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  1. 77526 Graveyard Golem

    That is a very cool Golem and your paint-job compliments it nicely!
  2. More Dwarves

    Finished up these two ladies yesterday. And with their completion, I'm now officially out of Nolzur's Dwarves to paint until I go get more.
  3. Bertrand & Lorielle Repaints

    A night and day difference for sure! Well done!
  4. 77637: Obsidian Crypt

    That marbling effect is awesome. And the understated purples in conjunction with the relatively neutral tones of the rest of the model, makes for a subtlety sinister feel. It's an awesome piece of terrain I'd be tempted to have as the backdrop of any minis I'd paint from here on out were it mine!
  5. Dwarf Fighter

    Thank you both! @72moonglum "Somber" is definitely not a word I considered while picking the colors for this one, but you're right, it definitely is! And ultimately, fits the mini very well.
  6. Kev!'s Massive Darkness - 053 - Iron Golem

    I agree with @Glitterwolf.The mini gets fairly lost in the grey of the background. Taking some pics with it in front of a sandy shade of brown or maybe blue construction paper would help in seeing how cool this mini actually is. Because it looks like it's a really cool mini!
  7. Father Dagon

    Oh wow! Lanse, he's incredible. Very realistic, especially around the face.
  8. Dwarf Fighter

    Thanks, Chaoswolf. Though, it appears that dwarves with working knees aren't too popular.
  9. 01572, Maddie the Chibi Gorgon

    Man o man, those eyes are haunting! This is by far my favorite Chibi to date!
  10. Dwarf Fighter

    If I like a D&D race as much as I like Dragonborn, it's Dwarves. I especially like Dwarf minis that kinda break the "huge axe/hammer weilding, armored to the gills, not very mobile" Dwarf mold. This Dwarf lady seems to fit that preference quite well. It was also a pretty jarring mini to paint after completing the comparatively huge Blightfang.
  11. Bones 2 Core

    An impressive assembly of minis! That has to feel good.
  12. Painting a Kraken - Step By Step

    That is really gorgeous!
  13. Blightfang

    Thanks! Thank you as well! Thanks! For my part, I just see them as different parts of its body. Indeed, the color on the back of the dragons wings is completely different. Sorry if that bugs you!
  14. His Majesty the Dragon King (Kingdom Death)

    To me, there is something deeply unsettling about Kingdom Death minis (and I don't mean that as a bad thing). This one is no exception. Your paint work enhances that quality quite well. Probably the most disturbingly beautiful dragon I've seen. Very well done.
  15. Spruced Up Heroclix Orc Archer

    I absolutely love it when people spruce up pre-painted minis. Popular opinion usually dictates that the minis are inferior in some way when in reality, many of them are really cool minis that just need a little more care to show their full potential. I think you do very good work on yours!