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  1. Let's say we have 2 guys standing next to each other. The opposing warlord wants to fight them both. He can line up his flat base edge against both of theirs and get valid base contact on both easily. Now lets say one of those bases was rotated 45 degrees. Although the Warlord can still touch both of them, he can no longer get valid base contact with both. Is this correct?
  2. Jeneki

    Valid base contact

    Ok, so the lay on is still mandatory then. Cool thanks. Say we replace 1 and 5 with 1 and 3, since we have already established that 1 is fighting 3. When 3 activates can it move away from 1 without making a discipline check (since 3 isn't legally touching 1)? Can 1's buddies make ranged attacks on 3 (since 3 isn't legally touching 1)? Can 3 make defensive strikes on 1 (since 3 can only make defensive strikes on models is has legal base contact with)? If 1 eliminates 2, does it need to lay on 3 to continue fightning? Can a dragon legally attack other figures in melee combat (since it has no flat edge)? Perhaps it'd be simpler to use any point touching any point, except corner to corner. I'm assuming we want to avoid corner to corner contact to keep the gang up bonuses under control.
  3. Jeneki

    Valid base contact

    I have some questions here. If 5 attacks 1 (with valid base contact), can 1 make a defensive strike on 5 (since it doesn't have valid base contact)? For the same reason, can 1's friendly missile troops shoot at 5? If we pretend the other models aren't there, can 1 just walk away without making a discipline check? Sorry about reopening this can-o-worms, better now than the rules lawyers later ...
  4. cool thanks, I found my answer. Gotta read the whole paragraph next time.
  5. Jeneki

    Valid base contact

    1 doesn't have valid base contact with 5, but does 5 have valid base contact with 1? Is it possible for a model to have valid base contact with an enemy who doesn't have valid base contact with them? This could cause some extremely strange situations.
  6. Jeneki

    Warlord data cards

    With regards to "official" data cards, will troop stats only be available on these cards? Or will stats also be in the rulebook, with the cards more for handy reference?
  7. Jeneki

    Valid base contact

    This is already in Warlord. Using friendly troops to cover each other's rear and flanks is important for minimizing gang up bonuses, which is possibly the most lethal aspect of the game.
  8. Jeneki

    Valid base contact

    hehe, good point. :cool: Here's two more examples of how this can be abused. It can also be used to artifically limit the number of figures that can contact powerful figures to avoid gang up bonuses. Second, in certain tight terrain setups, one can also make it 100% impossible to get valid base contact with a archer hero, even though it's easy to fit a base into the opening. With regard to circular/square bases, it works out the same in the end. Since the defender gets a free turn after being contacted, we'll assume he's going to minimize the number of figs in his rear. With square bases, the most figures you get get in base contact is 6. The most in the rear face is 1. With round bases, the most figures you get get in base contact is 6. The most in the rear 90 degree arc is 1. With hex bases, the most figures you get get in base contact is 6. The most in the rear hexside is 1. Even though I prefer round bases, I can live with square. Both work the same in the end. This is also why I feel players should not get an advantage based on how they orient their bases.
  9. Jeneki

    Valid base contact

    Spreading your troops out over 1 inch apart to keep the enemy from basing more than one at a time is tactics. Using the shape of a base to do the same without spreading them out is not tactics. It's geometry, nothing more. Tactics should have an influence on the game, while geometry should not. In my opinion, of course ...
  10. Jeneki

    Valid base contact

    This is majorly open to abuse. Say for example we have a line of Heavy Infantry facing some regular warriors. The heavy infantry lines up so that every other guy is straight and 45 degrees turned. Now it's geometrically impossible for the warriors to get more than one figure into base with any one Heavy Infantry (try it). The Heavy Infantry can avoid letting the warriors get any gang up bonuses and will get full defensive strikes on all the attacking warriors, thus getting a huge advantage. Or as what happened yesterday. A group of archers were positioned at alternating angles to prevent melee troops from contacting more than one, thus making it more difficult to pin them in contact. These advantages have nothing to do with tactics or strategy, only abstract geometry. How about something like: As long as a figure has flat edge contact with one figure, it has valid base contact with all figures it touches. Or possibly this: After an attacking model makes it's Lay On facing change, any enemy models that it touches that are not already in base to base contact with an opponent must make a Lay On facing change onto the attacker. (see Lay On, page 11)
  11. Jeneki

