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    Warlord Rebooted.

    I completely agree. A few people at our local store that i've converted all kinda assumed that was going to be my attitude about it when i was demo'ing the game to them. Soon after they learned that wasnt the case and now i've gotten at least half of them (2 outta 4) to pick up a starter box at minimum. Yay for new players. I've also noticed with converting whfB players, stress that its a skirmish game, and also stress the pricing difference for heros and leaders. I've noticed this opens many an eye to the previously ignored reaper rack. Keep it up guys.
  2. demonatas

    The Dark Maiden (1.2)

    Yea, its nice to see with the new changes, razigs is fully competetive again. Woot!
  3. demonatas

    A pirates treasure

    I like both suggestions i've seen here so far personally. Whilst i think the pirate's treasure idea may be a bit broken, it could probably be errata'd etc to not be. But that could also be too much of a pain for the reaper peeps, and we dont wanna give them too much of a load seeing as they are doing an awesome job so far. Now on to the suggestion for expert loader. This is possibly the best idea i have heard for a new SA to date, with gun having been added to soulcannon and the other changes to RR with 1.2 having rolled around I personally think it would be a great way to semi un-nerf razig's, and i fully support that. Other than that, i have no good ideas of my own, so i'm going to stand firm behind the expert loader idea. Great ideas guys, keep it up.
  4. demonatas

    The Dark Maiden (1.2)

    Well i had to order the 2 packs of marines and 1 pack of the harpooners, other than that i picked up the lone blister of harpooners that we had at the local shop, yay! I can't wait to base and prime these lil guys
  5. demonatas

    The Dark Maiden (1.2)

    Thanks, you reassured me of what i figured. Harpooners and marines on thier way hehe
  6. demonatas

    A searchable online Warlord database!

    Wow, nice work. Thats one sexy little resource you've put together for us.
  7. demonatas

    A pirates treasure

    That sounds great, and would be a nice way to do something to the razig lineup that wasn't hindering it further. I'm all for it if reaper will allow it/make it official.
  8. demonatas

    The Dark Maiden (1.2)

    My razig army kinda sucks, but i'm new to this as well. All i have are: 4x bone marines 4x soulcannon 1x razig 1x dark maiden 8x skeletal crewmen 1x Jackie bones 1x mister blood 1x clarissa 2x zombie recruits Can i do anything useful with this lineup? p.s. the soulcannon changes really have made me rethink my strategy.. as in i think we're kinda weak now. maybe i just suck lol
  9. demonatas

    The Dark Maiden (1.2)

    Wow, since the new point lists, has everyone totally given up on Razig? Cmon ya salty dogs, lets have a lil love for everyone's favorite undead pirates!