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  1. Proofread because ouch the pain.
  2. When in doubt, assume I meant exactly what I typed.
  3. The voices in my brian are often confusing.
  4. On to rigging EIGHT 64-gun cardstock 1:900 sailing ships...
  5. I can't tell if this is Welsh, autocorrect, or a failure of the on-board broccolizer.
  6. Well, who are they? Patty Gurdy / Storm Seeker, Eluvite, and Cellar Darling.
  7. I had an unexpected but actual moment of real peace this morning while sitting in the car after dropping off the Small Human at school. I'll take it.
  8. Ooh. Do tell?
  9. Really. I mean, Corgies don't paint themselves.
  10. I now know of three metal bands that use hurdies-gurdy. This is a positive development.
  11. Maybe. Yes. Perhaps. The Metallica version is the only one I know. Or genius. It's hard to tell in many cases. FTFY, and what do you have against feet? Bob, agent of R.I.B.B.I.T.
  12. On your hands, if my prior encounters with that viney beast are any indication.
  13. 96 minutes and my work week is done...assuming they don't drop something on me with 15 minutes left like last week.