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    Minis painting (though I suppose that's obvious), D&D, cooking, reading, video games. I'm an actor, a stage combatant and a certified geek (not that you didn't already know).

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  1. I don't always drink while I read, nor do I always read when I drink. But I see no reason not to do both when the opportunity arises. But...that's what I do. I drink, and I read things. ...ok, that's not all I do. But it was too good to pass up.
  2. Ok, some time for light reading while waiting for dinner to finish up in the oven. The beer is an IPA, made with the quality expected of Dogfish Head. So, if you like those, or them, it's a good beer. Rucka's "Lazarus" is a nice near-future corporate-military dystopian tale centered on Forever, the Carlyle family's Lazarus, a nigh-immortal super-soldier engaged in espionage and counter-terrorism against the Hock family and their allies. She soon learns, despite the indoctrination of her upbringing, the Carlyle might not be the benevolent rulers she believed. Nice sword fights and gun-fu, also some very tense non-violent moments. "Shutter" follows Kate Kristopher, the last in a line of Gentlefolk Adventurers, as she learns there's more to her heritage than she thought. When you already know your heritage includes evil crocodile bellhops, birthday trips to the Moon, AND airship-deck gunfights with cthulu-plants...well, you know the *surprises* are gonna get interesting. Plus, y'know: punk rock kitsune samurai bounty hunter on a triceratops.
  3. Sanael

    Going Native: From out of the Mists

    The only real disappointment to me was Coaticule(Earth mother). She looks like a stick figure wearing a fake pregnancy belly. But that freed up funds for other models, so I'm still happy. Super excited for a giant hybrid dire crocodile/gibbering mouther!
  4. I also don't usually like fruity beers, but a friend left a few of these over at my house, so... Why not. I ended up liking the beer far more than the book, which was a disappointing reversal.
  5. A few days ago, this happened: Starts out looking like it'll be an (unfortunately rather typical) noble-savage romance romp of the do-I-want-him-or-him variety. Happy to say it turned out to be much more interesting than that. A bit of intrigue, a pleasure-planet allowed to go feral, a telepathic puma... It's got a lot of different things going on. Enjoyable Summer reading, though not much more than that. There's a sequel, which I am reading now. And I also did this: If you enjoyed "Ready Player One," you'll be disappointed that Cline failed to balance the fanboyism and plot as well here. Whether you enjoyed RPO or not, you'll be disappointed that such author-insertive, disjointed, played-out drivel made it past an editor. At least it will make money as a movie (and one is apparently already in the works), but as a book, it's sadly lacking. And tomorrow I start rehearsals for the next show, so reading leisure is likely to come to an end...
  6. All in all, a pleasant evening on the back deck: The beer is an old stand-by, well known to many and easily found if you're somewhere in North America. The book is a really fascinating look at island biology and AI development, set against a starry background. It's like a less violent "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" (Heinlein) hooked up with a less farcical "Galapagos" (Vonnegut). I'm about 3/4 through and enjoying it thoroughly.
  7. Wandering the local grocery in search of a glue stick, I found a display of Kinder Joy, the weird pseudo-pudding-cup replacement for Kinder Eggs we have here in the USA (I'm sure they're distributed elsewhere as well, and there are now Kinder Eggs available, but I digress)... The current batch includes a series for the new (terrible) Jurassic World movie, in which a buyer receives, along with the weird pudding cup thing, a tiny dinosaur which can split apart to reveal a tiny dinosaur skeleton. I thought this was cool, so I picked up three. Got a T-Rex, a velociraptor, and a dimorphodon. The two theropods are pretty nice from both a skeletal standpoint and a not-dead-yet standpoint. The dimorphodon is... disappointing as a fleshy creature, but the skeleton isn't bad. All three are roughly the same size, about the same as a normal human mini. Not a ton of detail, but they'll all pass for skeletal theropods on the table. Not bad at USD 1.50 each: undead dino miniatures, plus chocolate goo with crunchy bits in!
  8. I LOVE this game! One of my favorites to demo back when I managed the toy shop.
  9. Got in a 4-player game of Myth last night. Really good, and better than the two person games we've played. In future, we may have to play two characters each when it's just us at home. Also played a new party game, Poetry Slam. Lots of fun for those with a yen for wordplay.
  10. Those sculpts are pretty cool. Although... Is it just me, or does the woodsy-looking lady have Liefeld feet?
  11. Sanael

    What's on TV?

    WHAT!!! *Rushes to Prime* Callooh, callay! ...now to hope it stays on prime long enough for me to have some time to watch it...
  12. Sanael

    Getting to Know You, June 2018

    Ooh, I'll play on this one! My desk is crowded... There's all my paint stuff that lives on the desk, includes an Ottlite, wet palette, brush easel and a few other tools (minis and paint, when not in use, live on a shelf under the desk). Near the paint stuff is an electric kettle, cast iron teapot and tea canisters. There's a Playmobil pirate ship in one corner, with a nearby finger puppet of Shakespeare. Center of the desk, there's a LEGO-framed photo of Nissiana and me at our wedding, flanked by my POP! totems: Raphael (the turtle, not the painter; I don't think Funko has made a Renaissance artists series), Wonder Woman and a xenomorph. Also Arya Stark, though I don't think of her as a totem (just a totally BAMFy character). I still need to find a non-bobble-headed POP Spider-Man. Then, there's another shelf in the corner, where I have a calendar (my dad takes excellent photos and makes a calendar each year, this year it's from my parents' trip to Ireland) and a pencil cup. The pencil cup is a gargoyle.
  13. Yeah, this one must have been second edition, because it came with two rulebooks ("Myth" and "Myth 2.0"). I found it odd that both would be included (if you update your rules, why put the old rules in the box?). There was also a quick start/tutorial adventure included, but it was miserably prescriptive and also very slow, but didn't actually leave us with a useful understanding of the game rules. Lots of moments of, "ok, it says to do that, but it doesn't say why to do that, and the reason isn't easy to find in the main book." I would think a tutorial should at least reference page numbers in the main rules. That said, I took the rule book to work with me (both, since the 2.0 book doesn't clearly state whether it's a full update or a supplement) and spent time going through it, and our second game was much more successful. It will be a good addition to the "too busy to prep D&D this week" game library. Plus, moar minis.
  14. Recently picked up the entire Kickstarter's worth of Myth. Someone who shops at our FLGS hit KS saturation and sold of a bunch of completely sealed games they're received from KS but would never play. Played a couple times now, pretty fun. It's very much a D&D-without-a-DM sort of game. TONS of miniatures, which is the real reason we picked it up, nice minis, too. Other recent plays: Tokaido, Star Trek: Ascendancy. Tokaido is one of the most chill games ever, absolutely beautiful, and rewarding for both my serious-gamer friends and my non-gamer parents. ST:A is a great 4X with a very cool exploration mechanic... And my wonderful friends the Ferengi are available in the expansions as a playable faction! Not too long ago, some friends brought Inis and Scythe over... Both are singularly gorgeous games and both quite fun.
  15. Sanael

    Happy Birthday, Pingo!

    That is an excellent run to have a stack of. Enjoy!