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    I think that if I got this for my nephews (myself), they (I) would just build stuff and not worry about the game side.
  2. Jeneki

    Sci-Fi Bounty Hunters

    Welcome to the forum Andy.
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1737676429/bio-craft-master-crafted-miniature-gaming-terrain Some neat looking alien terrain. I like the idea of curved walls as it should make handling miniatures easier. Looks like this creator has delivered a resin project before (a dice tower). *edit* Not sure why images aren't working, I'll try again later. Also some cool stuff in the stretch goals.
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1103158358/warbands-of-the-cold-north-vi-ulfhildrs-heroes Project description: About Hello Again Kickstarter backers new and loyal, longtime supporters and fans of Red Box games! We have returned again to kickstarter in the hopes to fund our newest selection of fantasy norse figures that we call the Njorn. Our intention is to fund the production of a new set of heroes and their faithful follower rank and file troops. We also intend to fund the set up of our in house production capacity! This means buying a spin caster, a smelter, all the various periphery of safe casting, metal shelves to hold molds ( LOTS of molds ) having our molds shipped to us from the various contractors we currently partner with, and raw metal to do the casting with. Being set up for in house production will allow us to reinvest in the various aspects that will make your experience with Red Box Games more efficient and better presented, as well as allow us to manage our working capital MUCH more efficiently. We currently reinvest a disproportionate amount of our profits into maintaining reasonable stock levels across the entire breadth of the red box games line. This is a HUGE investment that grows every time we add new products to the line. It also means we have to rely on kickstarters much more because we simply cannot afford to just put new items in to the store without knowing that the funds are already there to pay for the production and stocking of said items. Once set up for casting we will be able to keep the funds of the business' success where it belongs, in the future of the business. It also has the added advantage of allowing us to afford lower prices across the board and able to take chances on items which are too risky to produce through out sourcing such as larger monsters and cavalry and Rank and File sets appropriately priced for army building. To insure that the high level of quality you have come to expect from Red Box Games is faithfully maintained, I will be training in casting with a VERY talented and experienced mold maker and caster. I wont be handling the entire burden of casting right away so there is no need to worry that this development will slow down delivery of the Kickstarter or the regular course of business for RBG. My molds will continue to be made by one of the industry's best studios as well so there is no need to worry that the burden will overwhelm me or that the overall quality of the Red Box Games product will suffer. I cannot do any of this without your help so please consider backing this kickstarter! You will get some really cool stuff for a GREAT price in a reasonable amount of time and I will FINALLY be able to set up for my own production and make some real progress in this industry! AAAaaannndddd without further Adieu...... ON TO THE MINIATURES!!! We intend to fund as many figures as this kickstarter will allow and at the outset of the campaign we have 19 figures ready to go with a few slight details needing to be added before they are ready for production and I still have several more underway which will be shown as they are completed and added to the campaign as the funding allows.
  5. Jeneki

    Atlantis Miniatures Ogres

    I went all-in with the Orcs/Goblins/Trolls kickstarter and was very pleased with everything I received. I'll be down for Ogres. Another vote for Elves, although I just got the Last Sword Elven Lords kickstarter so theoretically I should be good for now.
  6. Jeneki

    Cigar Box Battle Mats

    These look pretty good. It's also interesting to see cut-out options in matching artwork.
  7. Jeneki

    Star Wars Legion

    There were demos and product available at Adepticon this year which was my first experience with it. It's a new line of Star Wars infantry so of course I had to buy some. Also I picked up some snow troopers and General Veers at the local store. Anyone try out the game? My personal impression was that I like the unit activation sequence, but everything else was not to my taste. I'll keep picking up new releases, but won't be using them to play Legion itself. Note that there's a size difference between these and Star Wars Assault minis (I'm sure this was intentional), however careful basing will make it less noticeable if someone wants to mix them. As a side note, it's nice to see a Vader that's tall compared to everything else.
  8. Jeneki

    Solomon Kane Board Game (Mythic Games)

    I don't usually go for scenic bases, but I really like the beach one with the crab. It's such a small detail but goes a long way to setting the scene.
  9. For what it's worth I've purchased resin bridges before and these don't seem out of line. And that was 15 years ago prices. That's a big chunk of resin. The "objective markers" are pretty great as well.
  10. Quality orcish engineering, who needs to fix things when you have cover it up with bling?
  11. Jeneki

