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    Reading, Miniature Painting, Pathfinder, DCC, World of Warcraft... not necessarily in that order.
  1. Happy birthday, Michael-TLH

    Thanks all! I had a day filled with movies and cupcakes so win-win!!
  2. Corporea's Desk of Progress

    Everyone be jealous of me for a moment, okay? It turns out that Corporea and I have mutual friends who live in my town. She came to visit them and we all had a paint party this afternoon. I was able to see this piece live and in person and it is stunning. Absolutely stunning. Cannot wait to see it when it is finished.
  3. 3667, Nonnalla Ellinad, Elf Wizard

    Klaatu... barada... *cough* Nice job, Wren! Love the flame and the book looks great! :)
  4. Weight Loss Support Thread

    MyFitnessPal: Michael828nc Fitocracy: michael828nc Feel free to add me either place!
  5. Weight Loss Support Thread

    Here comes some unsolicitied advice (that I wish someone had given me) — Take a picture of yourself. RIGHT NOW. Nobody needs to see it but you if you are self-conscious. Take one! I MEAN IT. This last year, I have gone from 298 to 214 and I totally regret not taking a "BEFORE" picture... so GO AND DO IT. Okay, boss... I think they get it... Sorry, Elwood... Anyway... I did it — like you want to — 1 pound a week... sometimes less, sometimes more. You will lose a lot in the beginning, and if you eat less and move more it will happen for you. Start small with exercising: when I started, I could barely walk up the hill near my house before coming home and collapsing. I am up to 7-10 miles a day now... and it's fun! I'd also suggest using "MyFitnessPal" to track caloric intake, a "FitBit" to track your moving/walking and — if you are feeling it — "Fitocracy.com" --- to make a 'game' out of exercising. This is amazing, and I know you all can do it — because I did and still am — my goal is to lose 15 more and get to 199.
  6. Turn a Barbie into a Weeping Angel

    It's... so... beautiful...
  7. Happy birthday, Corporea!

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have an awesome one!
  8. Corporea's Desk of Progress

    Oof. Want to see that one in person!
  9. I love that you can see who's creepin and looking at your profile! *waves to you*

  10. Baba Yaga and Hut

    And finally: the beginnings of Ms. Yaga (Baba to her friends and enemies and frenemies) PS: This is 60077
  11. Baba Yaga and Hut

    More inspiration:
  12. Baba Yaga and Hut

    A friend of mine is running our group through the Pathfinder adventure path "Reign of Winter" Because I am a sadist, I decided to try and paint up something as a present for him in appreciation of running such a long series of modules. In addition, I am working with the folks at http://impudentmortal.com/ to create the hut (while I will be sculpting the chicken leg base). This thread is to kick me in the pants so that I actually finish it! First up is my "inspiration" shots on my corkboard... I find it helps to have visuals up that A: kick me in the pants whenever I walk by and B: give me some help whenever I think, "Hmm... what color should I do her babushcka?" and other random questions... so — inspiration board pics:
  13. Knoxville TN Summer Paint Days

    That's not too terribly far from me... Hmmmm... could be a good getaway! Gonna check out schedule.
  14. Penny Dreadful - who's watching it?

    I'm on episode 4. I'll probably keep watching it. I like the premise... a sort of updated take on "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" without the comic-bookish superheroics... the look and feel of the series is great. Some of the acting is sub-par, some is over the top --- but in general it's pretty good. I guess I would tentatively recommend it. But very lukewarm recommendation. ::