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  1. I like that DS9 made the Klingons hardcore again, and simultaneously deeper and more relatable. It might have been a Dominion trick, but when the Klingons decided to rough up Cardassia and the Federation objected and the Klingon reply was: "Oh, you wanna piece too?" I knew they were back. And so cheerful about it, too. Gowron was having a great time. And then when it went all "Ugh, peace again" but the Feds were like "There's still The Dominion" and the Klingons were all like "Awwww, yyyissss, bizness."
  2. I refrain from putting my brushes in my mouth because I don't want to contaminate them. As for useful advice for keeping brushes pointy: don't leave them in Brush Cleaner & Restorer too long. 20-30 minutes is more than plenty and 10 will probably do. I finally realized that my habit of leaving them in the solution overnight is what's been causing my high brush fatality rate. I killed em with kindness!
  3. Doesn't exist. Just like a version of Monopoly that doesn't break up friendships and families. That's why goblins cut out the middle part and just go straight to Family Knife Fight Night. No stabbing in Free Parking!
  4. I wanted a Worf show. I hope Michael Dorn has many long and happy years ahead but he ain't getting any younger. Now I will NEVER get Captain Worf. Star Trek is thus dead. Now I'm gonna just watch Worf Space Nine and imagine what might have been in a just timeline. I hope alternate universe me is enjoying it. Maybe I can get some transdimensional bootleg VDVs.
  5. It's my fault, I told 'em not to until I got the snapper teeth in but then I forgot to come back and say they're done. This is just like the time I told Wormtoes to wait a second I'd be right back but then I forgot about it because I got distracted by a weird noise in the dungeon and then there were adventurers and stuff and by the time I got back to him he was a skeleton with cobwebs all over him. So if any of you are skeletons with cobwebs now, I'm sorry. And also can I have your stuff? And also don't come back to haunt me maybe.
  6. The key is compartmentalization. You have to practice making your work detail automatic and putting part of your brain on that task so you can function without impairment or anyone noticing you're on autopilot. The rest of it you can use to vividly imagine your co-workers' faces melting like in Raiders of the Lost Ark. This is the secret to work happiness.
  7. My cat did the needful on my desk once, and OneBoot is a mod now. You have made me unnecessarily paranoid about my nearly-finished Bonesnappers. So... nobody finish the thread until I get these snapper teeth put in! On the miniature, I mean, and not the novelty wind-up ones I used to replace Gramma Lips's falsies with. Set em off and give her a cob of corn, just like an MG42 at Normandy.
  8. Stare intently at it and fill it with your malice and your hate, then unleash it upon all who oppose you or cut in line at the soopermarket. Never pass up a chance at a good Scornado.
  9. See, this is why I like the hooman realm - you make things that are bad for you taste like they're good for you. You're like goblins, only with a more refined palate. I'm going to use this knowledge when I go back to visit the swamp, and bring one of these bags of Ski-Tal notfroots. Then shock everyone into thinking you all corrupted me into becoming a filthy frootnommer when really I'm just eating rubbery flavoured bug parts and chenicals. You are a clever people and very wisdom.
  10. She's not christmasy so much as superhero-y, but IMO that is an excellent look for her. One of the things on my mind lately, as character figures start filtering onto my workbench, is to get crazy with the colours. I've fallen into a gritty fantasy trend and want a little more of the he-man kind of vibrant fantasy. I have lots of figures left to do, so my present collection being a bit on the drab side could use an interspersing of liveliness. Even the Lotr trilogy is pretty drab compared to how colourful older fantasy used to be. Colour is good! Those colours are FANTASTIC! Pun probably intended!
  11. That's disgusting!!! That hooman FEE-male ate the frooty pox off his face! NOBODY SHOULD EAT FROOT EVAR!
  12. That explains why it had so many views but no replies... everyone was disappointed it wasn't something gross.
  13. Froggy's analogy means you're all in the pool with me, and that means everybody gets to play Guess The Exotic Disease! Remember, first one to get a new rare one gets it named after them! Will it be Pezleritis? Frogisism? Bluberry Syndrome? Guindytosis? Uber Mumps? OneBolio? We'll find out after it incubates!
  14. **** 4/5 Stars RobeGuy42 writes: "I've been in a lot of cults, but this was by far the best. Even the low-protein gruel was tasty, and they gave me a dark hooded robe in my own proper size! The repetitive chanting hardly felt repetitive at all and they even let me have a HUGE glass of Kool-*erk*"
  15. I saw one of those silly clickbait box ads a few days back, y'know the kind that say Only Geniuses Can Answer This Question or Woman In Your Area Reverses Aging With This One Weird Trick. Anyway, this one said "Only 2% of Americans Can Correctly Identify This Country" and the silhouette was the continental US...