    My first warlord battle

    We tried this out today. I had an oppertunity to totally rip the enemy Warlord a new one, giving 3 overkill hits. The guy _still _ shruged them all and stood up. He made 6 toughness rolls total by the end of the game. New guys get all the luck ...
  12. Jeneki

    New wizkids minis

    Never underestimate the power of selling to the lowest common denominator. In 1999 there were zero collectable plastic prepainted mini games. By next year there will be 8 I think, by 4 different companies (Wizkids, Wizards of the Coast, Sabertooth, uh whoever does Battle Tags). We'll see how many of these last, but the genre does seem to be growing.
  13. Jeneki

    Hover flight stands

    I've noticed that both the Despot and the Hornet (the hover tanks) have cuts in their flight stand giving them a flat edge. Is there a reason for this? Both seem to fit in the center of a hex using an uncut stand no problem. I gotta say, the Hornet is the most challenging model to assemble I've seen thus far in the CAV line.
  14. Jeneki

    My first warlord battle

    Or in my case, don't put the fragile solos up front. Won't do that again.
  15. Jeneki

    Black lightning dicatator

    As I recall, the "got to have the certificate" thing was for tournaments only. Back when they first came out players were encouraged to give them a try on their own to test out the concept of overdriving. I think the weapons on the 70s Dictator are called something different to tell them apart, an extra "y" or something like that. I don't have my book in front of me right now. So when are we getting overdriveable Maxim 1's? Muahahahaha!
  16. Jeneki

    The black knight

    Now now, there's no reason to start namecalling here. You only lose credibility when you call people losers over a matter of opinion. You can show self-control when creating units. I applaud you for that. If your area supports your play-style, that's even better. Howerver, anyone with any wargaming experience knows there are people who can't show the same control.
  17. Jeneki

    Totemic avatars of battle

    I think armorcast makes some bone terrain, such as obelisks made of skulls/bones or big piles of skulls.
  18. Jeneki

    The black knight

    Guys, it's not like there's a national ranking system with a CAV world championship every year. Why does it matter if not eveyone runs tournaments the same way? Part of running events is knowing your audiance. Telling players how to play, without their input, will only destroy the game group (I have witnessed this before when games move to organized play with strict guidelines). If the players are worried about cheese, throw in some mod and crew upgrade restrictions. If they're powergaming scrubs, let them scratch build what they want, throw out the 50% modifier, and let them get it out of their system . Go with what works.
  19. Jeneki

    Mike's 2000 pnt all-malvernis army...

    I've run into power issues while using Thugs. After a single point of damage, they no longer have enough power to move and fire all weapons. It gives them a bit of character . I also like the weapon selection, lots of versatility. From an aesthetics point of view, I find that mixed sections of Thugs, Assassins, and Butchers look very cohesive together.
  20. Hey guys, In the figure display case in the exhibit hall at GenCon, I saw some Warlord orcs armed with bows. I'm pretty sure they were Warlord figs, based on the tusks coming out of the mouth like the other Warlord orcs, and the base style. I didn't see any for sale though. Are these coming out soon? Thanks,
  21. Jeneki

    Wow!!! whooo-hoo!!! 54!!! yea

    What's so bad about participation here? The game isn't even available in stores, it's just a download right now. And that download isn't even advertized other than a few magazine reviews. 54 views in a forum for a game only known by those who know where to get it sounds amazing to me. Take a look at the Wizkids forum for Creepy Freaks. It's also not offcially released either (but it is heavily advertised), and the participation there is nowhere near as good as it is here. I think the point of generic figure lists is to simply use any figure as appropriate. Just go with whatever looks right. A "beta" is about testing which concepts work and fixing things that don't work, not about using specific models.
  22. Jeneki

    Warlord orcs with bows

    Do we have a new ETA for these? I'm planning ahead for some October games, and wondering if I can get some by then. Thanks,
  23. Jeneki

    Mini source

    New Wave is bad. But don't take our words for it. Go to any active wargaming forum, find the search function, and type in something like "new wave sucks". Really, every forum related to wargaming I've ever been in has a thread like that somewhere.
  24. Jeneki

    Need a third...

    Only 5 sections with 6600 points? They must be tired of the "Zombie Horde" army as one local player put it. I like my hordes (the sabre is really cool).
  25. Jeneki

    Black orcs

    I'm guessing "Black Orcs" just sounds meaner than "Lavender Orcs".