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  1. Because depression sucks. *burrows back into hole*
  2. The classes page works better in landscape mode than portrait. For anyone having to use mobile for classes, I advise having your list of classes and times with a backup selection already prepared (I went so far as having backups for my backups before having to cancel all my plans). It will help you manuever through the class listings quickly.
  3. The Wallpapers are doing funky things on mobile: First shot: Swiped to the left:
  4. b) Plain c) Mustard, BBQ sauce, sauerkraut, sharp cheddar, chow-chow, and grilled onions OR chili, cheese, and raw onions d) Beef, brats, or sausage links Tonight we have grilled kielbasa on the menu if it stops raining.
  5. The best thing about ReaperCon, though, is the face time with the artists, hanging out after hours. Eating breakfast with them. Rudy's BBQ morning tacos with Julie, Bob, Jason, Sandra, and Bobby was one of the most awesome things my last RCon. Just sitting and chatting. DVDs and YouTube doesn't give you that. Sitting around a fire while Izzy serenades you? Nothing matches that. @Reaperbryan and @ladystorm hugs after permission received? Nothing... absolutely nothing comes close.
  6. Happy birthday, Anne! Give a hug to Lady *BONK!* for me!
  7. I love painting minis, just seems like I can't anymore. My dedicated space keeps being taken over by others for other stuff. I give up.
  8. Not doing it this time.
  9. Not a good sign.
  10. Anything I can pass along for next time? Or I can direct him here?
  11. From Facebook: "So, today I stopped by the local meetup of the Colorado Miniature Painting Alliance. I just walked by, but everyone was giving me kinda dirty looks so I quickly moved off. Has anyone been to a meetup like this? What are your experiences? (And here is my latest WiP)" Kiiiiinda curious. Sounds like this guy was trying to join.
  12. I buy them in the 500 piece carton...
  13. Subject Matter Experts (SME, pronounced "Smeeeeee!" in a gleeful voice) is an appropriate term that makes me twitch. I currently have two SMEs on board, with five more starting on Monday. *twitch* The guide idea is a good one. Knowing who The Knowledgeable Ones are depending on subject is good, but it should be up to the artist to determine what they feel comfortable with. I know almost all the artists who are instructing, and I also know there are forum members (and others) who will be attending who are extremely knowledgeable as well. Sometimes it's fun to sit with a new group and learn new stuff while making new friends. In knowing so many people there, I also know they are some of the nicest people ever and more than willing to sit and chat about what you can do better, or how a technique works. Part of that is why there are classes. Does it suck that some of them get filled up within minutes of posting? Sure. I'd like to also point out several other things: Facebook groups such as Reaper's, The Hobby Hangout, and Heavier Metal also have a lot of the instructors as members, plus many more. The Hobby Hangout runs frequent Google Hangouts with top notch artists who love to chat. Reaper also has a Google Hangout (link in Off Topic Rampancy) run by the forumites. You can usually find someone on it (not all the time) and those forumites also give feedback. I'd also note that by being active in the forums and Facebook, you get to know the artists and realize how awesome they are (like @Wren and @TaleSpinner). Also note that just like us they, too, have some problems like social anxiety that may make walking around and randomly approaching people *>Really Hard <*. In a scheduled class they've had time to psych themselves up and prepare what they're going to say. Random encounters instigated by them can be near impossible. Approach them yourself, and they might initially be nervous, it won't be as bad. Your idea isn't terrible, but Reaper's approach to having an Artist's Row does several things: 1) Indicates who is who. Not everyone will recognize Rhonda Bender or James Wappel on sight. The nameplates help. 2) Keeps the artists consolidated so people know where to find them. If they're walking around and you have a quick question, running around searching for a particular artist might be easy for you, but not for the mobility impaired folks like me. 3) It gives the artists a breathing space where they can set up and work on things while chatting with others. It's easier for them to demonstrate on something they have on hand, sculptors can show what tools they have and explain easier how they made something, rather than carrying stuff around. These are my thoughts and opinions, anyway. I like the idea of "go here and find Jason Wiebe" for the simple reason of it hurts to walk, and knowing I don't have to wait for them to randomly pass me by to ask a question.
  14. I feel your pain.
  15. Gold Bond Foot Powder? RE: Randomness XII - Random MST3King