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  1. Y'all know the drill...
  2. "Dracula's America" looks like a fun Weird/horror West game.
  3. This 3" beauty was in my garage a few years ago:
  4. Reapercon gold or maybe silver...
  5. Meeting with HR and my boss's boss went well today, and all parties are cautiously optimistic for a good resolution.
  6. New Chronomancer warband. Left to right: Angel Angelo, Angel Stephen, Angel Benedict, Angel Bob (Wizard), Angel Marco, Angel Christian (Apprentice), Angel Philip, Angel Pedro, Angel Octavian, and Angel Alistair.
  7. I've dug myself a hole at work with nobody but myself to blame. Tomorrow starts two weeks of trying to show that I can keep my job.
  8. There's only the one, and you'd certainly not be the first.
  9. My kid was named after his (dangerous) birth-father but had cemented his identity as that name by the time we were able to make the foster/adopt transition. When we adopted him at 4 we kept his first name but gave him two family names, both of which can make a multitude of nicknames, so he has options if he ever wants to switch it up.
  10. Or I suppose I could use the list of Reaper employees...
  11. I'm using the Bones Diva, Angel of Shadow, and 8 Weeping Angels for a Frostgrave warband. I need names. "Angel Bob" was the only one named that I'm aware of.
  12. My name is a gerund phrase. AT least I can tell when the blind-caller or junk mailer actually knows me. We wanted to name a daughter "Sanna Ruth" (pronounced "sauna")after some past maternal ancestors. Now it appears a daughter will not be forthcoming. Oh well. We can lobby for granddaughters.
  13. I am intrigued by your ideas and wish to peruse your newsletter.
  14. My kid has discovered Twenty One Pilots. "Help me bowl of rice, Help me bowl of rice, Help me....down."
  15. What people will pay for single bits of Lego is inSANE. That is all.
  16. Miss Lewynn certainly thinks so. This was pretty much all just parts of stuff.
  17. This scratchbuilt happened...
  18. Also, the ice in my drink just formed an obscene gesture as I raised it to my lips...
  19. I'm eating cold leftover lasagna like a sandwich. ...what?
  20. "Memento Morihalda"
  21. It is now bright and sunny and while I can't speak for downtown Charleston my area is unflooded and seems ok.
  22. I often tempt freight.
  23. So I'm reading the Pellucidar books for the first time, having read 4-5 books into the John Carter series a decade or so ago. I believe ERB wrote the same book at least eight times. I bet Tarzan is much the same.
  24. Boom tomorrow. Always boom tomorrow.
  25. Ok, the kid is bouncing from furniture to furniture to game to the dog to the furniture to the dog, doing baby-talk all the while and is completely out of control. I'd kick him outside, but there's a tropical storm on. AAAAAAAAA!