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  1. I don't end up going to cons, haha! ...
  2. Got in a few games of Dragon Rampant last night. First battle was the boiler pot scenario with my undead defending their dwarf dinner against the nasty elves who wanted to kill the dwarves themselves. The battlefield after deployment: The brave defenders from the grave: Unfortunately, the elves advanced quickly and the pot was soon tipped over by the dragon rider. Next scenario was a death chase, with the dead being the chased and the elves doing the chasing. Turns out dragons are good at chasing, and I didn't make it half way before getting bogged down in combat. Soon it was down to a lone banshee, who put up a great fight but couldn't take on an army by herself. Major lessons learned are to take a balanced force, and not to rely upon summoning to much. Both games ended with a unit of skeletons left stranded off the board. Great fun had by all, though.
  3. Biggie Smalls?
  4. Oooh, a unit of faceless horrors would be cool, too.
  5. Some of those D&D minis blink dogs would make a good unit to give the invisibility rule to. The Pathfinder Jabberwock could be neat as well, especially if he's familiar with the poem.
  6. It's a cup of hot water with a blade of grass in it.
  7. For autumn, not so much. But it's spring over here right now, so... Back in the spring of 2011 I was big into MMJ, and started sharing some of their songs with a girl at work who I was rather taken with. This song in particular took her fancy, and the fact that she both wore her hair up at work and wore glasses made it all the more fitting. Well, fast forward three years and we danced to this as our first song at our wedding, which was also in the spring, and it's still a favourite song of mine.
  8. Feijoa. Fresh feijoa, stewed feijoa with ice cream, feijoa jam, feijoa fresh fruit smoothie, feijoa crumble... all of it. I was actually bummed out that I missed out on a month of the feijoa season when I went on my honeymoon. Pumpkin spice really isn't much of a thing here. I think Starbucks does the lattes.
  9. I don't think he appreciated it.
  10. Monday was officially done half an hour ago here. It's half past midnight, and I really should be going to bed, but I'm gearing up for graveyard shifts this month so it probably doesn't matter. Besides, browsing minis on the net is so much more fun...
  11. He's sleeping now, but I'll boop that nose in the morning.
  12. I just don't care about getting his clothes stained. The vast majority of his clothes are either hand-me-downs from friends or bought second hand in bulk. It was an unscheduled bath night tonight, though.
  13. I got spaghetti dinner plus 16-month-old son, which apparently means shirt stains, pants stains, couch stains, carpet stains...
  14. I'm beginning to think that there won't be an anniversary barbarian after all...
  15. Funded

    Meg said it was chamois.