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  1. Terrible Army Builds

    To your first point, Po is inferior to neither Reptus Warlord; in fact, since the change to 2nd Edition, I've not played a Reptus army without going Outcast and taking Po. I will own an opponent up and down the table with him. If there is any reason to think Po is inferior to Khong or the Broodmaster, it is only because a) the other two are melee monsters by comparison, and b) because Po is 29-81 points cheaper. To your second point, trot out any example, and I can present a foil for it too. First Strike as an ability is *expensive*, and Pike is less common than you probably think (across both books, there are a total of 19 models with Pike, which is an average of 1 per faction). Just because you may be used to using/playing against models with a particular ability does not mean they are common. Third, yes, Po's WL ability works on the defensive as well. We were very specific about language when rewriting the rules for second edition. There are 3 offensive combat actions: Fight, Shoot, and Spellcast. Whenever you roll to hit another model in melee, be it with a Fight action, or making Defensive Strikes, you are conducting an attack action. If Po's ability were intended to only work on offense, we would have written it as Fight, not an attack. I'm not sure what you point is in number 4, but here's some quick numbers for you. The average MAV of all soldier models in WL2 (including SN, which skews it slightly higher because of the number of factions with "big" soldier models) is 3.8. So, this means Rangers are above average in that department. The average DV of soldier models in WL2 is 9.43. As far as OSK, this is pretty good odds. Outside of the Rush attack, Rangers have a #MA of 3; the average for all soldiers in WL2 is 1.8. Yes, they are more expensive. Yes, they are fragile. Yes, there are plenty of foils that can be used against them. And if you are a poor enough general to throw them away in unfavorable situations, then they will play poorly. But a half dozen rangers mixed into an Outcast list with Nagendra Warriors and Spikeshells can be a whole world of hurt for your opponent. ~v Jeff, Absolutely. An entire list of them (like an entire list of almost any one model) becomes too predictable, and too easy to break. A balanced army should beat them almost every time. I'll have to ponder the isiri warriors; I usually play a demon list for Darkspawn, or a hybrid with the Witch Queen and Thuusia, but tend to rely on the demon soldiers for the summoning. I'll think about it and get back to you. ~v
  2. Terrible Army Builds

    There are no terrible models, only terrible builds, and terrible tactics. Nagendra Rangers are glass cannons; when used with the Outcast Doctrine, they can move 23" and attack once with Poison before your enemy can blink (while only suffering a single defensive strike against DV11). If placed in Po's troop, any Poison tokens are resolved immediately; this is likely to kill most 2-track soldier models instantly. Then anything the opponent sends against it is looking at 3 defensive strikes, and another Poison token resolving instantly. They are also very effective when they can base 2 opponents at a time and split the attacks; death is almost a lock for the Ranger, but you have the strong chance to take out two models for the loss of one. Nagendra Rangers can kill 50% more than their point value without breaking a sweat, when used properly. A whole army of them? Horrible idea. ~v
  3. Clarifications & Errata

    SAIV's answer is correct, on both counts. A Band of Solo models is no longer a Solo, and thus you do not need Leader models equal to the number of Solos in the Band. The example of a Leader-led Troop, a Band, and a Solo of the same type as the Band is also a legal build. So, for Reptus, your example might look something like: Troop 1 Gam-Nan Gaan-Hor Warriors x4 Troop 2 Crymorian Warriors x3 Troop 3 Crymorian Warrior Totally legit build. ~v
  4. Clarifications & Errata

    This would include the current Shoot action, and all RAV attacks all the way until it's next Shoot action (kind of like saying this weekend vs. next weekend). So not only does it apply to the offensive strike in the current game turn, but also any defensive shots until its activation the next game turn. ~v
  5. Happy birthday, Shakandara!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone! It was a great day, and the best birthday in a very long time. ~v
  6. Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    He is a really nice sculpt; he's my personal favorite of the small boxed dragons (outside of Blightfang). ~v
  7. Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    Right; I did not intend to imply any dragon *has* to be painted a specific color. I have a HWSNBN (WotC black) that is painted as a blue, a RAFM dream dragon that is painted as a shadow dragon, my Gauth is brown, and my Blightfang looks like a rattlesnake. ~v
  8. Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    T'Raukzul and Stormwing are radically different in size. Stormwing is the same size as many of the other Reaper dragons from the late 2000's (Ebonwrath, Deathsleet, Diabolus, etc), while T'Rauzul exceeds the size of even the old large boxed dragons they did (Marthrangul, Viridius, and the like). Stormwing also has the physical characteristics (in D&D terms) of a blue dragon, while T'Raukzul takes after a red. The good news is you'll be able to get Stormwing later anyway, if you want him, and at a far better price than what T'Raukzul will cost you in retail... ~v
  9. Razig's Revenge

    Since the army builder is no longer online, and someone asked for these elsewhere, here are the Warlord 2 datacards for the Razig faction. EDIT: Some people were having issues with the file attached to the message. I've removed it, and instead uploaded the pdf to my domain. ~v
  10. New to warlord

    Ask, and you shall receive. Since these were only ever publicly available via the army builder, I don't see any harm in posting this pdf of the datacards. You can find the faction doctrines, Warlord abilities, etc over at reapergames.com. EDIT2: I've removed the attachment from this message, and uploaded it to my domain instead. Rather than having the link in multiple threads, I've added it to the Razig Faction thread instead. Just follow that link to the post. ~v
  11. Warlord - the state of play

    I always bring enough to play (usually a couple of factions worth); as long as there is available table space, I'll be glad to play a game with or just demo for anyone that is interested. Us old BL's are like that. Actually, it hasn't existed for the last two ReaperCons now; the last tournament was 2014. ~v
  12. Pirate Ship Names

    The Invinceble. I'll let you figure that one out of your own. ~v
  13. Frostgrave/Frostgrave:Ghost Archipelago interest

    I'm interested in playing again, either way. If I know far enough in advance, I can volunteer to contribute terrain again, if needed. ~v
  14. New to warlord

    Sad to realize that I haven't touched it in nearly 3 years now... ~v
  15. Advice on book purchasing?

    No, they discontinued the splat book series before getting to Reptus. ~v