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  1. Sorry, Ary. I hope you are getting what help you can for your back and your depression.
  2. Reaper sells two sealers, one that is more satin to matte finish (more matte if you add water) called brush-on sealer. The other is called gloss sealer, also a brush-on. These are products that can be added to paint as an acrylic medium, but are also suitable to use as final coats of varnish. For a more matte finish, a spray product like Testor's Dullcote works well. Of course, sealing is optional. But if your figures are going to get handled a lot or left in a dusty area, it is a good idea.
  3. Matte additive is not intended to be used straight. If you did that, it would frost up whatever you put it on. I believe its primary purpose is to add it to paints that look glossy to make them more matte. I've never used it, but the general warning is to use a very small amount and test it to make sure you haven't put in too much. While I've never tried it, I would guess you could add it to a gloss medium or varnish to make it matte.
  4. My favorite tools are a sharp hobby knife or scalpel and fine abrasives like diamond needle files and plastic sanding needles. Sometimes I'll put the Bones figure in the freezer to firm it up before I work on it. You can go over rough areas with acrylic gloss or matte medium or brush-on sealer if you can't get it smoothed out enough with tools. Here's a link to Wren's write-up on many subjects for prepping Bones, including her tools for removing mold lines: Bones Preparation
  5. If you've never seen anyone paint, be sure to check out the videos in the pinned post Aryanun referred to, this one: Directory of Tips & Advice Resources It can be considerably easier to learn by seeing someone applying paint to a figure either in person or on video. The amount of material that's been published on painting miniatures is staggering, and a great deal of it is free.
  6. I'm not sure that can be fixed without draining the bottle and filtering the paint. If the paint is Reaper's, they have good customer service. Check with them for instructions ( In particular, if you bought it from Reaper or from a retailer, hopefully they'll replace it. If it is from another company, check with that company and/or your retailer.
  7. I'll leave this in randomness since it is just a random comment based on Zink's post (second para.). Don't read his post if you don't want to read a sad and awful outcome. I'm glad some schools try to shock new drivers into seeing what can happen if they try to drive while drunk or texting or otherwise impaired or not watching the road. When I was in school, they had driver's education which covered that stuff. Unless you have a good instructor, the dangers of driving aren't emphasized enough.
  8. Master's Brush Cleaner and Preserver and Pink Soap are both good for cleaning a brush after a session. If the paint has gotten into the ferrule of the brush, you may need some extra cleaning using a cleaning liquid like Winsor and Newton's Brush Cleaner and Restorer. This liquid can dissolve the paint that is stuck under the ferrule and might get your brush back into shape. I use it mostly on my beater brushes. My good brushes get rinsed often and don't get paint under the ferrules unless I really screw up. Sometimes I'll use some hair conditioner (the kind you'd use on your own hair) on a brush, but it is generally not necessary if you rinse often and use a good brush soap to clean them.
  9. From a desktop browser: If you click on the four-way arrow above the upper left corner of the quote, it will select the whole thing so you can delete it. I use the delete key, but you can also use CONTROL-RIGHT CLICK to bring up a context menu and remove the quote. I don't have a mobile to check how it's done there.
  10. Any special reason you're avoiding metal? It has its downsides, but so does plastic and resin. Compared to Bones, metal minis generally have sharper details, sometimes a lot sharper.
  11. I believe you are talking about these cases? Paint Carrying Case Figure Carrying Case
  12. Last year the limit was 8 classes per ticket.
  13. Reaper used pewter skulls as you said, Gadgetman. They stopped using them because it was cheaper to use whatever beads they're using now. I rarely need any extra agitation in my old MSPs with pewter skulls in them. I use the fishing weights they sell as "lead free" which look like pewter, but don't say that anywhere on the package. I know from years of use they don't oxidize in water or water-based acrylic paint. Since I noticed I was getting pain in my hand from shaking paints, I turn to a Dremel-powered spinner when I need to agitate a lot of paint. I didn't think spinning would work all that well, but it works with my collection of Reaper paints.
  14. Often I'll find that the tip of the paint dropper will be dry, a plug of paint that accumulated over time, with a paint I don't use often. Once I get past that plug, though, the paint underneath is fine. Have you removed the tip to look at the paint?
  15. Thanks for the concert report, OneBoot. You're wise to wear earplugs. Even mild tinnitus is no joke. I did a search for Asia yesterday, wondering if I'd been missing out since I never got past their radio hits. Then I found out their lead singer had died in January, and I couldn't understand how they replaced him so quickly for the live shows. Looks like they couldn't find someone as talented, which is a shame. I'm glad Journey's current lead singer is doing a better job.