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  1. Sanael

    77019: Orc Swordsman

    Happy accidents are still happy! I think a lavender or desaturated pale blue glaze could bring you into the grey range without losing the really nice lumosity your highlights have, but if you're not desperate for the grey tone, I think it's great as-is.
  2. Sanael

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    All the original art! Lovely stuff. I'm jealous of all of it. We have a signed Elmore, a poster-sized numbered print of his cover of Dragons of Spring Dawning. A few prints of some Magic artists: RK Post's "Lightning Angel" and Chris Moeller's "Sower of Temptation." And an original piece by Ryan Yee: a fairy token for my Modern Deck. And a Dave Wachter print of a gorgeous Wonder Woman he did, and an original postcard-sized TMNT Raphael he did for me at a Free Comic Book Day event. Oh! And an Ukiyo-E Heroes woodblock print of "A Hero Rests," their Link and Epona image. These are all currently in storage while we make the appropriate walls more suitable for hanging stuff, so no pictures right now. Aside from the Wachter stuff and the Yee token, they're all easy to search up if you just want to see the images.
  3. Sanael

    77019: Orc Swordsman

    Just seeing this for the first time. Man, I dig that skin! Nice work going in on the strap, too.
  4. Sanael

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    I knew she did 2d work, but hadn't seen any that wasn't on one of her minis. Those are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them.
  5. Sanael

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    You are correct! It is indeed the Clemente bridge, the westernmost of Pittsburgh's "three sisters!" I included that photo because the view is part of a really enjoyable bike route that I sometimes take through the city... Starting at the East end, following the Monongahela to downtown, across the Fort Duquesne bridge to the north shore of the Allegheny and past the ballpark and stadium, back across the 30th St. bridge and through the city back to the starting point. Great morning ride! (Although the photo was taken in the late afternoon) Gorgeous! ... And if it's a red dawn you want, my deck can provide... ... Maybe "favorite sunrise/set" should be a future GTKY question. I'd love to see everyone's!
  6. Sanael

    Kuzunoha, the fox of Shinoda by Elder Forge

    The fox isn't that interesting to me, but I appreciate the kasaobake! Weird Japanese yokai make for the best mimics!
  7. Sanael

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    A perfect day requires a lot of words, so... It starts like this: Has some of this: Something like this: And ends like this: ...With a specific mix of people involved.
  8. Sanael

    Hasslefree USA?

    I wish that were an option. But alas, we must all live somewhere. One day, man will colonize Luna and Mars, and shipping across the Atlantic will be trivial. THAT is good to know. None of this is anything I need "today," so a wait for April is certainly doable. I wondered. There are a few pieces that have shown "out of stock" on their site for a while, but are also in the "new" sections (so presumably not discontinued). Coupled with the news/FB posts on the front page, I thought they might be behind. Small shop, no surprise. And again, I'm not in a hurry, so...
  9. Sanael

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    The real question is, did you cook bacon in the cast iron first, wipe the grease up onto the sides, then pour the cornbread batter over the still-warm grease? Many cornbread recipes are good, some are even AS good, but I still haven't found any that actually beat Jiffy-in-a-bacon-pan.
  10. Sanael

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    I can't believe I forgot! One of the books I loved growing up (even as a child, despite my mother claiming she "always thought the pics were a bit naughty") was the 1919 edition of E.A.Poe's "Tales of Mystery and Imagination," with illustrations by Harry Clarke. The long, angular style of his anatomy is the aesthetic of my most enjoyable nightmares, and the intricacy of his textures gave me hours of exploration into each plate. This is the plate for my favorite Poe story, "The Cask of Amontillado:" And the plate for "Ligeia" also graced the book's cover: I've often thought of his style as "Klimt and Gorey had a collective nightmare." The timing is entirely wrong for Gorey, but Clarke and Klimt were contemporaries. Clarke also did illos for an edition of "Faust," and several other things besides, all with the same creepyglam style. But where he truly made his money was in windows. His windows are throughout Ireland, many in Dublin. This is a detail of "The Baptism of Christ," one of several he did on the subject:
  11. Sanael

    The Somewhat Modified Mushroom Troll a la Mollog

    I love this. I'm currently running my players through a dungeon filled with kobold skeletons animated by intelligent fungus. This is much how I imagine them to appear, except, you know, kobolds instead of a troll. Love the color.
  12. Sanael

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    Ooooooh kay...heeere we go: Elmore, Parkinson, Law, yes yes and yes. Already covered, no problem. Vallejo, Royo, yep I like them, too. Wayne Reynolds is hot or cold for me. Some of his stuff I love (Ashling the Pilgrim for MtG's Lorwyn block), but a lot of it is too busy for my taste. So glad Alphonse Mucha is already in this thread. Superb artist, beautiful work. Rebecca Guay makes me happy. Clarence Holbrook Carter was an American artist from the 1930s through the 50s. His start, during the Great Depression, was fairly documentarian, but he developed a surreal streak that I love. He understood shadows work a fluency I don't often see. His "War Bride" is one of the most arresting pieces of art I've ever seen, the first time I turned the corner and saw it at the Carnegie Museum of Art I just stopped for a good five minutes, stunned. This won't do it justice (it's a 3x5 foot canvas), but here: Chris Moeller has done a lot of illustration for fantasy properties, especially MtG, and some comics. He wrote and painted a stellar Wonder Woman book called "A League of One" and also his own property, a very good sci-fi bit called "Iron Empires." Moeller is absolutely a painter, unafraid of very physical brushwork. Even images of stillness carry the potential of action. My favorite Wonder Woman is his, it used to be at the now homeless Toonseum, I hope it's being stored or displayed well. It's about a 4x6 canvas, iirc. Big, anyway. Here is "Diana:" And Dave Wachter has done a lot of work as well, though he's probably best known right now for his incredible work on the Godzilla and TMNT comic books. I love his very precise lines combined with spreading, atmospheric ink washes. Here's an illustration he did after The Odyssey:
  13. Sanael

    Hasslefree USA?

    Well, I guess I've been set straight I think my big concern is that I'm mostly looking to get only a couple of minis, and I figure I'd rather have my shipping costs be less than 50% of my product costs. Only one solution... Order more minis! Thanks everyone.
  14. Sanael

    Hasslefree USA?

    Anybody have a current line on Hasslefree in the United States? I know Fantization used to carry them, but not any more. Noble Knight has a small selection, but not what I need. And obviously I can order direct, but the Atlantic is an unreasonable multiplier on shipping costs, in my experience. Also, for as long as I've been on these forums you'd think I'd have noticed this before, but it's odd to me there's not a specific forum for "non-Reaper manufacturer discussion." This topic in particular could fit in at least three different forums without really being 100% on-topic for any of them, and could be a logical off-topic fit in a couple others.
  15. Sanael

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    Spring and summer are very busy theater seasons for me, so I often drop off the forums for 3-6 months at a time. Usually I'll drop in a little in that time, but not much.