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  1. Ral Partha Chaos Wars

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. It was a huge project and although I enjoyed doing it, I'm relieved to see it done. The Egg
  2. The Care & Feeding of Lead Miniatures

    Odd. Enchantra never mentioned Easy-Off oven cleaner. I've used it to strip everything from lead figs to plastic scale models. Easy Off will take off the most stubborn paintwork with the greatest of ease - I've used it to take off 30 year old Testors enamels - and it never damages the surface of the fig/model. The Egg
  3. Put in my monthly 25th Anniversary order with Reaper. Filled in some more holes in my DHL collection - now complete to #3280. The Egg
  4. Ral Partha Chaos Wars

    Hey all, Some of you may (or may not) have been wondering why I haven't been on the forums much as of late. The short answer is : I've been busy. Here are some recent Chaos Wars units I've been painting as part of a commission for Ral Partha. Hope you like 'em. The Egg
  5. Happy Birthday Egg of Coot !!!

    Thank you everyone. The Egg
  6. Bob's Cthulhu Wars - Yellow Sign Down!

    Very nice. Every time I see painted Cthulhu Wars pieces I get the urge to start working on all my playing pieces. Then I take a look at the current backlog of miniatures I have to paint for commissions and (eventually) for myself, give my head a quick shake and then pour myself another drink and get back to work . . . The Egg
  7. Grenadier Bugbear

    Ah! I just finished cleaning up a half dozen of these old pieces I found in my recycled lead stash. I always liked the Grenadier take on bugbears. Good to see one painted up. Nice work. The Egg
  8. I just placed an order for various sundries (files, scrapers, etc.) with Micro-Mark. Between that order and the industrial-grade sonic cleaner I ordered from Amazon last week, I'll be well prepared to tackle my next batch of recycled lead. The Egg
  9. Getting to Know You ... November Edition

    The forum went down? I had no idea . . . The Egg
  10. Getting to Know Each Other, September Edition

    I do both display and tabletop painting. Yes, I have done many commissions over the past ten years or so. I have done both single figures, and entire armies for customers. The Egg
  11. Reaper 25th Anniversary Miniature for October - Lysette

    Totally want. I'll be ordering ReaperCon gear this month, so I'll have an excuse to get her. The Egg
  12. Tropical Sea Dragon (Iron Wind/Ral Partha)

    That Sea Dragon piece looks fantastic! Wonderful choice of colors - they really pop nicely. I love seeing old miniatures done - please post more of your Chaos Wars pieces. The Egg
  13. Getting to Know Each Other, September Edition

    One day in the summer of 1983 my friend Pat was getting tired to destroying me playing Commodore 64 games and suggested we play D&D. I said I hated board games - which was why I was so into video games- and wasn't going to have any of it. So Pat continued to kick my butt on screen while browbeating me to play D&D for another couple hours. Finally, I agreed to give it a go if only shut him up and we started playing "Keep on the Borderlands." I've got to admit that I was immediately hooked, and the C64 saw very little use by us for the rest of the summer and thereafter. Pat also had a small collection of Grenadier AD&D gold boxes which he'd painted. We never gamed with them, but they did capture my imagination. I bought my first mini in the fall of 1983 - an Asgard Miniatures dwarf in platemail at a place called World of Hobbies during a lunch break at the shooting range on an Army Cadets weekend. Again, I was immediately hooked, and I still have that dwarf in my collection. The Egg
  14. My monthly Reaper 25th Anniversary arrived today. My DHL collection is now complete to #3257 and I have a limited edition Diva the Blessed fig. The Egg
  15. Bones 4 Color Ideas Discussion

    That was the concept behind the old Ral Partha piece "The Conflict," to which "Dance of Death" owes a tip of the hat. Sorry for the craptastic pic, but it's the only one I could find. The Egg