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  1. My funny faces just look like normal faces. This hooman disguiz is busted!
  2. Hey, he chose to weaponize me with Taco Bell.
  3. ESPECIALLY that thing.
  4. I also went on the factory tour, and touched everything in Bryan's office. Everything.
  5. Well... As near as I can figure, a random couple dropped in carrying taco bell and Bryan accosted them, stole a taco for me, then a whole bunch of people watched me eat it. It was glorious.
  6. I have now had Funyuns. Also I saved a partha Bonesnapper from melt table doom. Dixongrfx did me a big solid in helping convert canuck bucks to Real Money so I can continue my rescue efforts.
  7. I lost wifi for a bit, but yeah. I did eventually escape DFW. Met lots of great people, seem to have a few fans. A whole bunch of non-forumites must be wondering who the hell this Buglips people keep talking about is.
  8. Yes. Also this airport is a panopticon.
  9. I'm here. Now to find people.
  10. I have made it to Montreal, going through pre-customs now. Jeebus, what a zoo. Cleared for dallas. I'm on my way.
  11. I have made it to Montreal, going through pre-customs now.
  12. Through security np, on my way.
  13. nvm, figured it out. boarding pass acquired
  14. Homeland Security needs the hotel info. Which one has thw fire pit? I can't remember which we're staying at.
  15. I have been completely indifferent to my imminent travel outside of doing what things are necessary to make it go smoothly and trouble-free. My mom, on the other hand, is reacting to my Texas trip like I'm shipping off for a tour in Afghanistan. I have never, in my whole life, had somebody so up my butt about something. Just relax! The evil part of me wants to text her from the plane: There's a gremlin on the wi