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  1. Live

    Pretty much, yeah.
  2. In Soviet Russia, you have Matrix. Also, I seem to have affixed the baseplate from the mausoleum to my cutting mat via overapplication of ink/brush-on sealer mixture.
  3. Live

    I NEEED to get that grouper and hybridize it with the large spider demoness.
  4. Huh. My Ink-fu has deserted me today.
  5. Please ignore the shiny and blinking laser-guided Perfectly Normal Midday Celestial Event and step outside for a sec, willya?
  6. I'm beginning to suspect I am.
  7. Mine will NOT STOP licking my legs for some reason.
  8. May the Force be with you, o' course, o' course.
  9. So it appears my favored hat (as defined by the one the Offspring Meatpackage Unit hasn't spilled grape juice on) is a Panama. Cool.
  10. I have twelve silver skulls on 2" bases I need to just finish.
  11. Live

    Or you could use 6077:
  12. If one has a regular horseman and a pair of clippers, this is a stupefyingly simple conversion.
  13. Live

    I would laugh if they included "Optional Rainbow Poop" with a new unicorn. And the Cthonic Brainwarden or whatever it was called...must be mine. In quantity.
  14. Live

    URRite, yep indeed.
  15. I'm not even gonna try to sympathy-like this one. Ooogh. Incorporated into what? Am I up to something I don't know about?