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  1. hoboman123

    Reven List

    I just got some models for my birthday. Yay im 12 . I got... 1 bull orc fighters pack 1 bull ork archers pack 1 lesser orc pack Gaaguk and a river troll (to try somthing new). Comments welcomed.
  2. hoboman123

    Reven List

    Sorry that message from Capt.C was actually from me. I was at the whiz and i was atomatically signed on as Capt.C and I didn know. Sorry
  3. hoboman123

    Reven List

    Just got my hill giant. Muw Ho Haha Ha. Look out Capt. Darthier and rcrosby. Here comes Kiakara telaporting a hill giant. I say again. MuwHo Haha Ha
  4. hoboman123

    Reven List

    I meant Bull Orks. Sorry for the confusion. I would have picked up more but my local store didnt have more than one pack.
  5. hoboman123

    Reven List

    I just picked picked up Gurm, Narg, 3 spearmen, 3 bezerkers, and Kak'urgh
  6. hoboman123

    Reven List

    Thanks again all. All help is a lways excepted. I may have a game tonight and tomorrow so 2 chancees to try out these list and immprove on my own. Since I play mostly crypt leigon(Capt.C) Elves (Darthier) and Reptus ( Rcrosby) which list do you think would be better against these armies, BO or Grand Reven? Thanks Again
  7. hoboman123

    Reven List

    Thanks alot Storm. Next time I got to my local store ill pick up some things. Great explanations of what to bring. I have a game on Thurday so I will try some of these builds out. Thanks Again. P.S I fim not mistaking Kak'Urg is not part of the Tomukh list. Not that I wont uuse him I was just wondering
  8. hoboman123

    Swingthrough and Hill Giant

    Thanks Guys.
  9. Since the hill giant has two attackts does that mean it has 2 swingthrough attacks or jsut one??
  10. hoboman123

    Reven List

    Helllp. I am somwhat new to the game and I am finding trouble making a very good list for 1000 or 1500 pts. of Reven. I have some of the models including Varaugh Kiakara Kharg Gakalath Ombar Yagon Oog 10 bull orks 6 bull ork archers 9 lessers orks 3 lesser orks with spears a Goblin Beatrider Lurgh Braug Greka and a Hill Giant Also if there are any more suggestions on models that would be terrific. Thanks Again
  11. Hey Storm. What about me. Hoboman. CAm Brilliant. just so you know . please add me in. THanks Never Mind. Didnt fully read it. Srry
  12. hoboman123


    I am kinda new to the game and I need a little help building a 1000 pt. 1500pt. army. I have... Kharg VAraugh Kiakara Greka Gagalath 10 bull orks 6 bull ork archers 9 lessers 3 lessers with spears ombar Braugh Yagun oog 1 beastrider lurgh and a hill giant Thanks for all the help