bloodseeker Vampire Crimson Knight x 4 Zombie x 4 Chattel x 2 Troop 2 (222 pts) Sir Athak, Crimson Knight Crimson Knight x 2 Chattel x 2 Troop 3 (58 pts) Gargoyle Troop 4 (3 pts) Luck Stone The number of zombie/chattel models may vary, but I personally consider having at least 1 screening model for 1 being screened. We use screen not only against ranged/magic, but also to protect Vampires against enemy charge, because we may feed only on our activation. Don't forget about Provoke, it's one of the most useful SA out there. PS. and even much better: Necropolis - 1000 points Troop 1 (714 pts) Judas Bloodspire, Anointed of Hars Armor of Courage Naomi, Mistress of Wings Phylactery Vanderast, Bloodseeker Vampire Crimson Knight x 4 Zombie x 4 Chattel x 2 Troop 2 (225 pts) Graverot, Ghast Armor of Courage Ghast x 5 Troop 3 (58 pts) Gargoyle Troop 4 (3 pts) Luck Stone
  10. Necropolis

    Who has then this good ranged capability? Elven heroes with barrage? We use antiblast order. Crossbowmen et al. with Pierce? Consider Naomi casts Arcane Shield (we get 14DV!) or simply Wall of Fire with base size 1 to simply block LoS. Use terrain. Then simply make BtB with enemy shooters, let them roll DIS. Opponent's investment in ranged just gives you an advantage in melee. Only Razig with Sharpshooters and Slow Fire is a poor matchup, but as our Vampire is ineffective against undead, we have not many chances either. The same applies to construct-heavy Nefsokar. Big monsters work wonders against noobies, but an experienced opponent always has enough means to counter them. Just block, or surround and concentrate many attacks with inspire and support, use Stun. Horror only inflicts 4! wounds at most, he has no Swing-Through, Mighty, even Cleave. You pay much for Burrow. If it charges, you enjoy Bludgeon, but it can nothing spectacular on defense. Are you sure that you have the charge, not an opponent? Why did I write about Giant - for the same points it is MUCH more dangerous model and to defeat it you must invest more resources. Just count what Graverot's troop does on charge with inspire and support against the Horror? 3x(5+2 MAV)+4*2x(4+2 MAV) with possible Curse and Savage. Yes, they may fail DIS, but on 4+ 3 out of 5 should reach the target. In the case the Horror charges, they lose a couple of Gasts and still may counterattack effectively, if the player doesn't expose Graverot. Swift strike is only meaningful for flyer (burrower), in order not to be easily engaged and punished during the enemy activation. The enemy should cast then Winglock at first but you use an anti-blast order. Here the things are clear. If you have First Stirke, you may even hunt a more serious enemy, concentrating your models, or reap those wounded enemies with formidable tough value without any response. The bats may indeed be used to hunt spellcasters or something weak, but they don't fit into the role of the main hitting power. With DV9 and MD10! they won't survive a turn of even modest shooting and casting. Even the poor caster with CP7 is hitting on 2/3+. And what should Judas do, entering BtB (he cannot play with swift strikes), while his support dies in one activation and he gets swarmed and kicked to death? A good wargamer strives to minimize the dependence on luck. You use redundancy, maximize you abilities and minimize those of your opponent. You think in terms of fulfilling the scenario and not just how to kill everything, etc. If you can catch a heavy hitter with cheap speed bumps, block him for even one turn - it's great. You put such cheap models also to screen your hitters, to protect them from enemy, so they get to charge themselves when the circumstances are right. If the enemy can firestorm/shoot them and charge past your screen - it was your mistake to allow that. Each faction has models for this role, but zombies are just more effective than many others. I didn't say that the army of zombies can do anything, just that they have no trouble dealing with powerful melee models. With Rhasia they indeed work wonders as an army. And I've mentioned Giant, because with Swing-Through and Mighty he is a very serious melee opponent against a numerous enemy. I've used zombies extensively for this build Moandain+Phylactery, Dauron, Nivar, 6 burrowing and 6 simple zombies, or as a simple fodder like Kentaur, 4 Crimson Knights, 4 zombies
  11. Necropolis

