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    Basically painting now, wishy washy fades seem to come and go for me. Started painting minis back in the late 70's for game but that was just splashing paint any old way for some effect. well after 25 years plus layoff, got talked into trying it so I'm hooked again

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  1. Leaves

    for the punches the leaves are a bit large for heroic 28mm scale but if it's not a large display you really don't get that impression. So far I've only used the punch on real leaves and if they appear odd to you can always cut the leaves in half. basically its the shapes that make them (punches) worth while to have I feel. been wanting to do a hole slew of leaves with tin foil spray painted but have yet to tackle, waiting 'til painting the right figure for that.
  2. Filling gap

    Well for me I typically, on big pieces like dragon wings glue first and than pin. The way I pin once the wing is glued in place is to start thru the body first drilling into the wing tab sometimes twice in different directions. Then I GS the gaps and pin holes in the body. Unless of course your going to paint the wings separately not attached.
  3. 77100: vanja, fire giant queen

    luv everything you've done with this figure ! I definitely will have to sneak a peak at your wip now !!!
  4. Leaves

    they look like leaves from the green stuff store based in spain and who also has a store on ebay. He also sells leave punches I have one of them and am please with it.
  5. 02347 Prince Denethorr and 02834 Deladrin

    02347 Prince Denethorr First I did the touch ups on the face. Next I started working on the details. The scarab and shirt I used the ocean triads (09076 deep ocean, 09077 marine teal, 09078 surf aqua) over the 09193 stormy sea base. The oiled leather strap was washed with 09200 harvest brown m/ tiny amount of reaper pro walnut and eventually highlighted up with 09110 oiled leather m/ 09061 linen white. I walnut washed the straps around the hilt before highlighted and then re-highlighted the ocean color scarab. For the chainmail I dry-brushed 09057 ashen blue then dry-brushed 09063 ghost white on top of that, not sure I will black wash it going to wait until armor is done to see the contrast if it needs to be lowered. I now worked on the red color of the tunic and back of cloak. The brilliant red I was using was just too watery (the bad batch I received) and decided to use model color 70908 carmine red. I also changed my highlight color from reaper pro ember orange (since they had gotten quite bright) to 09217 magma red, and for the shading I used an old reaper pro maroon. Now for the inner cloak I used P3 menoth white base and highlight and shaded with 09031 tanned leather (deepest areas) and then 09033 golden blond on the furthest areas and then did one last highlight with linen white. Boot tops I used same as scarab and tunic colors, the bottom I washed with 09137 blacken brown and highlighted with 09030 leather brown. The next step (session) will be the hardest for me, the armor and the sword to finish him up...dreading that part. 02834 Deladrin I wanted to do some work on her before I finished Denethorr or else she would probably never get done. I had done several black washes over the black-green of the cloak when I decided to try something different. I did several glazes using Vallejo glaze with 09237 violet shadow. It was way too shiny, and decided to put some anti-shine over it. What a mistake! The bottle I had was old and must of gone bad as it frosted the whole mini. Normally I would just throw the mini in a green vat and save for another time but this one has already been dunked twice, so I waited a day for it to dry thoroughly and then started to paint over it. Oh I should say when it first started to frost up I took a brushes of water to get most of it off what I couldn't get I painted over. So now on the cloak I used washed violet shadow m/ water this time for my shadow and used the black green and 09226 peacock green mixes for my layering, the final layering I added an old reaper pro bloodstone mixed into for the highlight. I decided next to clean up the mini a little and went over some brush slips. The strap and pouch I based in oiled leather. The pants were too dark for me so I than used 09022 nightshade purple with 09081 pale indigo mixes for the upper highlights. I usually use intense brown for my gold base but I wasn't showing up to good on the red so went darker with 09137 blacken brown, then put a layer of the NMM gold base over. For my next sessions I plan on working on the face and the smaller details more and will also have to go over the cloak more because I'm still not happy with it.
  6. Manticore bones 3

    I finally found out what the heart shapes in the lower corners are for and I LIKE! , especially how you did the face and for-legs, seems to me to have given it an almost human metamorphis (darn my spelling, you get the gist I hope) quality to it.
  7. 02347 Prince Denethorr and 02834 Deladrin

