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  1. Half-orc assassin 14043

    I got mine at the FLGS, so they should be out there. Hmm ... now that I'm looking, I don't see it listed in the Reaper store. It's in the figure gallery if you want to see what it looks like though. http://www.reapermini.com/fantasy....&page=5
  2. 1000 point armies

    My orcs are ready to go, other than the archers which I am still wating to get released. You gotta love those tusks :cool: . Melee Warlord with Greater Magic Armor 231 4 x warrior 76 2x large monster 100 14063 Orc Warlord, 14027 Orcs, 14054 Ogre, 14038 Braug the Ogre Melee Captain 81 5 x warrior 95 14049 Narg Bloodtusk, 14027 Orcs Warrior Sarge 29 9 x archer 234 14061 Orc Sarge, 14074 Orc Archers Assassin with Fear and Slow 146 14043 Half-orc Assassin total 992 And here's the skellie horde: Cavalry Warlord with Medium Magic Weapon 243 3 x Cavalry 153 5 x Warriors, 1 with standard, 1 with musician 120 (oop I think) Famine, 02361 Skeletal Cavalry, 06032 Skeleton Command (using the flute, you know why ), other random skellies. Warrior Sarge 29 5 x warrior 95 5 x pike 110 06006 Skeletal Spears, other random skellies. Warrior Sarge 29 5 x warrior 95 5 x crossbow 110 06031 Skeletal Crossbow, other random skellies. Total 991 The "other random skellies" are a mix of 06001, 06005, 06052, and 06053.
  3. Warlord bases

    I am going with Epicast skull bases for my undead. They come in the right sizes for all moster types, except super. http://epicast.com/~epicast/cgi-bin/cart.c...tml?id=vrxevExG They also make other textures, such as cobblestone, flagstone, rubble, etc. Really cool stuff.
  4. Well then, here i am..

    The new Butcher and Sabre are fun to paint, really good models. I have a soft spot for those little vehicles. Enjoy painting (oh and the game is fun too),
  5. Where are they?

    Can't go wrong with whispers, with certain players taking 1000+ point superheavies and such. I'm not so sure about rippers yet, it could be hard to kill enough soft targets to make them worth it. I'll have to try them though, as it could be fun hunting gunships .
  6. Where are they?

    Maybe the staff is all away at Cons. The FLGS got the JoR2 late when their ordering guy was at Origins for a week. Blast it, why can't non-geeks work for these places?
  7. Transporting cavs

    Say Oberfroschmeister, Did you cut any compartments into the foam, or were the pieces just sandwiched between foam pieces? The foam I use is essentially 3 layers. The bottom and top layers are solid, and the middle has compartments cut into it, which are basically square holes forming a 4x6 grid to hold 24 CAVs. I have never had problems with figures sliding around or becoming broken with this case. ... then there's the night vision googles case (just the case+foam) my military buddy gave me. That case is so durable you could run it over with a truck and your figs would still be ok.
  8. Sabre afv

    Hey guys, Can we get a picture/CAD drawing/production sketch/whatever of an assembled Sabre AFV? I'm not sure which way is "up" on the gun piece. Yea I know, I'm being anal here, but I'd like mine to be correct. Nice model btw, I really like the wheeled look, and the off-center weapon (which I've always been fond of). If this is any indication of what's to come in the JoR2 than it looks very promising. Thanks,
  9. Sabre afv

    3 sabres and ... how about a whisper?
  10. Twin cities cav players...

    As I recall, the last time we tried to set up regular games we discovered everyone's schedules clash. For example I have to make some big sacrifices to be available on Saturdays, which is about the only day Kai runs games these days. Although I can show up on Saturday once every few months, as a regular thing it won't work for me. I remember there were similar conflicts from players regaring other days as well. But hey, that was a year or more ago, so if you want to try again feel free.
  11. Tuesday feedback

    Oh yea, points. We were more concerned with matching things up on the generic force list, but adding it up now it was around 2500. Lesson of the day: Do not put the wizard up front.
  12. Tuesday feedback

