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  1. I didn't think they were going to Gen Con. Maybe a change of plans I didn't hear about?
  2. Way to go! You have the right attitude for this kind of challenge. I can't believe you used one brush for everything. That's a great testimony to what looks like a very basic brush. Those wings are eye catching. Bad luck not withstanding, this is a beautiful piece.
  3. Any idea what's wrong with the drive? No matter what happens with the recovery, the incident emphasizes the importance of backing up anything of value. There are programs and online services that will back up automatically, I've read, though I've always done it manually.
  4. You are busy in the WIP forum, aren't you. That's Phoenicia, Arcane Spellcaster by Guild of Harmony, Sebastian Archer sculptor. Pretty sure I have this one in my collection, otherwise it's doubtful I'd remember where I saw it.
  5. Congratulations, OneBoot! You succeeded in grand fashion and made it a tremendously entertaining Goblin Challenge. You went all out with the pictures and comments, and the comments from everyone make it even better. Thanks for doing this. I hope you do well in the contest, too.
  6. Great work! Nice freehand on that book. One way to improve your photos is to use a program to crop them, like Photoshop or the free GIMP, among others. Some computers and smart devices come with one.
  7. Have you seen Doug's Miniatures Photography 101? Worth checking out before spending the money. I've heard others complain about Kindle cameras in general, though, so you may be right.
  8. I don't know if you're entering this at ReaperCon, but it looks like a solid entry to me. Fifty copies? Is that a standard practice for Green Monkey? It looks like an excellent figure, but I wonder why they limit it so much. I'm glad Reaper's limited editions are generally not so tightly limited.
  9. Have you checked the Figure Finder? It allows you to set parameters like male or female, race, what they hold, and what they wear. Very useful if you're trying to limit the possibilities. Note the tags are not perfect, however. While playing around, I noticed Spirit of Summer is not listed as Human or Female. Adding the sculptor's name may help as well since their figures may share a likeness.
  10. Great progress so far and good luck moving forward. No personal experience, but I've read from others that the sepia liner does not stick to Bones as well as the other liners do. If you haven't done so yet, you might want to check it.
  11. Do you have any harder tools (wood or metal)? I've seen other people using metal sculpting tools to good effect with green stuff, and wood tools (e.g., bamboo skewers, brush handles) can work well, too. I've mostly used Milliput which works fine with those kinds of tools.
  12. When it comes to WIPs, Goblin challenges are some of the best ones to watch. Have fun and I hope everyone gives you a lot of support. I almost called this project speed-painting, but the brush size puts it in a crazy class of its own. You have time for idle questions? I saw Reaper brushes in some of your pics. How many do you have in reserve? Have you designed your color scheme? How bad are the mold lines and what's your plan to deal with them?
  13. I figured it was my browser (Chrome) that was doing it to me. Maybe it is a bigger problem after all. I've learned to click the left side of the round dot. Seems to help.

    Siri, is that a certainty? It was true in Bones 3, but have they said Bones 4 will be the same? I would expect so, but haven't noticed if they've said that this time.
  15. This sounds like something to try as an experiment. Any idea what tools work well for this job?