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  1. Sanael

    Getting to Know You, June 2018

    Ooh, I'll play on this one! My desk is crowded... There's all my paint stuff that lives on the desk, includes an Ottlite, wet palette, brush easel and a few other tools (minis and paint, when not in use, live on a shelf under the desk). Near the paint stuff is an electric kettle, cast iron teapot and tea canisters. There's a Playmobil pirate ship in one corner, with a nearby finger puppet of Shakespeare. Center of the desk, there's a LEGO-framed photo of Nissiana and me at our wedding, flanked by my POP! totems: Raphael (the turtle, not the painter; I don't think Funko has made a Renaissance artists series), Wonder Woman and a xenomorph. Also Arya Stark, though I don't think of her as a totem (just a totally BAMFy character). I still need to find a non-bobble-headed POP Spider-Man. Then, there's another shelf in the corner, where I have a calendar (my dad takes excellent photos and makes a calendar each year, this year it's from my parents' trip to Ireland) and a pencil cup. The pencil cup is a gargoyle.
  2. Yeah, this one must have been second edition, because it came with two rulebooks ("Myth" and "Myth 2.0"). I found it odd that both would be included (if you update your rules, why put the old rules in the box?). There was also a quick start/tutorial adventure included, but it was miserably prescriptive and also very slow, but didn't actually leave us with a useful understanding of the game rules. Lots of moments of, "ok, it says to do that, but it doesn't say why to do that, and the reason isn't easy to find in the main book." I would think a tutorial should at least reference page numbers in the main rules. That said, I took the rule book to work with me (both, since the 2.0 book doesn't clearly state whether it's a full update or a supplement) and spent time going through it, and our second game was much more successful. It will be a good addition to the "too busy to prep D&D this week" game library. Plus, moar minis.
  3. Recently picked up the entire Kickstarter's worth of Myth. Someone who shops at our FLGS hit KS saturation and sold of a bunch of completely sealed games they're received from KS but would never play. Played a couple times now, pretty fun. It's very much a D&D-without-a-DM sort of game. TONS of miniatures, which is the real reason we picked it up, nice minis, too. Other recent plays: Tokaido, Star Trek: Ascendancy. Tokaido is one of the most chill games ever, absolutely beautiful, and rewarding for both my serious-gamer friends and my non-gamer parents. ST:A is a great 4X with a very cool exploration mechanic... And my wonderful friends the Ferengi are available in the expansions as a playable faction! Not too long ago, some friends brought Inis and Scythe over... Both are singularly gorgeous games and both quite fun.
  4. Sanael

    Happy Birthday, Pingo!

    That is an excellent run to have a stack of. Enjoy!
  5. Sanael

    Happy Birthday, Pingo!

    Many happy returns of the day!
  6. Glad she arrived safely!
  7. You can also leave a note on the comments box when you place your order..."I love your freebies, but I don't paint metal! Please don't send me a new Dungeon Dweller, since it won't see any use!" Better still, "I won't paint the free metal mini, please toss it in the next box you pack, with my good wishes!"
  8. @magicalgenie, I received your box! Really fantastic colors on this guy, absolutely lovely! He will see use in my hand quite soon, I'm sure... And likely with the backstory you provided. Great fun. In other news, I left a package in the tender care of the USPS today. Hopefully it will arrive on Friday.
  9. Sanael

    Dung Beetle Knight

    Ok, that's absolutely lovely and I like it a bunch, especially the wings... But where's his ball of dung?! I want to see how you treat that, too!
  10. Sanael

