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  1. This seems to be happening to me a lot lately. Usually by accident.
  2. It probably has something to do with that Murphy guy.
  3. A dimensionally transcendental storage closet.
  4. Vallejo is not stocked at all in my area. I got my Metal Medium from Amazon. I've played with it just a little and it is a lot of fun so far.
  5. Other ways poop gets on crops include deer and other wildlife that snack on the crops in the fields and also use the fields as a bathroom. And the worst one (that could totally be prevented) many large farms that employ people to hand pick crops do not have, or have enough, restroom facilities for the workers and/ or do not provide necessary time for breaks.
  6. Have you tried asking @TaleSpinner ? He can probably answer your question.
  7. I just consulted google and siri and came to the same conclusion. I didn't realize there were ravens in the area. But it does explain the black hawks I have been seeing recently.
  8. Any bird experts around? This morning I had a disconcerting experience. It started pretty normally with little watch doggie looking out the window next to the front door and barking. I peeked out to reasure doggie that the grass in the front yard was not about to launch a murderous attack on us when I noticed that across the street there seemed to be a turkey. On second glance it wasn't big enough to be a turkey and was solid black. Mostly it looked like a ginormous crow. On third glance I realized it was quite interested in something against the curb across the street. On fourth glance that thing seemed to be a deceased cat and the bird was pulling it around. On fifth glance the deceased turned out to be a raccoon. At this point I was done with my observation and closed the curtain while wondering if the bird was a vulture, but it had feathers on its head and I'm not sure if vultures live in the area. Later I left the house to run errands and saw what looked like the same bird flying over the house at this point it looked like a black hawk. We have hawks in the area but they are brown, reddish, and white. Anyone have any idea what this thing could be? My bird identification skills don't go much further than robin, cardinal, and blue jay. May be that giant crows have decided to take over the world.
  9. Do you consider Friday the 13th to be an unlucky day? Do you now or have you ever owned a black cat? Friday the 13 is about as unlucky as any other day. I used to have 3 black cats. One of them had a couple of small white spots, but generally considered her to be black.
  10. Ral Partha AD&D Marid

    Nice job! I painted one of these back in the day when you could buy them in a hobby store.
  11. Photo box

    I bought one of these on Amazon but the lights didn't work.
  12. Just this one.
  13. It is snowing and the "feels like" temperature is 13F. This is no way for April to behave.
  14. I just got a chance to play with my new Vallejo metallic medium and Tri-Art Liquid Mirror. They are awesome! The Liquid Mirror even makes the rince water sparkle. They both mixed well with other colors.