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  1. Just take a seat on that charred and blackened chair over there. The purg- ahh, treatment will begin shortly.
  2. Not difficult at all, the minis from First Strike are also going to be released as new "Easy to Build" snap-together kits. Though of course, the starter set is going to be better overall value.
  3. At least with the First Strike set, the cardboard terrain is actually the box turned inside out, which is quite cool, and the battle mat is paper. And you're right, both sets have Squish Marines and Smurfs (though the marines don't actually have chapter iconography sculpted on).
  4. Couple of new starter sets being previewed today. First Strike seems comparable to the Storm of Sigmar set for AoS, and includes the new Primaris Reiver squad (new marine commandos). While the Know No Fear set is similar to the new AoS starter Thunder & Blood, containing stripped-down armies from the Dark Imperium box (one less squad each and only a single character). No big hardback book, but still includes the basic rules. I really like this three-tier approach to starter sets that GW is going with now. The Dark Imperium set is a bit much for me I think, but either one of these boxes is enough to whet my appetite.
  5. Picked up a second hand squad of neophyte hybrids for my Genestealer Cult army (just assembled and primed), a friend of mine has a Leman Russ that I can have, and I'm about to get a hold of some aberrants. So far that gives me a magus, 40 neophytes, 20 purestrains, 2 Leman Russ tanks and 4 aberrants.
  6. I didn't end up pre-ordering Dark Imperium, but a friend of mine did she picked it up at the midnight release. I'll just look at picking up the Chaos and Xenos II index books soon so I can pay with my Chaos Marines and Genestealer Cult. Threw a couple of squads at each other the other day to try out the new rules, they seem pretty good. Love being able to split firepower from squads.
  7. If you've decided that they deserve a pass, then that's cool. But I remember people getting real bent out of shape about Cthulhu's ventral seam in the first KS, and I think even some of the female fighters from B3 got some people's goat for straying from the concept art. So I'd still make the recommendation. Still waiting for the Wizkids minis to become available domestically, and I'll likely pick up a couple of minis when I'm ordering something else.
  8. Well there's a reason Reaper uses photos of actual Bones figures in their promotional pics, people want to see what they're getting. Never buy anything based on renders or concept art alone, from any company.
  9. I had that problem with my Bones version of Dub Bullock, so I made it look like he'd been beaten around the face.
  10. Pre-launch

    I think Reaper have expressed more of an interest in making new dragons than redoing metal ones in Bones.
  11. The good thing about getting all of the index books is that you'll have a complete set of army lists that have all been balanced against each other. I know that there are some people whose preferred edition of WFB is sixth with the Ravenous Hordes lists for just that reason.
  12. Well I wasn't planning on pre-ordering Dark Imperium, but apparently I can get it at 20% off with release-day delivery and go in the draw to win a prize pack which includes a copy of each of the index books, among other goodies. Wife says it's fine if I sell some stuff to help pay for it...
  13. I'm of the opposite opinion; there's been so much Khorne lately, from AoS in particular but also Forge World, it's nice to see Papa Nurgle get some love. Having said that, an update to the Khorne berserker kit would be great.
  14. No, they had those kind of Space Marines ages ago.
  15. They've actually done really well in building up the excitement for this release in my opinion. I've been seeing lots of ex-players voicing the desire to come back to the game, myself included, and that's pretty impressive in itself. I would be willing to bet that they'll release more cool boxed sets later on that focus on different factions and warzones, like they did with Death Masque or whatever the Deathwatch vs Harlequins box was called. Looks like. Fits with Primaris Marines being elite units, I guess.