    I'd not, because the only faction out of 19, that performs cost-effective shooting, is Razig. Moreover, shooting depends on terrain and enemy cover/spells. I'd definitely take a couple of chattel models to heal Judas and friends from early damage. Knights work much better if they have cheap screen made of zombies, support inclusive. Otherwise if you take bats, they move fast and leave Tharian behind, thus getting punished with templates. They are too fragile to be the main hitting power. Naomi+Phylactery is much more useful take than Tharian, because you can considerably soften up the enemy, before your charge hits home instead of the only dispel usage. If to speak of effectiveness, consider Graverot+Armor of courage+4 Gasts. For the same cost they have more wounds and attacks. A DR2 is not a panacea if you get swarmed. They are only effective with First Strike, for example Gaan-Hor. You lose time dealing only one potential wound and getting one in return, taking into account their low DV. Knights fare much better. Zombies enjoy no support, but they enjoy toughness. They may effectively block a costly enemy melee model for many turns. Besides, the bucket of dice they deal on attack eventually downs it. For example, I've killed Hill Giant with them two times out of two encounters. Many factions are envious of Necropolis for having such an effective models.
  12. Warlord - the state of play

    I've been leading a local group of players (I deem the only one existing in Russia) since 2007, making yearly campaigns and leagues of up to 10 participants and 30+ games per season. It appears to be extremely difficult to "recruit" new players, all those existing being close friends of mine, who came from other wargames like WHFB. The WHFB community is divided now with many people completely dropping the system, but that barely helps to attract them to Warlord, as they got used to a well supported wargame and more willingly migrate to mainstream skirmish systems or even historics. From my point of view the Warlord is an extremely well balanced and diverse game. I consider the underdevelopment of several factions from the Savage North and the lack of scenarios to be the only flaws. The latter we compensated with 10 scenarios of our own invention, as well as added a new level of diversity in the form of a campaign engine (I've posted it in the Rules sub-forum). For the next season we plan to expand this engine even more, implementing a webapp to generate pairings for us and to handle player statistics. It might then include a campaign map in graphics with each player's actions designated and a personal account for each one accordingly, if time permits. I've recenly finished my 1500pts Tembrithil project, the wood elves being my 3rd army and the most beautiful one, as a result of a much time spent to painting and the usage of Microart forest bases. They are great in play as well, clouded only by the limited choice the armylist itself. If Reaper once decides to turn its attention to this system again, we shall eagerly offer our service as playtesters. :)
  13. Wood Elves of Tembrithil

    In order to squeeze this list to 1000pts, I'd drop the Troop2 completely plus one owlbear. With Drys we lose the necessary Spy, but I'd better have the main Troop1's ranks completely filled. I'll not stake on shooting and abandon some rangers because of all 3 phases, the Shooting phase is the most weak. Wood elves not archer-heavy? Why so: 1. The ranged models are overpriced, so they have to live long enough to justify their cost. 2. You have to build your list with protection of numerous shooters in mind, instead of just usual protection of couple of casters. So it is a lot of screening models, dependence upon terrain, etc. Moreover, the shooting range we have is small. 3. It's too easy to negate the enemy his ability to shoot: terrain, spells, cover, fast enemy models in BtB, etc. Just imagine the enemy happens to activate some fast unit 2 times in a row - first turn he is in cover and second in BtB with you. The Rangers give a great number of shots, albeit with low Rav. So the best use is against low DV (Razig's zombies fo example), to finish off wounded models (especially with Tough) or just for that lucky 10 on a dangerous leader or monster. The sniper should sneak behind terrain and all the roster, taking out what aim presents itself. Just one cheap Reven Harpy can easily take him out! To tell anything specific about your enemies, one should know their skill and rosters. Our Dwarf player would take something like this: Troop 1 King Thorgram Grimsteel Mithril Armor Ivar Silverfist Margara Firetongue Familiar Shieldmaiden x 4 Piercer x 3 Troop 2 Ursula, Bear Rider Bear Rider x 3 Troop 3 Griffon I deem he would assault with his powerful King and maidens, healing him and throwing fireballs. Bear riders can make devastating charge and griffon distracts you from behind. Tembrithil are weak fighters, but Lightning can soften enemy up enough to deal with wounded remains.
  14. Wood Elves of Tembrithil

