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  1. I am not good company right now.
  2. This is how I do it, and I go slow, laying down my dark, highlight, and midtone first, then working each color until the blend is smooth.
  3. I was, briefly, in the habit of brush-licking, but now I paint my thumb. I wick a bit on a paper towel, then check excess and consistecy on my thumb. I wet blend not with saliva (I have a very Eew Response to spit, it grosses me out). I use a thick gel extender that keeps my paint wet for blending. It is why I am very curious about using oils and pastels, too.
  4. You paid too much.
  5. Ordered, a Stephanie Law coloring book.
  6. Not going to make it. Sleeeeeeepy.
  7. This store has been "reorganizing" for three months. Today, 2 register lines open, about 7 customers in each line. My mom told them they needed more registers open. "Not my job." From someone who I know I've gone through their register line before. Then, after finally getting through, I'm told the item I bought with a security device needed to have it removed at customer service; 1 cashier, 10 people in line. All this on a Saturday. I was... displeased.
  8. I am flopping after grocery shopping trip in a store that decided they were going to move everything around. I will be in later, and painting, but need pain to subside.
  9. I... may have posted this before... Saturday night, we were starting a new Fantasy Hero campaign (ended with TPK... we killed each other). I had ordered pizza and we were playing as we waited for it to show up. I was living in a 2-story duplex. As you walked in, immediately to your right was the stairs, and straight into the living room. There was a solid wall between the living room and stairs, so from the door you couldn't really see around the corner. Doorbell rings. Pizza! I answer the door, two very well dressed young men. White shirts, black slacks, ties... "Would you like to talk about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?" They hold out a pamphlet. Behind me, my group overhearing, "HAIL SATAN! ALL HAIL SATAN!" Me: "No thank you." They. Never. Returned.
  10. Dang! Hope you're better soon!
  11. How much longer are you going to be on?
  12. City of Heroes. Someone bringing it live again.
  13. I can do Registration Desk, sounds like, and since I'll be driving*, I know when I'll be arriving. * Dependant on me passing my road test in June.
  14. ^^^This^^^ because there are some jobs some of us may be unable to do due to disability. For instance, as much as I'd like to be able to help set uptear down, my back and knee are most emphatic in saying "no way you crazy *BONK!*meister."
  15. How about black on red?