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  1. Thegun4dx

    Free Stuff for Beginners

    I would also like to add thanks for the wonderful bag of goodies I received today.
  2. Thegun4dx

    Cmon 2003 (art book)

    I preordered mine back in June but still havent received anything. I sent them an email but its been over a week and I havent received any word yet. Hope you have better luck than me.
  3. Thegun4dx

    Flesh wash

    My first pot of flesh shading was bought in the blister pack and it was greenish, I had a spill somewhere along the line and bought another after the shop had changed it too the paint rack and it is the brown shade. Maybe the first batches were greenish but were changed later for whatever reason. I do miss the greenish tint though, it was perfect for my skeletons.
  4. Thegun4dx

    Any tips on painting eyes?

    One rule I always try to follow is to paint the face and eyes first. That way if you mess up and have to give it a dip in the old pine sol you wont have to ruin your whole figure. Nothing worse then have everything finished and then ruining the figure by a bad face.
  5. Thegun4dx

    Dragonlance minis

    It would be a dream come true to see dragonlance characters given decent minis. Beside the original heroes on villans from ral partha, most of the newer character from Dragons of Summer Flames and the War of Souls Trilogy never saw pewter. I personally always wanted a Palin Majere figure the most, but until that day one can only imagine how great a job reaper would do in representing Dragonlance in heroic scale.
  6. Thegun4dx

    Painters sound off!

    Mines piled high with 6 diffrent brands of paint,major ink stains from the crappy gw ink pots, and a partially finished amber dragon and a horde of reaper miniatures that will take me the rest of my life to paint. And i gotta make room for all the ones i hope to get for Christmas, oh yeah.
  7. Thegun4dx

    Elmore miniatures

    I was checking out the Larry Elmore website and it has some upcoming projects scheduled for next year. I was happy to discover that this coming March minis are scheduled for the first time since the old partha days. I wonder who will produce them though? Oh well, guess we will all just have to wait and see. Happy Holidays, Jimmy
  8. Thegun4dx

    Just noticed something...

    Check out boris the blacks axe and the back of boris minglas sword to find the old dark heaven apocalypse logos. Maybe thats the reason all werner klocke minis draw me in, come on buy me, you have hundreds more minis waiting to be painted, but whats a couple more gonna hurt. ???
  9. Thegun4dx

    Oop worlds relicensed

    My wish would be to see some of the newer dragonlance characters represented as well as the old redone the way they should be, in splendid reaper glory.