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  1. Its been a little under 2 years when I last inquired about this, so I thought I would query about this again. Are there still plans to launch a Legendary Encounters Kickstarter? Also, if this line is still in the works, then please accept this as a plea on behalf of several pre-painted miniatures fans that you please put these miniatures on round black bases like all other pre-painted miniatures are released on. I know Reaper's fan-base is primarily composed of painting/hobbyist enthusiasts who don't mind trimming off excessive cauliflower and/or gluing on a base, but the pre-painted mini market is largely composed of people who want to take the finished product out of the package. Sure the LE minis can (usually) stand on their own without a base, but they really look out of place on a gaming table where pre-painted minis from other companies are also in play.
  2. Delayed

    Joking aside, I hope you guys will do better this time around, and it will be interesting to see what changes (if any) you've decided to do. At least I hope there are changes done and not a simple relaunch, because there are reasons to why a project doesn't succeed (twice). Regarding the pictures, as a most personal opinion, I'd believe that some cleaner looking pictures of the model itself where it is not cluttered by background noise will help to better display the beast! Marketing and communication were a little shy on the last campaign, so I have volunteered to help out in that regard. We have a good plan and if we can get the new exposure I am hoping for, then this campaign should definitely be a success this time around. Be sure to keep an eye on the Kickstarter project page for regular updates: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dungeoncrawler/dungeon-crawlertm-the-behemoth-extended/ Thanks all, Kor www.minisgallery.com
  3. Near the conclusion of Bones III, I remember that there was mention that there would soon be a Legendary Encounters, Pre-Painted Miniatures Kickstarter. Is there any more news available on this?
  4. I am looking for figure that would best fit the classic images of Dragonlance's Goldmoon. I don't really want to do a lot of conversion work, other than replacing a weapon to make it a staff. If anyone knows of a Reaper mini that would be appropriate, could you please let me know. Thanks.
  5. Thanks all for the links folks. The character is for a Deadlands campaign, and I'm playing him as a fairly traditional (and perhaps steriotypical) Haitian Hougan (Male Voodooist). I hadn't thought about looking at necromancer figures, so I will look through those pics as well. The closest fit so far are the Copplestone Castings witch doctors -- but perhaps I can find a male necro on Reaper that may fit.
  6. Does Reaper have anything like this?