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  1. Egg of Coot

    Announcing Reaper Bones Black!

    I've three owlbears coming with my latest order from Reaper. I'm looking forward to putting the new material through its paces. The Egg
  2. Egg of Coot

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    RPGs - back when I had the time. Scale models (WWII aircraft mostly) - back when I had time. Bass and Guitar - back when I had time. Restoring old British cars - my summer hobby, which leave me no time for miniatures . . . The Egg
  3. A belated Xmas present has just been ordered for me from Reaper. My Dark Heaven collection collection now runs complete from #2000 to #3500. The Egg
  4. I just put in my monthly Reaper order to fill a few more hole in my DHL collection. I now have a complete run of figs from #2000 to #3473. The Egg
  5. Egg of Coot

    Happy Birthday Egg of Coot

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone. I've been largely MIA the past bit, but I hope to remedy that. The Egg
  6. Egg of Coot

    Chaos Wars Wave 3 by Ral Partha

    Two hours left to go on this KS. Ral Partha was cool enough to let me purchase items from the last KS as well, so I'm down for an Undead Legion as well as the Chaos Knights I pledged for earlier. The Egg
  7. Egg of Coot

    [SPLIT] Vortex Shakers

    I got a Typhoon II unit for Xmas last year, and it's easily one of the best hobby investments I ever got my hands on. Can't see how I managed without one for so long. The Egg
  8. Egg of Coot

    What colors for hobgoblin skin?

    +1 vote here. Hobgoblins are always orange with blue noses. There is no school like old school. The Egg
  9. Egg of Coot

    Chaos Wars Wave 3 by Ral Partha

    I'm in for a Chaos Knights Legion package so far. Will probably grab more if they add in content from the previous two outings. The Egg
  10. Egg of Coot


    My wife is all over this KS. She damn near hit the ceiling when I sent her the link. The Egg
  11. I haven't played anything in the past 5 years, but I did love me some CoC. Played the 4th and 5th editions for ages, and bought in on the the 7e KS, but haven't had the chance to use it. Fun stuff. Some of my best gaming memories come from playing Call of Cthulhu. The Egg
  12. Egg of Coot

    Roll Call for Con

    My wife and I were hoping to be back at the Con this year, but it isn't going to happen between new jobs and life in general. We'll try again next year. The Egg
  13. I've been away from the forums most of the summer on account of my new position at work and the demands of my other hobby (vintage cars), but I'm slowly easing back into the painting groove. Picked up a few more figs this past week to fill in holes in my Dark Heaven collection. I now have a complete run from #2000 to #3450. The Egg
  14. Egg of Coot

    Blood Red Skies

    Hey all, I recently started building up a collection of Blood Red Skies minis - I figured it was a nice compromise between the relative simplicity of Wings of Glory WWII and the insanity that is Check Your 6. Is anyone else here getting into this game? I have yet to play a game and a wondering what the general consensus is. I've gotta admit that I was sold on buying the game based on my weakness trifecta - Airplanes? World War II? Miniatures? Here's my money. Take it! Take it! Take it! The Egg
  15. I just placed my monthly Dungeon Dwellers promo order in with Reaper. This brings my Dark Heaven collection to a complete run of figs from #2000 to #3400. The Egg