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  1. Often I'll find that the tip of the paint dropper will be dry, a plug of paint that accumulated over time, with a paint I don't use often. Once I get past that plug, though, the paint underneath is fine. Have you removed the tip to look at the paint?
  2. Thanks for the concert report, OneBoot. You're wise to wear earplugs. Even mild tinnitus is no joke. I did a search for Asia yesterday, wondering if I'd been missing out since I never got past their radio hits. Then I found out their lead singer had died in January, and I couldn't understand how they replaced him so quickly for the live shows. Looks like they couldn't find someone as talented, which is a shame. I'm glad Journey's current lead singer is doing a better job.
  3. The only thing I dislike is that there is only one picture. Some more angles would be nice to enjoy. Beautifully painted and photographed.
  4. When I was having pain, it was because the chair was old and the seat padding was worn out. As soon as I got a new, quality office chair with good padding down there, the pain went away. I suggest looking for a chair that's rated for the number of hours a day you sit in it. I also try to get up at least once an hour to move around and stretch. Mine is a La-Z-Boy office chair (from Staples, I think, it was a gift), and can adjust height, swivel, and has a lock for the reclining back. It also adjusts the resistance of the reclining back. The amount of padding is what makes it work well. I've had it a couple years, and it is in very good condition still, even used hard. Take a test sit in the chair at the store to see what works for you.
  5. There are guides on the internet to the sizing system of drill bits. Here's one guide I found. Buying a set would make it easier to find a match for your pinning material if you can't check the drill bits in person. I've always used plain wire from the hardware store for my tiny pins, but many things will work. I've read on these forums that you can use a mixture of superglue and baking soda to create a mixture that is tougher than superglue alone, and might hold it in place without a pin. I haven't tried that myself yet. I like to pin to make sure things don't come apart.
  6. If you set up your notification settings (the lower half of that screen), you can select if you want notifications "on" for various things. You can set up regular notifications that are in the forum, and you can choose to have them emailed to you. You get to decide to see regular notifications, or emails, or neither, or both for each type of notification that has an option. Very cool feature IMO.
  7. Thanks for the tip!
  8. If you click on the dot or the star in front of the topic title, it should take you to the last read post. I know this works on the desktop version. I don't have a mobile version to check.
  9. Here you go! Ack. @OneBoot
  10. That's a very nice looking beard. Your pictures look pretty good to me. I hope you'll consider trimming down the size of your images. It isn't hard to do with free software like Gimp or an online tool or smartphone app. Anything above a few hundred KB is usually unnecessary.
  11. Bryan's Post about warnings
  12. How did you find this out?
  13. Those two little triangular marks on the lower right side of the picture are "Bryangles", placed at 1/2" and 1" above the bottom of the figure. On the really big figures, it might be more useful if they used a longer ruler, but at least you can see how big they are compared to a 1" tall figure.

    Do other big miniature Kickstarters have the same kind of complaints? Reaper's KSs are the only big miniature KSs I've followed.
  15. I'd have been surprised if they didn't at least offer to send it since you were owed it. Maybe it is company policy to make things right regardless of customer wishes? Reaper is hard to beat. I'm sure you can find someone who would like your extra.