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    Basically painting now, wishy washy fades seem to come and go for me. Started painting minis back in the late 70's for game but that was just splashing paint any old way for some effect. well after 25 years plus layoff, got talked into trying it so I'm hooked again

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  1. kazmania7

    02343 Drake Whiteraven

    and finally the last of my November work (thou am currently working on a drow atm, so who knows). Always like this figure for a young rich mage, finally painted him up. Decided to give him gems on the cloak, boy was that ever a headache lol.
  2. kazmania7

    DSM 7424 Male Dual Wield Assassin

    again more of my November work. Even thou I will be forever a Reaper Mini lover, I find myself developing a crush on some of the darksword stuff.
  3. kazmania7

    Male Dragonkin Warrior

    again more of my November work. why paint him.... because who doesn't luv dragons and to be dragon born.
  4. kazmania7

    PIP 72019 Morvahna the Autumnblade

    again same story as other posts, so November work. Wanted to try to paint a mulit-color cloak so this was my first attempt/experiment at that.
  5. kazmania7

    03166 Alistrilee, Elf archer

    again same story, so more November work. wanted to try something other than a green cloak on her.
  6. kazmania7

    03259 Ithamar, Rale Reaver

    haven't posted in awhile, forgot to post my October work so thought I'd post my November stuff. This was my first try at trying to have two different types of black cloth on the mini.
  7. kazmania7

    02642 Tuomas the Seeker

    haven't posted in awhile forgot to post my October work so thought I'd post my November work.
  8. kazmania7

    Twins ? or am I seeing double.

    Some of this month's (sept) work. Will probably post separate pictures of each when I can get around to them.
  9. kazmania7

    Lining 54mm Minis?

    I'd try and do a value sketch on a 54mm figure due to size instead on any black lining.
  10. You should also remember your putting it on a bones figure, did you wash the figure, if so did you try and put on a liner on the mini than try the primer?
  11. kazmania7

    02789 Talarand, Blackguard

    And the last one I just finished this month.
  12. kazmania7

    RAL 11-414 Chimera

    Well I have never painted a dragon and am trying to gather my courage up for it, don't own many large pieces but found this one laying around so thought would practice on him.
  13. kazmania7

    02578 Darius the Blue Wizard

    Finally getting around to posting some of my work this month.
  14. kazmania7

    02835 Jolie, female scribe

    Well finally got around to taking some pics of my work this month so naturally I'd thought would post.
  15. Well I recommend giving a black/brown wash over the leather straps on the staff. Than I would black line between the fingers on the hand on the staff as well. Also if you're feeling bold draw a very thin dark line underneath the eye sockets (i.e. eye lashes) to get rid of the bug-eye or surprised look of the eyes and than remember afterwards always draw a high highlighted color (of your flesh tone) right underneath the eye to make them really pop.