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    Basically painting now, wishy washy fades seem to come and go for me. Started painting minis back in the late 70's for game but that was just splashing paint any old way for some effect. well after 25 years plus layoff, got talked into trying it so I'm hooked again

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  1. kazmania7

    Faces are hard

    If I remember right, 'Thee Derick Schubert' method is be paints a black iris first than dots iris color on bottom of black dot, and a white dot on top of the color top. For myself hard to achieve, but looks great.
  2. kazmania7

    Up on the Roof....aka desk

    Well it was driving me nuts that I was so close to finishing that I couldn't sleep so just stayed up and painted finishing the face and swords, so here how she looks now before the basing... ...and a preview of my last three mini's before I get a chance to post in the show-off section. So after seven minis I'm going to end this thread before it gets too long, but I did have some fun when I remembered to mark my progress so I might start a different part II thread. So thanks to everyone that followed the thread, wish you were more vocal thou to help me progress in my painting, but I appreciated all the likes you all have given the thread, again thank you very much.
  3. kazmania7

    Up on the Roof....aka desk

    Well spent most of my weekend painting sessions on Janara thou I did build up the base on Dorva with magic sculpt and let set so it's ready to paint. Unlike what I said in the earlier post about working on her face and hair I did most everything but, lol. Isn't that always the case, instead I worked on all the details. Didn't like the color of the scabbards after I painted the quiver so I change the color to be more harmony. I than worked on the bow and the arm armor. Next I worked on the hair to give the face more shape when I start to work on it, In hind sight kind of unhappy I made the hair black because now I'm afraid I have too much blues with the armor so decided glazes of noir black and tinted it so it looks a little different from the armor and swords. Which I than proceeded to paint thou they still need more work. So basically I got the swords and face before I can call her done and base. of course I should add that swords are my bane, it seems I can never get them right no matter how much time I spend on them. Oh well til next time....
  4. kazmania7

    Crowley's Cassie needs help

    First off I'd like to thank Guindyloo for their good honest advice which I'm sure applies to most of us, including myself mostly. I never painted a bones or for that matter a plastic figure even but will throw my two cents in anyways. I know brown liner is a must, so afterwards I would take a make-up brush (2 reasons: 1 they are very cheap, but the main reason is for the very soft bristles) and dry-brush white over the entire figure, it'll kind of give you a zenithal feel but will mainly help the color you put on your mini afterwards. For your skin I would recommend you use tanned yellow (any yellow orchre) or even a red-brown as a base over the brown liner to act as a second primer before you do your skin base. In there pic there skin color is rosy and yours looks like the tanned skin triad whether that's from the brown liner you would know best. My last piece of advice is that when I paint cold colors (blue, green, purple) I never use white to highlight up, I always use rainy grey (neutral) or even icy grey to highlight up. Most of all, luck with your progress!
  5. kazmania7

    Up on the Roof....aka desk

    Well havn't posted here in quite awhile, got sick for a few weeks and didn't paint, and when started up again forgot to keep up my progress so there's around three of them in this thread already posted in show off. I did start and finished reaper's pathfinder anti-paladin and had thought I was documenting my progress but when I went to post realized I didn't have memory card in camera and have no other way to retrieve pics so had to delete, but will post in the show-off section when I get a chance. So now I figured it was about time I finished working on some old thread ones.... 03004 Dorva, female dark elf Finally got around to touching up her face and highlighted the hair. Worked on the sword and shield next, trying to give a poison effect along the edge of the sword. I recently got scale 75 Arbuckles brown and just have to try it out so changed the legging with that color instead of the volanco brown tints was going to use. My next step is to glue the pieces together and to start working on her base. Almost to the finish line, yippie ! 02708 Janara, half-orc female So I dug her out and started working on her body armor. the two scale 75 sets I recently picked up were the steampunk and the steel NMM so of course have to give them a try on her armor. Next I decided to work on some of her back details like the bedroll and quiver. My next step will probably be more work on her face and hair, than tackle the rest of armor. but in the meantime.... glued the pieces together along with the base, now need to build up the rocks and paint the base. oh and of course look at the pics more closely to see if I need to do any touch-ups.
  6. kazmania7