    Well been working and doing a lot of different things so thought I better post my last few work sessions before I forget what and how I did it. Unfortunately I didn't do no work on Deladrin the figure I would really like to finish, 02347 Denethorr got all my attention. I finished laying down all my foundation base colors, decided to go with 09110 oiled leather for the scarab strap and black for the belt. I'm a sloppy painter and my hands also shake (medical) from time to time so I cleaned up the cape a little. First by painting over my the goofs with rainy grey and then used leather brown over that so it acts as a black line/shadow when I start on the cape and also cleaned up the rest of the base colors. I did do the back of the cape the same red as the tunic and shaded and highlighted the first layer of both of them (probably do at least 3 layers). I did have to black-line between the hilted sword and the body because there was a dead space that didn't fit. So now I was able to get to my main goal and focus on the face. For my male faces I usually do a 09164 dark elf skin wash over the face (tanned skin) especially along the sides. I used brown liner for the eye sockets followed by white then used 09078 surf aqua for the pupils and dotted with black. I had NMM gold base on my pallet so I mixed it with my tanned skin and highlighted the cheeks, nose, and forehead with. the left side of the face only I used a 09157 olive shadow wash to darken it more. The lips I use GC 72066 carne maroon tan with the bottom lip mixed with white, when I was doing the mustache I hit the lip so will have to go over later. Now it was time to work on the hair. I used 09086 stone grey for the strains and 09087 weathered stone for the highlights, still need to do one more highlight with pure white. that's about it, again any comments or critiques would be most welcomed.
  8. Help with Skin/Leather Colors please

    Ditto Glitterwolf, I like to use reapers 09109 ruby leather as a sub for a tanned leather look.
  9. "Realistic" painting style videos/books

    The darksword dvd's I think are excellent to watch and can get in the reaper store. Also go to utube for free vids to watch, now IMO it's the colors we use which will steer you away from the cartoonish look you say you get. I've just learned a few valuable lessons on color theory and composition by posting my work here on fourms and listening to the critique.
  10. 02562 Gossamer Air Sorceress

    First off ty you all for your C&C, especially Sanael and Inarah both your critiques is what I am/was looking for and want to know it didn't fall on deaf ears. I usually don't keep the minis I paint, try to get rid of them so I can buy a new bottle of paint or a figure so going back after I've dullcoted isn't cost effect especially all time I spent on it already. But thanks to you stored some (in back of my brain hopefully, hehe) of your lessons and went back to take your advice and lighten the corset and tried to darken the feathers thou I don't think I succeeded. again you have my thanks.
  11. 02562 Gossamer Air Sorceress

    ty both for your comments. Inarah I agree with the feathers now that I'm looking at the figure in a picture format. What I was going for was a contrast with the red dress so the face would pop more, the only thing that came to me was like bluejay feathers thou I didn't achieve that effect. I was trying to stick to the three color rule (red for dress, blue for vest, and white for cape) so I tried a light blue. She's been dullcoted and base so not gonna change it but would like your suggestion for what color you thing fits in with the scheme for next time that will give me food for thought. (maybe white feathers, or would that be too much?)
  12. 02562 Gossamer Air Sorceress

    I've always wanted to paint her especially when it was popular but never got around to it until now. I kinda of wish I did cape a different color but as I've said before when I paint my colors sometimes just happen and I have no say so. C&C is most welcome as I'm always trying to improve or get a different approach.
  13. 02347 Prince Denethorr and 02834 Deladrin

