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  1. Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    The World Wildlife Fund would like to thank you for bringing Tigers off the endangered species list.
  2. I just picked up the second edition rulebook. My local gaming group is converting to second edition after being hooked on the original for years (a number of them were at the Adepticon Grand Melee tournament). I've often referred to Saga as "The Historical Wargame for Fantasy Players". Even though it has historical armies, it has plenty of fantasy elements and over-the-top stuff going on. At least that's the hook I use to pull in fantasy players who normally won't give anything historical a chance. :) The new rulebook is smaller than I expected, but with enough detail to cover the situations I've run into so far. I like how combat abilities interact with resolution steps; everything is clearly defined where and when it takes place, making it easier to resolve abilities in the correct order. As an example: Lets say I play an ability that adds 4 combat dice, but another ability reduces my dice to 0. The order this happens is very important (I either have 4 or 0 dice depending on the order you do those in), but thankfully the steps are cleanly laid out so I can avoid a rules dispute. The initial army list has 12 factions including several supplements from the original. I'll need to wait a bit for my crusade lists to get released, but otherwise it has everything I need right off the bat. The tournament players in my group seem to be happy about some army changes intended to even out some of the extreme matchups (certain abilities could be a bit too game-defining in specific scenarios or against specific enemies). Although i will say I was very pleased with the overall balance in first edition, most notably that armies from the original book were still competitive against newer factions, even at the highest level of competitive play. Anyone else playing this?
  3. Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    Finally got my box. The fridged second-winter of the arctic north attempted to reclaim CAV as its own, but I prevailed and the spoils of war shall be mine!
  4. New Journal of Recognition?

    Yes please!
  5. Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    Ooh, a new Manticore design was unexpected. Love it!
  6. Zenit miniatures: Wako vs Namban

    Aye their last pledge manager was incredibly dangerous.
  7. Wargames using reaper figs

    You just gave me a massive nostalgia flashback.
  8. Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game

    Am I odd for wishing these has less dynamic poses? I'd totally pick these up if the had a basic stance (Zangief is the only one I like so far).
  9. Fireball Island Restored - Restoration Games

    Hmm I have some nephews in the right age range for this. I'm guessing that's the marketing here: people who had this as kids, who now buy stuff for their kids. Old commercial for nostalgia reasons: (not this kickstarter)
  10. CAV - Enforcer

    The base is a metal washer, 1.5 inch diameter (38mm).
  11. GW Announces WH40K 8th edition

    I've looked at that pic many times but I never thought about it. Now I can't unsee the deodorant. Aaaahhhh ...
  12. CAV - Enforcer

    It appears my avatar agrees with you. (I would never cucumber prank my cat though) I think I need to put a bit more detail into the arms to help the ridges stand out more. And some fake-shine on the cockpit.
  13. Kensei: Samurai Tabletop Wargame

    I received my stuff last month (I backed for some random Japanese mythological beasts). I'm really happy with Zenit Miniatures quality. Can probably set this to completed if no one else backed.
  14. CAV - Enforcer

    One of my buddies informed me this is "Man-at-arms" colors. I wasn't sure what he meant until he added "from He-Man". Now I can't unsee it, lol.