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  1. Fallen Orc (Norsgard) - an ub3r WIP

    That blue color is mesmerizing Ub3r!
  2. Solarwind Countess Karnstein Bust by GLITTERWOLF

    She looks amazing my friend. The colors are popping in all the right places!
  3. Mousekillers Skaven Warlord on Brood Horror

    @Xherman: Designer/Sculptor sound like the same job to me! Thanks my friend!
  4. Mousekillers Forest Goblin Spider Riders

    GOBLIN SPIDER RIDERS Manufacturer: Games workshop 7th edition Sculptor: Brian Nelson and Dave Thomas As promised, I am going to do a step by step on the spider riders, so they may take a while! But what is new, me taking months and months to finish something? So, to start off, I have a few shots of the spider. Step 1: Clean up the model and black primer. No picture here, I am sure you have all seen a nicely primered miniature! Step 2: GW Dryad Bark base. Paint the entire spider model in this color. You can leave the very tips of the legs black, just a tiny amount. See the picture below. Step 3: GW Skrag Brown. In this stage, you are going to apply about three coats, so make sure your paint is nicely thinned. Work your way from about 20% up each leg to the breaks in the legs, and on the segments work from the middle out to each break. On the body, leave the deepest recesses the Dryad Brown color. You don't have to be extremely precise here, but once you start on the second and third layers, just back up a bit, till you are between 30 and 40% up the legs. See the picture below. Step 4: GW Deathclaw Brown. Start from about 35-40% up the legs, and the same on the segments. For the body, try to concentrate on the shapes that you will eventually outline nicely. We still have another two colors to go for this brown addition. On this color I did two layers, thinned down to help the transitions. See the picture below. @Xherman: Thanks!
  5. Mousekillers Skaven Warlord on Brood Horror

    SKAVEN WARLORD ON BROOD HORROR Manufacturer: Forge World Sculptor: Trish Carden and Steve Whitehead (Thanks Xherman!!) Concentrating on the base for now. Many times, I find that once the base is complete I am better able to see the model come fully to life. Finished sculpting the tree, and painted it. Also, gave a grey coat to the brick work. I still plan to add a few things, like some rats, mushrooms, foliage, sewer stuff... As for the model, I glued the back rack on the warlord, still need to finish his spear and add that. Was easier to leave off so that I wasn't constantly hitting it. Lots of detail work left, but I am going to just plunge forward and knock out a few things at a time. Any comments or critiques always welcome!! @Chaoshead: Thanks my friend. I know GW made the decision based on marketing, etc, but it really was one of the greatest fantasy based strategy games that existed, and the story line was amazing. Still perpetual 8th edition for me!!
  6. Mousekiller Savage Orc Boss

    SAVAGE ORC BOSS ON BOAR Manufacturer: Games Workshop 4th Edition Sculptor: Unknown This guy was in the old finished bin. Going to touch him up and get him up to todays standard. Here is what he looks like right now...
  7. Mousekiller Skaven Warriors

    @lowlylowlycock: Sorry to say, I just can't buy in to the Age of Sigmar, so I will for now live in a perpetual 8th edition world... The story line of the warhammer world is what truly fascinated me and motivated me to paint, to give a background to all of my armies. With the new Age of Sigmar, its sort of like... insert whatever storyline here, mass amounts of armies form for no reason and transport to each others worlds with some Sigmar related knights ever protecting the different realms for no particular reason... And then the addition of circular bases... ghastly. But those that have successfully transferred, I wish them all the luck in the world. I am just too old for all the changes, lol!
  8. Mousekillers Borgut Facebeater

    BORGUT FACEBEATER Manufacturer: Games Workshop 6th Edition Sculptor: Colin Grayson Worked the armor a bit more, some brass, iron, and red bits. @Xherman: So many orcs to paint!!! Now that I have branched out from the night goblins, the painting desk will never be empty again!
  9. Mousekiller Skaven Warriors

    SKAVEN CLAN RATS Manufacturer: Games Workshop 6th edition Sculptor: Aly Morrison and Colin Dixon Finished the first three, hope you like them. I need to get my lighting adjusted I think, the picture seems a bit over exposed. The next three are primed and ready for paint. I modeled the base of one of them to have a nice trench in the middle, I am thinking for the back rank I might try a pipe coming out of a wall pouring water into the sewer... @chaoshead: Maybe with a bit of scenic enhancement we can get a few more than the 20 I have, with "counts as"... but only 20 actual clan rats (of this type). @Xherman: thanks!
  10. Mousekiller Vermin Clan Lord

    VERMIN CLAN LORD Manufacturer: Avatars of War Sculptor: Felix Paniagua Just some basic stuff done here. I will try to keep the colors in line as we work thru this one (I always mean to, but then I forget what I used!!!)... Skin: GW Ratskin Flesh base, GW Seraphim Sepia wash Armor: GW Leadbelcher base, GW Nuln Oil Wash, GW Seraphim Sepia Wash Hair: GW Abaddon Black base, GW Dark Reaper highlight, GW Nuln Oil Wash A lot more to come...
  11. Mousekillers Orc Warriors

    ORC WARRIORS REGIMENT Manufacturer: Games Workshop 6th Edition Sculptor: Unknown Ok, calling the first three done! Tried to vary the browns and blacks a bit, and also add independent flare to each orc as I imagine them having more of a haphazard collection of identity. Let me know what you think, we have another 27 or so to go! Also, modified the next three a bit. All of these orcs are pretty much replicas of each other, so I will adjust the arms and some other minor things along the way to give them variance. @Xherman: Thanks!!
  12. Colossal Skeleton Conversion for Reapercon 2016

    Looking good CW, really like the scale work, particularly the design.
  13. Solarwind Countess Karnstein Bust by GLITTERWOLF

    She is looking very lifelike, and the rich colors come across as rich (purples and reds). The skin is particularly nice, with the little bit of flesh coloring underneath the white. I see the patchiness you mean in the hair, but once you wash it, that hair is going to look pristine!
  14. I have had issues with pics lately too, not sure what the heck is going on! Love the striping on this guy, he is going to look amazing when he is done my friend.