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  1. Mid life crisis

    I'll never have a mid-life crisis. It sounds like an awful lot of work. 1. I don't have a career, I have a job. So no worries. 2. I own two vintage cars at present. They're an introvert's tinkering hobby, not an extrovert's means of seeking attention. 3. That would simply involve far more work than I'm willing to consider. 4. People who know me have claimed that the only time my wardrobe gets refreshed is when the temperature drops and the local bums start freezing to death, which enables me to get some hand-me-downs . . . The Egg
  2. I just placed my first monthly order in support of Reaper's Dungeon Dwellers promo. I filled in some more holes in my DHL collection which now gives me complete run of figs from #2000-3300, and earned two Rictus figs to start my DD collection. The Egg
  3. The Future of Metal

    I've said this elsewhere, but will continue to post my opinion in these threads when they come up (in case Reaper should ever decide to put it to a vote . . .). I prefer metal figs over any other medium and will continue to invest in even the largest figs if they are available in that medium. Failing that, resin is my "go to" preference - and yes, I put my money where my mouth is by buying the first resin Mal-Drakar sold at ReaperCon 2016. Bones is my medium of last resort, and I only buy these figs when I have no other options in acquiring a miniature. The Egg
  4. RIP 'Fast' Eddie Clark

    Was saddened to hear the news. I"ve always been a huge Motorhead fan. The Egg
  5. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    I didn't even know the Olympics were happening. The Egg
  6. Shub Niggurath

    Very nice. I wish I had the time to paint all of my Cthulhu Wars gear. The Egg
  7. 01588: Ungorth, Cthon Summoner

    Very well done. The Egg
  8. I received some late Xmas presents today: a Typhoon paint mixer, a set of Hanger 18's Studio II photo backdrops, and a box of Reaper minis. Pretty sweet! The Egg
  9. Ma'al Drakar 77580

    +1 here. Wow. That is some outstanding work so far . . . The Egg
  10. Citrine tries to tackle Ma'aldrakar 77580

    Very nice. I'm watching your progress, trying to psyche myself up enough to get back to working on the piece I started back at the end of the summer. The Egg
  11. 77363: Deva

    Brilliant work on the wings. Can't wait to see the finished product. The Egg
  12. End of Year Tally (13 months)

    Very nice. I especially love the Tiamat piece. I just did some quick calculations of my output over the past year, and I figure I'm roughly in the 300+ range with commissioned work and my own stuff. It kept me off the streets and out of trouble . . .
  13. Grenadier 2005 The Fighting Men

    Very nice. I've got at least two of those sets in my "to-do" pile. The Egg
  14. Dungeon Dwellers Returns in 2018

    Awww dammit! *starts thumbing through bills in wallet* The Egg
  15. Ral Partha Chaos Wars

    Hey all, Some of you may (or may not) have been wondering why I haven't been on the forums much as of late. The short answer is : I've been busy. Here are some recent Chaos Wars units I've been painting as part of a commission for Ral Partha. Hope you like 'em. The Egg
  16. Ral Partha Chaos Wars

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. It was a huge project and although I enjoyed doing it, I'm relieved to see it done. The Egg
  17. The Care & Feeding of Lead Miniatures

    Odd. Enchantra never mentioned Easy-Off oven cleaner. I've used it to strip everything from lead figs to plastic scale models. Easy Off will take off the most stubborn paintwork with the greatest of ease - I've used it to take off 30 year old Testors enamels - and it never damages the surface of the fig/model. The Egg
  18. Put in my monthly 25th Anniversary order with Reaper. Filled in some more holes in my DHL collection - now complete to #3280. The Egg
  19. Happy Birthday Egg of Coot !!!

    Thank you everyone. The Egg
  20. Bob's Cthulhu Wars - Yellow Sign Down!

    Very nice. Every time I see painted Cthulhu Wars pieces I get the urge to start working on all my playing pieces. Then I take a look at the current backlog of miniatures I have to paint for commissions and (eventually) for myself, give my head a quick shake and then pour myself another drink and get back to work . . . The Egg
  21. Grenadier Bugbear

    Ah! I just finished cleaning up a half dozen of these old pieces I found in my recycled lead stash. I always liked the Grenadier take on bugbears. Good to see one painted up. Nice work. The Egg
  22. I just placed an order for various sundries (files, scrapers, etc.) with Micro-Mark. Between that order and the industrial-grade sonic cleaner I ordered from Amazon last week, I'll be well prepared to tackle my next batch of recycled lead. The Egg
  23. Getting to Know You ... November Edition

    The forum went down? I had no idea . . . The Egg
  24. Getting to Know Each Other, September Edition

    I do both display and tabletop painting. Yes, I have done many commissions over the past ten years or so. I have done both single figures, and entire armies for customers. The Egg
  25. Reaper 25th Anniversary Miniature for October - Lysette

    Totally want. I'll be ordering ReaperCon gear this month, so I'll have an excuse to get her. The Egg