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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone! It was a great day, and the best birthday in a very long time. ~v
  2. Fulfilling

    He is a really nice sculpt; he's my personal favorite of the small boxed dragons (outside of Blightfang). ~v
  3. Fulfilling

    Right; I did not intend to imply any dragon *has* to be painted a specific color. I have a HWSNBN (WotC black) that is painted as a blue, a RAFM dream dragon that is painted as a shadow dragon, my Gauth is brown, and my Blightfang looks like a rattlesnake. ~v
  4. Fulfilling

    T'Raukzul and Stormwing are radically different in size. Stormwing is the same size as many of the other Reaper dragons from the late 2000's (Ebonwrath, Deathsleet, Diabolus, etc), while T'Rauzul exceeds the size of even the old large boxed dragons they did (Marthrangul, Viridius, and the like). Stormwing also has the physical characteristics (in D&D terms) of a blue dragon, while T'Raukzul takes after a red. The good news is you'll be able to get Stormwing later anyway, if you want him, and at a far better price than what T'Raukzul will cost you in retail... ~v
  5. Since the army builder is no longer online, and someone asked for these elsewhere, here are the Warlord 2 datacards for the Razig faction. EDIT: Some people were having issues with the file attached to the message. I've removed it, and instead uploaded the pdf to my domain. ~v
  6. Ask, and you shall receive. Since these were only ever publicly available via the army builder, I don't see any harm in posting this pdf of the datacards. You can find the faction doctrines, Warlord abilities, etc over at EDIT2: I've removed the attachment from this message, and uploaded it to my domain instead. Rather than having the link in multiple threads, I've added it to the Razig Faction thread instead. Just follow that link to the post. ~v
  7. Warlord

    I always bring enough to play (usually a couple of factions worth); as long as there is available table space, I'll be glad to play a game with or just demo for anyone that is interested. Us old BL's are like that. Actually, it hasn't existed for the last two ReaperCons now; the last tournament was 2014. ~v
  8. The Invinceble. I'll let you figure that one out of your own. ~v
  9. I'm interested in playing again, either way. If I know far enough in advance, I can volunteer to contribute terrain again, if needed. ~v
  10. Sad to realize that I haven't touched it in nearly 3 years now... ~v
  11. No, they discontinued the splat book series before getting to Reptus. ~v
  12. First, Ra'am does not have a RAV (Ranged Attack Value); he is a pit fighter, and has no ranged weapons. The stat line you are looking at is his MAV (Melee Attack Value), and yes, it is correct, for the reasons reference by other above. ~v
  13. Have you checked out the pinned faction-specific thread for Nefsokar? If not, you may find the lists and discussion there as a helpful starting point. With as inactive as the Warlord community is these days, I can't say that you are any more or less likely to get a response posted there (vs. starting another thread here), but it's worth a shot. There are a few of the factions that take a bit more finesse to play well; I don't believe Nefsokar is one of them. So, I don't think it is any better or worse of a choice for a new player than most factions. ~v
  14. Put the whole thing in the auction on Sunday, and let people bid to take it home. ~v
  15. We ended up getting in a game Saturday afternoon. The White Lion completely eviscerated one of our survivors during the First Story, so we named our settlement in his honor, and opted to bury him (rather than use his corpse for resources). If I'd been less busy playing Frostgrave and other boardgames, we might have actually played a few more sessions of it, but all the activities of the con kept us plenty busy. ~v