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    Port Gangrel (1.2)

    I just got Kassandra, 2 Shadowsisters, 1 Bowsister, and Callindra Silverspell. The Sisters are going to be my next army. I can't wait to field a unit of assassins. I also got Anwyn the Female Bard for the Shadowsister musician. I am probably going to get Astrid for either the Bowsisters or the Bladesisters. Now all we need are Lancesisters, or maybe Axesisters (breakers).
  2. urion

    Mini exchange for urion

    It is a beautiful mini. The skin and cloth are very smooth and the transitions are great. Good work.
  3. urion

    Was I the last to know??

    I didn't know you cared. You know what? I don't find it so amusing. I never have. Has any else noticed that this figure's name is Urian I just had to post, this is just too weird.
  4. urion

    Coup de Grace

    It seems to me that reload is meant to slow down a gun so that it can't fire every turn. If you make reloading a NCA then there is not really any point in the reload rule.
  5. urion

    New RMS paints

    What is the time frame on this triad?
  6. urion

    18208 : Ink Extender (Clear)

    Thanks Qwyksilver.
  7. Can the Reaper ink extender (18208 : Ink Extender (Clear)) be used with normal Master Series Paints to extend their drying time or does it only work on inks? I am looking for a general purpose extender from Reaper are their any plans to add it to the MSP line or maybe the Pro Series?
  8. Thank you. All this information helps a lot. I have saved your post on my computer and I will look into getting some oil paints. I have a painting background so I already have an understanding of color thoery and things like that so it should not be too hard to mix paints, which I do with acrylics anyway. I will also check out some of the historical mini sites. Thanks very much!
  9. I have been painting minis with acrylics for about 17 years now and I am interested in converting to oils. Is there anyone who uses oil paints to paint minis that can give me a few tips and maybe suggest a paint line to use?
  10. urion

    Necropolis - Crimson Knights

    That was a mistake. Never try to apply "common sense" from the real world on game mechanics. It never works. The rule does not have to be justified by real world examples as long as it makes sense in game mechanics. You can only loot something once and that is all there is to it. I say this as a Necropolis player so I am not biased. The Nefsokar actually have a bit of an advantage because of "Crossing Death's River" in a tournament. If you move your troops in two waves during a tournament you can teleport the casualties into the back of the line and the active models into the front lines. That way your opponent has to go through your entire army to loot your casualties.
  11. urion

    My Summer Exchange Mini

    Thank you. I really enjoyed painting this piece. I decided that "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" was an appropriate name for it. You took excellent pictures of her. Mine were not as good. I thought about doing a "blood in the water" look, but I didn't think I could pull it off so I left it alone, probably a wise decision.
  12. urion

    Summer 06 Reaper mini exchange

    My mini has been sent. If the person I sent it to could post when they get it I would appreciate the heads up. It won a Reaper painting contest and they want to post the picture of it. I hope you like the mini. I think it is my best Reaper mini so far.
  13. My little suggestion from playing Nefsokar would be to leave out the Anubis Guard, I haven't had much luck with their DV8, and add in two Tomb Guard and another Ammat devourer and give Netikerti another Life Drain. It will bring you to 1499.
  14. urion

    Slave Pits of Craclaw

    I knew that not everyone can make it to Reapercon even as I wrote my post. It was meant more to show that Reaper is not in the least bit like GW when it comes to milking its customers for all their worth. They are willing to go further to please their customers.
  15. urion

    Slave Pits of Craclaw

    I've been away for a little while because of a computer problem so I have had to play catch up on posts so forgive me for responding to older posts. I've noticed that while looking through various topics I find too many mentions of "GW like" references. I think that before someone makes such a comment they should think about the motivations behind what each company does. The reason reaper changed the Warriors to Adepts is because they were too powerful, not so they could trick you into buying a lot of them and then making them unusable. GW changes their army composition every couple years when they completely revamp their $50 rulebook. Then they come out with all new faction books that you have to buy if you want to know the stats for the armies you use. So far Reaper has changed its rulebook once and you don't even need to buy a new one because they give you the changes FREE on their website. ALL the information you need to use ANY army is online as well. Another thing about the excess adept problem is that if you can make it to Reapercon you can trade them in for new models. Try going to Games Day and asking them if you can trade out for their newer models and see what happens. Reaper and GW are both in business to make money, but Reaper is not willing to sacrifice its customers for profits where as GW is, that is why GW is down to 1 Million customers from 5 Million. When Reaper does something there is usually a very clear reason, other than just wanting to hose their customers for more money. PS. Downwithgamesworkshop!
  16. urion

