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  1. Madog Barfog

    Female Cleric from Dark Sword Miniatures

    Great stuff. It's hard to go wrong with green and purple, but you've done a great job with the shading. It really looks as if your photography lamp is really highlighting the model, but I suspect it's actually your paint. The hair looks great, especially how it gets darker where it meets the cloak. This may be an obvious question, but how do you outline the eyes? Even with larger Reaper minis (not sure how large your figure is) there just doesn't seem to be room for me to do anything besides a dot of pupil with a Micron pen, which isn't the best technique but seems to lead to fewer screw ups for me.
  2. Nice work. Those masks look especially cool!
  3. A long time ago (years, actually), those of us who didn't want to spend large sums on Ott lights used "natural" bulbs made by General Electric. These were bluish, incandescent, 60 watt bulbs that gave a more sunlike color spectrum than regular house bulbs. Technology has moved on and I'm looking for modern replacements. The incandescents get pretty warm, hot enough to deform the plastic on another lamp I use, and my new painting room gets pretty hot when my fiancé and I have 2 illuminated magnifying lamps going, plus a laptop, three dogs that hangout, an upstairs room, etc. I'd like to buy a pair of LED bulbs (or CF, if that's the only option) with the same light characteristics. However, searches of my local hardware store, Meijer, plus Amazon and even a general Google search have turned up nothing. I used to buy these at the local Home Depot, and I'm a bit concerned that LEDs can't do what tungsten filaments did in regards to spectrum. I am looking for a "standard" size of bulb and base, just like the old incandescent house lights I bought for decades before CF became a thing and then were replaced by LEDs running on house current. What is considered the replacement for these old bulbs? What do people use today, and where can I buy some?
  4. Madog Barfog

    Olive Skin

    I just painted Hajad Torgan as a negro without any black skin triad. I mixed Vallejo Smoke (one of my favorite colors, a very thin dark brown) with Olive Skin Shadow and it came out great! For highlighting, I mixed in more Olive Skin Shadow. For shadows I'll probably use some thinned Brown Liner. I also did Stine Brinegrog using the olive skin triad. I agree they aren't quite far enough apart in tone, but I was very happy with how he turned out. I think he looks a lot like a half-orc. I think I'll do a Rozmina in the same triad (yes, I am painting a pirate crew).
  5. Madog Barfog

    Best way to attach parts to metal figures?

    Lucky! I did find one hardware store in El Paso that had tiny bits, but that was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
  6. Madog Barfog

    Brush care experiment

    I agree with the others. The "magic" of YouTube is anyone can make a video, regardless of their knowledge on the subject. I've used brushes from well over a dozen manufacturers, and the ferrule goes into paint and water without any issues over several decades. I don't think I've ever used hot water, though. I store my brushes tip up, unless I get lazy and leave them on my table, laying flat. I have 5 like this at the moment. The biggest issues I've ever had with brushes is drybrushing and superglue accidents, plus hooking the tips when I only ever used cheap brushes. It's not like all of mine are superb - while I love my W&N S7 miniatures, I also get a lot of use out of $1.50 brushes from a craft store.. The only thing I wouldn't do is leave them stored tip down, especially sitting in water. That's just abusive.
  7. Madog Barfog

    Best way to attach parts to metal figures?

    Just to fill in some gaps from the other great responses: Wash using dish washing detergent and a toothbrush. Green stuff is Kneadatite Blue Yellow epoxy putty. It is *highly* recommended. The drill bits you want are too small for a hardware store to carry. Even the Dremel tool drill bit set is too large. Get them from a hobby store (brick and mortar or online; I would bet Amazon sells them as well). Same with the pin vise. I game with my minis, so I pin almost everything (even broken figures). It makes a huge difference in joint strength over just superglue. I've been doing it for a while, and I'm amazed at how I can drill holes in tiny pieces without destroying them. Good luck!
  8. Madog Barfog

    Ral Partha Robin Hood

    "What, ho!", he said, referencing Marion <Madog ducks>. Very Errol Flynn as already mentioned. Good job on your color placement. Another winner! PS. I especially like that you are also a fan of Ral Partha stuff, especially the older items. Did you enjoy your trip to their factory? I went a couple of times when they were down in Norwood, and when I discovered the new (at the time) IWM location, took my home schooled kids on a field trip there. We all loved seeing the entire process and Mike Noe and the staff were all quite kind to us.
  9. Madog Barfog

    Help with pinning

    Good point. The general advice here is to simply pinch off and throw away the middle portion where the blue and green ribbons meet before you mix them up. I do it as I go as opposed to separating the ribbons as soon as I get a new box. Regarding how long green stuff lasts, my experience seemed to be forever, or at least many months before I run out of it. As in, over a year. The box the ribbon version comes in isn't airtight, and I just throw it in my drawer with all my other glue and putty (although I seldom use any other products) as opposed to the refrigerator. YMMV, but I've been using it for years like that without any issues. Don't get discouraged about buying new tools or supplies. Any hobby requires at least a modest investment, and it's only a matter of time before you acquire another multipart mini. Paperclips and GS are pretty cheap; the biggest issue you face is getting the right sized drill bits, which are hobby store and not hardware store items. However, with a little care, they last essentially forever, especially considering the soft materials they are used on. Just use a little candle wax for lube, watch for sideways stress which can break them, and only use a pin vice in your hand as opposed to any rotating power tool. They aren't meant for high speed use.
  10. Interesting. Based on the name, flow improver sounds like a somewhat better match than wash medium, since my goal is to thin paint but not necessarily make washes, which I seldom use. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I really like RMS paints, but have no experience or familiarity with their additives.
  11. Madog Barfog

    Help with pinning

    I was going to recommend clippers - even just a cheap pair of side cutters - but you are already there. I almost always pin my multipart minis, as gaming can get a little rough and I don't want parts falling off a finished mini during play. Paper clips work quite well for pinning material. To answer your question on superglue vs. green stuff, I use superglue for smaller pieces, unless the hole is overly large, and green stuff for larger figs. I do recommend you buy the green stuff in ribbon form if you can find it. It's very easy to work with this way. The good news is because there is a lot of green stuff in a ribbon box and very little is needed, it lasts quite a while. I buy some every few years. It's all part of the art of mini assembly and painting. Have fun!
  12. Oh. Damn. I've been painting for a while, but it's been years since I bought any thinning agent. I assumed the words extender and retarder meant different things. I guess not. I usually use tap water for most of my thinning, sometimes with an old bottle of Future I managed to find, but that isn't the best and will eventually run out. Plus, we all know about paint breaking, so sometimes water isn't the only additive I can use. I'm not worried about shininess, as I use Golden Archival flattening spray, which I *highly* recommend, even above the common Testor's product, as it's cheaper and works better. Looks like I'll have to pick up some Reaper wash with my next order, unless I happen to go to Dick Blick's, which isn't that close. Thanks for for the advice, everyone.
  13. Welled Teflon dry palette. Humidity is absurdly high (Ohio weather). I've never tried wet blending. Maybe I'm too slow. Is extender the same as retarder? That's not what I want. I'm looking for something to thin my paint more than water can, not increase drying time. Did I get the terminology wrong?
  14. Madog Barfog

    New Paintbrushes

    What were you using before? I've been using W&N Series 7 Miniatures and need to order more for my fiancé, but their prices seem to have gone up ($184 for a #4, which thankfully I don't need!)
  15. A combination of Vallejo Model Color and Reaper Master Series. I'll be moving mostly to RMS except for a couple of my favorite Vallejo colors.