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  1. Jeneki

    CAV Tactical Breakdown: Starhawk IV

    I usually put my Archers in a different squad from my main attack, to get more mileage out of Talon EST. With my dice rolls, I don't mind overconcentrating firepower on one enemy unit (or gang piling a superheavy). Perhaps something like this to showcase Starhawk VIs as a main attack force, while still covering all your bases: Air Superiority Doctrine Attack Starhawk VI 590 (main attack) Starhawk VI 590 Starhawk VI 590 Starhawk VI 590 Talon 274 (EST and ECM) Specialist Archer 683 (Active Phase Array with decent staying power) Ryoshi 307 (backup ECM when the Talon gets kibbled, and bomb infantry or other light units) Naginata 440 (low profile but tough, use terrain to safely reach objectives or get under missile bubbles) Naginata 440 Air Kikyu 245 (good at countering Rocket and MAC units) Kikyu 245 Total: 4994
  2. Jeneki

    Gangfight Skirmish Game System

    This is right up my alley. And low entry cost.
  3. Terrain bits could be a good idea. There are multiple scifi games in this scale so it could bring in some extra pledges.
  4. Jeneki


    I think that if I got this for my nephews (myself), they (I) would just build stuff and not worry about the game side.
  5. Jeneki

    Sci-Fi Bounty Hunters

    Welcome to the forum Andy.
  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1737676429/bio-craft-master-crafted-miniature-gaming-terrain Some neat looking alien terrain. I like the idea of curved walls as it should make handling miniatures easier. Looks like this creator has delivered a resin project before (a dice tower). *edit* Not sure why images aren't working, I'll try again later. Also some cool stuff in the stretch goals.
  7. Jeneki

    Atlantis Miniatures Ogres

    I went all-in with the Orcs/Goblins/Trolls kickstarter and was very pleased with everything I received. I'll be down for Ogres. Another vote for Elves, although I just got the Last Sword Elven Lords kickstarter so theoretically I should be good for now.
  8. Jeneki

    Cigar Box Battle Mats

    These look pretty good. It's also interesting to see cut-out options in matching artwork.
  9. Jeneki

    Solomon Kane Board Game (Mythic Games)

    I don't usually go for scenic bases, but I really like the beach one with the crab. It's such a small detail but goes a long way to setting the scene.
  10. For what it's worth I've purchased resin bridges before and these don't seem out of line. And that was 15 years ago prices. That's a big chunk of resin. The "objective markers" are pretty great as well.
  11. Quality orcish engineering, who needs to fix things when you have cover it up with bling?
  12. Jeneki

    Star Wars Legion

    The middle one is Luke and a bit short.
  13. Jeneki

    Star Wars Legion

    Using foam to get their feet all at the same level. The reaper fig is from the old metal Warlord line. My plan is to base Legion figures lower than Assault figures to "shorten" them a bit.
  14. Jeneki

    Star Wars Legion

    Some other releases at my local store: May releases were snowtroopers and Veers, new releases this month are fleet rebels (in the boiled-egg helmet) and Leia (endor outfit). Snowtroopers are my favorite design so I grabbed them before, and I'm highly interested in ship boarding actions so the fleet rebels are useful to me. I'm happy with the releases so far.
  15. Jeneki

    The Frost Collection: Version 2.0

    Received mine. Each piece was individually bubble wrapped, taped, and put in its own ziplock bag. Someone spent quite a bit of time packaging this.