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  1. Sanael

    Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    Part of me wants to see a tortoise reaching behind its back, either pulling something out of or putting something in to a secret hinged panel on its shell. A hooded shinobi would be cool. A hooded tortoise using a set of shuko (climbing claws) is hilarious in my mind, but I don't see a lot of shuko-using minis, so it would be a unique take on ninja minis (even moreso than just being a tortoise). A tortoise dressed like a peasant with a broom, but with the broom separated to show there's a hidden sword inside would be pretty cool, and totally in keeping with historical ninja tactics. On the humorous side, you could go the Metal Gear hiding-in-a-box route and just sculpt the limbs folded up into the shell. Maybe with one of the forelimbs holding a knife. "Don't mind me, I'm just a rock!" I really love the druid, and I can't wait to see the cleric. These will be really fantastic.
  2. I really love the armor on her. Very cool. And I would also like to hear your judge-thoughts.
  3. I love this use for this mini. Perfect. Well done on the heavy patina, too.
  4. A reasonable suggestion. I'm ashamed to say that I have somehow failed to see John Wick. I don't understand this, either, but it's true. My understanding is that it might indeed give AB a run for its money, but I just don't know yet. That said (although it isn't necessarily related to the fights, especially since I hear Reeves did a TON of work for Wick) in my book, there is no criteria by which Keanu Reeves is better than Charlize Theron.
  5. I LOVELOVELOVE Atomic Blonde. For my part, I don't care much about the question of "realism" in fights. I care about how the fights support the show... Realistic and historical technique can be a part of that, but far from all. The fights in Atomic Blonde fit very well within the world, they all had clear narrative that provided forward momentum to both the fight itself from moment to moment and to the overall plot. I thought they were a logical extension of both the circumstances within the story and the cinematic period to which the movie paid homage. All in all, as a fight director, Atomic Blonde is easily in my top five favorite fight movies, and I think my favorite of any fight movie made within the last decade*. I need to watch it again, but I would happily talk about it for hours (and did, in the week after I first saw it... I'm a bit of a nerd**.) *This is an admittedly bold statement which has not been thoroughly researched. There are a few movies which may be newer than I remember. **Duh.
  6. Sanael

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    Hmm. With all the restrictions, I dunno. If I'm a muggle in the HP world, that's not much different than my life now. If I'm not a super in DC's Metropolis, I'm just an office drone waiting for Darkseid to get thrown through my building. With a slight time frame shift, I could see going to one of Heinlein's or Asimov's worlds, but in my same occupation? No thanks. I guess the best I could really do is to move into the Star Trek continuity. We're still about 50 years out from Cochrane's warp drive, but at least it's on its way. Of course, the Eugenics wars haven't ended, and WWIII is right around the corner, so that's no good, either. So, every option is either no different or worse? Guess I'll stay here. Edit because my phone posted before I was done.
  7. Sanael

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    From my phone, photos taken this year... Sunsets, pizza and faerie nests. If one of these doesn't get you to crack a smile, I'm not sure what to do.
  8. Wow!! Those eyes! Looking forward to the progression on these.
  9. Sanael

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    I live off the "unread content" button. Soon, my theater season will won't down and I'll start up my lunch session WIPs, and that will be a near-daily update. Otherwise, I pay a lot of attention to the Show Off threads and WiPs, but I don't post a lot. I only view the forums on my phone, so posting takes a while, and I tend toward the verbose (especially in show off or WiP threads), so I often just forgo posting because it will take forever. And I spend far too much (time, money, whatever) perusing the Kickstarter forum. Obviously, I check this every day, though I don't always respond.
  10. Sanael

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    I really enjoy the thought experiment stage of planning. The idea of what this mini should be. In actual execution, I love the "Zen trance" of the hobby. I hit it when assembling, sculpting or painting, but only if I have a block of time with nothing else going on. That moment where you put the brush (or xacto, or colour shaper) down and realize it's now dark outside and the last time you stood up was to eat lunch.
  11. Neither would I. But I would like to see the ship from which we're sourcing 10-foot belaying pins.
  12. Even if Disney doesn't go after them, the celebrities involved could certainly sue over likeness rights. And several of the "models" wouldn't have to worry about international law to do it.
  13. Sanael

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    Somewhat serendipitous that this was the weekends quest... Because it ended up being my weekend quest anyway, independent of the forums. We moved into our house about 18 months ago, which means we're still not really moved in. In the old place (there are photos on the forum somewhere), we had enough space in the craft room to set up a large table where we could both sit and paint. Although we gained square footage in the move, we lost a bit for the craft area, and the painting space has looked like this: Not very inspiring, and the table became more of a "flat surface for game related stuff" than a "place to relax and create." So this weekend we made a trip to IKEA. There are now a bunch of rolly carts of shelves in a nearby closet, and we have a bunch of paint racks that ... someone... needs to build, but basically we've made this a multifunctional space. The table you can see against the wall rolls out into the room when it's time to paint, and goes away when it's not. There will be paint racks ( we bought in on the Impudent Mortal THEO Kickstarter) hanging above the table's parking space and the far wall of the alcove (sun comes in that window at an angle and doesn't hit that wall). The cabinets along the long wall contain gaming consoles, and the photo is taken from a very comfy couch, so one of us can paint while the other plays games and we can still be in the same space. We can't currently paint simultaneously in this room, but we may wind up with another of those tables if we need to. Oh, the table and cabinets are all Ikea's Fjallbo, if anyone likes it enough to want your own.
  14. Welcome back. Glad to know your time away was full of adventure and love, even if it had its share of adversity, too. Beautiful sign.