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  1. Damn, that's a sweet rogue. I love the armour. You know what'd be really cool? If there were some kind of adventure module put out at the end of the year that was designed with all of these characters in mind.
  2. There's an article on the Warhammer Community site about the new stat lines. Basically, they're adding a Move stat and dumping the Initiative stat, WS and BS are now straight rolls to hit (3+ or whatever), and a lot of models will be getting more wounds (though powerful weapons will deal multiple wounds worth of damage). In addition, as previously rumoured, vehicles will now use the same stat lines but with higher values, as stats will not be limited to a maximum of 10. The will also be damage tables for vehicles that reduce their effectiveness as they take wounds.
  3. Pirate dinosaur!
  4. They're nice dwarfs, but I have plenty of plastic dwarfs from GW, Mantic, AoW, Em4 and Reaper - seems like kind of an odd choice to launch their non-Frostgrave fantasy line. The modularity is really nice, you get a good variety of weaponry, and the style is good, but I don't think it's enough to tempt me. Having said all that, I'm glad to see more companies doing fantasy hard plastic kits, and I hope these are a huge success. I'll be really interested to see what their elves look like.
  5. Yeah, I thought it was funny of course but also kind of encouraging to see them acknowledging that they've goofed in the past and that there's a new direction.
  6. If the core rules are free and the army rules really are inexpensive, I could see myself giving it a go with a relatively small army. If not, I'll wait for Ganesha's Harder Than Steel to come out and scratch the 40K itch with SW:A. Also, this is my favourite part of the FAQ I talked about earlier: Why should I trust you? Come on! This is New Games Workshop™
  7. There's an FAQ out about the new edition, you can find it on the aforementioned 40K website. Here's some pertinent info: All codex books will be obsolete, but new "low-cost books" will be available for army rules, while the core rules will be free to download. All current armies and miniatures will be supported in the new edition. The new edition will take cues from AoS and use the "three ways to play" concept (open, narrative and matched play).
  8. Man, Pezler's joke must have stuck in your craw.
  9. I've been home sick today, but now that baby is asleep it's time for stroopwafel and chai latte which should make me feel better.
  10. Just wait until the Knights ask for another shrubbery, though.
  11. For me it's a question of whether the rules are going to be better than This Is Not A Test, and if the minis are better than Brother Vinni's. Kind of wondering if Vinni's going to be getting a C&D letter soon, actually...
  12. You appear to be making some rather large assumptions there.
  13. Exactly. He burned his hands on the oven door a couple of weeks ago, and if I weren't home to take him to the urgent doctor then she'd have probably had to call an ambulance (even disregarding how much more she would have been freaking out about him being hurt).
  14. I'd really like to get my wife driving by the end of the year. It's almost impossible to find a good time for me to take her out practicing, and even if we did we'd have to take baby along and I don't think she would be able to relax if she were learning to drive with her child in the car, so we'll have to pay for lessons at some point where we can afford it. Sooner the better though, because it's only going to get harder to make the time and it's only going to get harder having only one of us able to drive. I really don't want to nag at her about it, but she's been putting it off for years.
  15. I'm not wearing any pants. You can either be happy for me or happy that you're not here to bear witness to my pantslessness, but either way it's good news. True, in my experience. I was in my mid-20s when I finally took my full license test (a lot of people get theirs by 18), and when making a little idle chat before the test I mentioned to the instructor that I really just wanted to get my full license so that I could work late nights (on a restricted license here you can't drive past 10pm or before 5am). Test was a lot easier than it probably should have been; he didn't get me to do any maneuvering, just a quick drive around the city and I had my license.