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    Warlord Demos and Players

    Yea! Thanks for the new forum Ladystorm. Lord Baasen, House on the Rock is worth visiting once, just for pure WTF factor on why people make places like that. For your reference, upcoming Con dates which include Warlord events in Minneapolis include Con of the North on Feb 6-8 and ReCon on January 31. I will post exact time and place info when I get it.
  2. Jeneki

    Should Games workshop Resculpt the Space marines?

    Sapes Marines? "In the grim darkness of the future, the universe is run by damn dirty Sapes Marines!" A better question would be: When will GW resculpt the Space Marines yet again? 1st edition had the beakey marines. 2nd edition had some new styles (the stormtrooper helmet). 3rd edition has some new plastics (more parts for better pose customability), and the newest terminator models are so big they come with larger bases. My guess would be 4th edition will have yet another new line of space marines.
  3. Jeneki

    Warlord Demos and Players

    I run demos in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas.
  4. Jeneki

    Some Warlord Questions

    Hmm, this seems to pop up at least once a month. Can't say I blame them though, as it is something most people notice. Perhaps we need a FAQ pinned up at the top for common questions like this.
  5. Jeneki

    Warlord Demo in Minneapolis

    Hey guys, I'm running a game of Warlord at The Source on Wednesday the 26th at 6 pm. Anyone who left ReCon early due to snow (you know who you are) that wanted to attend the event are welcome to come and play. Some of my wargamer friends are back in the cities for Thanksgiving, so there should be a decent amount of people. I have some newer stuff painted up, so we're going to add in some magic this time around. More missile troops too, as per request. The Source is located at the corner of Snelling and Larpentur, a few blocks north of the State Fair watertower. SOURCE COMICS and GAMES 1601 West Larpenteur Ave Falcon Heights, Minnesota 55113 651-645-0386
  6. Date: Saturday, November 22nd Time: 6pm (after the CAV tournament) Location: The Coon Rapids VFW: 1919 Coon Rapids Boulevard Coon Rapids, MN Your orcs are off raiding a local village when the neighborhood necromancer resurrects the nearby graveyard to steal your thunder. Are you gonna take that? Minis will be supplied and rules will be taught. Hope to se you there,
  7. Jeneki


    And what about AS/400? If it doesn't install off punch cards, it's crap!
  8. Jeneki

    Doom minis

    As I recall, there was a persona fig, 66601 DOOM Marine with Shotgun (I love how the numbers all start with 666 ). Which actually makes sense, because if you viewed another player in the game they always had the shotgun no matter what they were actually wielding.
  9. Jeneki


    Wow, that software is so powerful, it has destroyed your caps lock key in the thread title. Have you done all the data input for unit stats yet? That is the true test of your resolve, trust me. I'm looking forward to it. It probably took a lot of effort.
  10. Jeneki

    Fantasy in 54mm?

    I do enjoy painting 54 and 72mm figures. They're big enough to easily fit in lots of details, yet not so big it's hard to keep a smooth paintjob (I have a hard time with some 1/6 scale kits, which apparetly most people airbrush). As far as gaming though, I prefer smaller scales. I've played a gladiator game with 54s, but I couldn't imagine using them for anything but the smallest skirmish games. So yes, I would like to see an occational 54 or 72mm figure. I don't need a whole wargaming line, just something special every once in a while.
  11. Jeneki

    Warlord orc shields-3 fingered hands?

    My guess would be Total Recall or War of the Worlds TV series aliens. Or perhaps the orc warlord is taxing all spoils of war and taking a finger.
  12. Jeneki

    Warlord Demo in Minneapolis

    ReCon stays open until 11 I think. The demo armies are ~20 figures per side so it goes fast; an hour at most.
  13. Jeneki

    Doom minis

    And dont forget the spider overmind, I never saw a fig for that one. Oh wait, based on the size of the cyberdemon that thing would probably weigh 20 pounds in pewter.
  14. Jeneki

    Special abilities

    (looks at generic troop list) Uh, are there any that _don't_ have special abilities?
  15. Jeneki


    Bases specific to the army seems to be common these days. Just look in any painting forum for ideas. I based all my DHL and Warlord skeletons on Epicast skull bases. If you're at The Source tonight you can see them.
  16. Jeneki

    Looking for an old ral partha figurine

    Do you have a name / description of the figure? You'd be surprised what some of us have sitting in a bit box. Another place to try is theminiaturespage; lots of older gamers with older figs there.
  17. Jeneki

    Dhl figs. in warlord.

    7thunders, are the points changing a lot in the final release? Based on the current point system, I'd love to see my opponent fill his army with Uber-Warlords, Lupine Lords, and other expensive models. From the games I've played so far, "character" armies cannot hold up to a more balanced army, as they can't stand up to the gangup bonuses and the law of averages. imo, The thing to watch out for in a design-it-yourself army would be min/maxed grunts, which can appear on the field in very large numbers.
  18. Jeneki

    Dhl figs. in warlord.

    Hey, I like blood imps! Little guys with pointy weapons are always cool. Once you get to know the relative combat ability of various figures, I think you'll find you can achieve better game balance by not using a point system at all. A good GM who can create scenarios is effective way of using any figures you have in your collection. It's a different way of thinking about wargaming (as opposed to warcompeting), but very rewarding once you get a feel for it.
  19. Jeneki

    Face/skin recipes

    I mix a "standard" skin tone from primary colors. Start with a mix of yellow and red, more yellow than red. Add white until it's light enough. Add a tiny bit of blue (or not, if you want the cartoon look). Add more white for highlights. Sorry I'm not more specific with the mixtures, I kind of eyeball it depending on the figure.
  20. Something I need to check on: Is it legal to give 2 actions to some figures in a Troop, followed by giving 2 actions to the others? Or do all the figures have to perform their first action before starting the second? For example, if I have a Troop with 5 crossbow and 5 warriors, can I move then shoot the crossbow, followed by moving the warriors twice? Or would I have to move everyone once, then shoot the crossbows and move the warriors again? Thanks,
  21. Jeneki

    Valid base contact

    Actually I'm referring to 1 and 3 where they are currently in the diagram.
  22. Let's say we have 2 guys standing next to each other. The opposing warlord wants to fight them both. He can line up his flat base edge against both of theirs and get valid base contact on both easily. Now lets say one of those bases was rotated 45 degrees. Although the Warlord can still touch both of them, he can no longer get valid base contact with both. Is this correct?
  23. Jeneki

    Valid base contact

    Ok, so the lay on is still mandatory then. Cool thanks. Say we replace 1 and 5 with 1 and 3, since we have already established that 1 is fighting 3. When 3 activates can it move away from 1 without making a discipline check (since 3 isn't legally touching 1)? Can 1's buddies make ranged attacks on 3 (since 3 isn't legally touching 1)? Can 3 make defensive strikes on 1 (since 3 can only make defensive strikes on models is has legal base contact with)? If 1 eliminates 2, does it need to lay on 3 to continue fightning? Can a dragon legally attack other figures in melee combat (since it has no flat edge)? Perhaps it'd be simpler to use any point touching any point, except corner to corner. I'm assuming we want to avoid corner to corner contact to keep the gang up bonuses under control.
  24. Jeneki

    Valid base contact

    I have some questions here. If 5 attacks 1 (with valid base contact), can 1 make a defensive strike on 5 (since it doesn't have valid base contact)? For the same reason, can 1's friendly missile troops shoot at 5? If we pretend the other models aren't there, can 1 just walk away without making a discipline check? Sorry about reopening this can-o-worms, better now than the rules lawyers later ...
  25. cool thanks, I found my answer. Gotta read the whole paragraph next time.