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    Hey all, I hope this is the right place to post this. If not, apologies in advance! I love the wish list feature in the Reaper online store. I regularly use it to mark new releases that I want to buy, and then later make a one, big order for all the stuff that's caught my eye. It's really handy. In the past, I'd place an order and, right after hitting submit, remember a fig or two that I had meant to pick up. Today, as I was pruning my wish list (made a run to the FLGS last week), I realized that it would be really, really cool if I could build a similar list of all the Reaper minis I own, maybe organzied by line and stock number (Dark Heaven 3000s on one page, 3100s on another, etc) and with a flag marking if I've painted the figure or not. You see, just like I used to forget to add a figure or two to my orders, I'm always forgetting that painted minis I have in my collection. Almost every time I write up an adventure for my D&D group, I end up kicking myself because I forget to include a monster or cool NPC I had painted up. With an online database, it'd be easy for me to page through my collection. Anyway, I imagine such a thing would be no easy task to implement, but it'd be neat to see. Thanks! - Mike