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  1. Summer hit, and to keep the kids from fighting I relinquished my computer. School starts soon.
  2. Live

    And it keeps getting longer. Currently its: A wishlist plea for you to find Transparent wing bits of all kinds Feather, leather, insect, fairy Twisted, normal, bright, and scary Leafy, petal, web, and torn Bone, armored, clockwork, thorn Coral, fin, shale, and shell So we can mod Bones to our will. Lovely Fae from ancient lore Combined with legends by the score At a glance they are light and bright But a second look brings dread and fright Teeth and fangs in unlikely places Extra eyes and extra faces Tentacles instead of fingers Run now in fear, do not linger. Angelic beings up on high Dressed in splendor, armored to fight From ancient texts to varied myth Many celestial creatures exist From wheels of eyes bound in flames To ocular-sown six-winged noble beings Flying, human-faced bovines Planetars, devas, guardinals... all divines Towers, walls, and gazebos Skull-faced cliffs and parts of cathedrals Ruined temples with pillars broken Places with dark evils lurking Labyrinthine garden hedges Would make us want to up our pledges Terrain pieces as in previous Bones Would increase value as add-ons A rockin' bardic mini Izzy With sprue of instruments aplenty Spell effects of transparent Bones Would be a cool add-on to Core The goblins are in need of a king Buglips would be just the thing Wait, that might be a bit too much The stank alone would make us lose our lunch Squidhats... weresheep if you please ReaperBryan is such a tease And some flumphs, flailsnails and goats To help us guard a massive moat ReaperRon is up to tricks But we'd like a greater monster mix Dragons! Dragons! Give us more! We'll go and empty the Reaper store!
  3. Actually, it's not just being busy but my stupid bully of a brain. It's really mean. I'm trying to be upbeat and all but sometimes the yelling in my brain is too loud and is using up all my spoons. Also, been drowning myself in Game of Thrones. I'm up to S3E4 now, I think. Good news is I was able to finally dig out enough spoons to get my youngest to the dentist. His first time (he's 9) and no cavities. He'll need braces eventually, though. Eldest's first visit scheduled for September. @Pezler the Polychromatic Dude... dang. I'm sorry. Something good better happen for you because this is just too much. *hugs* @Froggy the Great, stop hurting yourself.
  4. **peeks in** I'm around, just busy and exhausted.
  5. I hate wearing gloves while arting. I can't do it. Wearing them while cleaning is hard enough. I need to be able to feel things. I'm like, Siri's polar opposite. I am tired. Lots of work, tired of work, I need a real vacation with me and friends and no family or coworkers to answer to. *faceplant*
  6. Do you know how incredibly easy it would be for me to send a screenshot to your bride? Good idea. Nope, I got it. Thanks.
  7. **looks down shirt** Yup! Imaginary!
  8. Set up an area where people can stand to take a selfie with "generic plain background". Have everyone post/send a selfie to Specific Forumite who volunteers. Have all selfies combined via Photoshop (or other equitable program) into Forumite ReaperCon photo. Win!
  9. The machines we have are over 50 years old. My mom's, my grandmother's, and my great-grandmother's. G-grandmother's machine is far older, an original Singer electric still attached to its table.. It has some issues (can't thread a bobbin anymore) but is the best working out of all three. We won't buy any of the newer plastic machines. Maybe check ebay for older ones that service better?
  10. Note my sig. I had the occassion to meet him, briefly, at the premier of the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He signed some stuff for us and was the coolest person there (and R. Lee Ermey was there, so there was a lot of cool to overcome).
  12. Huh... not getting that reference... This explains:
  13. Go! Hunt! Krill Skuls!* let's see who gets the reference This. Is. AWESOME! Where's the love button?
  14. Internet stupidity of the day: And people are actually believing a tree could be 23,771 feet taller than Mount Everest and 16,730 feet taller than the deepest part of the Mariana Trench. Just... NO! *headdesk*