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  1. Better watch out for Ubisoft.
  2. Fulfilling

    This is now fulfilling. Received mine in Minnesota USA. Grimlord is also doing Village Attacks so I'm sure someone is curious about casting quality here. It's mostly good news, with no defects spotted and not much cleanup needed. However some of the sculpts are way too thin for the material, such as the Scout sniper rifle barrel is scary to straighten out, or the Psichic running with one foot on the ground doesn't support the model's weight. Most of the models are big chunky mechs though so only a few are affected.
  3. Yes that should work for CAV. A square grid might look nice in an urban setting.
  4. I've seen people convert to squares for playing indoor battles (dungeons tiles, space hulk tiles, etc). It's a pretty easy conversion, just count squares instead of measuring. The only thing you have to decide is how you want to count diagonals. CAV first edition was written with hexes in mind so that's already done. The current edition measures turns in 90 degree increments so it's not really a hex game anymore, but I can't imagine it would be difficult to add the movement from 1st edition back in.
  5. Live

    Ah ok, sorry there was a post on the first page that made it sound like stickers going on cards.
  6. Live

    Wouldn't putting stickers on cards make it difficult to shuffle? Or do these cards not get shuffled.
  7. There's a more detailed description and some gameplay videos in the previous kickstarter here: Or get the rulebook here: It's much simpler than stuff like Twilight Imperium. If you want a really in-depth space conquest game I would say it's not one of those, but rather places emphasis on faster games. Most of the complexity comes from the upgrade tree and special ability cards. Playing aggressively is rewarded by extra resources from kills, and if the game goes too long someone will eventually unlock one of the ultimate weapons which ends things quick. Of special note is the mothership, which is basically your capital battleship. Each turn you get to distribute power to weapons, movement, and shields to adapt to the situation. Depending on the game mode, you either get one set of ships and that's it (player elimination), or use a point chart and regain lost ships (no player elimination).
  8. Boardgame with minis for space ships and planets. A bit on the abstract side, but I like the style. While the kickstarter is for the expansion, you can get the base game as well. I picked up the base boardgame last month. You have a colony UFO ship that you need to protect, planets to invade, an upgrade tree to spend resources on, and a fleet of ships to destroy stuff. Fast and simple enough that I can complete a game in an hour, also for younger players. Pictures: (inside spoiler tab)
  9. Pre-launch

    This definitely brings a smile to my face. Muahahahah ...
  10. Cancelled

    Looks like Midknight Heroes is still having difficulty getting projects funded on the first try. I'm sure this one will be back though.
  11. Live

    I have to say that I prefer smaller scales for vehicle-centric games. But hey, motorcycles and ATVs in the stretch goals! Yes please!
  12. Live

    Chibi has been picking up in popularity over the past few years so this seems like a natural extension. Also, yay for non-fantasy, no-weapons, modern-day chibis in a standard gaming scale (well hopefully ... scale is the key factor, as I can already get a bunch of gashapon or whatever if I don't care about scale). Unfortunately at the price of customized singles I just can't justify the quantity I'd need. Perhaps it's just too niche to ever exist as a regular miniatures line.
  13. Live

    The golem has a d12 necklace!
  14. Cancelled

    Yeah, it just sort of stretches to infinity when the legs spread apart (lots of games do that). I would love it If real clothes did that, or perhaps I should invest in some M.C. Hammer pants.
  15. Live

    Oddly enough the first thing I noticed were the bases. I have a bunch of historicals based on metal washers painted just like these. I'm ok with Samurai projects being a bit over represented.