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    Painting again after a 6 year break.

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  1. Madog Barfog

    Trying to get back to painting miniatures

    Im glad you liked that idea. Not sure why perusing the store wouldn't help get one motivated, though. It always helps me. More stuff to do! You've made a good start. Keep the purchases small and focused at first. I needed some pirates, for example, and I'm currently done with nearly 4/5s of them, with the last one currently prepped and in primer. It's taken me a while to get that far, but that's because I'm not painting as often right now. I'll pick up again after I move.
  2. Madog Barfog

    Brass paint?

    Is this it? Are the other shades you mention part of another set?
  3. Madog Barfog

    Tips for small scale basing

    I'm going to recommend Woodland Scenics as well, but specifically for their various grades of sand. I use a mixture of sand and very tiny rocks and maybe something in between. I highly recommend using a mixture of sizes. I think it really makes a great way to do rockier/sandier base parts. Sorry, I don't remember the details of what I specifically got.
  4. Madog Barfog

    Brass paint?

    @Kangaroorex Is that one set or two? I'm curious what the cost would be. Money is tight right now, and just last month I did expand my meager metallics selection with some RMS. Of course, I could use more brass/bronze shades, but I want to not spend too much right now. I couldnt find any Scale 75 sets at Miniature Market, am I not searching correctly or is there another site anyone recommends?
  5. Madog Barfog

    Brass paint?

    Yikes, the seller on Amazon wants $8 a bottle!!? I can buy it directly from Scale 75 for $4.50, which still seems a bit overpriced.
  6. Madog Barfog

    Brass paint?

    I just ordered some metallic RMS colors, and noticed I didn't buy any brass. Then I noticed I didn't have any brass in my existing metallics, spanning 4-5 brands (except some Testor's airbrush stuff). I looked to see if there was any brass Reaper paint, and aside from Tarnished Brass, there isn't. Is brass a particularly hard color to make? I'm surprised I don't already have some and that Reaper doesn't offer it. It makes me curious.
  7. Madog Barfog

    77316: Demon Lord of the Undead

    Paint job and scepter look great! Did you put put a pin through his hand and drill some tiny holes in the Bones pieces? I pin a lot (I'm an engineer and like my gaming figs to be pretty bullet proof) but haven't pinned any Bones yet.
  8. Madog Barfog

    Nurglings (Games Workshop)

    Looks great! Maybe I'll pick up some of these for my Lovecraftian game.
  9. Madog Barfog

    figuring out the parts of a dress?

    This. As an SCA member and historical reenactor, I try for some authenticity, but don't really let it bother me if I can't figure something out. Over hundreds of years and dozens of cities/countries, just about everything (as long as it's natural fiber and not synthetic) was used. Plus, these are fantasy figs, which means about anything goes. Just pick some colors that work together and go for it.
  10. Madog Barfog

    Trying to get back to painting miniatures

    You may also be able to find a free color wheel online. I used to use one but after a while just understood what worked and what didn't - no doubt, due to the color wheel. I have some Vallejo Model Color as they are sold locally here in Ohio. I prefer RMS (a bit thinner and specifically made for gaming) but some of the VMC colors (like Smoke) I will always have. One way way to get something painted to the table is to prep, prime white, and then wash with a thin dark color. This will bring out the details (which are hard to see just when it's bare metal). You can always finish the paint job later. Re: brush cleaning - it's really simple. I mostly use "pink soap", available at my local art supply stores and likely yours as well. For heavier cleaning, I have some "The Master's" cleaning paste, but I seldom use it. At least it's cheap. That's it. I took a six year break from painting. It was a bit of work to relearn some of what I had forgotten, but the learning curve was much faster than first figuring it out. Dont worry too much about your paint job quality. No one will complain. Like any art form, painting minis gets better with practice. The only way to get it is to start. Good luck!
  11. Madog Barfog

    How do I make a super cheap paint rack?

    I answered my own question. Yes, hot glue will hold PVC. It isn't as strong as PVC cement, but should work for the light load I'll be putting on the paint rack, and no need for any cement primer.
  12. Madog Barfog

    How do I make a super cheap paint rack?

    Hmmm, I hadn't considered PVC pipes. They don't allow the "sliding" I wanted, but I'm not married to that idea and it seems quite simple to build, is inexpensive, and is even easily expandable. I'm curious, though, no primer for the PVC cement? I remember using it before for some plumbing project. I wonder, would hot glue work? A cheap glue gun is only a couple of dollars more than the cement, and has many more uses.
  13. Madog Barfog

    How do I make a super cheap paint rack?

    Thanks for the answers so far. I went looking for a picture to better show what I want. It was much harder than I thought it would be to find one. https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-YVOOeP5iMs4/UEgoBYgdwTI/AAAAAAAALQ8/j2XMCjugg1o/s1600/P1060536.JPG I really like the slanted shelf idea as the best way to save space. Grumpy Cave Bear, I like your stadium-style setup, but don't have that much horizontal space. Im also looking to avoid holes - I d rather be able to slide the bottles around, and I think,they use too much lengthwise space. Plus, I'd have to drill a couple hundred of them. :o I'd rather not make swoopy parts either and just keep everything straight. I am understanding these things will probably be larger than I thought. Gadgetman!, the only lauan I've seen is probably 1/4". I do have some 1x4 scraps. My carpentry skills are maybe a 4. I've used a table saw a few times and even done some wood burning (not really carpentry, I know, but still artistic work with wood). I want the bottle tops to show, not the bottoms. That will also make them more stable.
  14. I saw a paint booth pic on Imgur and it inspired me. I've been wanting paint racks for a while. Couple hundred paints in 4 drawers suck. Design goals: upright paint racks that hold paints in one layer. No labels required; paint positions will change as I add/remove triads and mix in some VMC bottles. Must hold RMS and Vallejo bottles (they're essentially the same size). Cheap - I have a $25 Christmas gift to work with. Quality isn't an issue, I'm fine using lauan (spelling?) floor covering, scraps, etc. Must hold 200 bottles and be expandable (I'm thinking of a couple of racks or more). I'll be using these on my paint table, so don't want them to take a lot of room. Top up storage is fine, as long as I can see what's in the bottles. I often put a drop of paint on top of the cap anyway. Potentially useful tools I have: cheap table saw drill press Dremel with router attachment (I've never used the attachment) basic hand tools wood glue I'm fine with them looking super cheap - exposed screws, glue seams, etc. Functionality is far more importance than quality looks. I'm sure this has been done before, so you are welcome to link to your own projects/YouTube videos/whatever.