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  1. Dai-Mongar

    Kill Team

    Well, if you consider that a single box of models is all you need to play a proper game of a single faction, and that the size of the board is smaller, and you don't need to buy a codex to get rules for your faction, then it is lower cost in total... the starter box mightn't be any cheaper than 40K's Dark Imperium, but it's more of a complete game.
  2. Dai-Mongar

    Kill Team

    No no, it's that you can't have marines with guardsmen (or other Imperial factions) in the same team. Yeah, I was really hoping for something closer to Necromunda in price, especially with them reusing existing kits for the squads. Ahh well, the rulebook is an acceptable price, so I'll get that. Don't need the rest of the box contents anyway.
  3. Dai-Mongar

    Kill Team

    Well as far as the troop choices are concerned, there's still room for expansion. Wouldn't be surprised to see Scorpions, Banshees, Warp Spiders and the like show up in their own Aspect Warrior team, for example, or see new options added to the Genestealer Cult when their codex releases. For me, I'm not sure how I'm going to buy into this one. The big box is tempting, but sounds like it might be $50+ more expensive than Necromunda (in NZD) and I do have plenty of minis to make Kill Teams for about half a dozen factions plus plenty of terrain, so if the book is significantly cheaper I think I'll just go with that.
  4. Dai-Mongar

    Getting To Know You July

    I made Black Forest cupcakes, ably assisted by my two-year-old helper. He approved of our work. Last baked thing that I ate was a little custard bun thing from the supermarket, they are about 60c each and very tasty.
  5. Dai-Mongar

    Getting To Know You July

    I have a tendency to binge. I binge a lot less now that I have to be careful what I watch in front of the boy. Three or four 40 minute episodes. Or, however long it takes for you to suddenly realise you've got work in six hours and you should probably get to bed.
  6. Dai-Mongar

    Kill Team

    I'm guessing it'll probably cost around the same as Necromunda, despite having the terrain that Necromunda didn't have, because they're using existing kits for the teams. If they included all-new kits in the box I'd expect it to be considerably more expensive, just like if they included this kind of terrain on the Necromunda box.
  7. Dai-Mongar

    Kill Team

    I can see why they'd use existing kits. Itmakes it an easier segue into full 40K; Genestealer Cult, Space Wolves and Orks are among the first factions being released for KT and are the next codex releases for 40K; and it's probably also a way of keeping the cost of the boxed set down with all of the new terrain that's going into it. I wouldn't be surprised if the Rogue Trader set comes with a terrain setup more like Necromunda, representing the interior of a Rogue Trader's ship, rather than a full 3D kit.
  8. Dai-Mongar

    Kill Team

    GW has revealed a lot of new information about their new iteration of Kill Team on the Warhammer Community page. The boxed set: Whoo Genestealer Cult! Main points from the article: - Approximately 5-10 minis per team. - Similar but different to 8th edition 40K, including an alternating activation system. - Designed for matched play (tournaments), narrative play (campaigns), and open play (throw down some minis and go for broke). - Progression in campaigns involves skill trees. - To be expanded by Killzone sets (with a new board, terrain, and rules to represent a particular warzone) and Kill Team starter sets (with a squad of guys, a terrain kit and relevant faction-specific rules). - The previously teased Rogue Trader will be an expansion for this game. - This will be replacing Shadow War: Armageddon. Personally I'm pretty hyped for this. A 22"x30" board is very portable, the terrain looks ace, it's by the same rules team who did Shadespire, and having Genestealer Cult in the box makes me think there'll be a GC codex release to coincide with it.
  9. Dai-Mongar

    RIP Steve Ditko

    Aww. Hell of a legacy to leave behind, though.
  10. Dai-Mongar

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    There's a sort-of-workmate of mine (same organisation, different restaurant) who has started dating her eight-year-old son's father whom she had broken up with before she knew she was pregnant. Similarly, it's more of them getting to know each other again and approaching the relationship with a more mature attitude. Life takes funny turns sometimes.
  11. Dai-Mongar

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    It turns out I'm slightly far-sighted in my left eye. So, I now have hobby glasses. I think I'm slowly turning into Ned Flanders.
  12. Dai-Mongar

    Getting to Know You, June 2018

    Hundreds. I have a lot of dwarfs.
  13. Dai-Mongar

    Getting to Know You, June 2018

    I'd like to try and create lighting effects. Not necessarily OSL, but also, uh... atmospheric lighting? Is that a thing? Painting a mini to look like it's in a certain environment. Not much chance for it this weekend. It's Sunday already and I'm working til 7, I'll be lucky to get any painting done at all and I should really be focusing on just getting stuff completed.
  14. Dai-Mongar

    Getting to Know You, June 2018

    Tabletop Minions - Uncle Atom's perspective on the hobby is similar to my own, except that he seems to be far more successful in applying himself. In any case, I usually look forward to his videos and I support the channel on Patreon. 2+ Tough - Doug is just... such a nice dude. He's got a real passion for introducing people to Age of Sigmar's Mortal Realms, and his videos really changed my mind on the background of the game. Also decided to support him on Patreon after realising that I'd viewed almost every video he'd produced. Warhammer TV - Let's face it, "New GW" have a great sense of humour, and regardless of how you feel about their products or prices they're definitely engaging with their fans. The new AoS "how to play" videos are very well done, too.
  15. Dai-Mongar

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    It's actually not bad with something else to go with it, like on crackers with avocado or in a chip sandwich. But on its own... yeah, nah.