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  1. Live

    Could use this as a die executioner. Your D20 rolled too many ones? Place it on a hard surface, then drop The Executioner on it.
  2. Cancelled

    Kickstarter link:
  3. Apparently I was the only one on this forum who backed the previous project? Fulfillment went smoothly on my end. The metal models are nice and I didn't find any casting errors. Many models came in several pieces with small contact areas; I didn't find them unmanageable but they may be a bit much for new modelers. It looks like Be A Better Human has pvc in addition to metal, which means dealing with pvc "surprises" along the way. :/
  4. It's been teased about in the kickstarter updates for Human Interface: Nakamura Tower for a while now. It'll probably be another adventure board game with minis (hopefully still metal like the previous game). The latest update is here: There are quite a few other model designs shown if you look back a couple updates.
  5. Live

    I ordered far too few in the previous project (just a few Argonauts and cyclops). Glad to see more on the way!
  6. Check out some of the other marnie tanks. Predators, Razorbacks, etc. This new one looks like it hovers though.
  7. What an odd choice. The book is public domain and known well enough to stand on its own legs. There's no reason to quote actor's names or the movie at all. Nobody is going to pledge because they only know the movie but not the book.
  8. That would be my suggestion as well, if it were easy to acquire. Putting the board together is like Legos which kept my nephews (around that age) quite entertained.
  9. Back in 2nd edition frag grenades were short-ranged AoE attacks as well. In the starter game box set they were pretty nasty against the ork side.
  10. Live

    From a chibi standpoint, I like that the frost giant has a silly lightning bolt that looks like it's from a kid's cereal.
  11. 32mm metal fantasy samurai. Some armies, some war machines, and a printed rulebook. (there's also a rulebook download in the project description) I received the Kensei Undead kickstarter last year and liked the models quite a bit.
  12. Live

    That appears to be the case:
  13. Funded

    I distinctly remember a room in Demon's Souls that had like 50 iron maidens in a big pile.
  14. Live

    Third time's the charm, hopefully. Kinda weird, but I would totally back a "peons only" pledge. The world needs more peon minis. :)
  15. The style looks close enough to Reaper kobolds, hope they are close in size (or does that even matter with kobolds). Looks like my kobold horde will grow a bit.