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  1. Hot rooibos tea...
  2. Yes indeed.
  3. So you're saying I need to do an article on painting with inks.
  4. We do of course look forward to the results.
  5. That awkward moment when this sentence no verb. In other news, we're introducing the 7yo to MST3K Pod People.
  6. But will you make SLA if SAP isn't MVP?
  7. Maybe they don't care, and they wave their hands in the air.
  8. You...have won this page of the topic.
  9. I keep reading the link at the top as "Undead Content"...
  10. Once it releases the magic smoke, you cannot put it back in.
  11. I've got 14 years on you and I fully understand and condone this behavior.
  12. What if minis are just the condemned spirits from another world, sent to "sleep with the humans?" The really bad ones get sent where they'll be converted. With pliers.
  13. I and my 20 minis would like to take issue with that...
  14. Well, they'd have to be crazy to follow us in. Woodwind Obsessive Acquisition Disorder. It's the folk-musician equivalent of Figmentia.
  15. I'm afraid I succumbed to W.O.A.D.