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    Battletech, D&D, Magic, Pirates(in general not just the game), Warmachine.<br /><br />Perfer to play half-dragons or if GM, love to see the dragon win.(What I like dragons)

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  1. Kaw

    Who is at fault?

    I place the blame for this on the players, they are the ones who figured out how to use the rules to their advantage to break them in the first place, they should be the ones to figure out a way to get around the "cheese" and the crap that people pull to win. This is also one of the reasons I like warmachine, they tell you in the opening book, some things in this game are broken, they were meant to be don't come crying to us about it when someone figures out how they are broken. Companies can only invest so much money in playtesting before its not profitable anymore plus they have to make those break spots so some players will be trying to figure out how to break the game. That is one of the challenges to most games, how do I break this to my favor?
  2. Kaw

    Half Dragon Creatations

    I made these from Reaper's half dragon mini because well, I have some people wanting to play half dragons but the mini for it wasn't up to par, sorry reaper but I did use some of your mini's to help(Warload Gargoyle and a harpy for wings, rat men for the one with a tail). See if you can guess the class for the people playing the HD's. Yes I know my digital camera stinks. I wish I could clear up the pictures some but right now I can't sorry.