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  1. I do both display and tabletop painting. Yes, I have done many commissions over the past ten years or so. I have done both single figures, and entire armies for customers. The Egg
  2. Totally want. I'll be ordering ReaperCon gear this month, so I'll have an excuse to get her. The Egg
  3. That Sea Dragon piece looks fantastic! Wonderful choice of colors - they really pop nicely. I love seeing old miniatures done - please post more of your Chaos Wars pieces. The Egg
  4. One day in the summer of 1983 my friend Pat was getting tired to destroying me playing Commodore 64 games and suggested we play D&D. I said I hated board games - which was why I was so into video games- and wasn't going to have any of it. So Pat continued to kick my butt on screen while browbeating me to play D&D for another couple hours. Finally, I agreed to give it a go if only shut him up and we started playing "Keep on the Borderlands." I've got to admit that I was immediately hooked, and the C64 saw very little use by us for the rest of the summer and thereafter. Pat also had a small collection of Grenadier AD&D gold boxes which he'd painted. We never gamed with them, but they did capture my imagination. I bought my first mini in the fall of 1983 - an Asgard Miniatures dwarf in platemail at a place called World of Hobbies during a lunch break at the shooting range on an Army Cadets weekend. Again, I was immediately hooked, and I still have that dwarf in my collection. The Egg
  5. My monthly Reaper 25th Anniversary arrived today. My DHL collection is now complete to #3257 and I have a limited edition Diva the Blessed fig. The Egg
  6. That was the concept behind the old Ral Partha piece "The Conflict," to which "Dance of Death" owes a tip of the hat. Sorry for the craptastic pic, but it's the only one I could find. The Egg
  7. Happy Birthday, good sir. The Egg
  8. I did some work on a commission I'm doing for Ral Partha. I was grinding out a unit of zombies for the Chaos Wars line - it's about half done now. The Egg
  9. Funded

    The damage so far: Core Set x2 Dreadmere Darkreach Fan Favorites Lost Valley Wraiths Hill Giants x2 Narglauth Fire Giant Huntsman Trolls Dragon Turtle Skeletal Monsters x2 Baba Yaga's Hut Zombie Dragon Hill Giant Hunter/Dire Lion Roc Frost Giant Raiders Rulers of Hell Blacksting Thunderfoot Blacktooth Dance of Death Skeletal Dragon Undoubtedly I'll be adding more before the pledges are locked. The Egg
  10. As far as type goes, I like to play non-thief characters with a high dexterity - usually a human or an elf ranger. I like to play scout-type characters that can get out of trouble (nearly?) as fast as they can get into it. The Egg
  11. Funded

    I know most folks here are focused on the large (capstone) pieces, but I've got to say that I'm really pumped about a lot of the smaller pieces. I'm particularly looking forward to working on the minis that have an old school (A)D&D spin like the slaad, xorn, the crabman, and the flail snail. And, I've already planned to use the Dreadmere expansion as the basis of the town of Nulb for an upcoming T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil campaign I have in mind. The Egg
  12. And . . . Ordered! She might be my favorite one of the 25th anniversary figs so far. The Egg
  13. A simple Amazon search for "Kreigsmarine Uniforms" will bring up a plethora of source books that you can mine for info. Keep in mind that military buffs will argue for months at a time as to which shade of a particular color is "correct" for a particular article of clothing - so finding simple answers can be daunting as sources will sometimes disagree. The thing to keep in mind is that depending on manufacturer, supplier, and the period of the German war effort, items of uniform clothing varied considerably. That being said, at 1/72 scale you won't be able to focus too closely on details - so there is no point in getting too hung up on them. If I were you, I'd probably just use the Revell color call outs as the basis of my color schemes and call it quits. In terms of paints, there are no uniform colors that apply across the board between model companies. You will even find disparities between "standard" colors from one manufacturer to another - again, see my comments about manufacturers, time frames, etc. above to get idea of why RLM 75 Grauviolett is not necessarily the same to all model paint suppliers. However, there are color equivalency charts put together by hobbyists available on-line which will allow you to find a Tamiya paint which is "close enough" to a particular Gunze Sangyo color, etc. You can drop me a PM if you can't find anything with a Google search, and I'll point you in the right direction. As far as which brands of paint to use, it's largely personal choice. I prefer acrylics over enamels so most of my model painting is done with Testor Acryls, Tamiya, and Gunze Sangyo paints, but I'm a Luftwaffe modeler and do a lot of airbrushing. YMMV. If I were you, I'd ask your Dad what brand of paint he uses for his stuff and then see if they have an acrylic line like Testors does. The Egg
  14. Funded

    I'm looking forward to seeing the Nyarlathotep concept art finished as well. I've really enjoyed all the Lovecraftian pieces Reaper has done in the past few KS's - and I'll put my vote in now for Hastur/The King in Yellow to be done in next one. The Egg
  15. I prefer metal miniatures - they're what I started painting thirty-odd years ago. I first started working with resin about twenty years ago building after-market cockpits, etc. for scale aircraft and I can honestly say don't mind working with resin despite some obvious issues with the durability and workability of the material. The way it holds detail alone makes the stuff well worth working with. As I've said elsewhere here, I'm not really a fan of Bones and it is a medium of last resort for me. I find it too flimsy - I find it disconcerting when the plastic bends under the weight of my paint brush, and I really dislike the way a lot of the larger Bones pieces start collapsing under their own weight in very short order- and doesn't hold detail as well as metal or resin. I understand a lot of people here like Bones because they're cheap, but that aspect is lost on me. I'm at a stage in my life where I don't mind paying for a level of quality when it comes to my hobbies - hence my extensive Dark Heaven collection, and the resin limited edition figs I tend to buy. As always YMMV. The Egg