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  1. Life changed and I took a break from painting for a few years. This year I've been getting back into it, and I am very happy that, with one exception, my RMS paints are all still working wonderfully after not being used for at least 8 years. The only exception is RMS anti-shine additive. I'm not going to get upset about 1 bottle drying up, considering how much I have that is still usable. Of course, the paint pots from the company I won't mention (we all know which one) were all useless. I only had a few metallics, so no big deal, but I'm never buying their crap again for various reasons, such as it just isn't as good. I have some paint from a couple of other companies, and they mostly weathered the prolonged storage period as well. Props to the designers of dropper bottles! I feel I should mention that the paints were stored indoors so didn't suffer extensive heating or freezing. Yeah, me!
  2. Madog Barfog

    Elvis, King of the Bards - Ral Partha

    Damn, your darklining is on point! I have one of their 3 headed trolls or whatever - Moe, Larry, and Curly. It's a good sculpt, and was an important repainted when I was trying to get good. After I had touched it up, I looked at it, and realized I still wasn't doing highlights and shadows enough. That was an important step for me.
  3. Madog Barfog

    Heroines of the Goblin Hills

    I love Rozmina, the lady half-orc pirate!
  4. Madog Barfog

    Creepy Scarecrow

    Yeah, I hammer some lead fishing weights and glue them in groups to my bases with the slot down the middle. Sometimes I'll offset them to better adjust the balance. It doesn't seem to make a lot of difference, but every little bit helps.
  5. Madog Barfog

    Ral Partha Cold Drake - but green (pic heavy)

    That looks like it might be a Tom Meier design. I have two of their older dragons he did - blue and golden. My fiancé just finished the golden dragon and she did a fantastic job, especially for it being her third figure. I'm glad she did it, I had it prepped, primed, and ready to paint for about 2 decades. Speaking of which, she recently asked me how many unpainted minis I have. I had to answer "2 or 3... hundred". So good work in building that collection!
  6. Madog Barfog

    Reaper KS3 Graveyard Scenics

    I assume that's Kickstarter 3, so there are more of them? If so, please post as you finish them. These look great!
  7. Madog Barfog

    Shadowrun Dwarven Mercenaries from Ral Partha

    I haven't photographed any of my models since I slowly started up again last year. I've moved a few times, and lost the camera I used to use, plus my website Hacklopedia.com, where I kept my gallery, no longer exists except from archive.com. However, my fiancé has a nice camera that should work and I recently found my backdrop. Don't get too excited, though. I doubt I'll ever post the gnolls - they are just a couple of quick mooks for an upcoming battle. I'm more proud of a trio of Reaper's pirates - I just need to clearcoat the last one. Maybe I'll learn how to work the new camera and go from there. Be patient.
  8. Madog Barfog

    Shadowrun Dwarven Mercenaries from Ral Partha

    Moonglum, You really nailed the colors and the weapons look great! I also struggle with swords on my figs, and it's nice to see that you and I have similar styles. I absolutely love the female's coat! The colors are subtle but still popped. I noticed on the the back of the male's coat that you didn't highlight the tail end. I've been doing that on my figs, but it always make me wonder if that's the best approach. Your impressive darklining really makes the transition work, and I'm tempted to try your way. Its great that someone is showing love for the older Partha figs. They had a certain charm, and you do a superb job bringing it out. I am currently finishing a pair of Partha gnolls from 1984 for my next game. They are made out of lead, a rare, seldom used now metal that was more common in that era, when the world knew the riddle of lead. They had a bit of lead rot being so old!
  9. Madog Barfog

    Neutralizing Gloss Varnish?

    I know Testor's Dullcoat is quite popular, and I used to use it. However, it can yellow over time. Years ago I switched to Golden's Archival Varnish matte spray. It's meant for museum quality artwork, flattens just as well as Testor"s, and is less expensive. I get mine at Dick Blicks, although any good art supply store should have it, or else purchase it online.
  10. Madog Barfog

    Brownie minis?

