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  1. Live

    These do seem to hit the right points of nostalgia for me. The last time I painted goblins like these was in the 90s.
  2. Some of my roommate's younger store employees are really into videos that I would describe as less about "watching someone watch something", and more about "watching someone overreact, scream random nonsense, and badly pretend to be shocked/angry/sad/etc while watching something." Every generation has it's share of people who get a following by acting crazy and yelling stupid stuff, I'm sure I don't need to list any actors from any of our childhoods. The mini painting market may be untapped here. How many teenagers who just discovered 40k would watch a video of a guy painting chaos marines, while screaming battle cries about the downfall of the universe and other such things? "This chainaxe needs more blood spatter! More blood for the blood god! To paint this part, pretend the brush is the emperor's face getting smashed and chopped in half! (slams brush into the axe) Aguaggguuuaahhhhhhhh! The gore of countless babies split asunder across the galaxy! Aaaaaaglgggggllllllahh!"
  3. Eagar Toad would make a good Guwange.
  4. Live

    Lack of grid is a huge selling point to me. :)
  5. Dare I say these are cute?
  6. Pre-Launch

    I see our friendly Turtle Tanker has still has his arm this time.
  7. 2nd edition introduced Necrons. Their abilities were created specifically to counter OP armies. Someone stacks a bunch of wargear to make ridiculous combos? Necrons turn them all off. Someone uses super heavy armor and nearly impossible to kill? Attach some mecha-bugs and all the armor is gone. But use Necrons against an army that took none of that? Suddenly they don't have much going for them. (this is all 2nd edition version)
  8. Pre-launch

    Closed cockpits? Well I suppose I could paint up the ammo belts as nerf darts instead. Do you have a launch date yet?
  9. Fulfilling

    Received mine yesterday. Very quick turn around considering the surveys went out like 3 weeks ago.
  10. A few weeks ago I picked up some tzeentch beak-head beastmen dudes. Also got some tzeentch cultist dudes that wear beaky masks, like they're trying to try to fit in or something, I shall name them "wannabeasts". I ordered a Type I Demon from Fractured Dimensions for them to worship and that'll be enough. (this is all for use in a different skirmish game) Around the time of 40k 3rd edition I gave up on playing GW games, but it wasn't due to business reasons. Rather I was getting into different rule sets and just couldn't go back. Stuff with alternating unit activation, less die rolls to resolve a combat, no scifi armys bringing knives to a gunfight, less giving every random dude a unique special rule, etc, that really fit my preferences. I had a local group that would play just about anything so we recycled models into new rule sets all the time. So I'm not opposed to buying occasional figures from GW, but I doubt I'll ever play one of their mainline games again.
  11. Live

    Hmm, new funding goal is around 1/9th of the previous one (after conversion). I like the Venom Serpent, just coiling around everywhere.
  12. Live

    Some rocks are big some rocks are small Some rocks are short some rocks are tall Whatever your scale rocks fit them all They all still die when the rocks fall
  13. Terrans in a heavy-terrain defensive position is a situation where I would take some Thunderbirds and Archers in the mix. They are annoying enough that I want to hunt them down, and once I finally do navigate the terrain to get to them, I get particle guns to the face.
  14. Hey, they finally got around to me today. Again, not sure if yay?
  15. Funded

    Thursday looks like a lawn gnome. (cannot unsee) Footprints for invisible characters is a great idea.