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  1. New unofficial Army Creator 2.0.1

    It was a Crusader build and the models I used were the Ivy Crown Archers. The browser I was using was Microsoft Edge.
  2. New unofficial Army Creator 2.0.1

    Used the builder for a game today and I really like how it prints the models stats in the order of each troop. The only issue we saw was that it didn't print any of the Ranged Attack S.A.'s. Other than that, great job.
  3. I was wondering the same thing.
  4. New unofficial Army Creator 2.0.1

    You have done an excellent job on this. Many thanks for your time and effort.
  5. The Army Builder App

    Excellent. I'm really looking forward to it.
  6. The Army Builder App

    Any idea as to when the public beta test will start?
  7. I was a little surprised that the roof of the crypt doesn't come off. Anyone with suggestions on how to modify it so that it does?
  8. The Army Builder App

    Looks good, Will it be available for download or is it an online builder?
  9. Crusaders Armybook

    It's probably similar to the Nefsokar one with fluff about the models, new spell's and SA's. It can be very pricey, the last one I saw on Amazon was for around $70.
  10. New to warlord

    A friend and I do here in Indianapolis.
  11. Razig Troop 1 Baron LeBone Skeletal Crewman (x2) Skeletal Harpooner Sea Hag Rat Swarm (x2) Troop 2 Black Knife Tom Skeletal Chainganger (x2) Skeletal Crewman Zombie Recruits (x3) Troop 3 Soul Cannon Koborlas Luck Stone Troop 1 Aislinn, Shadow Tracker Feral Pups (x5) Corm, Ghostmane Shaman Familiar Muscian Troop 2 Istvan, Rageclaw Ironhide Rageclaw Line Breakers (x2) Wargs (x3) Defending the Find Aislinn hated Brettinburg. It smelled of death and corruption, and she always felt like someone or thing was watching her. In that respect, she was probably right, but as she couldn’t smell anything other than Brettinburg, it made her nervous. Hearing the sound of chains clinking, she looked to her right and saw a group of undead dressed as in sailors garb, one pushing a cannon. Recognizing the band as part of the undead pirate Razig’s crew, she quickly called out a warning. Istvan and his Line Breakers turned to see the undead forces heading towards them and the Line Breakers’ crossbows fired as the one of the skeletons fired the cannon. Istvan managed to avoid the skull fired by the Soul Cannon, but the Line Breakers didn’t and were severely wounded. One of them did manage to put a bolt into the Soul Cannon though. Behind Aislinn’s position, Baron LeBone and his troops began moving towards Istvan and his wargs. With Corm’s warpipes playing, Aislinn and her troops moved out to engage Black Knife Tom and his crew, while Corm cast Wall of Stone near Istvan to protect him from any more cannon fire. At the same time, Black Knife Tom and his crew moved towards Aislinn’s troop. He and one of his crew shot at Aislinn, but only one hit. On the other part of the battlefield, Istvan and his Wargs charged Baron LeBone’s troops. Two of the Wargs went after the Rat Swarms, while the third accompanied Istvan in attacking the Skeletal Harpooner. The Wargs each wounded their respective swarms, with one of the Wargs being wounded in return. Istvan put down the Harpooner, and the Warg with him was wounded when it intercepted a blow meant for Istvan. Meanwhile, Black Knife Tom and his crewmate fired their pistols at Aislinn, wounding her, while the rest of his men charged Aislinn and the lead Feral Pup. The two Zombie Recruits that charged the lead Feral Pup failed to wound him, as did the the third Recruit and the Chain Ganger facing Aislinn, whom put the Recruit down. In the mean time, Isvtan was shot by Baron LeBone’s Crewman, he and the unwounded Warg were hit by a Chain Lighning spell, the Rat Swarms fighting the Wargs took them out, but the Wargs also got them. Aislinn and her Pups continued to fight Black Knife Tom’s forces, with the Pups putting down the Zombie Recruits and she herself took out a Chain Ganger after being healed by Corm. Unfortunately, she lost one Pup and the other ended up wounded and Cursed. Istvan and his remaining Warg attacked Baron LeBone with the hope that they could put him down, but Istvan was only able to wound him. Istvan was saved from Baron LeBone’s counter attacks by his Ironhide armor, but it didn’t save him as the Baron pressed the attack. The Warg also went down. Having dealt with Istvan and his last Warg, LeBone and his men moved towards Corm. In response, Corm ordered his familiar to move towards the Baron and then cast Molten Earth. The Baron was injured by the spell, but his Crewman was able to resist it. Meanwhile, Black Knife Tom’s Chain Ganger and Aislinn’s Feral Pup took each other out and Tom shot the wounded Pup with Aislinn. In her pursuit of Black Knife Tom’s troop Aislinn had forgotten about the Soul Cannon until the explosion knocked her of her feet. The last thing she saw was Black Knife Tom grinning and then darkness claimed her. http://s62.photobucket.com/user/Earthforce1/Brettinberg%201/story
  12. Koborlas vs Razig's Revenge

