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  1. R.I.B.B.I.T's secret base is secret for everyone's protection.
  2. Gneissssss....
  3. No. Take nothing for granite, however.
  4. Arr:
  5. I could spend the entire con at that table.
  6. "Distracted by Poop" could be a good name for a mommy-blog, or a horrible name for a band.
  7. No, you're really not. Nor should you be.
  8. Should I base my jackalopes singly on pennies, or multiples on something a bit larger?
  9. That there's quite a damsel in this dress. If you had to be a fairytale character, which would you pick?
  10. Great Kermit's Ghost!
  11. What is your advice to the entrepreneur out to make his fortune by opening up a "Frodentia" kiosk at the mall?
  12. About 5' 10", personally.
  13. You might want to lock your door at night.
  14. If you could be a mini, which one would you be?
  15. So this is don't ask. I assume it's not Don't Tell.