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  1. I find myself to be unexpectedly deep into Youtube banjo virtuoso country.
  2. The significant otter hoots twice. Many the thurible comprehends.
  3. I would have a hard time justifying the funds for it in light of the Many 20 unpainted figures I already have. This is heresy I know.
  4. This might be the only time I excuse a poster for not posting in the form of a question. Depends. WMOSWMBO?
  5. Bones Ice Devil and Bones Giant Scorpion.
  6. Depends on how many and which of the audience die of internal hemorrhaging. I'm reasonably sure that's a good name for a trad band.
  7. Occasionally I sprocket the hempalope. I wonder if that counts.
  8. O freddled grungbuggly, Are thy micturations unto thee as plurdled gabbleblodgets on a lurgid bee?
  9. In this case it might be for the best. Said spork is acting like a foon.
  10. Some people really really need a kick in the sporks. Just sayin'.
  11. Dunno about that - I remember once driving from Chicago to Minneapolis once during a blizzard - I stopped once at the side of the road to pee behind some bushes, and had to pee again really soon after. With the blizzard, the darkness, and my level of fatigue, I still passed most of that extremely hazardous drive in a video-game state where I could not despite my best efforts remember that this was actually me driving my actual car on an actual road. All this while I desperately had to pee.
  12. Ugh. Last night I dreamed we had a 4y/o placed with us despite us not being foster parents any more, and DSS took our adopted 7y/o because of that placement. We were all really angry and talking with lawyers about lawsuits with Extreme Prejudice. Then our dogs joined the neighbors dogs in singing us the songs of their people. At 2:30 AM. Then I dreamed I was in a pirate world and because someone took an artifact there was a line of burningness traversing the world. I didn't get to shelter in time and was transformed into an aquatic Agents of Shield type Inhuman. It was really fun, until my alarm went off. Uggg.
  13. "20" Considering the sartorial meaning of "frogging", I think he's still safe.
  14. "I am out of my head. I have gone to find myself. If I should return before I get back, please ask me to wait."