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    Basically painting now, wishy washy fades seem to come and go for me. Started painting minis back in the late 70's for game but that was just splashing paint any old way for some effect. well after 25 years plus layoff, got talked into trying it so I'm hooked again
  1. metal, always metal whenever possible!
  2. the conversion chart I have agrees with strawhat yellowed ivory or tusk ivory HD
  3. So if you like to make your own washes (instead of using citadel's for example) you'll save ton of money, and like any wash, etc, ie they're might be a slight sheen/gloss after drying but once you shoot your mini with a shot of dullcote to protect it, it doesn't show.
  4. well all I can say is that I use their products in my washes and glazes mix and am happy using them, they are as follows: Les Burley, thou I've seen this same receipe like 15 years ago don't recall whose idea or if it was Les's. 9 parts water mixed with 1 part Liquitex Acrylic Flow Aid Than a 50/50 ratio of Liquitex Matte Medium mixed with the above water/flow aid Ink/paint 1 drop per ml with the ink mix it's consider a wash, and mixed with paint it's considered a glaze I've heard Jen Hailey uses slow-dri in her receipe without the matte medium, think it was 80% slow-dri water mix, 20% Flow Aid and than the drops of ink/paint thou don't quote me forgot to write her reciepe down and memory isn't what it used to be. I'm sure Reaper's Anne Foerster would be able to help you with that reciepe.
  5. Thank-you very much Guindyloo, the thread was very useful and for Inarah for the paint swatch pic very helpful to my question as I can now see what carnival purple looks like.
  6. I've recently been watching the Jessica Rich painting who is a big advocate for reaper paints. Can anyone give me a color nearest to the carnival purple or a recipe to mix my own. It's just hard for me to tell the shade of the color in the dvd. thank-you all.
  7. first off, for your second mini I think you did a fantastic job. I like how your clothes/fabrics came out , which I assume was the main part of the layering lesson along with the skin. You also hit the mark as well on the dark skin-tone. And now for a few (hopefully helpful, and please don't take as hurtful) suggestions. The wood grain on the chest you could try a blackish brown wash (very diluted) to enhance the wood. Secondly since the mini has no hair I think you could get away with larger pupils on the eyes so he has less of a surprised look on his face. NMM I'm like you, it gives me nightmares all I can say is keep at it. Here's an effect to try split your blade in half (length-wise) and give the one half a light shade the other a dark shade. Again well done and I'm sure it also looks better in person than the photo's, I know mine do.
  8. mine is done just need to glue to base and touch up alittle afterwards once i see how it fits together, will probably mail out by next week. luck and later all kaz
  9. I'd Like to take a go at this exchange please.
  10. hello, It's morning for me after working a gruelling 12 hrs on the graveyard shift so dont know weather it's me or my eyes from the sunlight, but they look kind of glossy to me. Are you using dullcote to seal them? If not would recomend, over all nice work on the minis.
  11. Hello All, I'm am looking for several colors to shade with Reaper's Pro Bloodstone color (old) to get a smooth transition. Any suggestions would be appericated. Oh the bloodstone color is on a sword.Want to bring up to look like a magical sword and use some osl highlights on the face and chest. thanks in advance. Kaz
  12. I just waiting for u to post on cmon so i can give it a 10! Very Cool!
  13. Well the horse/pony is a citadel from the FA line hard to say which 1 without the rider but looks like the 1 for the dwarf. Luck and later Kaz
  14. I would also like to see you try to add more depth to the skin color and would suggest dap a little dark blue (real watery) like between the armpits etc. before you add the purple shadows. Hope this helps luck with piece- suggested dark blue because there's blue in purple. Kaz