    I've played only a couple of probe games with Tembrithil and I'm going to finish painting my army first, before putting it to real fight, during a coming local league. But, guided by my long-term experience with Crusaders, Necros and Nefsokar, I've come to some similar solutions, although we play 1300pts. In fact, the modest variability of the army list leaves not too many effective decisions to choose from. I deem this list as a universally effective one (some minor changes may take place though). I prefer the Nature doctrine. So, we make a Chain Lightning heavy list with staunch main troop, two powerful counterattack units, a shooty distraction unit and a sniper to finish off those powerful and tough models on their last track etc. I adhere to the principle of the universal main troop, which can perform something in all the 3 phases: melee, shooting and magic, while putting to good use the Warlord's ability.This allows to single-handedly remove costly enemy monsters and leaders in one activation. Other troops are going to assure, that the main troop can fullfil its tasks. We just shoot and cast, weakening and hampering the enemy, then attack. Just imagine an opposing Reven army with Varaug and 10 Berserkers, charging in on the second turn, can we possibly stop them? :) Troop 1 King Thelanor Anenfel (153) + Armor of Courage (10) Sildorian Protector (U) (87) Dehanis, Druidess (U) (59) 2 Satyr Warrior (29) 3 Oakhearth Warden (29) 2 Tembrithil Ranger (31) 5 Saproling Warrior (20) Here we have 4 powerful Lightnings (the Familiar may be necessary - we get one more cast), defensive line made of Wardens and Saprolings, Satyrs may counterattack, well screened Rangers finish off wounded enemies. Armour of Courage and Warlord's ability allow one very effective charge, after we have spent up all our casting points. Dehanis if taken for Restore mostly. Troop 2 Arthrand Nightblade (47) Drys, Dryad (54) 3 Tembrithil Ranger (31) 3 Hunting Cat (21) Arthrand or Talathan - for me is a question of 1 Elite slot. His Assassin ability is ridiculous, taking his MAV into consideration. The effectiveness of the Dryad is too small, but... she is a beautiful model! I'll stake on Beguile. The main concept for me is to have at least 1 screening model for one shooting model and Cats make their job well - the are small and their bases are long. Moreover, the missions we play often require speed and they are fast. Troop 3 4 Owlbear (56) An obvious choice - the only melee models with Tough and good hitters! Troop 4 Spirit of the Forest (148) How could Wood elves possibly not be associated with a Treemen? Personally, I thing big monsters are inferior to units of smaller models for the same cost (Example - Graverot with Courage and 4 Gasts are much better than the Grave Horror), simply compare the number of wounds and number of melee attacks. Monsters perform psychological effect, though. Troop 5 Galdanoth, Sniper (U) (54) I plan to keep him well behind the lines and thoroughly screened, to justify his cost.
  15. Campaign Engine revised

    So, our 1300pts campaign for 2016 is almost finished - 28 single and 2 pair games were played between 8 players (2 Necropolis, Reven, Reptus, Dwarves, Razig, Overlords, Darkspawn). Top 3 armies: 1. Necropolis (5 wins, 1 draw and loss in the pair game) Moandain(Phylactery), Dauron, Nivar, 6 zombies, 6 burrowing + Kentaur(Armor of courage),4 Crimson Knights,4 zombies+Graverot(Armor of courage), 4 Gasts + Gargoyle Dauron was switched for 2 Crimson guys against Darkspawn (3 Dominations!), sometimes a Grave Horror instead of Gast unit was taken 2. Dwarves (3 wins, 3 draws, 1 loss) Thorgram(Mithril Armor), Margara, Ivar, 6 Shiedmaidens, 2 Piercers, 2 Warriors, 2 Halberdiers + Ursula (Book of tactics), Gilam, 3 Bear riders + Stone spirit 3. Reven (4 wins, 3 losses) Varaug(Bonesplitter), Gaaguk(Magic weapon), Ombur, 10 Berserkers + Ogg, 6 Beastriders + Urga, Gonda, 6 Harpies + Lurgh + Greka Skills proved themselves to be a perfect addition - some combinations of them could increase chances for victory dramatically, while choosing scenario, gaining more initiative with draw deck etc. Skill classes may need just a bit more balancing in the future campaigns, unlike the faction cards, many of which seem to be too situational. For the next year we are planning a league, to play each round without strict order (that had cost us a lot of time!) and have some sport results also.