    Did you give the Wralord and Captain lots of upgrades? I haven't tried using extra equipment yet. So far the Warlords and Captains killed their fair share of stuff, but they weren't exactly squad killing maniacs. I played a game last night with 63 models a side, with a good mix of units, monsters, and magic, in about 2.5 hours. Nice and fast, considering the troops lined the whole width of the table.
  13. Transporting cavs

    I too use pistol cases with custom-cut foam. This seems to be the only good way to deal with oversized figures such as Katanas. I've tried other cases, but they invariably damaged CAVs that don't fit well in wrong-sized compartments. I've also tried magnetic tape on metallic surfaces, which I use quite a bit with fantasy armies, but the weight of larger figs is too much for this to work. Any others?
  14. Actually when I was comparing morale to CAV's surpression, I was referring to how shaken works. It applies a penalty to dice rolls under certain situations, but there is no morale related to unit casulties. Shaken makes sense to me in situations like fear-causing units and the horrid ability seems well written for what it represents. What I'm concerned about is when a group can stand it's ground after 3/4 just got insta-killed by a volley of fire. Mass casulties only phases people when the leader is killed and they need to regain unit cohesion. It just seems odd that people will always fight until they are the last man standing.
  15. Ok I tried a little 20-man skirmish with basic troops and leaders. It seems simple enough, but I didn't use any troops with special rules, which is where I expect a lot of the complexity to kick in. From what I can tell it looks like there is CAV style surpression instead of morale. I too would like a real morale system, as absolute control gets, well, boring to me after a while. I think 10's hitting automatically is a very good thing myself. Defensive strikes are kind of like defensive fire in CAV, which greatly changes the dynamic of high defense. Being "almost immune" to a lesser model makes it unprofitable to mess with it, unless it can be greatly outnumbered. Supporting a powerful model to minimize ganging up on it will probably be a key stratrgy here. Also consider that such a model will likely take 3 or more hits to kill. If armor upgrades effect every damage track (I'm guessing they do), the real strengh should come after it takes damage that would normally reduce it's defenses. Retaining a high defense after taking damage, thus negating one lucky roll, multiplies the power of armor exponentially. From what I can tell, defensive strikes only get one attack instead of full attacks. This makes the order of activating units important when a model is outnumbered. I am curious though, do all models touching an enemy get defensive strikes, or just the ones actually attacked? If just those attacked get defensive strikes, this makes the order of activation even more important. I'll add more after playing a bit more. My only real gripe at this time is square bases. I like circular bases. Why yes, this is the nitpick of the century ...
  16. Cav addict

    Worry not, O Green One, for Dainel already knows most the local CAV players. "Don't call us, we'll call you" Supposedly there will be another CAV event at the next ReCon in August, btw.
  17. Archer size

    Oh yea. I think I remember you bringing that up last month.
  18. Archer size

    Satanic Right Hand? ooo this I gotta see. I'll be there too.
  19. Sabre afv

    Yes, that's exactly what I needed. The flat part is on top. Thanks!
  20. Larry elmore miniatures...

    That isn't saying much . Heck, Steve Jackson minis look awesome after seeing those ...
  21. New cavs!!!

    Darn, I was hoping to hear, "And on my fax machine with Jeneki's number punched in is a spiffy new book called the Journal of Recognition 2". I'll have to check the local stores for the new models, thanks for the heads up.
  22. Jor 2 preview

    Yep, I remember a few discussions on how these are made. Seeing previews of an actual mini is more of a reassurance that all these cool models are coming out and I will have them. For example, when I saw the 3d model of the Rhino I thought it was cool, but when I saw the physical model for the (new) Rhino I was drooling. Now that I think about it, maybe it's better not to show any actual models to keep us from getting anxious.
  23. Jor 2 preview

    People pick CAVs for their stats? This one's all about the looks. I was hoping to see a pic of an actual model, since it is one I'm looking forward too. Ah well, I can wait a bit longer; I'm still painting the old stuff.
  24. Interested in getting into cav.  need advice...

    That sounds about right. I think most people start playing with around that many figures. I remember playing 4 on 4 battles for about half a year when the game first came out. Enjoy!