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  1. I work for the government, we go all day speaking in acronyms... "Did you check the LPDP for ERS, ITIN, ATIN, XRF, and ISRP in field dates? Also, the IRM tridoc for MA changed and make sure to verify the TP against the MS for next year."
  2. You did him justice. Firehawk is a pita color and maybe you just needed to add a bit more, or a thin glaze of it. Isn't that one of the Silk/Satins? They go on fairly transparent.
  3. I'm on as I telework today if anyone wants to chat. Actually don't currently have a headache so yay!
  4. Do we have to show before pictures? What needs cleaning: Kitchen Downstairs living room Stairs Upstairs living room/Michael's temporary room until the ex finds a job and moves out Laundry room Upstairs bathroom Both downstairs bathrooms My room Mom's rooms Ex's room Hallway Thomas' room/current hobby room Garage
  5. Eldest will be 13 May 1st. Youngest is 9. Trying to convince the eldest that body odor isn't funny and to please please please wear deoderant and bathe everyday is like trying to fly a kite to the moon.
  6. Now I want a simple engraver to use on metal to make bases. I think there might be a bit for the dremel for this...
  7. Sympathies. Hopefully he can find some peace and comfort. *hugs*
  8. My best painted isn't finished yet.
  9. Really wish some people could hear themselves... "I worry when he goes all day without eating." "He's gaining too much weight, he needs to not eat so much." Sometimes I really want to put the smackdown on my mom and tell her off.
  10. I'm going to heckle all of you later.
  11. Yes, no, and solar flares. You expect me to make sure people behave?
  12. @Guindyloo would be correct. I cannot use unapproved software. OpenOffice or Libre or Googledocs are not okayed by OPM so... I can make Word sing. OpenOffice does not do what I need it to. We use Word as a desktop publishing tool. No, we don't use InDesign or QuarkExpress because the people who update the documents are those who work in the areas where the training is used (thus Subject Matter Experts, aka Froggy's favorite acronym). Since we have a high turnaround of SMEs each year, constantly training new people on specialty programs with a high learning curve is not cost efficient. We're saving taxpayer money this way. Plain text would then have to be copied into Word and formatted and would take just as much time. I'm faster just typing it and formatting as I go. Yes, some of our books are nearly 1,000 pages, and some are 10. Since these have not been updated in so long, we need to have a "performance consultation" to identify training gaps and see if training really is needed and, if so, what kind of training format would be best suited for the function. I'm thinking online courses right now, which would mean a complete overhaul anyway. @Pingo I, too, miss Wordperfect. Lovely program. Already done and my manager agrees we cannot do it in the timeframe given. Meeting today was a success. I have a helper. We will take the time we need to do it right, and if we develop online courses, that will take some respinsibility off of me and put it on another group. I'd still manage the projects, but can hand off the compiled data to another for input into the LCMS. ReaperCon is still on. Here's your wall of text. If any typos, too bad.
  13. Yes, however my lead is thinking to just redo from scratch anyway because after 17 years, our formatting style has changed. We also run into the problem where the transfer puts everything in tables. This has happened before and was a nightmare to fix. Took three of us about a month to "un-pdf" about 6 books because of that. Another of the many many reasons I despise Information Mapping. I am so very glad we crawled our way out of that disgusting format hell. AS is American Samoa.
  14. $25 to Oceana $25 to Challenged Athletes Foundation $25 to Charity Water $25 to Habitat for Humanity