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    Painting again after a 6 year break.

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  1. Madog Barfog

    Best material for shading primer?

    I'm not sure I'm aware of sepia liner. I'd certainly like a warmer brown for my liners as well. Unfortunately, I just entered an order tonight, so it may be some time before I can get it. However, I'll put it on my list. Thanks!
  2. Madog Barfog

    Best material for shading primer?

    I have RMS brown liner and have used it for this purpose, but I find it too cold. It's really more of an off black/dark grey than brown. If it were a lighter, redder color, something like chestnut, that would be great. Regarding thinning with flow improver, as Heisler suggested, I will give that a try. I recently acquired some of the RMS Wash Medium and will try that. i wonder if anyone has thoughts about purely using the wash medium, or some combination of wash medium and water?
  3. Madog Barfog

    Need 2 online players for AD&D 1e on Dec 9

    I really don't care what we use. Just something that provides, at least, 2 way audio and outgoing video. Incoming video would be nice, but I'm not mandating it. I'm open to suggestions.
  4. Madog Barfog

    Need 2 online players for AD&D 1e on Dec 9

    You're absolutely right, I forgot to mention that. We're in the Eastern Us. Not sure if it's EST or EDT, but pretend we're in New York. Regarding Skype, I understand. I can be a bit old school sometimes. I haven't used it for some time, but my GF has Skype for Business. Not sure if Microsoft's purchase ruined it or something else happened.
  5. Pardon me if this is off topic, but I've posted this elsewhere with no takers yet. I'm looking for a couple of online players who have never played Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh or Secret of Bone Hill (lots of secrets in this game). The PCs are prerolled; players will have their choice from a selection. I'll probably be using Roll 20, although it may just be over Skype. The game will start with a bang - I can't say more because of spoilers, but it will be an exciting session. The adventure is is already under way, and I think that may be a feature that makes this session better. PCs will likely reach 2nd level by the end. This might become a regular session, and if it does, expect a very Lovecraftian flair to become an obvious part of game direction. We'll be using hand painted minis on a battle mat for visualization and mapping, as well as battles. We expect to start around 2 PM on the 9th and play for about 4 hours, although that is flexible. Any takers?
  6. I know many painters like to wash their primed mini with something dark that seeps into the low points on their minis and provides a nice way to bring out details and provide some automatic dark lining. I've done it before myself, with mixed results. The problem I have seems to be in the consistency of the wash. I'd like something that covers the shadows more thoroughly without darkening the entire mini too much. I've tried a few different methods - thinned paint, black wash, ink, and probably others. What materials work best for you?
  7. Madog Barfog

    Sealing Cork

    I've worked with cork on miniatures before. I used Minwax Polyurethane floor sealer, although I've not combined it with water effects. For glue, I'd use Elmer's wood glue. It's meant for somewhat porous surfaces such as this. Good luck!
  8. Madog Barfog

    01-325: Ral Partha - 3 Stage Druid

    Your yellow and green cloak work is outstanding! i love most of Partha's 3-stage characters, and think they are an interesting idea. I painted a set years ago, but I don't remember which ones. Of course, I've always loved Ral Partha's products as I was buying and painting them (with enamels, lol) before Reaper existed. I love Reaper's more modern take but there is a certain old school charm about the quality older stuff. Great work!
  9. Madog Barfog

    Small Ral Partha dragon

    I tend to paint my metallics in a non-metallic base coat, complete with highlighting and shading, then apply a very thin wash of mettalic (sometimes more than one color). Im happy with it, you might want to try it out.
  10. Life changed and I took a break from painting for a few years. This year I've been getting back into it, and I am very happy that, with one exception, my RMS paints are all still working wonderfully after not being used for at least 8 years. The only exception is RMS anti-shine additive. I'm not going to get upset about 1 bottle drying up, considering how much I have that is still usable. Of course, the paint pots from the company I won't mention (we all know which one) were all useless. I only had a few metallics, so no big deal, but I'm never buying their crap again for various reasons, such as it just isn't as good. I have some paint from a couple of other companies, and they mostly weathered the prolonged storage period as well. Props to the designers of dropper bottles! I feel I should mention that the paints were stored indoors so didn't suffer extensive heating or freezing. Yeah, me!
  11. Madog Barfog

    Elvis, King of the Bards - Ral Partha

    Damn, your darklining is on point! I have one of their 3 headed trolls or whatever - Moe, Larry, and Curly. It's a good sculpt, and was an important repainted when I was trying to get good. After I had touched it up, I looked at it, and realized I still wasn't doing highlights and shadows enough. That was an important step for me.
  12. Madog Barfog

    Heroines of the Goblin Hills

    I love Rozmina, the lady half-orc pirate!
  13. Madog Barfog

    Creepy Scarecrow

    Yeah, I hammer some lead fishing weights and glue them in groups to my bases with the slot down the middle. Sometimes I'll offset them to better adjust the balance. It doesn't seem to make a lot of difference, but every little bit helps.
  14. Madog Barfog

    Ral Partha Cold Drake - but green (pic heavy)

    That looks like it might be a Tom Meier design. I have two of their older dragons he did - blue and golden. My fiancé just finished the golden dragon and she did a fantastic job, especially for it being her third figure. I'm glad she did it, I had it prepped, primed, and ready to paint for about 2 decades. Speaking of which, she recently asked me how many unpainted minis I have. I had to answer "2 or 3... hundred". So good work in building that collection!
  15. Madog Barfog

    Reaper KS3 Graveyard Scenics

    I assume that's Kickstarter 3, so there are more of them? If so, please post as you finish them. These look great!