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  1. One, maybe two. This would have been back in the early days of my figmentia, late 80’s or early 90’s. Way back when all my minis were Ral Partha lead D&D minis that were painted with synthetic brushes and Testors Enamel paint. Amazingly, some of them look pretty good.
  2. My dad had this same opinion while I was taking my drivers ed classes. He gave me one lesson in his truck. He never expressed this opinion again. Good news for the day: got a needed new set of tires for Mr Flits car. Felt like we accomplished something. Somewhat less good news: my car is going to need the same treatment soon.
  3. I don’t know how unconventional it is but I often eat an apple with peanut butter. The peanut butter has no sugar and no salt. No sugar because I’m trying not to become diabetic like other members of my family. No salt because it makes the peanut butter taste kind of bitter to me.
  4. I have to get both my cats in their carrier so I can take them and the dog for vaccinations. Burning questions: will Ibe able to get both cats in the carrier or will one (or maybe both) escape and flee to an unreachable place. Will the dog sucked in assisting in an escape? She really hates it when her kitties get put in the “box” and she tries to get them out. Fingers crossed for all fluffiest to be vaccinated and no scratches.
  5. Ludo has more info than I do. I have never stayed overnight in Fort Smith. It is mostly just the place you have to go to get onto l 40 . ETA: I haven’t spent much time in Fort Smith at all, didn’t really enjoy most of it either.
  6. Experience with SFG product

    I completely agree with Sanael and Doug. My experiences have been much the same as theirs. Using the good brushes makes it much easier to paint and get better results because you aren’t fighting the brush to get it to do what you want. Use. The. Good. Brushes. You wont regret it!
  7. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    The Core Brewing Public House is a great place to drink local beer and they let dogs come inside. My dog may not want to leave. Everyone is telling her how cute she is. She is also the same kind if dog as their mascot.
  8. I’m confused about this month’s anniversary mini. On the website’s main page it says t is available all month, but Ladystorm’s new releases post says it will be available on the 27th. So if a qualifying order is placed before the 27th what happens?
  9. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    This is why deer are considered the most dangerous animal in North America. More people are killed by hitting deer than are killed by any other animal. I was once in a car-deer accident. I was fine. But the deer had a broken leg. I called animal control and before they got there the deer got up and continued across the highway. It was then hit by a pickup truck. It didn’t get up agin. And last Thanksgiving a deer decided to choose my back yard to die in. No cause of Death was determined for it.
  10. I didn’t quite get all my paints completely organized today but all my paints have a space on the spinner and I just have a few more lables to print out and stick on the spinner. I guess I accomplished something today besides a nap. :)