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  1. Not a major crit, but have a look at her left elbow on the rear view. Not sure if those are casting flaws or paint clumps, but either way they detract from your lovely paint job.
  2. Have you asked Reaper by email? Hopefully they're answering it on a regular basis now. I know sometimes they get super busy and can't. Let us all know if you get a response. I'm sure you're not the only one with bent pieces.
  3. While I don't really agree with Harry, I always enjoyed this scene.
  4. Sorry to hear this. I've noticed the forum software doesn't always save my post if I don't finish one right away. You have access to an offline editor? They can save a lot of pain. I've heard of add-ons for browsers that save your posts, but haven't used them.
  5. Pre-launch

    The price has been confirmed, assuming you can trust the price seen in Previews. One penny less, actually. Imagine what Ma'al would cost in metal and/or resin.
  6. I appreciate frank commentary on product quality, so thank you, Dr.Bedlam. I've been considering trying some of Wizkids' miniatures, and may still do so. But I have no pressing need for them, and reports like yours make it clear I have even less need. I am curious, though, what their policy is on miscasts. Don't you think they'd replace it if you complained? Miscasts are inevitable when you're mass producing miniatures.
  7. Yeah, he should have been the one sopping up the water with towels or whatever. That's part of the job. Or should be! You can start with a vacuum, but that never gets out most of the water.
  8. Anyone notice the small hole on the rear end of the Formorian giant? It looks like something is supposed to attach there, but I didn't get any parts that fit the hole. He has the main piece, right arm, and head. Is the hole for a piece that wasn't made? I've borrowed the picture kindly provided by OneBoot below:
  9. Doesn't caffeine lose its energizing effects if you drink it all the time and in great amounts? I mostly drink tea and it doesn't seem to do much to make me more alert or keep me awake, but I wonder if the same is true for people who drink a lot of coffee or caffeinated soda, which I only drink occasionally.
  10. I haven't used eBay in a long time, but I thought you could get programs to put in your bid at the last second for you. Not sure if that would help you or not.
  11. Great work! Any plans to enter in a contest? There is one on this forum for dioramas, at the very least.
  12. If you ever have a Reaper figure with a bend so bad you can't repair it, let Reaper know (, and they'll take care of it for you. They're good about damaged merchandise. It is too bad they don't use foam in their packages to keep the models from moving around so much. Actually, I have some Reaper figures with foam, but it seems most packs don't have it.
  13. Do you set up a wish list ahead of time and then submit it once registration opens? How did a mobile phone figure into it going badly? I'm asking out of ignorance, by the way. I haven't been to Gen Con in a long time.
  14. Guindy, how does GW 'Ardcoat compare to Reaper MSP brush-on sealer? I use brush-on sealer or Liquitex matte medium, which is thicker than brush-on sealer. Usually I go with the thinner product and do more coats when I'm fixing mold lines. I was going to recommend an acrylic modeling paste or molding paste or the similar (same?) liquid green stuff for gaps, but if time's an issue, I'd just wait as InvisibleThumb said. Most of the gaps I've fixed are small, and I'm having a hard time seeing the gaps in his pictures, so I don't know how those products would fare here. InvisibleThumb, looks like you are virtually done at this point. Good work!
  15. Fulfilling

    Anyone else get their Bones 3 package faster than a regular order? A regular order typically takes three to four days to reach me IIRC, but my Bones 3 package arrived in two days from when it went out Reaper's doors on Wednesday evening. UPS for the KS was faster than USPS for regular orders. Thank you, Reaper, that's quite a difference. I thought my order was filled too late in the day to go out Wednesday, but it made it in.