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  1. 28mm Sci-Fi Skirmish Games?

    It's been 6 years since I last played a sci-fi table top game in 28mm. Wondering what is out there BESIDES 40k these days? What are you playing and/or what do you recommend? My favorite in the past were 40k 2e and Necromunda. I prefer more skirmish level, and capable of handling multiple players/sides.
  2. Basilisk

    Ooohh, that looks way better. I understand what you're saying about wanting honest critique, but I still don't feel right saying anything if all I have to add is "It looks derpy" or "something looks off" without having a clue of why I think it looks that way. For example, back when you fixed the scales and muscles of that one leg - something looked off to me, but I couldn't have even begun to narrow down what it was that looked off, let alone why. Once you pointed it out and fixed, then it was obvious to me what it was. The face was a little more clear, but you had already addressed it before I would have gotten back here to say something.
  3. Basilisk

    yeah, kids can say things to their dads that would be offensive or misunderstood coming from a some guy on a forum.
  4. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Oh my gosh, yes. Favorite part of the hobby. I love scratch building wargaming terrain and converting models. In the 90s, I built the bulk of the terrain my group played 40k and WFB with - well, the terrain that sat on top of the Geo-Hex that is. Things like buildings, walls, bridges, etc. For awhile there, my best friend and I had an "assembly line" style system worked out - I would create buildings out of foam core and hand them off to him for the majority of the painting, and then he would give them back to me for the final detailing. I no longer have the piece I'm most proud of as I gave it to my best friend when I moved away. It was a wizards tower that stood nearly 2 feet tall, with battlements for the wizard's guards. Now that I've acquired a 3d Printer, when it comes to terrain, rather than print complete buildings. I am designing models that I can use with other materials to create buildings - such as my Prin Gul's Tower, which uses 3d Printed parts and Pringles cans.
  5. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    I call the brown chair on the left.
  6. Basilisk

    So far at least twice on this project TS, I've looked at something and said to myself "That doesn't look quite right. Now how do I tell him that in a constructive manner when I don't even know what the problem is?" I never figure out how to, so I don't. But in the end it doesn't matter that I didn't say anything, because I come back to the thread, and you're telling us you're going to fix the same thing that bugged me.
  7. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Ain't that the truth...
  8. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Or maybe they just told you they had two cats...
  9. Pacific Rim: Extinction - By River Horse games.

    Even my Pacific Rim obsessed son is not impressed enough to buy in.
  10. Kristof's Car(s)

    It is, as well using various methods of "filling" them in. There are also different methods available for different types of filament - for example, with ABS filament, you can use something called acetone smoothing to smooth out the surfaces. It can be a tedious effort though, especially on something with lots of small details. So how much effort I will put into it really depends on what my intended purpose for the print is. Things like my tanks, which will tend to be centerpieces of a tabletop force for a game, I will spend a lot more effort filling and sanding than I will on things that are basically scenery or test prints for various ideas, such as these cars are. It is my intention to do up at least one of these Cowboy Utility Vehicles as a centerpiece for a diorama - on that particular print, I will very likely print multiple copies with different filaments and settings, then take the best one of those prints and spend a lot of time prepping it for the best finish possible.
  11. Kristof's Car(s)

    Decided I needed some retro futuristic hover cars. The Europa Magnus Station Wagon: I also decided to create a cheesy vintage style advertisement for it. This was a quick sculpt (about 4 hours in Fusion and 3 hours on the printer). The reason behind this car was that I wanted something relatively quick to print and prep that I could practice vehicle painting techniques on. I have no idea why I decided to make my first one in a retro futuristic style - I'm not even really a fan of that style, but I'm probably going to make some more. I've got some ideas for some other hover cars/trucks as well as some with wheels. Since most of them will be simple one or two piece prints that will get knocked out in a few hours/days, I'll keep them all in a single thread.
  12. Happy Birthday kristof65 !!