    Four miniatures at various levels of progress

    I'll echo everything @OneBoothas said above, and add that I really hope the halfling gets cast somewhere. She's really fantastic and would fit nicely as an Eberron halfling from the Talenta Plains. All of your faces are really great. There's still enough fleshing out to come, so I'm not certain on this, but the halfling's right hand looks a bit large. It appears that she could stretch her thumb and little finger across her face and touch both ears. The Knight is a really awesome piece, I love how lanky he is. That said, the hand holding his mace is a little awkward. He has a break in his wrist that would significantly weaken his grip if he struck something that way (it may just be the camera angle, but it looks like the dorsal surface of his hand is at a right angle to his forearm rather than in line with it). I really love what you've got in your concept art, and I'm looking forward to seeing the armor on the Archer guy...and more of the magic-lady!
  11. I like this a bunch! Will you use it as a photo stage for future minis? I live on top of a hill with two cemeteries on the slopes... The neighbors are generally quiet: they mostly come out at night. Mostly. Seriously though, I love cemeteries as good places to take a meditative walk, and your scene captures that feel nicely. Although the caretaker needs to take better care of himself, does he ever eat?
  12. Everything I have now is metal. But my pledge was relatively small: I specifically pledged for the Asura, the Piper and the Forest Elemental. So really, only 33% of the things I specifically wanted are done (less if you consider the size of the Elemental)... But I have a use for the goblins coming up, so I figured what the hey. Have him send these. I have found that Jody is quite prompt to respond when you have a specific question, but not great if you're waiting for him to follow up on something. Very friendly in my interactions, but I'll never back another KS of his. Which is a shame, since the minis are really very nice.
  13. Ok! I just received the first few pieces from the *first* Imbrian Arts Kickstarter. For those not familiar: at about the same time as the first Bones KS and the first Kingdom Death: Monster KS, Imbrian launched their original campaign... It went wildly of the rails and has been in a state of non-fulfillment ever since. Jody, the artist behind Imbrian, has been working to catch up for a long time. Some things are done, others are not, and he's made the offer to ship whatever is done to his original backers, then ship other things as they get done. I finally decided to take him up on that offer. I'm pretty pleased with the minis. Some flash, but nothing egregious. The minis themselves are cleanly cast, and the sculpts are crazy detailed and every bit as weird as I expected. There's a lot about the campaign and subsequent years that are a good guide of how NOT to do things in Kickstarter-land, but the end result (so far) is pretty good. The gnoll and the (beautifully bizarre) necromancer bat: Lots of pieces to the gnoll, but it has one of the best UK-punk "I'm gonna cause some severe property damage" looks I've seen on a gnoll, so I like it. The bat is just crazy-creepy. The Shrikes: I got these because he didn't like what he ended up with for the free-with-$x-pledge "forest goblins," and I'm totally ok with that. These have a pretty great Harryhausen-meets-Henson-in-Pan's-Labyrinth vibe. And the Asura: (Not sure why the photo is upside down... Silly phone) One of two reasons I pledged for this KS, and I like her a bunch. Very delicate sculpt, but there are at least two points of contact for each separate piece. This one is weird and lovely and a little haunting. I still have a few pieces coming... eventually. At this point, it's hard to say whether this is all worth the wait: if I'd known how long it would take, I definitely wouldn't have pledged, but now the money is so long spent these are like little free gifts in my mailbox. I'm pleased with the minis, so there's that!
  14. Sanael

    Foods of yester-yore

    There are some great Uneeda ghost signs all over the place. I'm a big fan of this one in the quite-trendy Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, not least because it has several layers of signs, including an ad for tobacco and another for toothpaste: It's actually an ad for a grocery, and it looks like they periodically painted over some things to advertise different products, with Uneeda clearly being a perennial favorite, with pretty clear ghosts of two different instances of the word "biscuit." (The street-level artwork is for the New Amsterdam barstaurant... They added a rooftop deck a couple of years ago and had Dan Kitchener paint a new mural. The Kitchener is spectacular, but the photos tend to focus on the mural and you can't see the ghost sign as well, so today you get the old New Amsterdam skull mural.) Cooking wise, my mother has a German cookbook from before WWII, and an English translation of a Turkish book from shortly before the end of the Ottoman Empire. It is a reprint, but it's still 60 years old or so. Both books were well used when I was growing up. I love spaetzle and borek!