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  1. You better be good... ...for goodness sakes. Wargames Foundry Bazooka Santa. Edit: Whoops, sorry - not a Reaper. I did just happen to paint up this guy a couple days ago, and figured he should be in on the festivities.
  2. Sharky

    10-512, Goblin 1

    That has *got* to be a Bob Olley sculpt.
  3. Sharky

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    My oldest are these Citadel Fantasy Tribe skellies that my parents got for me in 1983: Finally got around to painting them this year :p My first painted miniature was an Asgard barbarian that came with a variety of weapons to put in his (horribly miscast) hands. No pictures though - the paintjob is no big whoop. Rarest? I don't know... Space Slann? "Kinky Chaosette"? All unpainted of course, but i have recently primed a few of the Slann, and I hope to start my Chaos project next year...
  4. Sharky

    "On Top" Ork

    Oh heck, while I'm at it... I painted this old Ork Boy at the same time that I did the Grenadier Orcs posted earlier, just to test the darker skin tone on a 40K miniature. Actually finished him a week or so ago, but work does tend to get in the way with posting. "On Top". Why? Who knows? Good photography is optional. :)
  5. Sharky

    Plastic Grenadier Orcs

    What do you do when you need to build an army worthy of Mordor, but have a limited budget? Outsource, baby! Some test scemes here on a trio of plastic Grenadier orcs from their Fantasy Warriors game. I'm putting together a Mordor force for GW's LotR game, but didn't want to just use their sculpts (because orcs are a varied lot - that, and I have a HUGE number of these Grenadier guys just laying around). Cute buggers, ya? Best part about them is that they seem to be the same type of HIPS that GW uses, so I can kitbash to my heart's content.
  6. Sharky

    More Heritage Sorceresses

    Coincidence is a funny thing. A couple weeks ago, Kev! posted his version of the old Heritage sorceress (1206b) right when I was starting the highlights on mine. I finished slapping paint on mine (and her blister-sister, 1206c) over a week ago, but just now got around to snapping a couple pics due to work and stuff. Rough little sculpts, to be sure. My level of painting didn't do them any favors, either ;) I painted 1206c's (purple robes) eyes as if they were closed, as her pose and general "feel" is like she is deep in casting some heavy magics. Whatever the case, it's about time I got some color on them - I've only had them 30-ish years, after all...
  7. Sharky

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Sorry to hear that. Goblin says that she will fill in for your kitty today.
  8. Sharky

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Apropos of nothing, but the staff at the new Warhammer Cafe in Grapevine, TX didn't even blink at the 2006 ReaperCon t-shirt I wore during my visit there today. No trolling involved, I honestly didn't think about what I was wearing until I saw my reflection in a display cabinet. Nice place, BTW. Sadly, no ReaperCon this year. We'll be busy getting our little Poolee ready for her "vacation" at Parris Island.
  9. Sharky

    Webcomics - Because....

    Stand Still Stay Silent has been mentioned. Excellent post-apoc story. Also by the same author, A Redtail's Dream. A bit more "cute" than SSSS, but quite good. This one reached the end of the story a while ago.
  10. Sharky

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Its hour #11 of my 12.5 hour shift. Fortunately, it's also my Friday. Unfortunately, its Sunday which is always super busy at my hospital. Fortunately, it's been a less than insane day. Unfortunately, the one ER doctor that loves to order as many patient x-rays as possible is here and in rare form. Fortunately, I have a free frogurt. Unfortunately, the frogurt toppings contain potassium benzoate.
  11. Sharky

    Is your fridge running ?

    Yes, my fridge is running. I also have Prince Albert in a can, but it can stay there as it is a fairly unpleasant pipe tobacco.
  12. Sharky

    Undead Outlaw

    Hey all - still painting, just nothing worth showing here. As a "palate cleanser" from my current project (my old Blood Bowl Skaven), I decided to slap paint on Reaper's nifty Undead Outlaw figure. I've had him (or her? Death is indeed the great equalizer) for a few years, and he finally got my attention enough to get some work done. As usual, I just grabbed a few colors that I wanted to try, and went at it. Purple, in this case as I still need a lot of practice with it - it is turning into a theme color with my undead miniatures these days. I did learn how to not zoom in with the camera with this guy. I kept wondering why my pictures in the past were so bad, no matter how the miniature itself looked. Turns out if you zoom all the way to microscopic detail, then your microscopic mistakes are visible for the world to see ;) "Hate to see you go, but...no, actually I'm OK with that."
  13. I have quite a few of these, but I never knew that they made ruined versions. They are Outland Model buildings, in "N" gauge. I generally get them from eBay.
  14. Sharky

    Dungeon Dwellers Returns in 2018

    I think I have some of Rictus' embarrassing older relatives: Old Heritage "Denizens of the Dungeon" plastics, in delightful '80 paint style. I once had all four of the plastic sets, only these guys remain :( Very happy to see the (re)introduction of the Dungeon Dwellers line. When I was a little shark, Heritage and pre-slotta Citadel minis made up the bulk of my collection. Edit: I kind of hope that there's a re-sculpt of the 1204 -1 goblins. I love those ugly little guys.
  15. Sharky

    Marauder Miniatures Liche

    I have to admit that the joke is also influenced by Xykon in "The Order of the Stick" comic, who wears a crown just because it looks cool (not his actual words, those are a little non-family friendly). Edit: +10 internet points to the DM who has a lich say, "Tickle, tickle, tickle!" to the PCs. With a completely straight face.