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  1. Dai-Mongar

    Kill Team

    I'm not super keen on Rogue Trader myself, not a huge fan of the baroque sci fi style of the RT crew and Nurgle seems a bit overdone for 40K lately. Still, nice to see new content coming out for the game and hopefully there's more in the pipeline.
  2. Dai-Mongar

    Kill Team

    Honestly not sure if this is an auto correct.
  3. Dai-Mongar

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    Nope, not when we start using the three shells.
  4. Dai-Mongar

    metal version of 77412 ?

    http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/crystal ball/sku-down/03587 He even comes with a crystal ball!
  5. Dai-Mongar

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    My mother knew a guy, a customer I think, who was Wayne Kerr. On a less crude note, my grandfather's name was William Williams, because my great-grandparents wanted him to be called Billy and you had to put the full name on the birth certificate back then.
  6. Dai-Mongar

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    Fatherhood. So far. Couple of days in I was wondering why I ever thought that this was something that I could do. Then he didn't sleep properly for most of the following year. But right now he's a really good kid. Hell pizza is great, especially their sides. Mmm lamb shanks...
  7. Dai-Mongar

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    I once had an American tourist ask me if it was made with Kiwi bird.
  8. Dai-Mongar

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    Like many Aussies and Kiwis I enjoy beetroot on a hamburger, which apparently is weird to people who aren't used to it.
  9. Dai-Mongar

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    My boy looking through a Warhammer rulebook. "Skulls on the door!" Riiiiibs... *drool* Love me some good ribs.
  10. Dai-Mongar

    Kill Team

    Ad Mech are very tempting, but I think I've got enough on my plate for Kill Teams right now. I've got a Chaos team picked out (mostly cultists), a Space Marine scout team (all metal), a tactical marine team made up of the Japanese Space Marine Heroes that just needs one more bolter marine, I've got enough Tyranid Warriors and Gaunts to make a team, there's Genestealer Cult of course, and I want to convert up an Ork team from the Deathskull klan out of bits that I've found. Oh, and I think I can cobble together a penal legion squad out of Schaffer's Last Chancers and some extra assorted guardsmen from various regiments. And yeah, I've only played one game so far. So... maybe Ad Mech in another couple of years.
  11. Dai-Mongar

    Kill Team

    So I finally played a game today. It was good fun, my Genestealer Cult going up against Primaris Space Wolves. We decided to play on a 2'x2' battlefield rather than something closer in size to the boards that GW is selling, with a decent spread of obscuring and blocking terrain. We ended up playing the "lines of battle" mission (I believe it was called, the breakthrough open play mission at any rate) and it was relatively easy for me to win with a smaller board length, even despite my dubious tactical choices. Going back to lowlylowlycook's observations, I think that maximum enjoyment from the game is going to be dependent on getting the battlefield setup just right, both for the mission and for the factions involved. In that respect, I think it's going to lend itself best to narrative play, and I'm looking forward to experimenting with it and hopefully getting a campaign going.
  12. Dai-Mongar

    MenhirGames: 28mm plastic set "Dark Age Outpost"

    It's kind of coincidental that he's worried about getting into debt with a baby on the way, because that's why I cancelled my pledge in the first place.
  13. Dai-Mongar

    Kill Team

    I assume there are more faction starters and Killzone sets in the works, but the previously-teased Rogue Trader game has been revealed to be actually a Kill Team expansion - if I had to guess I'd say it'll probably be a board game style box like Necromunda. Personal daydreaming: I'd like to see an expansion that includes some more elite Kill Teams. Things like Eldar Aspect Warriors, Ork nobz, Space Marine veterans of various flavours, Chaos chosen, whatever cool new stuff comes out for Genestealer Cult with their codex... maybe even some one-man Kill Teams for open play (Sly Marbo, I'm looking at you... he still hasn't had his official release yet). Absolute dream: rules for Schaffer's Last Chancers. They were the original Kill Team, after all.
  14. Dai-Mongar

    Kill Team

    I haven't played yet, but I bought the book and I think I'd agree with your assessment just looking through it. The game itself seems well done and should be fun, and it's especially nice to see some more modern wargames ideas in a Warhammer game. But... some of the options for the factions are pretty disappointing. Chaos in particular - they have only two troop types, the Chaos Marines are limited to the options available in the plastic kit (so only the heavy bolter for a heavy weapon, for example) and they only get four tactics, one of which is Khorne only (also the only one that's Mark-specific). Then there's things like only being able to get a Space Marine combat specialist if you take a Primaris marine - why can the intercessors be combat specialists but not tactical marines? Anyway, I'm still going to have fun with the game. But I think it'll need a bit of house ruling to play the way I really want to, and there's plenty of room for expansion from GW.
  15. Dai-Mongar

    Kill Team

    A lot of people buy GW products from the UK and get them shipped via a third party post service (because GW doesn't let stores ship outside of their region) and it works out significantly cheaper than retail and a bit cheaper than domestic discount retailers. I generally don't mind supporting NZ businesses instead. Funny thing is, other wargaming and miniatures manufacturers don't have the same crazy markup here... It's my only real bugbear with the current state of GW though, and it's not enough to dampen my enthusiasm for Kill Team, largely because I've got so many options for teams already. Looking forward to putting together an all-metal scout marine team!