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  1. I asked this last week in the Base Boss KS thread, but haven't received an answer yet, so I'm going to use the new tagging features to get @Reaperbryan's and @ladystorm's attention. I understand that if I change my shipping address in the Pledge Manager for one KS project, be it TableScapes, CAV:SO 2, Base Boss or Bones III, that it changes them all. What I need to know is there any likelihood that Base Boss will begin shipping in the next couple of weeks? I'm moving out of state the first week of April, and would like to update my address in the pledge manager, but that could be problematic if Base Boss is shipping soon. I can't receive any shipments at my new address before April 4th, nor can I receive any at my current address after March 31st, and thanks to spring breaks/vacations/trade shows, I don't have anyone I can use as a temp address over that period. Thanks in advance.
  2. @TaleSpinner - you interested in sending your wife out to Denver to help me pack the moving trailer? Then my wife would know it's not just me... @hungerfan - I know, and that's why I'm not fighting her on taking them. I'm just frustrated she won't go find the boxes they're in now, and repack them in the correct boxes. @Aryanun - thanks @knarthex - Navy vet here, plus my mom taught me all sorts of tricks before I even got to that. We used to go camping just about every other weekend - it was amazing how much we could take.
  3. This thread has good timing. I love my wife dearly, but... She couldn't pack efficiently to save her life. You could give her two suitcases worth of stuff and three suitcases to put it in, and she would still ask for a fourth suitcase. This first became apparent to me when we were dating, and planned a road trip in my Miata. She packed the trunk of the car with her stuff, and there was no room left for my stuff. We got into it, but in the end, I was able to fit all of her stuff and my stuff, and still had room left over in that tiny little trunk. It's been a point of contention between us for the last 17 years, but one we've generally worked through. If space isn't an issue, I don't say a thing about her packing. If space is an issue, she doesn't complain if I repack her bags. Which brings us to my current frustration. We're making an interstate move. Which, not surprisingly, includes a lot of packing. I can't pack it all myself, so I've resigned myself to the fact that we're probably going to pay for a bigger truck than we would need if I could do it all. It's a small price to pay for marital peace, right? Except for what just happened. A couple of months ago, she insisted on cleaning out her curio cabinet and packing all of her collectibles as prep. Today I just learned that she didn't bother to dig around in the basement and find all the boxes for them. Now that I've found the boxes, she wants to keep them. But she's unwilling to go find the boxes she already packed, and repacked everything. So we're going to be shipping a box full of empty boxes because the stuff that should go in those empty boxes is boxed up in bubble wrap already. AAarrrrrgghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. When I first showed up and saw the changes a couple days ago, I was missing a LOT of features, and was very annoyed. But taking the time to read this thread was worth it - the things I missed the most, like unread posts in a thread, were explained here by someone. Thank you all.
  5. What would a Pi mini be? My son's birthday is that day, so it would pique my interest, that's for sure.

    What is the ETA on this shipping these days? Is it going to ship before the 3rd of April? For that matter, is anything currently in the Reaper Pledge manager(s) going to ship prior to April 3rd (CAVSO: 2, Secret Weapon, BaseBoss, Bones 3, etc?) The reason I'm asking is that I'm moving, and trying to anticipate where everything will ship, so I can change the address in the pledge manager at the appropriate time.

    I've contracted to a Canadian company doing tech support for the US for over ten years now. Believe it or not, there are cultural differences between Canada and the US that muck up things all the time for me, so it doesn't surprise me at all that there are even more cultural issues with working with China.

    I assumed this was going to be the case, but just wanted to be sure. I will not ask you to make any manual edits. I can screw things up on my own enough, thank you very much, I don't need your computer systems helping me do that. Thank you. ETA: Can we change our address to something like "Hold"? That's precisely why I asked my question about addresses in the pledge manager, though I won't complain - I'm just making contingency plans for where stuff will get shipped to. Prediction: At least one person will claim you had Bones III stuff for sale at those shows.

    Question about the various Pledge Managers, IE, Bones 3, Base Boss, Secret Weapon, etc... If I change my address in one, does it change them in all? Or does each pledge manager store my address separately?
  10. I'm jealous! Looks good so far.
  11. with the new flying bases Reaper did for CAV, I hope we'll see some flying creatures that utilize them. Some flying dragons, griffons, eagles, etc
  12. Thing is, though, that I don't think that the generic fluff was the reason people were buying other figures. It was the price. When you combine their high prices with the rise of the internet and thus an easier means for people to find economical substitutes, I think it was bound to happen that people moved away from official figures. Especially since GW's standard reaction to just about everything was to raise prices or change the rules. Sales going well? Raise the price! Sales slumping? Raise the price! Customers complaining about the price hikes? Change the rules! My friends and I spent the entire 90s buying WFB figures instead of other manufacturer's stuff, simply because it was the best value in terms of money and time. Sure, there were other figure lines that were a better value in terms of cost, but they weren't so easy to find and obtain in volume as just buying the official figures was. When that changed, and it became easier for small companies to compete, GW's constant price hikes did them no favors. I think another problem GW had was trying to treat WFB and 40K pretty much the same in terms of sales strategies. Fantasy has always had the distinction of a lot of generic fluff and figures and difficulty creating truly unique IP in, while Sci-Fi or Sci-Fantasy has always been easier to create unique IP in. GW could have recognized that, and adjusted their sales strategies for WFB to compensate. Anyway, back to topic. Now that Blood Bowl is out, any word on what is up next?
  13. Got my tickets!
  14. Wow!
  15. Good thing you put that in purple, Xherman