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  1. @TaleSpinner This is for Talespinner's campaign that's been running for like 10 years now... This is the character for "my pretend friend Rick" a Minotaur (sorta). I'm pretty happy with the base colors, but may need to do a little more clean up/detailing yet. The yellow and whites will mostly end up being some sort of metallic gold(09450 Dragon Gold) or bronze (?) on the yellow and maybe (09452) Blade Steel for the blades. Need to make the horns a bit more yellowish. Darken up the axe wrappings... Since he's a PC I put "underwear" on him. Considering trying to use some greenstuff maybe? But the biggest thing I'd like advice on is how to make the muscles pop. My thought was darklining them with brown liner thinned down and lighten the high points with some sort of light brown/red, using glazing to do both. Also I'm going to try and make the belly/chest a bit lighter over all and darken the area around the spine, using the same method. Any other suggestions or is that the best way? Suggestions in general are welcome.
  2. CAV Terran Thunderbird

    Got some mostly decent pic's tonight. I haven't clear coated it yet, but I think i'm done with it.
  3. CAV Terran Thunderbird

    Thanks :) I really owe it all to you, you're article about painting camo was great and made what I always thought of as something fairly tricky to pull off actually kinda easy. :) I took a picture of the final version but it just is too washed out and the colors don't look right. I'll try and take a better one soon and post it here.
  4. CAV Terran Thunderbird

    I added some black (black green with a little true black) to it as some lines around the green or brown. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I still need to redo the black lining and then the glaze/wash that Sgt Crunch mentioned in his article. Also need to do the windshield and maybe a few other touch ups.
  5. CAV color schemes

    I think we'll have to plan on some sort of meet up for us CAV players next Reapercon. I know I plan on being there and playing some more CAV, including the tournament if there's going to be one. Which I think is a safe assumption.
  6. CAV Terran Thunderbird

    Here it is with the brown. Still not quite thrilled with that green. But it looks better in person then it does in these pictures. Forgot to mention that I think I'll paint the gun barrels black, the area past the black line
  7. CAV Terran Thunderbird

    Well I was half way there sorta. I had based coated and darklined everything. I added the green in and this is what it looks like now. I may try and get the brown done yet tonight... I'm not sure I'm super happy with that green. It was Panzer Aces field green by Valejo, and a drop of Reaper Dark Skin to darken it up a bit. Still may be a bit light, but I'll see how it looks after I get the brown on it. I also may go with a 4th color, a few stripes of black green to match the US Army woodland camo pattern.
  8. CAV Terran Thunderbird

    Thanks that's a great article, I'll try and get started with it tonight.
  9. Started working on a Terran Thunderbird, and I don't have pictures yet. But it's really not much more then primed at this point. I'm going to do a woodlands camo pattern I think, so I based the whole thing with a sandy tan color and did the dark lining on it. A friend of mine that Talespinner knows as "my pretend friend Rick" suggested that I start with the lightest color which makes sense. I used the brown liner to do the dark lining. Question is what to do next, should I paint most of it green and leave parts tan, and then paint the brown parts, and then finally black? Or would it be better to paint parts green, and parts brown and parts black? Also is there anything I should do before I start the camo pattern?
  10. CAV color schemes

    That's a very cool board :)
  11. CAV Rath Emperor

    I did that over the weekend, and brought up the red a bit, with some edging and such. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and when I get a chance to take a pic of the finished product I will post it here. You never really want military hardware to be shiny... I did that some, but maybe not enough. I did a lot more darklining on the one I'm working on now. Thanks. I used your method of glazing to make it look like that.
  12. CAV Rath Emperor

    Did some more work on it today, and I'm pretty happy with where it is. I used Corporea's trick of using green as a shadow and I like it. I still need to do something with the feet, and put a decent base on it, but over all I'm happy with the colors and all. But any suggestions would be more then welcome.
  13. CAV Rath Emperor

    Well I did some more work, and it's looking pretty good I think. But my pictures aren't turning out very well. Getting a lot of shine due to the light... So I'm going to have to figure out something to help with that. Maybe get a light box or at least figure out how to remove the amount of shine, maybe some sort of thin cloth to defuse the light source. The photo from the side turned out ok, at least you can actually see the colors more or less... I'm pretty happy with the white, but may try and take it up a few shades brighter, but maybe not. The cockpit is decent, I used the glazing technique that Talespinner and Corporea showed me on it. Think I may need to make the bottom a bit darker and the top a bit brighter still. You can't see it from this angle but the square on the square missile pods, I did the missiles with black, then a dot of yellow in the center. Next is to do the red lining, edging and shadows. Then see where I'm at and figure out what else needs to be done.
  14. 01450: All Hallow’s Eve

    Looks great :)
  15. CAV color schemes

    You may want to check out my WIP. You may get some stuff out of that will help with those questions. Someone already mentioned something about doing cockpits in that thread.