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  1. Last night's game was a victory for the combined dark forces of the Red Corsairs and the World Eaters over the Grey Knights and Tau. TheTau player was arguably more aggressive than he should have been, deploying his Ghostkeel suit very close to our units and consequently losing it in the first turn, while a couple of turns later we learned that three Crisis suits and a Tau commander can't kill two basic Chaos Marines, even on the charge. The Grey Knights player also made the mistake of teleporting his Dreadknight within charge range of my cultists, and was bogged down long enough for our other units to take apart the rest of the army. Cultists were one of my favourite units in this game, along with the exalted champion. I'm very tempted to go heavy with cultists next time I play Chaos, backed up by character buffs and a couple of support units. I was very sad that I didn't get to use the Tide of Traitors stratagem that allows me to respawn a unit of cultists, but maybe next time if I take bigger units I'll be able to live the dream and respawn a unit of 30 or so. But next game we're doing 1000 points each, and I'm very tempted to troll everyone and borrow my friend's Stompa...
  2. Wake me up when it ends.
  3. Goliaths could make great cultists of Khorne, you know...
  4. Yeah she's in Australia and just did a couple of classes in New Zealand (where I am). She's self-employed as a full-time artist with her company Arcane Paintworks. Lovely lady, and she seems intent on helping to build a community of display/competition level painters across both countries.
  5. Took a beating in my last game, trying out the Chaos Marine codex. One of my rhinos was destroyed by one twin-linked bright lance shot, and when the berserkers inside came out they were gunned down; the other rhino filled with chosen made it to the front line but the entire squad of six was wiped out by overwatch fire. On the other hand my hellbrutes were unerringly accurate the whole game, and possessed are frighteningly fast with the Renegade Chapter trait that lets them advance and charge in the same turn (plus they got maximum attacks every time they fought). Going to have a 2v2 game this week, my Red Corsairs teaming up with Death Guard against (I believe) Tau and Space Wolves, 750 points each. Should be fun.
  6. Last weekend I acquired FeR miniatures' Random Encounter dwarf, along with 20 hours of class time with the amazing Meg Maples. This was the result. Very close to being done in class, but I'm slowly working on finishing him at home now. I'll likely be making an order for supplies to make his base today as well.
  7. Time for a sneaky peek at September's mini yet?
  8. I'm definitely excited about plastic gangs, but when I really think about it, I already have a lot of game rules that fulfill a similar function like Judge Dredd and This Is Not A Test. I think I'll be in for a boxed game if they put one out.
  9. It's official, Necromunda is returning "very soon". Pics of new HARD PLASTIC GANG KITS are up on the Warhammer Community site for house Goliath and house Escher.
  10. Live

    That would make an excellent kaiju to attack a city.
  11. Live

    It was Annie Norman, of Bad Squiddo fame. It's featured in the Dragon Rampant rulebook, along with her Sheep of Doom.
  12. I had a game last night, four players in two teams with 750 points per person. My buddy and I teamed up with Space Marines against Craftworld Eldar and Harlequins, and got to try out the rules in the new codex. For the most part the army list is the same as the one in the Index, but where we really got to have fun was with the chapter specific rules. The Salamanders chapter tactic seems really strong, allowing a reroll on a hit and would roll every turn for each unit, and made more of an impact than the Iron Hands' ignoring wounds on a 6+. Stratagems were a lot of fun, and despite forgetting about the Auspex scan when enemy reinforcements arrived it was great being able to get my terminator captain to attack for a second time and finish off the unit he was attacking, and orbital bombardment was particularly powerful against the Harlequins. Even the special storm shield chapter relic which halves the number of wounds taken, which I was kind of ambivalent about initially, proved to be important as my captain would not have survived combat with the Shining Spears otherwise. Lots of cool stuff in there anyway, and I'm really looking forward to other armies having the same kind of options.
  13. Frost giant berserker Frost giant mammoth cavalry Frost giant with oversized crossbow Frost giant shaman Dual-wielding frost giant Undead frost giant In case you can't tell I really like my new frost giants.
  14. Thanks for the information. Oddly I'm sensitive to green kiwifruit, but not the yellow variety, and I'm confident I'm not allergic to grass. Go figure.