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  1. GNL Mats by GameNightLife

    I don’t even remember. I think it was probably a full 4’ x 8’ table of blue hex for water, same in green for land (both including hex edge tiles), and maybe the same in square parchment for dungeons. I don’t even want to go to their site to verify at this point. I was such a fan when this project started that I’m the one that suggested to them to do the “Colorform” style decals (apparently another fail). Now I wish I’d never come across the project...
  2. GNL Mats by GameNightLife

    cmorse is correct. I tried several times. Because they haven’t officially “failed”, and are technically “delivering product”, I’m still on the hook for $450. Not.Happy.
  3. GNL Mats by GameNightLife

    What a Charlie Foxtrot this campaign turned out to be... looks like I’m one of the last as well.
  4. This is in the last 4 days and about to unlock all 3 Charitable Werks.
  5. This is for the supplement, but you can pick up the original book as well if you missed it like I did. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1155053944/the-fantastic-worlds-of-grenadier-supplement
  6. GNL Mats by GameNightLife

    I’ve not received mine and won’t for months. They’re not even close to shipping other colors/shapes yet.
  7. Digital minis?

    I’m not holding out much hope, but I would really like to see Reaper start selling stl file versions of their figs for home printing. As an option.
  8. Digital minis?

    The current stl file companies don’t have a big issue with piracy or DRM issues...
  9. Digital minis?

    Take a look at Fat Dragon Games. They’ve produced a few minis (so far, more to come) along with terrain and with a .25 nozzle (on FDM!) they are really sharp!
  10. I just made a post in Reaper General hoping to convince Reaper to start selling stl files of their figures (I don’t have much hope of it), but then it dawned on me, that may be the perfect way to resurrect Warlord! To the nay-sayers, take a look at Fat Dragon Games. They’ve done 28mm mini files already and their new “World War Tesla” game that is 15mm and 100% printable has been #1 on DriveThruRPG since it was released.
  11. GNL Mats by GameNightLife

    I have not, but I didn't expect to because I committed the sin of ordering 2 different types. I can't express how much I regret getting in on this Kickstarter and how much I now hate this 'company'. I tried several times over the multi-year disaster to get a refund and just go my own way, but nooo, they'll hold on to our money no matter what. Sorry, bitter as Hades.
  12. GNL Mats by GameNightLife

    You’re more than welcome to mine at ks cost, whenever I finally get them. :/
  13. GNL Mats by GameNightLife

    Unless you ordered anything besides or in addition to the o parchment squares. I just want to be out of this project, get my money back and forget it ever happened, but they won’t refund.
  14. Fat Dragon Dragonlock 3 Terrain

    12 hours to go! There are a TON of files available here!
  15. Fat Dragon Dragonlock 3 Terrain

    Sigh...looks like I'm taking the plunge into 3D printing... And Prusa has their new Mk3 up for pre-order.
  16. Human/Undead Chess Set

    So a few years ago I made a Human vs. Undead chess set (using all Reaper figs, of course). Unfortunately, I did the humans in solid white and undead in solid black (and so many layers of paint and sealer that they looked horrible). I also no longer have them. I'm thinking of doing them again, this time in full color. The humans will be white with blue trim, the undead will be black with lavender trim (anyone remember the 'chess' cover paintings from Dragon magazine issues 83, 86, 89, 118? Look them up, they're gorgeous and will be my inspiration). Anyway, I love lists, so here are the figures I used and will use again: Human set: King 02082: King Angus Stormhand (I know, more Conan than medeival, but c'mon) Queen 02083: Queen Shanon Stormhand (again, more Amazon than medeival, but c'mon) Bishops 02087: Brother Louis IV Knights (a mash up) This knight (with lance bent lower): 14231: Templar Heavy Cavalry, Crusaders Adept On this steed (rearing on hind legs to fit on plinth): 14230: Sir Daman,Crusaders Hero Rooks 02815: Pillar of Good Pawns 06036: Templar Knights I've thought about changing it to an Anhurian set this time, but the only ones that would really change would be the pawns and knights, and I don't think the knights would fit anyway. Undead set: King 30010: Dragoth the Defiler, Undead Lord on Throne (I thought about the vampire male/female on thrones, but wanted pure skeletal undead, see the rest of the figs) Queen 02068: Lucrella Lich Queen (same reasoning as above. Maybe I'll do a vampire set some day) Bishops 02310: St Tarkus, Dire-dead (ok, not skeletal, but if he ain't an Evil Bishop...) Knights 14171: Gadrun, Necropolis Sergeant (back to the bones, and the rearing horse fits on the plinth) Rooks 02814: Pillar of Evil Pawns 06133: Skeletal Warrior (9), Necropolis Grunt
  17. So 28mm scale is 1/56... The closest die-cast car scales are, I believe, 1/48 & 1/64. Given that 'modern 28mm' miniatures are closer to 30mm, which of the above car scales would look closer to 'right', a little smaller, or a little larger?
  18. Airbrush Newb. Help!

    I just bought a Badger Sotar 20/20 2F from Amazon as the price seems really good (I did at least watch a couple reviews on YouTube first). However, now I need help. I need a compressor. I assume the one that came with my cheapy Testors won't cut it. I'm looking at Harbor Freight for this, so if you can limit it to what they offer (unless you know of a more...cost effective route), it would be appreciated. If you can't recommend a specific HF model, what do I look for (as far as PSI, HP, etc.?). Toldya, I'm a Newb. I'd also like to get the quick release fittings. Do I need specific ones for this unit? What about hose? If I use it for priming, do I need a medium or large needle (this comes with a .2mm)? If so, do I need the bigger nozzle? What about the other piece with the prongs? Needed? I know there's a million other questions, but I don't know what else to ask at this point. Help, please! ;)
  19. So any word on the pledge manager? I just don't want to miss it (I missed the KS).
  20. Books to Read to Kids

    I remember during the '70's, I believe it was McDonalds of all places, had a promotion where they gave away small books of classics, "Tom Sawyer", "The Three Musketeers" and others. They were actually really cool. My how times have changed...
  21. BattleCAV?

    I always thought the BattleTech models looked pretty silly and 'melee' in a 30' tall mech always rubbed me the wrong way. I picked up a general understanding of the rules and really liked them, with the armor bubble marks, heat management, etc., but the negatives I mentioned always prevented me from really getting deep into the game. Lately, I've been watching "Death From Above" on Twitch.tv/HyperRPG, it's a show on Friday evenings where they alternate between role-playing BattleTech and playing the tabletop game in character. Granted, the rules are modified (it's an entertainment show, after all) and they're using larger-scale, custom 3D printed miniatures. It finally got me into it enough to buy the BT starter box set. Yeah, I still don't like the model designs. Has anyone here played BattleTech using CAV models? I know they're a different scale, but if you use larger hexes, I don't think that matters. The CAV models fit my giant mech sensibilities better, but I still like the BT rules. Thoughts? As an aside, the Death From Above episodes are posted to YouTube a few days after first airing live and they have a Shadowrun RPG show called Corporate SINS too, on Wednesday evenings.
  22. Books to Read to Kids

    Anything by Lovecraft.
  23. I'm at least as happy to hear the bit about the color change. My crappy eyes can't see any detail on the original white Bones.
  24. Base Boss by Reaper