    Fist off sorry havn't posted to this thread in awhile, been busy with non-hobby related issues and when I got back to hobbying been working on bases for previously painted minis. Got tired of waiting for warpainter after a few months to restock his flock boxes and decided to make my own. Thus my main focus has been on bases and experimenting on trying to make flowers, etc.. 02347 Prince Denethorr Well I noticed a mistake I made on Stern and that he is not actually Stern but a prince instead. Actually Prince Denethorr 02347. I laid down all the base colors I plan on using, his hair i used shield bown than decided wanted it darker so used blue-black old reaper pro color in several washes to darken. Cloak I'm still leaning on white but think I'm gonna do the back part deep/dark red so the inside part i laid down a layer on 09142 stained ivory. I finally was able to get the reaper gold NMM triads and wanted to experiment with them so used the 09302 gold base for the boots just to see the color and then washed with 09031 tanned leather. I probably do more washes but need to darken the leather color more. The under shirt I did in 09193 Stormy Sea but think it's too dark and probably lighten it a bit using a teal color. Armor I did 09066 blue liner mixes (w/ white and gray) as my nmm steel base. The face I used 09044 tanned skin (though I really don't care for it as a base foundation). The top shirt was 29802 brilliant red I had just gotten, thou I got bad bottle, was less than half full when arrived so I added water which made it really thin and hard to do a base cover. The next step I'll work on his face mostly and some inner areas, I ussually save armor, sword etc for last, don't know why but happens most of the time that way. 02834 Deladrin For her I really didn't do much on, I tried several different dark red washed on the armor but not happy with any of them. I did do a several 09236 black green washes on cloak to see how it would look. Pants I decieded on a purple color and using 09265 deep twilight as the base for now. 29824 maiden flesh for the flesh base and use 09038 rainy grey for hair just so when I work on the face I can see some contrast until maybe I do the hair white. Again, I just picked the gold NMM triads and wanted to try them so that I'll use on the scarf. Not sure how I'll follow up on her atm, seems like the male figure is easier to come up with ideas (probably because he's more typical, i.e. medeval).
  14. This is my first WIP at least that I can recall, I decided to try and do one because the last mini I had painted there was like a 3 week layoff where I didn't pick up a brush. I hoping by doing this thread that wont happen again and I can get into a painting groove. The reason I'm posting two mini's is that I usually start that way. One maybe gets dunked in simple green for a redo but at least this way I always say to myself I finished one and consider it an accomplishment (hehe). I am hoping we can do this together so that C&C are most welcome as well as color suggestions etc or what you would like to see. Please help me learn! I chosen 02338 Stern Kestrelman because I rarely paint male figures (quirk of mine I guess) and he is one of the few that I have. The second is 02834 Deladrin (a countless green vat victum ) that I have always wanted to paint but always seem to fall short. So I guess now all we have to do is start. 02338 Stern Kestrelman: First off, I always wash my mini's after prep with a light brown wash so I can pick out details and get a general idea/feel of the sculpt. the first thing I notice was a bit of flash on the cloak which I had thought was part of the armor so gonna have to file it away and brush on sealer over that area. I get a medieval vibe form him so for the three main colors to paint him in one has got to be white. I see only two choices for white, the cloak or the tunic, I'm leaning towards the cloak so that'll give him a light background (good vs evil vibe ) as I see him as a good character. The hair, black or dark brown as to me the sculpt seems perfect for the greying (kingly) effect. Boots, any color (black, blue, or matching the tunic) with the idea of tan brown (felt) for the top lips. which brings us to the tunic, ugh! no idea, nothing shouts out to me at the moment ugh! The next step I'll base the face and hair as well as the armor while hopefully you'll all help with ideas (colors) or your thoughts etc. 02834 Deladrin Now I have to say this is my third attempt at trying to painting her. The other attempts for the armor I tried a ruddy leather look and a blueish teal look, for some reason red shouted out to me (I guess because she's been 'making me sething red') for this one. I'm using 09217 magma red for the base thinking easier to darken and don't really want bright hightlights as she is still an assassin, with gold for the studs, armor emblems. The cloak, a dark blue (maybe 09285 denim?) or blackish (09236 black green?) color. My feelings it has to be dark because for the armor, one will bring out the other. So if a dark cloak hair must be either a white or yellow blond, I've seen here done with white hair and love it but who knows. Pants, sleeves ugh! who knows purple dark brown maybe even a tan. I'm one of those who think tan goes with everything lol. And lastly the scarf, ugh! no idea probably until I/we (hint-hehe) figure the cloak idea. Next step I'll base the flesh and hair, darken the armor and maybe try a pants color. Again thoughts/ideas/comments/critic/etc are most welcomed!
  15. 01609: Lysette, Elf Wizard

    kudos !! I love the color contrast you used and the face came out nicely (for some reason I always look at the face of a mini first). As for your question even thou I hate to recommend this, but you can always try to dry brush your highlight with the washes until you get the patience/time to layering the strands.