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  1. Live

    No. I really hate that new sculpt. Stuck out the KS despite that fact though. The Egg
  2. I always find the debates over Future confusing. I've used the stuff for a host of different of applications (clear coating, tinting, gap filling, adhesion, etc.) for decades now - though I do not mix it with wet paint - and have never had a problem with it. YMMV. The Egg
  3. Stunning! I especially like the electric blue stripes. The whole color scheme kinds reminder me of something a marine fish would have. The Egg
  4. British Revolvers: Enfield No. 2 and No. 2 Mk1 (no cocking spur) - Standard WWII issue revolver for infantry and armored troops. Webley & Scott Mk VI - Standard WWI issue British revolver. Continued to be used by officers in reserve formations, though ammunition was difficult to obtain. Colt New Service - U.S. licensed WWI issue British revolver. Used the same .455 ammunition as the W&S Mk VI, which was difficult to obtain. Smith & Wesson British Service Revolver - U.S. produced weapon to meet British demand, first available in the field 1940-41. Smith & Wesson Victory Model - U.S. produced weapon, first available 1942. Doubtful many made it to the desert before the fighting ended. British Pistols: Browning Hi-Power - Belgian automatic made in Canada post-1940. Standard issue until U.S. entry in the war and the widespread availability of M1911. Colt M1911 - American automatic of WWI vintage. No seen in great numbers in British usage until the start of U.S. Lend Lease program. German Pistols: Walther P38 - Standard WWII issue German automatic from 1938 onward. Luger Parabellum - Standard WWI issue German automatic. Continued to be manufactured until 1942 to meet German demand for weapons. Served to the end of the war. Foreign Pistols - Germany made extensive use of weapons captured during invasions. Pistols issued included Browning Hi-Powered (Belgium), MAB Model D (France), CZ 27 (Czechoslovakia), and Radom Vis-35 (Poland). Walther PPK - Issued to police and security personnel, some of these weapons transitioned to military use. Mauser 1914/1934 - WWI vintage automatic pistol typically issued to second-line and reserve units. "Broomhandle" Mauser - Non-standard or personal purchased weapon of pre-WWI vintage. More common among foreign formations than German ones. Pistols/revolvers were typically issued to officers, though weapon crews (machine guns, flak, mortars, etc.) would be also be issued these weapons as back-ups. Regular infantry would also acquire pistols/revolvers through private purchases, trading, battlefield scavengings, theft, etc. to use as back-up or last ditch weapons. Weapons were typically carried on a pistol belt for comfort and balance - with a focus on ease of access. I can supply more details if you describe what you're trying to depict. The Egg
  5. Live

    Fritz Leiber really ran with that idea in the Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser stories in his creation of Sheelba of the Eyeless Face. S/he even has a hut that walks on stilted legs. Incidentally, Sheelba and her counterpart, Ningauble of the Seven eyes, are easily my favorite characters in fantasy literature. The Egg
  6. I fly out to Providence tomorrow morning. Let me know if you're going to show up, Mad Jack (or anyone else here), and maybe we can meet up for a drink or something. The Egg
  7. Coffee. Black, like my heart . . . The Egg
  8. Live

    I'm giving more and more thought toward pulling the plug on my pledge as this KS is winding down. I like the core game and all, but the KS content this time around is pretty lackluster IMHO. Is it the same version that came out during Onslaught Two, or are there changes to it? The Egg
  9. I like the WWII version of the game. My problem is a lack of opponents locally. The Egg
  10. Archive Miniatures' Imperial Dragon. The Egg
  11. I just placed my Reaper 25th Anniversary order for August. Eight more figs that fill holes in my Dark Heaven collection up to #3243 as of today. The Egg
  12. Those ads were for Lou Zocchi's Game Science Dice. The Egg
  13. Live

    Down for two core sets, wave #1. The Egg
  14. Yes I do. I'll grab two core sets and then pretty much anything else that interests me. I figure the upper limit of the war chest will be about $1000. The Egg
  15. Yes. It was "Are you One, Herbert?" The Egg