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  1. I logged into YouTube and the second vid in my Recommended is "Horses, Peacefully Farting and Snoring".
  2. Some of us never stopped living in the 80s. Some of us might be hatching secret plots to try and trick Queen Xenomorphs into wearing lots of neon and having Big Hair. Some of us might die in this attempt.
  3. Do you mean yellow upon casting, or yellow that appears later? Because the yellow that appears later is usually skin oil tarnish from handling. Ralidium, in particular, is notorious for this sort of tarnish - even to the extent it may appear "rusty". If it's got a yellowish tint and it's real fresh it could be from early casting (this isn't something I've heard of before, but it sounds plausible enough as an explanation). This later tarnish isn't harmful to the mini, though. It's easily cleaned off with a bit of brasso/silvo gently applied, and it can even be painted over without issue most times. My Takhisis had a lot of it and I couldn't be bothered to clean most of it off so I just primed over it. Just be sure if you do use a metal polish to wash the mini well before you get ready to paint it because any polish residue will cause flaking. Edit to add: As for the metal/plastic/resin question, I got into the hobby when metal was pretty much it for choice. I find resin brittle and fiddly, so I generally stay away from it. So with the introduction of Bones, generally if I'm painting to have something in my collection then I will choose metal.* If I'm painting for game use, I will choose Bones. Bones have the advantage of being cheaper so you can bulk out troops and horde monsters, as well as being robust so they're harder for any... dexterity-challenged... players to mutilate. *In some cases, metal is not an option. Yephima the cloud giantess I would love in metal, but she's unlikely to appear in that form. And things like the gelatinous cube, well, Reaper doesn't cast translucent metal. In these cases I would buy Bones for the collection.
  4. Goldfrapp released a new album in March and I'm only just now hearing of it. Videos I didn't recognize (Systemagic and Anymore, if you were curious) appeared in my yootoob feed so I listened to 'em and I was like "ayyy, these are pretty cool" and slowly I got suspicious that there was a new album I didn't know about. And there was! Silver Eye Sneaky Goldfrapp, I can't give you money if I don't know about your new records.
  5. You have my distinct admiration for continuing on despite the circumstances. Let no one doubt that you have the heart of a goblin! Perhaps on some future day, you and I will raise brushes together again and bag ourselves this beastie which eluded us.
  6. I should clarify that most of the rules narrowing came about outside the challenges from people not even involved in the challenges. Challenge participants have, as a rule, been quite good about sticking to the spirit of the thing. That's part of what makes that DQ painful, because it's a technical foul and being a technical foul means I can't factor in her 100% score on spirit into the call. Once something becomes a rule then it is incumbent upon the entrant to be aware of the rule and, as in this case, removes the wiggle room for earnest error. This is why, where possible, I have tried to make as few rules as I can get away with. It's supposed to be difficult but fun, not strict and cruel.
  7. No, and the reasons are a bit complicated and may need some explaining. Since this question comes on the heels of Sylverthorne's DQ I will use that as my example. The choice to give a DQ was not an easy one, and I did try to rationalize a way not to since it was - in this specific instance - relatively minor. I was leaning towards just your suggestion, but in the end I chose to adhere to the letter of Rule 3 because the discretion to do otherwise was out of my hands. The rules, such as they are, MUST be applied fairly to all. Rule 3 states a brush must be used, but this is both a directive and a prohibition - any other tool used for application is invalid. So why does this matter? In this case the alteration was slight and easily corrected by painting over it. Okay, seems fair. Is it then different if the surface was spray-treated with Dullcote if it is covered up afterwards? Now you and I recognize the magnitude of these is quite different, but the basic nature is the same: a prohibited item is used to apply a material that alters the surface. Without the standing codified prohibition, I would have discretion. I could have given a warning and let her paint over it. But it's a standing rule because people before her engaged in spurts of dubious creativity to break a simple set of basic directives and each one compelled an increasingly stern revision and narrowed interpretation (in addition to annoying me rather a lot). With each one I gave up some of my discretion, knowing full well we would inevitably wind up with this scenario. Sylverthorne made a careless but quite honest mistake. I can tell you I would love nothing more than to let her off - but I can't because it's too clear a case and it opens the door to people who cannot restrain themselves from pushing the new limit that results. So I can only opt for the clearest interpretation: she used a prohibited tool and that has to be a DQ. Being well aware that this may appear unduly harsh, I feel I should add that the strict interpretation is one I hold myself to. I blew my deadline because I was called out to the hospital where my brother was very near death from cancer. I do not think a single person on this board would have argued against me stopping the clock for a few days and resuming - but then with that precedent I put myself in the unenviable position of having to judge future mitigating circumstances. What excuse is not valid? Kids get suddenly sick. Cars break down. Work needs extra shifts. The cat began speaking aramaic doomsday prophecy and I have to go buy survival gear. So I opted for the clearest interpretation: Why I blew the deadline didn't matter. It only mattered that I did.
  8. Many of the rules became rules because people not doing challenges tried to break the challenge. As the rules thusly grew, I knew eventually somebody would run smack into one. I tried to find the most favourable interpretation, as I would have for anyone once we had one happen, but Rule 3 is pretty unambiguous. Your undimmed goblin pride is noted! This beastie got us both with a TKO. I think it was specially designed to harm our kind.
  9. It pains me that this dark day has come, but... you broke Rule #3. Ink is treated as paint and thus must be applied with the brush. The micron pen, and I say this with a mix of horror and sadness, is a disqualification. I decided to tell you now instead of at the end so you don't bust yourself up trying to beat the clock. I am so very, very sorry but I'm afraid there's no way around the pen breaking Rule 3.
  10. Well done! A scintillating result! I shall furnuish you with your Fancy Badge as soon as I have it done!
  11. Well done! Senpai has noticed you! Senpai must now go notice anyone else who finished, and will Soon(tm) make you a fancy badge!
  12. The bonesium would be stained and thus make the beast ineligible. Have to be a fresh one. These are supposed to be hard. If anyone is curious, I did not even meet the technical conditions (all visible areas painted) because I missed ONE horn with the liner.
  13. It's some unexpected duties I have to tend to. It happens. Blew my deadline, though, so this one goes into the record as a fail. Roolz is roolz. But I want that badge, so eventually I'll get a new one for a second attempt.
  14. Live

    I know my job around here is to take all the blame, but you mixed this story up a little. I was actually the person fooled by other people joking around and thought we were getting a dragon that we actually were not. Given some time I could find the specific thread, which was an excellent example of joke speculation gone wrong. The only correction I had to make was to chase down people I personally know in order to set it straight. I have not, to my knowledge, otherwise said we were getting a thing that was not a thing.