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    Basically painting now, wishy washy fades seem to come and go for me. Started painting minis back in the late 70's for game but that was just splashing paint any old way for some effect. well after 25 years plus layoff, got talked into trying it so I'm hooked again

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  1. Well I recommend giving a black/brown wash over the leather straps on the staff. Than I would black line between the fingers on the hand on the staff as well. Also if you're feeling bold draw a very thin dark line underneath the eye sockets (i.e. eye lashes) to get rid of the bug-eye or surprised look of the eyes and than remember afterwards always draw a high highlighted color (of your flesh tone) right underneath the eye to make them really pop.
  2. kazmania7

    60205 Barzillai Thrune, inquisitor of Asmodeus

    As always, so Decadant !
  3. I would also add a tint of other colors into your mix as well, what do they say forehead to eyebrows, yellow; eyebrows to tip of nose, red; lips to chin blue or gray (but mostly for males) and I would dot the tip of your nose with ivory.
  4. kazmania7

    Another Grenadier dragon (I think)

    Agree, really like your tones with the greens you used. Nicely done !
  5. kazmania7

    Angel - 3D Print - NSFW

    Very nice ! When first looked a your paint job figured it was 72mm than I looked at 3d print. so 54mm? or maybe smaller?
  6. kazmania7

    Darksword red dragon for Reapercon

    museum? Never heard of it, may I ask what it is? lol
  7. kazmania7

    03700 Tyrea Bronzelocks

    Just finished her this morning, surprised I took pictures of it already, usually wait until I have at least a couple to do. again critique is always welcome so I can get better with your help, especially on my color theory/placement as I have been trying really hard to work on that lately. Oh yeah, linked for partial nudity, hope this works as new to linking photos if not please let me know. https://imgur.com/a/LkJtPCJ
  8. kazmania7

    Parchment curling on wet palette?

    I ring my sponge out every week so no mold builds up and also but pennies underneath dated before 1982 for the copper content.
  9. kazmania7


    Yes, years ago when I bought this figure always thought that spyglass (I guess now hersey) had such simple, elegant sculpts, and thou don't own a lot of them thought I finally try my hand at doing the couple I do have. And yes @Iridil she kinda of does, to me it was more of a hippie vie and I missed my opportunity to freehand something of the sort with the wrap (truthfully I just didn't have the nerve to try, lol).
  10. kazmania7

    60092 Satinder Morne

    Well I can't take credit for the theme or colors because it's based on the pop art as well as the symbols embedded into the cast. I don't like how the face turned out, honestly think I could do better but after trying to do the emblems and symbol which gave me my worst problems didn't have the patience for the face or the hair for that matter. Usually tint my black hair with a grey or at least a darker blue but was trying again to capture the pop art and didn't succeed very well. And the underneath of the breasts I think I over highlighted personally, looked right/ok before I added the dagger sheath but after I added it seems out of place as I had painted them separately. And @clearmen ty for the critique (It's mainly why I post hoping for some, to always get better), yes your right, I lost sight of my blends, I had them ok but than I had to keep redoing the emblems (at least 6x with my shaking hands), I was using FW inks and the high pigments just washed out my blends. The shoulder and breasts emblems not sure if I messed them up when I prepped the mini but they didn't seem to conform to the pop art which means it was probably my bad, lol. Again thxs all for the likes and comments.
  11. kazmania7


    This is the first non-reaper miniature I've done since started painting again a little over a year ago.
  12. kazmania7

    60092 Satinder Morne

    Finally finished her, she was the last of a bunch of a handful pathfinder miniatures I had ordered awhile back. Not really satisfied with how she came out, she turned into a absolute nightmare while painting and just had to say done. I don't usually like to paint the same figure twice but this time think I'll have to revisit her.
  13. kazmania7

    Minivember 2017 Show Off

    Very cool blog ! I like.
  14. kazmania7

    some tips please!

    first off, very nice sculpts (!) if you did yourself if I'm reading this right. I think they turned out painted nice as well. only advice I'll offer is seems to much blush in the cheek hollows on a few of them,
  15. kazmania7

    Finished up some minis

    very nice ! I especially like your color selection.