    03415 Lanura Windsong, elf wizard

    Another from my wip thread "up on a roof", but alas had gotten sick for a few weeks and afterwards never followed my progress.
  7. kazmania7

    60065 Ailyn Ghontasavos

    Again she was part of my wip thread "up on a roof", but unfortunately had gotten sick for a few weeks and never followed my progress afterwards.
  8. kazmania7

    06174 Jirelle, Iconic Swashbuckler

    I started a wip thread for her but unfortunately got sick for a few weeks and never kept track of my progress afterwards.
  9. Very cool, would love to see a thread on how you do your instant mold of the shield.
  10. kazmania7

    Night Specter

    How about both? ones coming out of the ground bone color, taller ones maggot white base with a blu/grn wash, i.e. like ancient oak with maybe a dot blue added to help with the tint.
  11. kazmania7

    Up on the Roof....aka desk

    Well about to take a few days break, just got some brush restorer and want to try it out and let my brushes sit for a couple days so here's what I did before. (mainly spent trying to figure what colors I wanted to use, lol.) Jirelle: I had high-lighted the upper boot tops and did the final layering of the cape. I did the final touches on the right leg thou I can see now I missed a belt in the little cubby above the pants that I will need to fix. I also changed the dagger hilt to silver so that it doesn't distract from all the gold in the middle as well as a other few minor touch-ups. Thought I was done except for the flocking of the base and dullcoted. Unfortunely when I dullcoted the sword changed colors on me as well as darkened a few spots which I will need to fix (was a new can of dullcote too. ouch) Lanura Windsong; Decided that I'm going to do her in two colors, brown and white so laid down most of my base colors I plan to use. I'm using VMC brown rose as my flesh base as I don't want to add anymore red into my flesh mixes than what's already in the tint. Plan on making the hair blond so I can try the blond triads I just got so did a wash on that base with sepia ink to start with. Ailyn Ghontassavos: Again decided on brown as my major color (must be in a brown mood), thou I will be throwing in some yellow and blue for my three colors, and started my basecoats to get a feel for the mini. The sides of the corset plan on blue and middle red/brown (i.e. mahogany brown).
  12. this has happened to me with one of my R&C brushes after about a months use. When I would than clean the brush with masters soap and wouldn't rinse and let the soap dry on the brush with a fine tip and would also dip it in hair conditioner from time to time to add moisture to the bristles. I just bought (arrived today) speedball's brush shaper hoping it'll fix that problem once and for all. hope this helps. In other words I blame it on the driness of the bristles but could be wrong.
  13. kazmania7

    Up on the Roof....aka desk

    Well of course I always seem to get more busy painting in the beginning of the month so as to meet my goal of 2-3 figs, so in that regards prep two more minis, 60065 Ailyn Ghontasavos and 03415 Lanuara Windsong. I really need to finish my Dorva project but instead my attention became focused on 06174 Jirelle, Iconic Swashbuckler which is becoming a huge nightmare for me but this is what I got on her so far....
  14. kazmania7

    Everquest gift pack elf, used reaper paints2

    Lovely, especially like your free-hand on the front of the skirt-tunic. Don't know if your asking for suggestions because you said you used some that were given but didn't see any. but I'll throw my two cents in anyways. When I said lovely I mentioned the skirt but the face is as well, and for the extra pop on the face most paint a thin line of flesh highlight right underneath the eye socket above the check bones and along the whole length of the bridge nose. doing that t-shaped high-light will add more depth to your lovely painted face.
  15. kazmania7

    DSM 1310 - 2008 Elmore Demoness by Cyr

    The reason I suggested the orange was to lighten the mid-tones more and I meant just a faint dab was because you said you use brick red mix for your shadows. Even thou like as you said, brick red has some purple in it ( I consider it a weak burgundy wine color in regards with the purple in it) I would still call it a warm color instead of a cool, thus recommend the orange to lighten the tone. Your idea of the bronze skin (again an orange tint color in it) will do the same, and lighten your tone even more so is good as well but I would use a mix as one of your first high-light layers. I recommended the orange more for a deamony-off worldly skin effect theme. Anyway you go kudo's to you, I like where your going with the piece regardless, I was just making an experiment for you to try out not necessarily on this piece.