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  1. I would love to have a range of dragon wings of all sizes available for conversions. This way we could make our own cat dragons, lion dragons, giant demons, sabertooth dragons......... There are probably folks out there who would like the option to use Ebonwraith's wings on the Bones Lavawrath. DoIng the same with Pegasi and angle wings would also be great!
  2. I have noticed that the minis in the DHL and Pathfinder lines that come with larger companion animals (various leopards and wolfs) loose their animals in Bones. Any chance they could available in Bones (or metal too)? It would be great to be able to get these separately. Even packs of 3-5 of the different animals would be great.
  3. I was wondering if there is a list somewhere of who sculpted what for Bones 3. I am working on my miniature spreadsheet and one of my fields is sculptor. I like to know who sculpted my minis. I have found this info for the ones that were already done in but don't have all of them for the ones original to Bones 3. Although this can be used as a guess the sculptor game, blank spaces in my spreadsheet make me sad. The one I am wondering about now is Sophie. Sorry to be a pain and thanks for any info.
  4. Thanks for the info. I have no intention of leaving any Bones or any other kind (painted or not) minis in my car or tossing them together in a bag, but Murphy's Law says it will eventually happen. Just curious if anyone had dealt with the situation.
  5. That was about what I thought based on other Bones info. Was mostly curious about how much damage a painted mini would get from being in a hot car. Thanks
  6. As I have been reading up on how to work with Bones minis I have been wondering about the best temperatures for Bones. What is the best temperature range to store Bones? Do painted Bones have a different optimal temperature range than unpainted? I have heard of Bones left in hot cars getting floppy or changing shape. At what temperature does this happen? If it happened to a painted Bones is there a way to reshape it without damaging the paint job? Does anyone else have these kinds of questions. Or answers?
  7. That is pretty much what I thought. The pouch on the art didn't get put on the actual model. I probably traded the shield in because the mini looks nice without it and the shield covers up a lot of the mini. Thanks for the replies!
  8. I am in the process of organizing my mini collection and have found a difference between my Neroli and the picture of her on the web site. The web site version has a shield and mine doesn't. It is also not obvious that there is a place to attach the shield on the mini. Also, on Talin's sketch there is a pouch pictured but is not on my mini. Again, no obvious place that it would attach. There is no picture of the back of the mini, so if the pouch is there I can't see it. Is it possible that the pouch was left off for whatever reason. Also It is possible that I decided to leave off the shield and turned it it for boneyard credit and forgot about it. I bought the mini at a ReaperCon so this is possible. Just wondering.
  9. I really want the griffon and the apes. Unfortunately my funds are a lower this time around so I am hoping they will be add-ons later. If not I'll get them when they are released at retail. I always worry that not all of the stretch goals will be met. So far without reason. I am kind of worried because of the recent drama. Very depressing. Any my chance there could be a rider for the griffin? That would be so cool! Also a hippogriff would be great.
  10. I like all of Reaper's liner colors. They work great for lining (that's what they're maded to do) and when thinned down are great washes/ dark glazes too. Best thing to do is experiment and see what works for you. I find that different things work for different colors and I like to experiment with combinations just to see how they work out. I haven't had much time for painting lately tho.
  11. I prefer using thinned paint for my washes so I can control the color. Also I can use any color or mix my own with paints, since washes tend to come in a limited range of colors. A good highly pigmented paint- like Reaper's paints- will work well for this. I also rarely use black. Dark browns and greys or whatever tend to give a more natural color and black doesn't always play nice when washed over some colors. Flesh and warm tones for example. But, it does depend on the look you are trying to get. A black wash could work well for a cartoony or high contrast look. Play around with your paints, find what you like, and have fun.
  12. Crap! April is bad for me. That is just a couple of weeks before my finals- very unlikely I can be there. *sniff* I miss my ReaperCon friends *sniff*
  13. Use yellow or maybe orange. That will keep the richness of the red and keep it from going pink.