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  1. Kelcore

    Smith the survivor

    And now I want to go watch a certain John Carpenter movie. Good job!
  2. Kelcore

    Shipwreck Golem

    Stunning. Absolutely stunning. The worn look of it spot on.
  3. Kelcore

    77334 Dragon Tortoise

    Wouldn't know it by looking at it, as it looks great!
  4. Kelcore

    Spring Exchange 2018 for Cerebro1974

    Man, I love that orc. The sculpt is so cool, and you nailed the feel of it with your paint. The Venger figure makes me want to pour myself a bowl of cereal and watch old cartoons!
  5. I may have "disappeared" for a while. However, I still kept my eye on what was coming out from time to time, and I've always watched the Kickstarters with interest. So when these new Crusader sculpts showed up in whichever Bones Kickstarter they were presented in (3? Yeah, pretty sure it was 3), it kicked me straight in the nostalgia feels. The fact that the new ones are about 1000% more impressive than the old Warlord Knights, Unforgiven, and Ironspines really added to that. Because as expansive as my old Crusader army was, it probably would have been even bigger (because why not just entirely miss the point of a skirmish game, right Kel?) if the grunts of the faction looked like this. I really didn't like the old Crusader grunts all that much, and painting them was somewhat a chore. And then I forgot about them, and went on with my life. Until I saw this fella at my FLGS yesterday. Boom, instant nostalgia strikes again and I say to myself "one more, for old times sake". So I picked him up for a low-low price (gotta love Bones pricing), got him home, spent way too long straightening a very bent sword (gotta be ambivalent about Bones material), and then took the day and well, started and finished painting him up! And since I was kicking it old-school I decided that I would do ****-all with the pudding-base besides paint it and add some static grass. The result was oddly satisfying, actually. So, for your consideration: one more. For old time's sake.
  6. Kelcore

    Bones 1 Dungeon Dressing

    Thanks! I used to be pretty ambivalent about painting up terrain. Now? I wish I had even more! Thanks to all!
  7. Kelcore

    Bones Fire Elemental

    Thanks all!
  8. Kelcore

    Human Rangers

    Thanks all! @Lucian523 Yep, that one is my favorite of the two. His armor is really cool, and it's not every day you see a character with a warpick that isn't a dwarf. I especially like that said warpick appears to be the claw or tooth of some great beast mounted on to a haft.
  9. Kelcore

    Human Rangers

    This is an interesting pair. One is fairly typical for a Ranger charater, the other, a bit more imaginative than usual.
  10. Kelcore

    Bones Fire Elemental

    I attempted to make this guy stand out a bit more than the translucent orange it was cast in allowed. I was...somewhat successful.
  11. Kelcore

    Bones 1 Dungeon Dressing

    Nothing terribly special. Just got a little tired of painting humanoids, so I dug these out of my box of Bones minis from the 1st Kickstarter.
  12. Kelcore

    More Dwarves

    Thanks! Those spell effects are kind of growing on me. It's nice to have spellcasting characters that are actually doing something instead of gesturing awkwardly at nothing! Thanks! Thanks! The Nolzurs (and Deep Cuts) lines are swiftly becoming my favorite range of minis. Especially for characters. Though their monsters are pretty great as well. Thank you! Yeah, it's a pretty decent little battle force, isn't it? Kinda makes me wish Chainmail were still a thing so I could put 'em to good use!
  13. Kelcore

    03712 Ogre Guard

    I really need to get some of these new Ogres. Every time someone posts one of them, I want one. Your paint is excellent and, indeed, makes me want to get one.
  14. Kelcore

    DSM3103 Glenraven female rogue with sword and dagger

    Your blends are beautiful.
  15. Kelcore

    25th anniversary Dain Deepaxe

    Surly and somber, he looks great!