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  1. Thanks! I find that horizontal stripes are difficult for all the reasons you mentioned. Vertical stripes, since they fit into the vertical folds of the drapery, are a little easier. Once I placed the verticals, the horizontals are a bit simpler. But it was still...fun...to figure out some of their placements.
  2. Worked on the barmaid. Finished all the basecoats and worked on some shadows on her skin and apron. Not sure about her hair. Red seems reasonable for a lass in plaid, but I'm not sure how it will play with the other colors. Blonde would pull the bright of the apron up to her face. Any thoughts? Oh, don't mind her eyes, I just haven't painted in the whites. She won't actually be a black-souled demoness!
  3. 14093: Finari, Crusaders Hero

    So, the waves are horizontal, so as you say, they have a frown and a smile. In actual chainmail (assuming a 4in1 pattern), you get the same thing, as each row of rings will alternate with either the top or bottom of the ring slanted outward. The outermost part of each ring will catch the most light...so a tiny dot of your brightest highlight at the peak of each frown and the bottom of each smile will create that illusion. You don't want to drybrush this, that will just get highlight everywhere. Keep the overall image of horizon/sky, but these tiny pinpoints will make it appear the image is made of many small objects. The only thing I could think otherwise would be to forgo the SENMM effect on the chainmail entirely, but use the wave pattern to create highlights and shadows. So maybe the smiles are all bright while the frowns are all dark, or vice versa. And you could reverse that scheme in certain places to accentuate the waves in the "cloth."
  4. I do love this thread! I haven't read all 100+ pages, though...so I apologise if this has been mentioned. But I assume you're aware of the Freebooter Amazon faction by Werner Klocke? And you're on the right side of the pond to get them... Really enjoying the stories I've read. Brilliant work!
  5. 14093: Finari, Crusaders Hero

    This is an awesome project. I love Finari, and I've been thinking about a similar conversion for a different mini, so I love this thread for a lot of reasons. For your NMM chainmail...I personally think part of the issue is that you're treating the whole drape of chain as a single object. Assuming that every link in the chainmail is also chrome (or chrome-ish), it wouldn't reflect as a single object...each link would reflect an image. Which means each link would have a bright horizon line, a dark ground shadow, and dark adjacent-ring shadows. And while the overall effect might be similar to what you have (because each ring would reflect light based on it's own angle, so the ones nearer the ground would reflect less sky, etc.), It would be more like a photomosaic than a single image. Which sounds really complicated! But I think you could get away with leaving what you have, and just adding some tiny bright specks where each ring's horizon line would be. A gloss coat might accomplish some of that effect, but only if the mail is really well defined. I also wonder if it might not be more visually interesting if you played with contrast and painted the chainmail as though it were oiled or blued, so the plate barding is bright and shiny and the mail is dark. My tuppence, hope some of my rambling is useful to you! The plate looks top notch, so I'm looking forward to the rest!
  6. 02178: Knight Templar with Royal MacKenzie Tartan

    Having just done some plaid myself, that is some really nice plaid. Jerk of a player, though.
  7. See, that's how I feel about Alien. I am fully in agreement with both these statements.
  8. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    Snack? Really, it's peanut butter, honey and thinly-sliced banana between a couple slices of good whole-grain bread. Best "energy bar" around! Lately, I'm also fond of filling a small ramekin with semisweet chocolate chips, then scooping up a spoonful of peanut butter, and dipping the PB into the chips for each bite. It does not make me an attractive human, really, but it's easy and tasty.
  9. Oh, I agree wholeheartedly that Alien didn't need a sequel. But I actually really love that, given the decision to make a sequel, they went with a totally different kind of story and genre rather than trying to catch the same lightning again. More franchises would do well to note that idea*. And yes, though I love the franchise as a whole, most of that love is built on my affinity for the first movie...after the second, each has been progressively less satisfying. *Which is why I'm excited about the various Star Wars Story movies... opportunity to use the SW world, but tell something other than yet another hero's journey rehash (my feelings about Rogue One aside, I have high hopes for the non-trilogy SW. Bring on "Kenobi!")
  10. You know, I like Capaldi's Doctor. I like Bill. I like Nardole. I Missy. I like a lot of the things in this season. I just don't like any of them together, and I don't know what they're all doing mashed into the same trifle together. But you should at least be pleased by the one episode with pulpy Martian Redcoats, right?
  11. "Alien" is definitely a horror/suspense movie (and is firmly in my top 3 favorite movies of all time). "Aliens" is decidedly more action/suspense (and is, I think, a top-notch film in it's own right, the genre just isn't as much my cuppa). But I think it's a good progression: you meet the Thing What's Awful and have your butt handed to you, then you try to take the fight to it on your terms. Pretty reasonable sequence of events, even if from the audience standpoint we know it won't go well. I will look forward to seeing the latest War of the World's installment. Whenever that chunk of the BBC makes it's way across the pond (currently watching Capaldi's final season as the Doctor, gives you an idea where my BBC backlog is).
  12. The plastic models have more parts than necessary, but are well keyed and easy to assemble, so grabbing a couple of starter boxes wouldn't be too bad. It will take a little time, but Assembly shouldn't be frustrating. It's a fun game and they do great organised play support if you have a FLGS. The metal models from PrivPress have always been notorious for bizarre multipart assembly. I have assembled single human figures with parts in the double digits. The gencon "beer model" in 2017 was the "Voltaic Vixen." I'd guess that's what you have...a woman, one hand on her hip, the other holding a staff with a steam whistle on the end, boots that look like bell-bottoms and a midriff-baring chestplate? (Called "beer models" because there's a local-to-Gencon brewery that makes a PrivPress-themed beer each year in conjunction with the model)
  13. I love a lot of what Patrick sculpts...and this is possibly my favorite lady he's ever sculpted. You're doing lovely work as always, such expressive face-work! Can't wait to see the rest (especially your hinted-at velvet!)
  14. If only! Of the batch I posted yesterday, most were all painted at home over the long weekend. Probably 8 hours of paint, all told, over two days, to get the Cultists, Emerald Claw lieutenants, and cart driver done.
  15. Random Rainbow Dragon No 2: Stormwing

    Welcome to the cult of purple and teal! This dragon looks awesome! Nice base, too.