    Non-corporeal Questions

    The rule say undead or non-corporeal not "friendly" undead or Non-corporeal. As for the penalties incurred by terrain when they stop there is one that I have wondered about. The penalty for being shot at while in a bog or swamp. It seems like the reason for the penalty is because the model is stuck in the swamp and is hampered by it. Models with marshwalk are unaffected by it because they can move effectively in the swamp, some might say that was fluff before they ruled officially on it. I would think that the same would be true for any model that is unaffected by movement modifiers. Not all rules are as straight forward as we would like and sometimes they do need to be ruled on. I don't understand why people are so against getting an official ruling on something. It is a rare thing when you can post rule questions to the makers of the rules and have them respond. To have such an avenue and not use it is just silly. Ps. I definitely agree about the floating and moving up and down, a model can't walk inside of a solid piece of terrain, unless they have burrow, so a non-corporeal should not be able to do it either. It might be cool if they made an amendment to the Leap stunt that allowed you to jump through terrain like bridges and ceilings but still have the model take falling damage.
  17. urion

    Minis we would like to see (fantasy version),

    I was looking through Casket Works for minis to create a theme army for Warlord. I wanted to do a demon army, not Darkspawn. I discovered that there aren't really that many "rank and file" demons. We need more lesser demons and demonic servants. Also some aquatic troops, besides the Gogglers. Maybe some aquatic mounted troops riding seahorses.
  18. urion

    Nefsokar Book

    I have been wondering about the effect of one spell in particular on a certain piece of equipment. Disenchant cancels the effects of a models items for one turn. What happens if you use it against a model with Divine Favor and you wound him while it is gone. The problem comes in because of the wording on Divine Favor. It say that the first wound received is canceled. If it is not working when the wound is delivered then some might argue that when it comes back it no longer works because the first wound has already been dealt. I think the way Divine favor should read to prevent the argument is that "the first wound suffered while the model is affected by Divine Favor is ignored as if it never happened." Just a thought.
  19. urion

    AOE and Radius

    For me it wasn't so much the extra .5", it was an uncertainty in the rules that could not be planned for unless it was understood. I don't mind if someone gets the extra .5". I do mind if I set up my models not knowing they get the extra .5" and it was also a case where you could sidestep line of sight issues by placing the template on the opposite side of a model where you normally would not have line of sight to.
  20. urion

    Slave Pits of Craclaw

    Can I join the "I know something you don't know" club?
  21. urion

    AOE and Radius

    So is that a good thing or more like.... "Um... yeah he's a little off... just ignore that guy." This is in reference to Trogdor. It was meant as a friendly joke because I didn't have any clue as to the relevance of what you had said.
  22. urion

    AOE and Radius

    http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19447 http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19562 Here are "some threads on the Reaper Board where a dude said it's X." If you want to use the rules you better know the "current" ones. An "official ruling" and an "official rule" are the same thing. You can either tell someone that you know the official ruling or you can tell them how you "think" it is "meant" to be played. If I went to a new place and someone said "this is the rule" vs. "this is how we play it, because two out of three of us decided this is what Reaper intended," I think I would choose the rule. I would later look it up, and have, to see if it was indeed true, so far no one has lied to me. Personally I don't think I like changing the rules of a game every time someone who had nothing to do with the creation of any of the rules decides that he "likes to play it that way." P.S. Thank you Michael for ruling on this. I will play the game any way the rules say as long as I know them.
  23. urion

    Coup de grace

    I've never heard it phrased that way before...I like it.
  24. If a model has the First Strike SA and deals enough damage to a Darkspawn model to kill it and the Darkspawn player pays the pain tokens to buy them back do they get a Defensive Strike?
  25. urion

    AOE and Radius

    Shakhak you are correct, you can target anywhere around the base that has line of sight. I have always held this to be true. The problem comes in when one says that you can target a models rear area of the base in order to get that extra .5" in order to hit an extra model or two.. If you were able to target anywhere on the base you wanted then you could manipulate the angle at which the fireball would hit no matter where you are standing, which in my opinion goes against the rules and defeats the purpose of needing line of sight in this case. You would be able to target an area, the rear portion of a base, that is literally less than a hair's width, away from an area, the ground behind a model, that would not normally be in line of sight and ineligible to be targeted, effectively bypassing line of sight rules. Storminator just because a quick solution is used to decide what happens in an unknown situation doesn't mean that it solves the problem. Every time it comes up it will be argued, unless the issue is resolved. Otherwise you could say the same for ever rule that is disputable. Nothing would need an official ruling. Stubbdog I think you may be talking about something completely different. There are three main points I am trying to put forth. 1.) When a model is targeted by an AOE spell or effect the AOE is generated from the center of the base of the model. 2.) If you target the ground then you can place the center of the AOE anywhere you choose, that is within line of sight. 3.) A Model blocks line of sight to the area beneath its base. Lawgiver just keep doin' your thing, man.