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  1. Next time. Photos at my work are kinda frowned upon.
  2. Knarthex told me the auction story on Hangouts. It's sooooo awesome. I have the bestest friends.
  3. I am not entirely certain who to blame, though I am most certain @Morihalda and @knarthex had major parts in this (especially since knarthex had Mori hand deliver ... does "deliver" look odd to you? De Liver. Who wants to De Liver... that's gross and we need our livers, but I digress).... ALL OF YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME AND THE GREATEST FRIENDS IN THE HISTORY OF FRIENDSHIP EVER I LOVE YOU GUYS THANK YOU!!!! In other words: SQUEEEEEE!!! ReaperCon Sophie Blanket Throw is soooooooo soft and snuggly. I her!!! Gonna go cry now. Thank you to all who participated in this surprise.
  4. I do have some old RP and Grenadier that might could use conversions... Need to strip the Polly S and Partha paint off, first.
  5. The bacteria growth and mold give it a really robust flavor!
  6. You do tend to overshare
  7. I'm of the opinion we should go back to mostly cash-based transactions. All this electronic money exchange doohickiness is just too easy for theives. Make it hard on them where they have to get face to face with you to steal your money.
  8. Oh dear
  9. I just experienced a drive-by @Morihalda. Met her and Justin at my work where she delivered my con goodies. Will post pics later. No playing with minis at work.
  10. Is it now a forum rule that anytime a Reaperite eats at Taco Bell we must post a picture and tag @buglips*the*goblin?
  11. Stop @Froggy the Great? Can anyone? **offers hugs and hot cocoa**
  12. This, though I could park Thomas in front of the video games all day and he'd be happy.
  13. You should always tug on the card readers at gas stations and ATMs before inserting your card to make sure there isn't a skimmer attached.
  14. This should mean war already... I recall a time back in the 90s I bought some chocolate chip cookie dough, some Capt'n Crunch Peanut Butter cereal, and milk. I was sooooo looking forward to that after work. Got home, lazy jobless roommates were gone, window in the living room left open, and my food was gone. I was enraged and blamed my lazy jobless roommates because they were always eating my food or begging me to buy them food or asking to borrow my car. Come to discover, the druggie neighbor had broken into the apt through the open window, passed the tv, vcr, and three computers, and stole my food. I apologized for blaming them, but their irresponsibility could have gotten more things stolen. Being as they had no jobs and no desire to get one, out they went. One ended up stealing my shoes and my Batman Death In the Family. Why he took my shoes I still don't understand.