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  1. They doubled up on monsters September-October, so they needed to even out the adventurers to get six of each. I love this one. Super excited that she'll be the only DD I get for free this year...2018 has been bad for buying minis at my house.
  2. Sanael

    Kar Drakir & Dragonman Warrior (Bones)

    These guys look great. Nicely done with the weapon modifications. For the shield, here's some thoughts: 1. In keeping with your vampiric theme, it could summon or project a swarm of bats. Sounds kinda weak, but bats can get in the way of things, cause small wounds to set up stuff that cares about wounded targets, flank and generally be a distraction. 2. Summon a shadow or several. Given the darkly angelic look of the shield, these could be flavored as having wings and all. Similar use as the bats above, but a bit stronger. 3. I like shields that punish you for hitting the shield. If the shield grants the bearer +3AC, for example, then any melee attack missing the bearer's total AC by 3 or less (or rolling a 1, if you're so inclined) makes a saving throw against the shield's effect*. For this shield, I'd suggest a visual effect of shadowy wings enveloping the attacker for a moment, leaving shadow feathers stuck in the eyes. That's all flavor, the ultimate mechanical effect is Blindness. *The idea being that missing by more than 3 means you hit the worn armor or whiffed entirely. It's an abstraction of actual shield use, but then the whole game is an abstraction.
  3. In this post: Sushi Go Party and Forbidden Sky. I didn't get any pictures, but last night we played Sushi Go with my parents. It went well. My dad wasn't too sure about it, but I think he would have liked it better if we'd used one of the more complicated menus; the starter menu is really non-interactive. Mom was fully on board with drafting desserts. It was their first card drafting game. As a long time Magic player and a long time 7Wonders player, I am really looking forward to some of the more complicated or interactive menus. I suspect this will be an excellent addition to our gaming laptop for casual nights and our NYE party. Tonight we played Forbidden Sky, the most recent addition to the Forbidden Island series. It was a rough first go, as my parents haven't played anything like it, ever, but I really like this game. Not only is it a good extension of the franchise (both in theme and in gameplay), but there is also ACTUAL HANDS ON SCIENCE happening. Super simple science, but science nonetheless. You actually have to build a working electrical circuit to win! So cool! Gameplay is very similar to the rest of the franchise: each player has so many actions, then something terrible happens, repeat; try to assemble or gather stuff to win; work together or lose. I think Forbidden Sky is likely the most complex decision tree of the three, and is therefore the most punishing of groups who don't communicate. I like it a bunch. Also, the game has farraday cages. What's not to like?
  4. Sanael

    Sauriana Miniatures Game

    Ok, so... Here's my question: And here's the response: So, the lack of attention to detail in their pledge text is a bit off-putting. The smaller-than-advertised big box isn't a problem for me, but the confusion is, a bit. The bigger issue, to me, is that the response to my second question looks an awful lot like the early days of miniature Kickstarters, with creators not recognizing the cost of stretch goals and getting hit with predictable but unexpected production costs when their project went from 10 minis for 500 backers to 40 minis for 10,000 backers. Not that these stretch goals are quite that bad, but still. I'll continue watching, but I'm not sold yet.
  5. Sanael

    Sauriana Miniatures Game

    Yeah, those rules look a bit clunky. I'll admit I'm mostly interested in the minis, though. And yeah, the stretch goals and low funding seem problematic, I've backed for a dollar and asked about that. I'll update here if there's an answer.
  6. Sanael

    Sauriana Miniatures Game

    Ok, so.... Steampunk. Freakin'. Dinosaurs. With some actual history thrown in, what with the Dinosaur Wars and all. I'm a little concerned about the first-time project, anyone else see any particular red flags? Because this thing looks awesome and I want to believe.
  7. Hmm. It's only six letters, so it's odd they misspelled my name... Cool piece. Set to remind me.
  8. Parents are in town for Thanksgiving, so we're playing a bunch of Carcassonne. Yesterday we played our first game with the Big Top expansion, and after a trip today to an FLGS for Small Business Saturday, today we tried the Count, King and Bandit expansion. This game included the Inns and Cathedrals, Mayor, Barn, and Phantom expansions (we pretty well never play without those), as well as the push-your-luck Sheep expansion. I really love the circus expansion. It provides some crazy point opportunities and a super focused flavor. Using both the Shepherd and the Phantom alongside the circus might inflate things a bit (this was probably my highest-scoring game ever, I won with 361 points against three other players), but it wasn't un-fun. The Count expansion, with the giant Central City on the board, allows for some interesting point stealing or sharing possibilities. It's a really interesting expansion with some cool point-grab options for people who pay attention. Depending on how cutthroat your group is, you'll either want to always mention the Count triggers, or else force your opponents to notice them. Pretty interesting, but not nearly as easy to grasp as the circus, and much more thematically abstract. I also finally own a copy of Sushi Go Party, so tomorrow we'll play that!
  9. Sanael

    Happy Birthday chaosscorpion

    Hearty, hale and happy birthday! Enjoy! Sorry if I saw it a little late!
  10. Sanael

    What's on TV?

    New Daredevil is best Daredevil. This season is a slower start, but it does a great job with character development on all counts. Kingpin is great, and I. Love. Dex. The way they've taken about 40 years of disparate Bullseye events from the comics and condensed it to a single coherent story is maybe the best comic-to-TV adaptation I've seen.
  11. Sanael

    Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    That druid is coming along wonderfully. I love the tree!
  12. Not much time today, still getting the desk set for a quick switch from work mode to paint mode. I lay in the groundwork for the couatl's base. The broccoli provided by the original sculpt was a somewhat noncommittal briar patch of texture, so I decided to make it a patch of fire surrounding the figure. To that end, I augmented the sculpt with liquitex molding paste, several years ago. Since I run Eberron, I had initially thought to make this puddle of flame a silver fire... But I decided that A) not every Couatl my PCs will meet is an ambassador of the Silver Flame, and B) silver fire is worker going to come out looking like a dull gray mass or be really difficult/time consuming for something I want to clear of the table in a hurry. So rainbow fire it is! My plan is to start with red nearest the figure, then do concentric rings of color as we move toward the edge of the base. So I mixed up some pastels and made the pale base of the flame: a ring of yellow for the warm colors, a narrow band of pale green, and a swath of lavender for the coolest colors. I'll start pulling up the more intense color next time. Thanks for your thoughts! That's similar to where my brain has been leaning on this. Something pale for the armor will also facilitate the Jedi symbol I want to freehand on her shoulders.
  13. Hmm. The new position also had the added benefit(?) of looking like an actual physical thing that a cape can do. I think it's no less dramatic, for all that it's a little less ...dra-magic. That was awful and I'm not sorry. The point is, I like it. I'm actually wondering whether the end near his right hand might actually connect to his hand or wrist if the angle of the arm were higher. Cool!
  14. Sanael

    14143: Kara Foehunter, Dwarf Hero

    I really love this Klockian dwarf, and I ree-eee-hee-ally love the play of warms and cools you've given her. She is a bit of a looming presence in that group shot. But hey, every race has its outliers, and it seems like as good a hook for an adventurer as any.
  15. Nothing quite so drastic. But this has been a very busy year for theater (which is good, I like acting and directing), so I've had a lot of actual work to do during lunch. If this sort of thing keeps up, I may just go the route of Stern, vanishing from the forums during the warmer months (although I think he was playing golf). Given that the lightsabers will be blue and the floor will be a polished black, I'm trying to decide what to do with her armor plates. I'm thinking black or white, though I could just do the same blue-grey of her cloth. Anyone have thoughts?