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  1. Meh. Simple Green washes away all miniature sins . . . The Egg
  2. Nope. My town is too small to have those kinds of services available. I would totally be on board if the service were available though - it'd be one more step closer to my dream of never leaving the house again . . . The Egg
  3. Yesterday I sealed a deal for 75 more vintage Grenadier and Ral Partha miniatures. They're all loose, but the lot does include a healthy number of officially licensed AD&D figs. I love buying big lots. The Egg
  4. Ludo, YOU are a madman. Best of luck. The Egg
  5. Looks good so far. The Egg

    My collection of unpainted Dark Heaven figs alone sits at 1400. Add in three Bones Kickstarters (two core sets each), extensive runs of Ral Partha and Grenadier miniatures, plus four 12"x14"x24" crates full of reclaimed miniatures. And that's not even counting all of the war gaming (Flames of War, etc.) I haven't had time to paint yet . . . The Egg
  7. I'd just use thin copper sheet. Cut it to size and bend into rough shape, then do all of your Green Stuff work on top of it. The Egg
  8. Live

    Dammit! In for another $60 . . . . The Egg
  9. I just installed a new, uprated 65 amp, alternator in the TR6. I also finally transferred the ownership of the Alpine into my name - while a technicality, I still consider it the final stage of the acquisition process . . . The Egg
  10. Advanced Squad Leader and a few other titles are now being printed by Multiman Publishing. As far as the era of counter, dice, and hex board being over, I'd say not quite, but it can't stay on life support forever . . . I'd love to have an opponent or two around to play some of my games with. The Egg
  11. DAMN!!! I so very much want, but it is looking all too likely that I will not be able to attend the Con this year. Now is the time for some forum friends to do me a favor . . . The Egg
  12. Very nice! Your color selection and execution are perfect. Great work. The Egg
  13. Such an ambitious piece! It looks fantastic apart from a bit of clean-up (see ub3r_n3rd's notes above), so I'd call it done as well. Beautiful work. The Egg
  14. Live

    I'm in for $200. The Egg
  15. But, SPI was absorbed by TSR . . . The Egg
  16. How about some larger marine life like manta rays (possibly as mounts for mermen, deep ones, etc.), sea turtles (ditto), whales, or sharks (a megalodon would be fantastic)? The Egg
  17. Wow. He sure sure looks swell! The contrast between the black and the yellow just screams at you. Looking forward to seeing work progress. The Egg
  18. 1. I see a new generation of semi-autonomous robots on the battlefield as the next major military advance. 2. Nope. The Egg
  19. I feel your pain. I've been a serious aircraft buff (especially WWII Luftwaffe) since I was about eight and I know what it's like to have to "do it right" or have it bug the hell out of me. The Egg
  20. That would be FM-34 Death Demon from Asgard Miniatures. They do come up on eBay from time to time. However, I may have an extra in one of the crates 'o' figs that I have lying around. Will let you know if I find one. The Egg
  21. Hey all, Intro: Some of you are probably like me, sitting on crates of old figures you've acquired from a variety of sources, which you promise yourself that you'll "get around to" eventually. In an effort to clear up some of my backlog, and showcase some old school figs, I've started a little project. I'm sticking a hand into a random crate, and grabbing the first dozen figs I lay my fingers on. I'm then prepping (stripping, repairing, etc.), priming, and repainting these pieces to a table-top standard, which I'll then photograph and post here for your viewing enjoyment. The only exception to this rule will be if I pull up part of an obvious set of figs. If this is the case, I'll search through the crate for the remaining pieces and paint them all up as a set before going back to random picks. Anyway, I'm doing nothing fancy, just getting old school figs painted for the weekend gamer, just like they were intended back in the 1980s. I'll be happy if this little series inspires a few of you to get some of those old figs languishing at the backs of your collections painted. I've get a few batches done already and will post them as I get the time to take photos, etc. The Egg
  22. Batch #8 This is the last of batches I'd had prepped up before I started this thread. They'll be coming out a little more slowly from now on - I'd imagine anyway. Nevertheless, I'm pretty impressed with myself. I pounded out nearly a hundred decently painted figs inside of the three month period I spent rummaging through my boxes of reclaimed miniatures - and I wasn't even keeping track of my output. I'm not sure if I can maintain that pace from here on in, but it does go to show that you can pump out quite a bit of work if you're not worrying about everything being 100% perfect. That being said, my 1980's self (and probably quite a few others) would have been more than thrilled to have turned out this level of work for the tabletop. More as they come. The Egg
  23. Batch #7 The Egg
  24. I'd find 1/144th too big for my available table space. I've been looking into 1/285th (micro armor) scale pieces from Scotia models. They're a bit more economical with playing space, and they do have a great deal of variety when it comes to aircraft and versions of aircraft. The Egg
  25. I seal everything I paint simply because I hate having to touch minis up after some clumsy oaf does something stupid like drop them. And yes, sometimes that oaf is me . . . The Egg