    Star Wars Legion

    The middle one is Luke and a bit short.
  12. Jeneki

    Star Wars Legion

    Using foam to get their feet all at the same level. The reaper fig is from the old metal Warlord line. My plan is to base Legion figures lower than Assault figures to "shorten" them a bit.
  13. Jeneki

    Star Wars Legion

    Some other releases at my local store: May releases were snowtroopers and Veers, new releases this month are fleet rebels (in the boiled-egg helmet) and Leia (endor outfit). Snowtroopers are my favorite design so I grabbed them before, and I'm highly interested in ship boarding actions so the fleet rebels are useful to me. I'm happy with the releases so far.
  14. Jeneki

    The Frost Collection: Version 2.0

    Received mine. Each piece was individually bubble wrapped, taped, and put in its own ziplock bag. Someone spent quite a bit of time packaging this.
  15. Jeneki

    Feral Elves by Westfalia

    I didn't know I wanted an elf with a mohawk, but now I do.
  16. Atari Vault is already available on PC / linux / mac. New Tempest is very interesting though.
  17. Jeneki

    Solomon Kane Board Game (Mythic Games)

    I've resisted every Mythic kickstarter so far, but yes I could go for some Solomon Kane.
  18. Jeneki

    Immortal Kings

    The size seems too big for the humaniods, but for everything else I think it's fine. Bring on the huge mechs! I might pick up some mechs as retail, depending on the final materials used (the faq is a bit nebulous on this).
  19. Jeneki


    Received mine. Here's a size comparison to Reaper kobolds: A bit smaller, but the legs are crouched so perhaps it's closer than it looks. In any case I'll be adding these to my horde (which I really should get around to painting).
  20. Jeneki

    Arcadia Quest: Riders

    hmm, I'd back for the Jacklol models only but nothing else is grabbing me. Riders standing on top of the mount is a bit too board-gamey for what I would use the models for.
  21. Jeneki

    Scenic Grass Tufts and Flowers Kickstarter

    Ah yes I was in the mood to paint up some chaos marines. Flowers for the flower god!
  22. Jeneki

    Arcadia Quest: Riders

    How do these mounts work? Just place any fig on top, round base and all? Or are there seated rider figs?
  23. Jeneki

    Tabletop War game Turn ...

    Out of curiosity what table size are you aiming for?
  24. Jeneki

    Tabletop War game Turn ...

    It's 2018, and a turn sequence with a concrete step-by-step order is outright archaic. Such as: everything moves now, then everything shoots, then everything melees, etc. Or one player doing nothing while the other player takes their full turn. I won't even consider playing one seriously. Either alternating activation, or some way of reacting to the enemy (with real combat reactions, not just basic overwatch) is mandatory. Come up with solutions to things you see as problems. For example if you're worried about double actions, put a counter on the last unit activated and say it can't activate first next turn. Also consider that there are also situations where doing the exact opposite is just as useful, such leaving an ECM bubble in effect for the maximum amount of time in CAV. One could argue that correctly manipulating activation order is a legitimate tactical decision, and if my only consideration when activating units is "how can my beatstick get a double activation" then the rules are likely too shallow. There was a kickstarter project last year (some English civil war game) that had a neat bluffing system, where players secretly chose their next unit to activate using cards. Certain unit types moved before others, thus if you knew what your opponent would do first you could effectively counter it and steal initiative, although everything got a turn eventually. If you want to see meaningful reactions beyond overwatch, see Saga second edition. Depending on how hard the enemy is pushing their troops you can disrupt their movement or attack ability, or outright cancel them (fatigue system), or use any number of advanced reaction abilities (all with limitations to prevent overuse). I'd say that's the main thing that makes Saga 2 great: you can go beyond normal limitations, but there's a meaningful cost in doing so, which leads to difficult tactical decisions.
  25. Jeneki

    Kings of War: Vanguard

    Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1744629938/kings-of-war-vanguard-the-fantasy-skirmish-wargame Skirmish game in the Kings of War setting. There's a rules preview link in the kickstarter description. For new models there are two forces to choose from initially. Big images in the Hidden Contents below.