    Iron Wind Metals also has a couple of winged sprites, although they may not be what you are looking for. I seem to remember the HackMaster line having something that might fit, but maybe those are just winged pixie fairies. The HackMaster line is also produced by and available from Iron Wind as well.
  11. Twice in my life, over a decade ago, I ran across Tom Meier's Thunderbolt Mountain giant goblin figures. Here is one (second picture down). http://theminiaturespage.com/news/698045 They look a lot like the goblins/orcs he did for Ral Parthia in 1979, except larger. The first time was at Origins, where I actually met Tom Meier as he proudly displayed his personal sculpts in the vendor area. I was already out of money then, or I would have bought them. A few years later, found them in a newly opened game store. I would have bought them then, except I didn't have cash on me and they didn't take credit cards yet. Unfortunately, that store was only open perhaps six months. They were usually sold in packs of 20 identical figures for war gaming, although I only want one of each figure. I could have probably bought them directly from Thunderbolt Mountain, but I missed their closing announcement by a month or two. I simply waited too long. Now, after a several year break, I'm collecting minis and painting again. Does anyone know of any business that may have these for sale? Has anyone picked up the license for these? I've been checking eBay for months, but all I've ever seen is boxed dioramas. I've also checked the Iron Wind Metals site, but no luck. I love the goblin/orc figs from Ral Partha, and have pretty much every one ever sculpted. I'd love to add the newer, larger figures to my collection as heavy guards. Any ideas where I may be able to find some?
  12. I've had luck painting acrylics over old enamel paint jobs, but I'm doubtful about oil. My fiance makes black light paintings and has recently started everything with a black oil primer coat on her canvas. She then pours acrylics over this, and the effect she wants is that the acrylic does not cover the oil very well, giving her black voids, which look pretty cool between the fluorescent colors. Now, she does this before the oil is dry, so that is a big difference in what you are proposing. However, as mentioned, oil takes a *very* long time to dry, so you'd have to at least be very patient. I'm not sure if this helps, but wanted to throw in my 2 cent data point.
  13. Madog Barfog

    Revarnish or Strip

    I'm painting my first Bones mini as a test. I'll post how it goes with my sealer. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. Madog Barfog

    Revarnish or Strip

    I can only guess about your tackiness issue. However, I doubt spraying paint that dries over paint that isn't dry will solve anything, sorry. The tacky varnish is going to remain tacky until it isn't. But I do want to make another suggestion. Lots of people recommend Testor's, as it's easily available and commonly used. However, I've heard from more than one very good painter who has had issues with Testor's eventually yellowing. Fortunately, there is a better product. It's made by Golden, and is simply called Archival Varnish. Get the matte version, of course. Archival means it's meant for fine art, and not only doesn't yellow but also protects your paint from UV light, which could cause it to fade or change tint. Testor's products do none of these things. The really good news is it's actually cheaper than Testor's by the ounce (although the can is larger, so there is more initial investment). I buy mine locally from Dick Blick's, although I'm sure you could order it as well. It lasts quite a while - I have sprayed at least a dozen minis with it this year, plus whatever I've sprayed before, and there is still plenty left in the can. No matter which product you use, don't overspray with flattening agent. It's been explained many times, but briefly, there will be a point where more flattening agent actually makes your figure shinier. Good luck! I have a question about this. Since the spray product is only covering paint, not the casting material, how could differences in casting material affect a top coat? I'm currently painting my first Bones figure and wonder about making it come out well.
  15. Madog Barfog

    Female Cleric from Dark Sword Miniatures

    Great stuff. It's hard to go wrong with green and purple, but you've done a great job with the shading. It really looks as if your photography lamp is really highlighting the model, but I suspect it's actually your paint. The hair looks great, especially how it gets darker where it meets the cloak. This may be an obvious question, but how do you outline the eyes? Even with larger Reaper minis (not sure how large your figure is) there just doesn't seem to be room for me to do anything besides a dot of pupil with a Micron pen, which isn't the best technique but seems to lead to fewer screw ups for me.