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  1. Challenge noted and entered into the record! The mm wide is at the ferrule, but is just a guideline (the measurements came from a W&N Size 0 Galleria, the brush I usually use on these challenges). It's to help narrow brush selection down so it's within tolerances or doesn't greatly exceed them. You should aim to be as close to tolerance as possible, but it need not be perfectly exact - just within the spirit. It was just easier to give parameters than to try to make a list of each brush type/size/manufacturer that would count (this would be hundreds, possibly thousands). This also accounts for manufacturing variance, as it is possible to have two brushes from the same line and size but one might be in the limit and the other slightly outside of it. Both would be completely okay, because both represent an earnest attempt to "best match" to the criteria. Smaller than the criteria is always permitted so long as neither width nor length greatly exceed the criteria (this was to eliminate smaller than 0 pinstriping brushes, which have very long bristles). So 2/0, 3/0, 5/0, or smaller are okay as long as the length is in the range. I judge those brushes acceptably within parameters.
  2. Subtitles are in the Closed Caption menu. This started airing a month ago in China, so it's pretty fresh. If anyone binges it and gets to an episode without subtitles (as of this moment, that's around episode 30), it takes about 5-7 days for them to appear. I watched the first 16 eps before I found out they had subtitles which, since I don't speak Mandarin, meant I didn't know what was going on. But I still had a good time, and once I found subtitles I went back to find out what it was all about and wound up invested in it. I can't say whether you'll like it or not, but if you feel like watching a decent wuxia fantasy kinda like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon you might enjoy it.
  3. Things went a bit sideways, so it'll be a little while. It's not abandoned, it's just going to take a while longer. It might have got done in February if I'd been able to retain the momentum off the first 2, but the storms and other junk nibbled away the time window I had and forced me to temporarily put it aside to work on a few other things before I can go in and finish it off. I try to stick to one thing until it's finished, but other stuff needed doing that couldn't wait so i ran out of options.
  4. Nice cover photo :D

  5. Well, nobody has ever survived trying to steal my Lucky Charms. And I'm leprous. So I guess the Irish/Goblin part makes me a Lepergob. Which is like a Leprechaun. Also I'm spliced with glitter Lionel Ritchie for some reason.
  6. You don't understand, man... I'm only half the O'Buglips I used to be.
  7. I thought I was 100% Irish, but my dna results showed 50% anglo-saxon. It's like my whole life has been a lie.
  8. Even if somebody builds a different list, I figure it at least helps narrow the options to give one example of a usefully broad range without needing a million paints. I have an enormous amount of paint, so it's everything I've got distilled to the bare essentials. There can be a bit too much choice starting out, so when I saw Ocule wanted to keep it around 50 I remembered I'd made that list. You could add a lot to it, there's no such thing as too much paint, but if you had to keep numbers tight that list would do almost any figure you needed to.
  9. Make it 1 bar, 4 slips, and ten strips and I`ll not only tell you the answer, I`ll tell you how they get the smooth-flowing caramel inside a Caramilk bar.
  10. This list is a bit old, so there might be a few colours no longer made on it, but a while back I made a list of 54 MSP colors that would let me do everything I do now if something happened to my hoard of paint and I had to start again from scratch. It`s a set that means a lot of mixing, but if you want a list that covers pretty much anything that`ll come up, it ought to do the job. 1. 9071 Chestnut Brown 2. 29823 Caucasian Flesh 3. 29824 Maiden Flesh 4. 9064 Brown Liner 5. 9038 Rainy Grey 6. 9039 Pure White 7. 9037 Pure Black 8. 9021 Snow Shadow 9. 9057 Ashen Blue 10. 9017 True Blue 11. 9035 Olive Green 12. 9011 Leaf Green 13. 9086 Stone Grey 14. 9003 Blood Red 15. 9001 Red Brick 16. 9110 Oiled Leather 17. 9023 Imperial Purple 18. 29827 Griffon Tan 19. 29808 Golden Yellow 20. 9029 Earth Brown 21. 9148 Ghoul Skin 22. 9150 Bloodless Skin 23. 9013 Forest Green 24. 29806 Fireball Orange 25. 9075 Buckskin Pale 26. 9122 Terran Khaki 27. 9061 Linen White 28. 9049 Ancient Bronze 29. 9051 New Gold 30. 9054 Polished Silver 31. 9078 Surf Aqua 32. 9044 Tanned Skin 33. 9225 Redstone Highlight 34. 9164 Dark Elf Skin 35. 9072 Rust Brown 36. 29817 Winter Blue 37. 29820 Gem Purple 38. 29837 Armor Grey 39. 9005 Phoenix Red 40. 9020 Twilight Blue 41. 9008 Sun Yellow 42. 9143 Yellowed Bone 43. 29813 Bright Turquoise 44. 9083 Highlands Moss 45. 9026 Violet Red 46. 29826 Desert Tan 47. 9068 Rosy Skin 48. 29832 Concrete Grey 49. 9055 Breonne Blue 50. 29828 Woodland Brown 51. 29830 Ruddy Brown 52. 29803 Entrail Pink 53. 9242 Carrot top Red 54. 09268 Volcano Brown
  11. I'll be on in about 10-15 minutes to larp as a Daywalker for a bit.
  12. Guindy's mention of purple for shading and Xherman's mention of green raise an interesting point - which is that sometimes there is more than one correct way to do a thing. Being fresh, you will find there is quite a lot of information! It can be overwhelming, so I suggest breaking things down into bits and starting simple. As you get used to it, you'll find questions. Some you may solve on your own, some you'll have to ask about or look up. That's the learning curve, finding trouble and figuring out how to untrouble it. As you pick through solutions and try things out you'll find out which ones you like best. This will build your style. Steal all the ideas that you like! And if you're curious, I shade red using colours closer to brick brown.
  13. This is a trick question, because the answer depends on whether he framed his birth certificate or was framed by it.
  14. It'll cost you 2 bars of gold-pressed latinum to find out. Make it 3 bars.