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  1. Now I'm imaging Maredudd having the ship tracking globe from Superman III, and watching all the boats move to the center of the Atlantic Ocean.
  2. Confrontation: Classic - Coming April

    Nice to see this come back. I used to follow the line back in the Rackham days, but I have to admit I lost track after it switched to prepainted plastic. I have no idea about the current company.
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1103158358/warbands-of-the-cold-north-vi-ulfhildrs-heroes Project description: About Hello Again Kickstarter backers new and loyal, longtime supporters and fans of Red Box games! We have returned again to kickstarter in the hopes to fund our newest selection of fantasy norse figures that we call the Njorn. Our intention is to fund the production of a new set of heroes and their faithful follower rank and file troops. We also intend to fund the set up of our in house production capacity! This means buying a spin caster, a smelter, all the various periphery of safe casting, metal shelves to hold molds ( LOTS of molds ) having our molds shipped to us from the various contractors we currently partner with, and raw metal to do the casting with. Being set up for in house production will allow us to reinvest in the various aspects that will make your experience with Red Box Games more efficient and better presented, as well as allow us to manage our working capital MUCH more efficiently. We currently reinvest a disproportionate amount of our profits into maintaining reasonable stock levels across the entire breadth of the red box games line. This is a HUGE investment that grows every time we add new products to the line. It also means we have to rely on kickstarters much more because we simply cannot afford to just put new items in to the store without knowing that the funds are already there to pay for the production and stocking of said items. Once set up for casting we will be able to keep the funds of the business' success where it belongs, in the future of the business. It also has the added advantage of allowing us to afford lower prices across the board and able to take chances on items which are too risky to produce through out sourcing such as larger monsters and cavalry and Rank and File sets appropriately priced for army building. To insure that the high level of quality you have come to expect from Red Box Games is faithfully maintained, I will be training in casting with a VERY talented and experienced mold maker and caster. I wont be handling the entire burden of casting right away so there is no need to worry that this development will slow down delivery of the Kickstarter or the regular course of business for RBG. My molds will continue to be made by one of the industry's best studios as well so there is no need to worry that the burden will overwhelm me or that the overall quality of the Red Box Games product will suffer. I cannot do any of this without your help so please consider backing this kickstarter! You will get some really cool stuff for a GREAT price in a reasonable amount of time and I will FINALLY be able to set up for my own production and make some real progress in this industry! AAAaaannndddd without further Adieu...... ON TO THE MINIATURES!!! We intend to fund as many figures as this kickstarter will allow and at the outset of the campaign we have 19 figures ready to go with a few slight details needing to be added before they are ready for production and I still have several more underway which will be shown as they are completed and added to the campaign as the funding allows.
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1372111648/kensei-wargame-wako-vs-namban I've backed two Zenit projects and both delivered in a timely fashion with a nice product. This project is for adding armies for the 1582 Cagayan battles (Spanish and Pirates) to the Kensei miniatures game. Note that Kensei has several fantasy elements so these might not be full historically accurate.
  5. I got some pictures of the prototype game at Con of the North yesterday: I think the models would benefit from basing on something heavier like a metal washer, as small table bumps can topple trees / fire hydrants / lamps. For the game itself, it has all the standard superhero stuff I'd expect. Running up the side of a building and pushing another dude off the top, throwing trucks at people, big dude bowling over the top of several smaller dudes, etc. And some silly stuff like getting soda from a vending machine to get caffeined up for extra actions. The game moves really quickly. Characters get 4-6 actions per turn all of which can be used for movement or attacks, so you can all out run 15+ squares in a turn, or unleash a multiple attacks, or line up knockback chain reactions, etc, all pretty easily. Special powers unique to each character are listed on their card. Tokens for damage or status effects can go on the character card to keep the play area less cluttered.
  6. Kings of War: Vanguard

    Self control level up! I checked out with just my original rulebook pledge.
  7. Oh my god, chibi modern terrain. That's such a niche within a niche. Level of want is quite high.
  8. This is sweet. I kind of want to mod this into some kind of CAV dropship, as the design style is would fit in next to Malvernis aircraft (Ghast and Vindicator).
  9. I just now realized how much I need a giant exclamation point miniature. Because reasons. Edit: in the comments, it looks like they are running demos in my area this weekend. I can stop by and report back how it looks/plays.
  10. Miniatures for Collectors & Gamers

    I'd back for the 30mm models. Thankfully this business model made it easy to say no.
  11. Tesla in Space!

    Ok how about this: Since nu trek is so hip on sports cars and stuff, now they can remake Star Trek The Motion Picture. This time the alien race finds the Tesla, fixes it up and returns it to earth. In the climax Kirk has to "merge" and drive it through re-entry while blasting Beastie Boys music.
  12. Tesla in Space!

    If you're an alien race running arcross some random earth tech, what would you rather have: some random gold record, or a Tesla? Heck yeah! Next up for launch, the Winnebago from Spaceballs.
  13. Solo Teaser/Trailer

    How about we start in Empire Strikes Back? *record scratch sound and screen pauses* "Yeah, that's me getting encased in carbonite. I suppose you're wondering who I am, and how I got into this mess."
  14. Wow I'm impressed this one funded. It was looking dire towards the end of January. Is the Gilgamesh render a work in progress? Considering the size I'd expect a bit more detail on the model.
  15. Templar and Malvernis have the least bones I believe, then several holes elsewhere. Lots of gunships and vehicles. Definitely enough left for another kickstarter if the interest is there. Would love to see the Adon crawlers return, for example a Recluse model is impossible to find and it's the only Adon ECM unit.