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  1. I stumbled across the KS for CAV:SO and it reminded me how much I love 1st ed. But, I have a long term goal for my two forces, which is about half way through completion (in terms of actually buying the stuff) at this point. So, I was wondering.... 1. Have any CAV minis (inf, armour, flier, CAV) been removed from the range (since about the release of 2nd ed)? 2. Will the current metal CAV range remain even with the introduction of the Bones line for CAV? Many thanks.
  2. Infantry Miniature Question

    If you could update me when/if Light Infantry with Heavy Mortars are available, that would be great. Thanks.
  3. Infantry Miniature Question

    Ooohhhh. Thanks. So... Infantry Grenadiers = PA Infantry (24536) Assault Grenadiers with Heavy Weapons = PA Infantry Panzerfaust (24535) Sorry for being a pain, but I am in the UK and so I need to get this right.
  4. Infantry Miniature Question

    Thanks. One more question.... What are the infantry pack that were listed as Grenadiers now listed as? I bought two packs of these and I would like to grab another couple to expand the formation, but I am not sure what those miniatures are currently listed as.
  5. Infantry Miniature Question

    Ah, thanks. Its the 'regular = light' and 'heavy = PA' that I was missing. Can I also check that the Nomads are still sold as a pair for the $8? EDIT - Also, a load are noted as 'no longer used in CAV' and/or are being 'rescaled for CAV:SO'. Does this mean that they will be disappearing from the store and no longer be available? EDIT2 - Does this then mean that the 'regular infantry with heavy mortars' are now 'light infantry with medium mortars'? EDIT3 - So, what the hell are Grenadiers now, then? This is crazy.
  6. Infantry Miniature Question

    I thought that I would try to fill out a few holes in my CAV collection, and start by picking up a couple of packs of infantry. But, it looks like the names have changed yet again and I cant find the packs that I made a note of in the past! Caan anyone tell me the new names for.... - regular infantry with heavy weapons - regular infantry with heavy mortars - infantry grenadiers - assualt grenadiers with heavy weapons - heavy infantry with light mortars These used to come in packs of three, but now a few are only available as single sprue.... are these 1/3 of the previous packs? Want to pick up some bits so I can finish off my forces before the entire system, scale and packs are all changed again! Thanks.
  7. First Ed PDF

    Thanks for all the offers of help guys. Much appreciated.
  8. First Ed PDF

    Yeah, they were, thanks. I bump into their stall at conventions every now and again, although their CAV stock is pretty limited and mostly older versions of the things like fliers, etc. I dont think that I have ever seen them stock the books, but it is worth dropping them a note to ask. If I was really organised, though, I would just scan my own JoR books (for my own use only!). Thanks.
  9. First Ed PDF

    Yeah, thanks. But these are also in the US, and I have asked a couple of sellers are I cant find the two JoR books for less than $40 shipped. I will take another look, though. I just felt that - since it was first editiona and we are coming towards third, and since there was so much great background - the two JoRs would be obvious things to make available online for download. And, no problem, TT. I am one of the very few non-US members here, as far as I know.
  10. First Ed PDF

    Wow. That would be a great price.... if it didnt cost $45 to ship them to me in the UK. For three books? Thanks for the link anyway.
  11. Freaky math!!

    Yes. Essentially, this is: 0 + 111 = 111 Or: 0 + (111) = 111 0 + ((111-age) + age) = 111
  12. space marines movie

    My copy finally arrived this morning.... a dvd in a bubble-bag. It looks like it was sent second-class post but is listed as costing the price I paid for shipping...
  13. space marines movie

    I live in the UK... the same country as the company making this, and I havent even have confirmation of my copy shipping yet! I paid £8 for postage (a crazy price for domestic shipping) and nothing. Not impressed.
  14. 6mm - 1/300th Sci fi

    Try it now.
  15. 6mm - 1/300th Sci fi

    Well, I didnt know that registrations had been disabled. I actually work for DRM and I will get this sorted out. In the meantime... http://www.tacticalwargames.net/temp/drm1.jpg Oh, and, welcome to Tactical Command!