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    just a fighter

    this is a character in my wife's game(as are many of the others i posted today...)....the swords are magic items from the game and really look like that.
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    Problem assembling mini

    finished... http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=25457
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    i'm a terrible picture taker...but this first one gives me hope
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    drow lizard-rider

    my first posting...finally got the camera working....
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    Problem assembling mini

    i actually did just happen into a store with something old and oop (i'm assuming that's out of production or print). it was in plastic with two layers of grey foam and the name was something about a mountain. you guys are great, a combo of the epoxy and the super glue worked like a charm and he's on to painting it. we decided on blue. my camera's resolution won't let me take pics of the minis that are in focus...i've been trying to put a couple pics of his up (plus he wanted to enter the winter wonderland contest, but stupid camera) i'll see what i can do about pics. thank you everyone, you were all really helpful
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    Problem assembling mini

    thank you all for your help, we bought some 5 minute epoxy and after about 10 minutes of "this stuff isn't working..." it seems to be working. i'll write tomorrow and let you know how it goes. thank everyone for all their help.
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    Problem assembling mini

    actually, my husband is the painter and i bought the mini in a store arbitrarily, i don't know the store, the brand, or the name of the mini. and he threw the packaging away already. someone said something about "pinning", this is something i have never heard him mention, could you explain what you mean, i think he just uses super glue
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    Problem assembling mini

    I recently bought an off-brand miniature of a dragon. It is the right size in relation to my Reaper collection (ie - it's bigger than they are...) and on all fours and has wings above it somewhat spread. I can not seem to get the wings to stay on. They are just too large and heavy and super-glue and the divits for where they go, are just not doing it. Any suggestions?
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    Contest Questions

    i had sent this message as a pm to the person in the winter wonderland contest who did the first of the two faeries, but have yet to get an answer. fear not, i don't have a camera so i can't enter the contest. i am curious if anyone would be willing to share with me how they do the snow on the bases. some of it looks really good and i would like to do that as well. thanks for you help.