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  1. complete

    I didn't either - went to the pledge manager to print my invoice and check against that. Everything was there for me as well.
  2. complete

    Well thank you then. Sucks for you guys, but at least I know I'm not losing my mind. Well, not completely, anyway. I still can't recall what I ordered 80 of the 20mm round bases for. I remember having a good reason - just can't recall what it was.
  3. fulfilling

    Mine took a similar stroll. I live in a town not too far off I-35 in Iowa. Reaper isn't that far from I-35 because I-35 runs through the Dallas-Ft Worth Metro area. When the UPS truck tracking first left Ft Worth, the first tracking stops were along I-35. So I figured that UPS would bring it straight up I-5 into Kansas City and then onto Des Moines. Oh no, it veered up I-44 over to St Louis way to the east, and then meandered up state highways until it finally came back west to me.
  4. complete

    Got my bases today. Thank you. One question (just out of curiosity - it's not a problem*): When I ordered the 74043 Clear Hex Bases, I was under the assumption that those came without the pegs, and so I also ordered the 74047 pegs. But the 74043 came with the pegs as well. That leads me to wonder: Did I make a wrong assumption to begin with? Did Reaper change their mind? Did I actually order extra pegs for a reason I can't recall? *well, it it could be a problem - it could be a sign that my mind is going. But that's hardly Reaper's problem.
  5. complete

    you know Reaper, I love you guys as a company, and I like those of you I've met here and at ReaperCon as individuals - but I'm really disappointed with your handling of the Base Boss KS, particularly the communications side of it. I know that you guys will come through and that I'll get my bases eventually, if not soon. But that's not really my disappointment or frustration here - the fact is, I really only backed this KS to support you guys - the bases I ordered don't really matter to me. But I'm left with all sorts of conflicting thoughts about what your handling of this KS says about that support - many of them negative, most of them just puzzled. I really hope that whatever is going on there at Reaper HQ gets sorted out in a positive way for all of you and by extension, all of us.
  6. Cool. But... One thing I quickly grew weary of in the web based on is the assumption that the city will always be completely walled, and the keep is always a separate section to one side of the city. Off to download the June CC3 annual - hadn't looked at that yet. I can definitely seem myself using this online one as a start for CC3 built cities.
  7. Well, I took an inventory of my empty mini cases, decided that I probably didn't have enough, and ordered 6 more chessex style large cases.
  8. Fulfilling

    A couple of points: 1. In both Bones 1 & 2, it turned out that they needed to group international backers all together. I suspect that despite assurances from their shipper that they wouldn't have to do it this time, it happened yet again. 2. They may be so involved with the process and shipping things out, they may not be aware of our angst here - IE, no one is available to even read our comments.
  9. Fulfilling

    Chances are that our orders will ship on the same day anyway, so it really won't make a difference.
  10. Fulfilling

    I'll be one of the last people of Wave 1, then - I didn't lock in until mid-October.
  11. fulfilling

    I had some problems with my Incantris delivery because I forgot to update my address with them when I moved. While messaging Heath at Rainn to sort it out, I mentioned that I'd like to see more Terra Tiles - he said he had just recently had a conversation about where it was going. He didn't say anything more than that, but this might be a good time to drop them a message and mention that you'd like some Desert ones.
  12. fulfilling

    Most of the rewards have shipped. I received mine yesterday.
  13. Guindy's answer is pretty much mine, too.
  14. I asked this last week in the Base Boss KS thread, but haven't received an answer yet, so I'm going to use the new tagging features to get @Reaperbryan's and @ladystorm's attention. I understand that if I change my shipping address in the Pledge Manager for one KS project, be it TableScapes, CAV:SO 2, Base Boss or Bones III, that it changes them all. What I need to know is there any likelihood that Base Boss will begin shipping in the next couple of weeks? I'm moving out of state the first week of April, and would like to update my address in the pledge manager, but that could be problematic if Base Boss is shipping soon. I can't receive any shipments at my new address before April 4th, nor can I receive any at my current address after March 31st, and thanks to spring breaks/vacations/trade shows, I don't have anyone I can use as a temp address over that period. Thanks in advance.
  15. @TaleSpinner - you interested in sending your wife out to Denver to help me pack the moving trailer? Then my wife would know it's not just me... @hungerfan - I know, and that's why I'm not fighting her on taking them. I'm just frustrated she won't go find the boxes they're in now, and repack them in the correct boxes. @Aryanun - thanks @knarthex - Navy vet here, plus my mom taught me all sorts of tricks before I even got to that. We used to go camping just about every other weekend - it was amazing how much we could take.