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  1. TriOpticon


    Thanks. I may buy both bundles as it is like getting a second rulebook for $16 more...
  2. TriOpticon


    Do the bundles give you enough to get a good feel for the game?
  3. Sorry, I was speaking of US forces. Unfortunately, my color matching skills suck. Yes, the older style is mostly what I was thinking of. Even though the newer desert MCCUU has a similar base color (to me), http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:TANKSaimingin2041102.jpg Thanks.
  4. Desert Camos triad or Terran Khaki triad? Or, is there another triad or Reaper paint you would suggest? Thanks.
  5. TriOpticon

    Desert BDU colors?

    I was wondering what MSP triad would you suggest for painting modern soldiers in their desert BDU. Not the brown patterns/camo, just the desert/sand colors: I have some 20mm figures for a modern skirmish game that I need to paint. I have the Terran Khaki triad (09741) but I am not sure that is a good match. Thank you.
  6. TriOpticon

    It's OK to paint like crap...

    I'll add my 2 cents here... I am a newbie painter and have felt welcomed on the forums when I post my silly/repetitive questions or post pics of my crappy paint jobs. I do not think I have seen any condescending attitudes. I must admit I have gotten frustrated and stopped painting for awhile. I am trying to get back into it by painting 1 figure a week. Although, I think picking Kommander Sorscha from Warmachine may have been a mistake... A red spray primer and a couple splotches of flesh color and maybe some darklining sounds more like my skill level but I am trying to do better than that. At least for now...
  7. TriOpticon

    Contents of the Learn to Paint Kit 5-Armor

    Is there a way to just get the booklet/instructions?Thanks.
  8. TriOpticon


    I was curious if there would be any Reaper people or BL people or other reps there this weekend? I'd be interested in paint and takes along with any advice as my painting has slowed to a standstill... Thanks.
  9. TriOpticon

    Dark Realm 6mm

    I foresee DRM miniatures in my future...
  10. TriOpticon

    Foam cutter on Foamcore?

    Thanks for the info. I do not suppose you have a link or manufacturer or model number? Did it work well doing the thicker foam, too?
  11. I was looking at foam cutters so I can carve some hills out of some polystyrene foam but then I was wondering whether or not it would work on foamcore? I was not sure if a foam cutter (such as the hot knife) would set the paper portion on fire or not. Has anyone used a foam cutter on, say, 5mm foamcore? It seems to me that it would be faster than using a hobby/x-acto knife. Thanks.
  12. TriOpticon

    First Spore Mine

    Hey, everyone, thanks for the comments. I was out of commission the last few days, otherwise I would have replied sooner. I wish I could take credit for the colors but I just followed GW's scheme. I just translated them to Reaper MSP using the equivalence thread. I agree with the black lining and I am surprised GW didn't suggest to paint it that way but I think they wanted to keep it simple as this is from the starter set for WH40k. I did learn/discover that GW uses drybrushing as a way to keep the black primer showing in the cracks as a way of doing blacklining. Maybe that is common knowledge but everything I've read about drybrushing is that it is for highlights. It was quite an eye opener for me as I was always failing to keep my paint out of the cracks and now I see how one can do it fairly easily. Anyway, thanks again for the tips! I think I am fully recovered to continue my quest of 5 figures a week! I may have to avoid fleshy ones, though, as my flesh shadows/highlights really need some work...Maybe I will do a couple of the smaller terrain pieces from the Macragge set.
  13. TriOpticon

    Rackham AT-43 Starter

    The Damocles rulebook is an introduction rulebook. It just walks you through the basics and has scenarios; it does not have all the rules. The separate rulebook is the full-blown rules with more fluff.
  14. TriOpticon

    First Spore Mine

    Nowhere near as good as FAs or anything else being posted but it looks nice enough for me to do tabletop... I did the base for the first time (just need to touch up the outer edge). I just put wet PVA glue down, set it underneath a lot of black coarse ballast (found it in model RR store) and let it dry several hours. Painted it Intense Brown and then highlighted it with yellowed bone. Any tips on doing a better plain base? Different material (corn flour?) or different colors to paint it? I plan to be posting 5 figures each week (starting next week since this ones over). I have a lot of stuff to paint and I think I can get them all decent enough for me within a day but with real life and my own laziness I will say 5 per week. It is depressing to see people post "my x mini" where x is < 5 and have it look better than anything I have done, so I figured I would set this goal and see how it goes. Hopefully I'll stay encouraged, show some improvements and soon have a whole army of Tyranids or D&D NPCs, etc. Heck, I might even try doing my own color schemes! Thanks for looking! PS Sorry for the blurriness. I have a terrible camera.
  15. TriOpticon

    void & urban mammoth

    This may be some thread necro but they released the Metropolis rulebook http://urbanmammoth.invisionzone.com/index...?showtopic=3371