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  1. Ugh - I'm trying to get to this one. School is kicking my butt this semester, though - my teachers are of the "if one project/paper is good, why not have the class do three?" mindset. Never fear! (oh, wait. You have to fear - it's the chariot's whole shtick after all) The Black Prince will ride soon (ish, ish, ish...)!
  2. Painter cat (#3) is a Crocodile Games Basti miniature. Might have been a Gen Con exclusive.
  3. He's a Heartbreaker Wererat champion. I've had one for years, and he is a big chunk of metal for sure.
  4. So. I've had this thing since the mid-80s, and was always afraid (tee-hee) to do anything with it. However, with time (and inspired by Buglips' work on Ral, Lord of Balrogs), I have decided to ignore that fact that I have school and clinicals and take a swing at this silly thing. Silly, says I? Just look at it! It's a chariot made from a Balrog, pulled by two other Balrogs ("Yo, dawg, I hear you like Balrogs...") and a teeeny little guy perched on the back, desperately trying to pretend like he belongs there. God, I just LOVE this thing! Today, I cleaned off the parts and took inventory. Yep, all there. The metal looks like it's going bad, but it's really quite sound. I can already see a few items that I'm going to have to do extra before I get paint on this thing. First off, the Black Prince is supposed to be holding one of those heads, but said heads are kind of out of scale to him, and look really bad when he has one. I'm not sure what else to give him yet - maybe a shield. Second; the Balrog's wings fit OK, but will need some greenstuff work. Last of all, the chariot Balrog tends to drag his chin on the ground if I put the model together as is. I'll just run a small pin from his chin to the ground for better support, which will take his weight off of that cute little front wheel (hey, Black Prince, you get that off a shopping cart?). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A little filing, pinning and gluing later - Oops, missed some mold lines. Eh, I'll get them later. Only the high-five Balrog is glued to the base at this point, as he won't stand on his own. I'm not too sure how regular I'll be with this WIP - this semester is absolutely brutal with added clinicals, so I may not be done for a looong time. Painting is a nice diversion and stress relief when I can do it, though. We'll see! Just for fun, here are a couple photos of the insert that came with the model. Get your Polly-S paints ready! (I still have a bunch ;) ) Spoilered to reduce some of the hugeness.
  5. Specifically, the Mourning Wolves as produced in the '90s by Target Games. Prodos is making Warzone stuff now, and have their own sculpts for the Wolves.
  6. Normally I don't paint "cutesy" miniatures, but when Herself wants a fairy for her terrarium, by golly she gets a fairy. In this case, a sprite from Games Workshop's Talisman game. She still needs to be based, but I'm done otherwise. Little does my wife know that this miniature is going to be used as a glitter fairy in games of Fairy Meat (seriously, the mini's expression makes her seem rather unhinged to begin with - kind of like a Fey Malcom McDowell).
  7. Looks good to me!
  8. Thanks, all. I was just being grumpy with my picture - it makes them look worse then it does in person. And yes, BlazingTornado, he does look like that picture doesn't he? Probably another reason I wanted him so much back then. :)
  9. A million years ago on my 13th birthday, my mom and dad gave me my first ever miniatures. My two favorites are these guys - a couple 'orrid old Citadel skeletons from their Fantasy Tribes line. Yes, I finally painted them 35+ years later, even though they took part in many a dungeon and tabletop battle during that time. If they didn't have such a sentimental value attached to them, I doubt I ever would have bothered as they are pretty terrible old sculpts (and now they have a terrible paint job to match! :P ). So thanks Mom and Pop! Braving the one shady hobby store in town couldn't have been easy for you, but I'll always treasure these little guys.
  10. Whoa, dang, hey - I actually took the time to paint something. Not sure if it was inspiration from RC (or a futile attempt to match the levels shown there :) ). Aaannndd he's already got dust on him - that's awesome. I think I forgot his teeth too, whoops.
  11. Didn't really meet anyone, but I did learn that people throw the darndest things into the metal exchange table - including at least seven old fantasy Slann that are now part of my Oldhammer collection.
  12. Was able to enjoy a few hours there - even better, my son came with me and got fired up about painting.
  13. We had a nice, loud thunderstorm early this morning, so temperatures have cooled off a bit.
  14. I'll be dressed as a Rad Tech student with a crushed spirit. Oops. never mind, that's my everyday wear. :D