    Here is a link to the pics. http://s62.photobucket.com/user/Earthforce1/library/Koborlas%20vs%20Razigs
  13. The following battle was considered a draw as we had to end early as the store had to close early. There are pictures, but photobucket is giving me attitude at the moment and refusing to let me sign in. Razig - 996 points Troop 1 Razig Clarissa Sea Hag Scurvy Dog Zombie Recruit x3 Skeletal Chain Ganger Skeletal Crew x3 Skeletal Harpooner x2 Familiar Mast of the Maiden Luck Stone Troop 2 Dark Maiden Troop 3 Black Knife Tom Skeletal Chainganger x2 Skeletal Crewman x3 Skeletal Harpooner Troop 4 Karkarius Koborlas (997 pts) Luck Stone Troop 1 Vasyl, Rageclaw Alpha Ironhide Rageclaw Warriors (x2) Rageclaw Sentry Corm, Ghostmane Shaman Familiar Muscian Troop 2 Kainus, War Veteran Ironhide Rageclaw Warriors (x3) Troop 3 Takhi, Frostfang Shaman Familiar Rageclaw Line Breakers (x2) Wargs (x2) Troop 4 Spirit Wolf Vasyl sniffed the air as he and his troops approached the sea-shore village. The village appeared to be abandoned, but there was a wrongness to the air that caused his hackles to rise. Suddenly, a heavy fog began to roll in and shortly after, the sound of oars could be heard and the air soured even more with the smell of fish and rotted flesh. Almost gagging on the smell, Vasyl quickly ordered his troops to prepare to engage as soon as the enemy was sighted and signaled Corm to begin playing his war pipes. Corm’s pipes echoed eerily in the fog and off to his right, Vasyl spotted a spirit wolf flickering into existence as if summoned by the war song. Suddenly the fog thinned revealing what appeared to be undead pirates and the spirit wolf vanished. “Razig!†The Koborlas leader snarled, recognizing the undead pirate . “Charge!!†Takhi immediately cast the spell he had been preparing, burst of speed, on himself and his troop and they quickly surged forward. His Line Breakers fired at two of the zombies in Razig’s group, but the shots fell short. At the same time, Vasyl and his warriors moved towards Razig. A loud whistling sound pierced the air and suddenly the ground between the Line Breakers erupted in a loud explosion, killing both of them. Undetered by the destruction, Kainus and his men swiftly moved forward. As Vasyl prepared to engage the enemy he heard the sea hag chanting a spell. Suddenly he snarled in pain as a pair of swords slashed across his back. Vasyl spun around, his qasik sword raised high to smite whatever unholy creature had snuck up behind and was surprised to see one of his own packmates, looking confused with blood on her blades. He then realized that Clarissa had used her magic to compel his on warrior to attack him. Meanwhile, Black Knife Tom and his mean were attempting to flank the Koborlas. As the smoke cleared from the blast that had killed the Line Breakers, Takhi cast the spell Hailstones at zombie recruits near Razig. The spell destroyed the zombies, giving the wargs with Takhi the chance to attack the undead werewolf in Razig’s crew. While this was happening, Corm’s familiar got close to Razig and Corm was able cast Molten Earth through it. The spell was successful and caught Razig and three of his crew. Kainus and one of his men took advantage of the situation and to charge and try and get to Razig, while the other two went after Clarissa. A howl rang out across the battlefield and the spirit wolf reappeared, racing across the field. Black Knife Tom and his men continued to flank the Koborlas forces, Karkarius charged Kainus, and the Dark Maiden charged the Rageclaw next to Kainus, wounding it, but it wounded her in return. Meanwhile, Razig and one of his crew attacked one of the wargs attacking the Scurvy Dog, killing it, but not before it wounded Razig; two of his other crew attacked one of Kainus’ Rageclaws, which in turn wounded one of his attackers; another attacked Corm’s familiar, killing it; and one shot Vasyl. Over the sound of the battle, Vasyl heard the sea hag chanting and then found himself being attacked by the Sentry in his troop. Meanwhile, Clarissa managed to break away from the Rageclaws and cast Blight on one. In a burst of necromatic energy one of Razig’s zombie’s appeared behind him ready to join the fray. Spotting Black Knife Tom on the flank, one of Vasyl’s Rageclaws attempted to cut them off. Corm took the opportunity to cast a Cure spell on Vasyl. Unfortunately, he was to shaken by the loss of his familiar and the spell failed. Vasyl’s Sentry headed off to deal with the sea hag, while Kainus fought Karkarius, wounding him. One of Kainus’ Rageclaws, attacked one of Razig’s harpooners; killing him, but taking a wound as well. Kainus’ attack on Karkarius allowed the spirit wolf to charge in and finish his off. The Dark Maiden cast Spectral Minions and was able to summon 4 spectors, while at the same time one of Black Knife Tom’s men shot the Rageclaw trying to protect Corm. Afterwards the rest of the troop charged her and finished her off. Corm moved closer to Vasyl and was able to heal him somewhat as the Sentry killed the sea hag, taking a wound himself. Takhi cast Hailstones at Black Knife Tom’s troop, wounding two of them. The Dark Maiden and her spectral minions moved passed Kainus, one charging Vasyl and his Rageclaw. It attacked the Rageclaw, wounding it, but it was destroyed in return. Razig and one of his crew attacked Kainus wounding him, while another of his crewman and a zombie attacked one of Kainus’ Rageclaw. The Rageclaw was killed, but it killed the zombie. Kainus was unable to land any blows on Razig and was only saved from Razig’s counter blows by his Ironhide armor. Unfortunately, it did not save him later. Vasyl and his last Rageclaw managed to defeat the Dark Maiden and then both sides withdrew.
  14. Spell and Magic Item cards

    I'll have to check that out. Thanks.