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  1. Barrow Warden Lord #03653

    True, no matter what level you currently claim! You still have all the theory and technique, and it shows in this piece. Certainly you need practice to get back in top form, but I look forward to seeing how you spend those hours!
  2. Today was more skin, I'm in a good place with it now although I'll likely come back to it periodically as I paint the jack and his shoulder-bumps. I also based his hair/headquills and chin-spikes...I've never been sure what Trollblood "hair" is meant to be, it looks more flexible than horn and far thicker than hair. But the orange is a good contrast to the blue skin. I think I'll treat his shoulder-bumps the same way, as though it were body-hair. The Pyg is in pretty good shape, too. I like where his skin is after pulling it back up from yesterday's glaze-mishap. The barrel is basecoated in Blackened Brown, and it makes a big difference not having that giant chunk of bare primer over his head (leather bracers and ankle-wraps are also Blackened Brown).
  3. Barrow Warden Lord #03653

    love that bronze...your brushwork is in great form!
  4. If movies have taught me anything*, it's that anything in a fridge will be safe, even if you nuke it...** *yes, even movies that don't exist ** this should all be in purple, I guess, but that is too hard on my phone...
  5. @Akiosama, I'm not sure yet if it's a fondness, per se...but I do like painting stripes, and this is just a bunch of stripes. I have seen the new Piper, and she is quite nice...I have a Darksword frog that may get some plaid on a bagpipe-fish-thing, and there's a little bagpiping dwarf from the second or third Bones KS...so even if I don't get the minicrate piper, I have some plaid options... Yesterday, I spent more time on the trolls' skin. Mostly some very high highlights (almost pure Ghost White) and some more deep shadows (Corporeal Shadow+Gem Purple, leaning to the CP). I'm quite annoyed by the pyg, as I got his skin to a really nice place and then did a glaze to help blend, but the glaze wasn't watered enough, so I basically went back to square one with him. Blerg. Hopefully will finish up Borka's skin today.
  6. Just a quick update to say, no paint today...not only was it the office Thanksgiving feast, but also everyone upriver seems to be clearing their desks in anticipation of next week's holiday...which means everything is gathering like so much silt in the delta that is my inbox.
  7. A Few Spiders

    looks great! These are a little shiny, I think, but if that's on purpose for a glossy chitin, I buy it. I would definitely put these on my table to frighten a few PCs ( and one of my players, but that's ok...just motivates him to roll more 20's!)
  8. First Shot at Spiders

    "Agrax" Earthshade. And yes, the Citadel shades do a nice job serving as premixed washes...though I like the Secret Weapon washes a bit better. And I see these are in Show Off, so I'll go talk more there...
  9. Aeris, Female Elf Ranger (77405)

    I think this is a really awesome first go. You have good brush control and you already have a start on feathering and layering for shadows and highlights. You'll often hear the triune mantra, "Higher Highlights, Deeper Shadows, Smoother Blends." I personally think the third part of that is the best place to focus for a new painter. Smaller brushstrokes when feathering highlights in, plus the application of glazes in your midtone, can help move you in that direction. You already have a good start, the big thing now is just to keep painting. I'll also say, if you want to spend hours on these forums, be sure to visit the Work in Progress threads. There are some phenomenal artists on these boards, and many are incredibly giving of their knowledge. Corporea is a first-rate painter and her WiPs are usually very detailed; same goes for Kuro Cleanbrush. Guindyloo and Buglips are doing a joint WiP right now with some great process for new painters. Knarthex is doing a Demogorgon right now that looks awesome, and if you want to see some cool dioramas come together look for Ub3rN3rd's threads. I could name a hundred others (and I'll point at the links in my sig ).These are great for inspiration and for theory, since most forumites will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about their threads. Even if you think a technique is too advanced for you right now, I guarantee it's grounded in work that will help you no matter what level your painting is. Of course, all the theory won't help unless you paint and post. If you want critical commentary, make sure you ask for it; we forumites love to play the cheerleader and will usually err on the side of 100% positive feedback unless a post specifies the desire for genuine critique. Looking forward to seeing your work!
  10. Nothing on Borka today; it was all about the barwench and her plaid. She already had the dark red bars and stripes, so I started today with the blue. This is the midtone mix of Borka's skin (Dragon Blue+a teensy bit of Ghostly Moss) with a touch of Corporeal Shadow to blend it to the background: Then I used the same mix without the Corporeal Shadow to add little bright spots of blue at the intersections of the bars and stripes. This really picked up the plaid look, I'm happy with where this is headed. There's a lot of unevenness to these lines, both the red and blue. I'll want to be a lot neater about this on Borka, but for a townie NPC and an experiment I'm not too worried. Next time I come back to her I'll hit the red intersections and then the red and blue intersections. First, I want to get back to Borka and finish his skin.
  11. 77077 Finari, Female Paladin

    looks good. I love this sculpt, it is really too bad the Bones molds do that to her face...I had the same issue. the brown lump covering her left buttock is a belt pouch, so you did well in making it brown leather. For the yellow metals, they look nice, but you can go higher with the highlights and use a brown transparent glaze to shade, just as you would with nonmetallics. My golds usually go up to a silver metallic at the highest, and opaque brown at the darkest end.Your purple armor can do the same thing, but I think could use even more metallic to sell the shine. remember that metal isn't shiny where light isn't hitting it, so the shadows should not have any glitter in the paint. Also, don't forget to basecoat with regular paint before putting down metallics! A different undercoat can really change the personality of a metallic paint, because most metallics are fairly translucent aside from the sparkly flakes.
  12. Aeris, Female Elf Ranger (77405)

    welcome welcome! It's a really stellar first go, congrats on getting bit by the miniaturist bug! Definitely looking forward to your next piece; don't worry about a fancy photo setup...just good light and a focused camera and we'll see just fine. And eventually, poke around the shutterbug forum and figure out a good setup for you! The important thing is that you're painting and posting...and having fun!
  13. Werebat: 03791

    Nice work, an excellent illustration of why Brown Is The Best Color. Nice coffin/woodwork, too.
  14. More work on the skin today, also put in some time on eyes, though they aren't done. Skin was a glaze of Dragon Blue over the lighter end of what I did last Friday, then working up through Dragon Blue + Ghost White. All with a teensy touch of Ghostly Moss for some tealishness. The Pyg didn't get so many highlights, but I feel better about the tidemarks on his back.
  15. Trollbloods

    I am painting Borka right now (WiP thread in my sig, if you are interested) and I am using a mix of RMS colors: Brilliant Blue, Corporeal Shadow, Dragon Blue, Ghostly Moss, and (a light bluish purple that I don't recall the name offhand)EDIT: Gem Purple. it isn't so bluish. It is a purplish purple, but it gets mixed into the blues to be bluish purple. The marine teal triad will do some good work, but I think either Dragon or Brilliant Blue would be a necessary mix for the "studio" blue. I believe Corporeal Shadow is a limited edition color, but a mix of Nightmare Black and Walnut Brown should be fairly close.