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  1. That would be my suggestion as well, if it were easy to acquire. Putting the board together is like Legos which kept my nephews (around that age) quite entertained.
  2. Back in 2nd edition frag grenades were short-ranged AoE attacks as well. In the starter game box set they were pretty nasty against the ork side.
  3. Live

    From a chibi standpoint, I like that the frost giant has a silly lightning bolt that looks like it's from a kid's cereal.
  4. 32mm metal fantasy samurai. Some armies, some war machines, and a printed rulebook. (there's also a rulebook download in the project description) I received the Kensei Undead kickstarter last year and liked the models quite a bit.
  5. Live

    That appears to be the case:
  6. Funded

    I distinctly remember a room in Demon's Souls that had like 50 iron maidens in a big pile.
  7. Live

    Third time's the charm, hopefully. Kinda weird, but I would totally back a "peons only" pledge. The world needs more peon minis. :)
  8. The style looks close enough to Reaper kobolds, hope they are close in size (or does that even matter with kobolds). Looks like my kobold horde will grow a bit.
  9. Funded

    Another question relevant to addons: Do the addon versions include the unlocked stretch goals?
  10. 8th edition already? Wow I feel so out of the loop. The last 40k I played was 3rd edition, after a bit of experience with 2nd and Rogue Trader. Unfortunately, certain key fundamentals in the rules have never aligned with my tastes. But I'm always willing to paint up psycho dudes with guns, and this will undoubtedly bring us more psycho dudes with guns, so bring on the psycho dudes with guns!
  11. Live

    I like the art on these, however on the digital sculpts the torso-to-legs ratio looks off to me. It looks fine in the concept art.
  12. Better watch out for Ubisoft.
  13. Fulfilling

    This is now fulfilling. Received mine in Minnesota USA. Grimlord is also doing Village Attacks so I'm sure someone is curious about casting quality here. It's mostly good news, with no defects spotted and not much cleanup needed. However some of the sculpts are way too thin for the material, such as the Scout sniper rifle barrel is scary to straighten out, or the Psichic running with one foot on the ground doesn't support the model's weight. Most of the models are big chunky mechs though so only a few are affected.
  14. Yes that should work for CAV. A square grid might look nice in an urban setting.
  15. I've seen people convert to squares for playing indoor battles (dungeons tiles, space hulk tiles, etc). It's a pretty easy conversion, just count squares instead of measuring. The only thing you have to decide is how you want to count diagonals. CAV first edition was written with hexes in mind so that's already done. The current edition measures turns in 90 degree increments so it's not really a hex game anymore, but I can't imagine it would be difficult to add the movement from 1st edition back in.