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  1. Ask Froggy Anything

    Ask me anything. All the cool kids are doing it. I reserve the right to answer in-character, out-of-character, truthfully, fictionally, pull a brain-fart and miss your question, and/or to misquote you if it'll make the answer funnier. Besides, we've already seen the worst that can happen, right?
  2. Brain Weasels

  3. Ask Froggy Anything

    I'm not gonna touch that one, not with a ten foot owl. Did I say owl? I meant pole. With an owl on it.
  4. Brain Weasels

    The lesson in humility is gratefully, if not eagerly, received.
  5. Ask Froggy Anything

    This sequence informed my answer above. Yes. Results: Hilariously so, yes.
  6. Ask Froggy Anything

    Paychecks are good. While burnination is always justifiable, discretion with your burnination is highly advisable with situations where burnination affects those who sign your paychecks. Work + cool = not too much work to avoid work.
  7. Brain Weasels

    Rift Blight.
  8. Ask Froggy Anything

    It changes wildly subject to the whim of the moment. Something gets enlargificated, yes? This one disses it. "AAARGH!"
  9. Benedict

    This is my character for a possible game of Low Life in the next few months. Benedict is a gestalt school of Mutant Land Fish, a curious species that gets now and more intelligent as the school contains more and more individuals. Here we have one stand for every possible permutation of wounded and fatigued within the Savage Worlds game system. When Benedict takes damage, I replace the stand with one containing one fewer fish. Yes, this way lies madness. We have cookies.
  10. Ask Froggy Anything

    He got busy with work and family and Real Life. It disenlargificates.
  11. Ask Froggy Anything

    Real: Gotta be the mobile phone. Fictional: The Disenlargificator.
  12. Ask Froggy Anything

    Please remember to phrase all questions in the form of a question. Yes. Yes he is was has will been again. Yes. Yes. No. Stand right there in the open and ignore the lasers. It's coming.
  13. Ask Froggy Anything

    Nope. I don't even know what the stores are in Prince George, much less which need managers.
  14. Ask Froggy Anything

    I remain blissfully ambivalent of such things. Only if we get an Agents of Shield crossover wherein Melinda May gets to beat them up. I...have no idea. "Speak to worms". They don't listen. Edit/Save/Restore function on the universe. Excellent. As you do so, please phrase all questions in the form of a question. It's about the total amount of tip impacts, rounded up to the nearest flagellum. I already am a Time Traveler, though only in one direction and at a rate corresponding to my rate of aging. Paid for.
  15. Ask the Purple Ninja Kitty ModBoot Anything!

    Does having a xenomorph burst from your chest qualify you as a foster parent and therefore eligible for a monthly stipend?