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  1. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    First off, yikes, that guy is crazy. I'm glad you weren't hurt. Did you have any warning he was going to drive off? What would have happened to the boot, etc. if the boot was loose when he drove off? I know almost nothing about boots. I don't even know if they use them around here.
  2. I have not tried a seam scraper, though I've used metal edged sculpting tools in a similar manner. I prefer to use a scalpel when it can get into the area. It is extremely sharp, though, so care must be taken not to cut the wrong thing. Otherwise, I like a fine diamond mini needle file (actually, I use a thin bead reamer with a fine diamond coating) and plastic sanding needles (cylindrical-shaped plastic rods with a sharpened point on one end) which also have a fine grit on them. Abrasive polishing points used in Dremel tools can also be useful, though I use them by hand since a Dremel tool can be hard to control and generate too much heat. Fine sandpaper can do the job, too. I have steel mini needle files, and they sometimes work pretty well on plastic, perhaps because they have fine cutting edges, but in general they leave more threads behind than other tools do.
  3. When to use which mediums?

    I principally use matte medium to fill gaps and cover over rough areas on miniatures. Gloss medium would work about the same, I think. Reaper brush-on sealer also works for this purpose. I also like to use acrylic mediums (matte or brush-on sealer) to dilute paints that I want to get down to a thin glaze. I don't always use it, just when the paint does not hold together well at high dilution. In general, if I can get by with just water to dilute, I do so. I've used a mixture of matte medium, water and Reaper liner to give a light priming coat to Bones miniatures. This keeps the mini mostly white with some dark areas in the deep spots. I usually use a little water and matte medium if I want to mix a paint wash, but now that I have Reaper's wash medium, I'll probably try that out instead. I haven't used flow improver much, but I know that Liquitex is supposed to be diluted before use about 20:1 while Reaper's doesn't need dilution. I don't use slow dry either, but it is supposed to be useful if you do wet blending and need to keep the paints from drying so fast. I've used Vallejo glaze medium, and as far as I can tell, it does the same thing as matte medium, but starts out thinner. I'd like to hear from anyone who thinks differently, though.
  4. Reaper Kolinsky

    The Raphael you have is an 8404 #1? My experience with a Raphael 8404 #0 is that it has been one of my best brushes and does not have the issue with too few hairs at the tip. I have a 3/0 in the same series which also works well. I bought them many years ago, so I can only hope they are still made in a similar way now. This is one of the things that drives people crazy with brushes. If you've never seen them before, you don't know what's normal for that series. Is a "too pointy" brush that way due to a manufacturing mistake or is that the way they are made?
  5. Magnifying products for painting

    I'm not a fan of the desktop magnifiers. I think they are hard to use for painting because you have to hold your head at just the right angle, and that can lead to a stiff neck. Head-mounted magnifiers like the Optivisor are easier to use for me, and since my near vision is not very good, it makes seeing details much easier. I've used the glass lenses found on the Optivisor as well as the cheaper plastic lenses on a Harbor Freight magnifier. They both work well enough for me, and I switch back and forth depending on how much magnification I want. I've read that some people have difficulty using head-mounted mags, but I was able to adjust to one after a short learning period. If you have 20/20 vision and can see details without any magnification, that's a great place to be. For you, the main thing I'd be looking for is good light, either natural or daylight lamps. I like to use one lamp on either side of the desk to minimize shadows. Then, if you want to try a magnifier, I suggest you try out a pair of reading glasses first. You'll get some magnification at very little cost, and they don't stick out like the head-mounted mags do. Depending on where your lamp sits, the head-mounted mags can run into the lamp. It is something you can adjust to, though.
  6. Taking care of brushes

    If you ever get paint in the ferrule, and it gets stuck in there, you'll need a liquid brush cleaner like W&N Brush Cleaner and Restorer. Truth is, I haven't used this cleaner on my good brushes to my knowledge, but it comes in handy on the older brushes that get treated more harshly and sometimes end up with paint where it shouldn't be. Don't let this kind of cleaner touch lacquer brush handles because it can strip the lacquer off. If you rinse your brushes frequently as you paint, I've found The Masters soap and Pink Soap don't always remove visible paint from the hairs. I still use them at the end of most painting sessions, but I often wonder how much good they're doing.
  7. Reaper Kolinsky

    I reported a bad brush to Reaper once a long time ago. They replaced it without any questions. If any of my currently in-storage Reaper brushes give me bad service someday, I'll do the same. I hope the bad brushes you guys are seeing are not a common problem. Please contact Reaper and tell them about your troubles. It is one way to be sure they know they have an issue to deal with. I'm not sure you can count on them reading this thread.
  8. Sweet/candy exchange

    @NomadZeke Are those a limited-time flavor? I had not seen those before Glitterwolf posted his pix. They're not as good as real cinnamon buns, are they? As good as regular chocolate Oreos?
  9. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Is there a recipe link? Are these anything like stroopwafels?
  10. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Have you brought this to Reaper's attention yet? Perhaps they have an explanation, or will do something to make it up to you.
  11. Crowley's Almaran the Gold

    Did you try to straighten that floppy sword? That's not something I've attempted yet, so I'm curious.
  12. 12 Days of Reaper Begins December 6th!

    Remember when Sophie disappeared from the store quickly after the con was over? Now she's available for a long time. I think this is great, and I added one to a 12 Days order. However, it would be nice if they told people when she would no longer be available, so it would be easier to plan orders.
  13. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    USPS will hold your mail upon request, if your worry is stuff sitting in your mailbox.
  14. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Late last night it was on the first page at the top, where all the Kickstarter and other featured goodies are placed. Now I see it is under the resources tab. The Power Palette looks the same to me, so I think it is new to GEM. The tool has been in place for many years.
  15. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Beware of bonded leather chairs. I have one of the nicer ones from Staples (La-Z-Boy) and after a few years heavy use the covering has begun to crack. It still has great cushioning, though. I can sit in it for most of the day, and, so long as I get up every so often, I don't get stiff and sore.