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes.
  13. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    As I work from home, an unexpected day off usually means I'm sick in bed
  14. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    @Chaoswolf - not that it will make you feel any better, but my saga with the incompetence of the Colorado Healthcare Exchange is entering it's 5th year - and I haven't lived in Colorado for 11 months now.
  15. I have completed my raid of the Clearman box, and rescued these prisoners:
  16. Clearman box is on it's way to @Kangaroorex
  17. Clearman box has arrived.
  18. It's supposed to be here tomorrow. Can't wait to rifle through it!
  19. MSP Open Judging - What you were afraid to ask

    Thanks for bumping up all these RCon Threads, Heisler - timely for me, as I just got started on my entry.
  20. Pathfinder Version 2

    Can they? Or at least not without a huge rewrite? I mean, Pathfinder's core was pretty well established on the 3.5e OGL. I don't know, I've only been peripherally aware of Pathfinder all this time - mainly interested in it because of its origin story.
  21. Pathfinder Version 2

    You want to see a dry, vanilla ruleset? Go back and look at the original Traveller RPG core rules, otherwise known as the Little Black Books. Not a single piece of fluff or illustration in them, IIRC. OTOH, they're a pretty decent ruleset stuffed into 8.5x5.5" booklets. All the fluff came in later supplements and adventures. to be fair, that's been a problem with D&D in general for a _lot_ of years. There have been many other rulesets that don't have such complicated character generation and advancement, such as Savage Worlds and Warhammer FRP. And then there are ones that are worse (looking at you, GURPS). It will be interesting to see what actually happens with this new edition of Pathfinder. As someone whose game group stuck with 3.5e when 4e came out, I understand completely why Pathfinder was successful. With the rising popularity of 5e, I don't think Pathfinder 2e is going to have the same growth environment it did. I do hope it does well, though - there should always be room for RPGs with different styles.
  22. Basilisk

    Mr Smiley doesn't look so cute and cuddly anymore. Our little basilisk is growing up...
  23. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I am getting ready to tell the company I do contract tech support for that I'm going to lunch and not coming back....
  24. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Most of these are want to play, rather than still play: Renegade Legion: Centurion Warhammer FRP 2e the original Decipher Star Wars CCG Shadowfist CCG Traveller: The New Era The original versions of Necromunda, Mordheim and Space Hulk Warmaster
  25. How Did You Learn To Play?

    The contagion analogy is a good one, and one i wish that the execs at a certain big gaming company would have learned years ago - I might still be their customer if they had. But I digress. How I started is a hybrid - no one ever actually taught me to play a role playing game, but I wouldn't have started playing without people talking about it, and being taught how to play a simple wargame. I was in 8th grade, and some kids at lunch time were playing this game called Melee. It was really cool looking, and even though games went quick, I didn't get a turn to play over lunch that week - the line ahead of me was too long. That weekend I got my dad to take me to a hobby store downtown where I was told it could be purchased, but they were out of stock of it. So instead, I spent my $3 on a copy of Metagaming's Warp War. That was a poor substitute, but it was close enough it made me popular among that group of kids. In the following couple weeks, other kids got their copies of Melee - and it's sister game, Wizard - and I finally got to play, before acquiring my own copies of both games. Playing Melee and Wizard at in the courtyard at lunch became a regular activity for a bunch of us. Then the kids in the GT program started talking about this game call Dungeons and Dragons. The only books anyone had at the school for a long time were owned by the GT program teacher, and it was just something that the GT kids talked about with their friends after she ran a game for them as a reward for something. Not to be out done by those 'stupid' smarty pants in GT, I started using the Melee/Wizard rules to run "D&D" games for my friends on the bus every day before and after school. We were probably the first kids at our school outside of the GT program to actually do some role playing games, but we were ridiculed for it, because it wasn't "real" D&D - especially as other people started picking up the real books. Eventually one of my friends acquired his own copy of D&D, and we switched to the "real" game. But none of us had actually played it, so we all had to learn together - but it honestly wasn't that much different than what we had been doing with Melee & Wizard. I was saving up to buy my own copy of D&D when I saw an ad for Traveller, and I bought that instead. I probably ran more Traveller games in High School than anything else.