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    Tank Legions??

    I've used a full section of 4 Lances on a number of occations. Strength: High armor and damage tracks for very low points. Weakness: Slow and below average firepower. Here's some ideas on how to use them: Try to avoid leaving lances behind when advancing your faster units. A slow unit without IF is useless if left behind. Consider using them in the front line, where they are the first to get hit. They can take an amazing amount of damage relative to their point cost. Lances can take hits like a CAV 3 times their point cost. You could also go with a IF heavy force and make them come to you. Take slow units and a ton of IF, plant everything behind some terrain, and rain fire. Deny the enemy direct fire oppertunities until they come into range of your slower DF units. Don't forget the FA-45 guns. A lance will absolutely rape any infantry or aircraft foolish enough to get close. Most experienced players should know better, but it's good to keep in mind.
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    It's mentioned in the beta rulebook that "looting" doesn't always mean grabbing treasure. There's an example involving a crusader giving last rites as a "loot" action, as they probably wouldn't be pulling the boots off some poor sap. (page 16 under Bounty Points) Brain snacks sounds good to me.
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    No excuse! You could easily make a CAV kit from 1mm thick parts. You just need to put a little sticker on the packaging that reads "Some assembly required".
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    Is the 3 laser Locust one of the varients? My BT books are rather old, and list it as 1 medium laser and 2 machine guns. A cheap 30" CAV with multiple FA-45s cound be very, very nasty. Reminds me of the 2 x flamer Puma mod ...
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    Gen Con 2004

    I will be at GenCon Indy this summer. I'm all out of gum, but I'm bringing my soap ...
  6. Jeneki

    I need some help

    Not ... The Jar! I keep thinking The Dip from Roger Rabbit. Yea mecha take a different technique than fantasy, I wasn't too satisfied with my first CAVs either.
  7. Jeneki

    2000pt list to look at

    Ah ok that makes more sense, it's the total cost of the unit, not just the cost of the leader. When I saw the 765 point warlord I thought there had to be an error somewhere. Please put the total seperate from the leader next time to avoid confusion, thanks. btw what models are you using for heavy infantry/cav? Most of the Wood Elf armies I have seen lean more towards light troops; I was unaware models are made for "heavy" wood elves.
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    2000pt list to look at

    Why are the leaders so many points? Base cost of a melee warlord is 201, archer captain is 174, warrior sarge is 29. You may have room for more troops. I have mixed cav with infantry in Warlord before. What I do is keep them with the infantry until contact is made. Then, I use their speed to move around the unit and take out healers or other annoying fragile individuals cowering behind the battle line. A few cav are usually more than enough. I haven't had much luck with with a mad cav charge across the whole table yet. I get outnumbered and easily destroyed when I do that.
  9. Jeneki

    Blending of Layering ?

    I think with a little experience people will find which technique works better for them in different situations. I choose whether to blend or layer based on the surface texture of what I'm painting. If it has a lot of texture (cloak, face, 6-pack muscle tone, etc) I prefer layering, as I find it difficult and time consuming to get the brush in at every angle on every surface to blend the colors. If it's a large mostly flat area (CAVs, tanks) I prefer blending, simply because I can't get layering to look right where there is no texture. It works for me ... may or may not work for others. I use oil paints for blending. Never tried the wet method with acrylics.
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    Yes, Mil-Net is down

    Next time you thorw a keg party ... NOT IN THE SERVER ROOM! Oh, and invite me next time too.
  11. Jeneki

    What exactly is CAV????

    You can get rules and some stat cards to get you started here: Main reapermini page -> Games -> CAV -> PDF on the top of the page.
  12. Jeneki

    What exactly is CAV????

    What is this, the privateer press forums? I think we can describe the game without sounding like a monster truck convention . ... Aww who am I kidding, I want to kick the crap out of some big mecha too!
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    This is one of those games that depends heavily on your play group. If they are the type of gamers that are fun and fair minded and don't care about the latest uber-unit, than yes it can be enjoyable. The players are what makes or breaks the system. Oh and I would second SOldcorn's suggestion to look into Hordes of the Things if there is a group in your area. It's very versitle and relatively inexpensive.
  14. Jeneki

    Things to consider

    One of the local players uses bases with sliders for his CAVs. The slider is similar to the sabertooth LotR base, but the bases interlock so he can expand the base size and not have the sliders interfere with how the fig is mounted. It takes up more space then a die does, but it won't get knocked over or left behind after movement. (and I doubt anyone is concerned with a larger base affecting close assault possibilities) I don't care for stat-bases of any sort myself, for aesthetic reasons and I can't see the dial without leaning over the table. Generic dial-type bases do have a market though, for use in many different games.
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    Things to consider

    I remember looking at a couple of WWII N-scale lines back in the early days of CAV when I wanted some generic-looking tanks, as the FLGS carries 2 seperate lines. Both take up a lot of wall space and are definitely not just a couple of random cheesy units. I will admit it's nice to see real N-scale aircraft sitting next to vehicles from the coorosponding line.
  16. Jeneki

    Mixing model types in Troops

    A very good tactic it is. By strategically taking out certain figs with missile fire, you can optimize your melee warriors gangup bonuses or open holes to leaders/healers/wizards. Of course, it doesn't work very often once your opponent is expecting it, but if the initiative cards fall right it's very powerful.
  17. Jeneki

    Rackham or Confrontation

    I would have to say that not being committed to one company makes you less of a newbie.
  18. Jeneki

    Who's Playing?

    As far as rules popularity, try to remember that the Warlord rules are not out in the retail world yet, and the download is not entirely complete (no faction specific armies, for example). It should be expected that the only people who have them are the "fanboyz n grlz"; anyone extra who's playing is a huge credit to the game. I know a few people who are interested in using Warlord rules for historical Renaissance skirmish games. This is a case where the beta army list is fully complete for their needs.
  19. Jeneki

    Kai Must Be Stopped!

    Played a game at Con of the North last weekend, 3 player free-for-all. Kai gets gangbanged in the beginning (must be warming up for next GenCon), by late game he has 1 Assassin on its last damage track hiding out in the woods, cowering in fear. The others have a Wight and an UberRhino dueling in the middle of the board, along with a Wyvern chasing a Specter around the map. Tell me God, how could you let Kai win this game? What cruel twist of probability did it take to allow the tide to change? It's just not right, I say. Sorry, just had to get that off my chest ...
  20. Jeneki

    Zvezda Fantasy Figures

    Yea those undead are really difficult to work with. Cool once you get them all together though. Are there other minis the same size as the undead set? They are closer to the old definition of 25mm than the larger scales common these days. The FLGS here got in a Samurai box set that looks really cool. It's very tempting.
  21. Jeneki

    Command distance

    I don't think the lack of command radius has anything to do with company politics. In many scifi games, it's assumed that units can communicate with each other regardless of distance, thus the concept of command distance is not as important. Electronics is highly emphasized in CAV, so it's safe to assume the can give and receive orders fairly easily. Reaper’s Warlord game does have command distance. In its fantasy world, communication is more limited by sight/shouting/etc, so command distance is more of an issue. Section sizes have to do with activating units. This helps avoid you-go-I-go, and it keeps players active in the game at all times. The majority of modern wargames have alternating activations or some variation thereof. It works.
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    Saw good Demo by Astral Rogue

    You could try the abstract approach. Many games do not specify an absolute length of time for each turn: there's lots of scouting, observation, and inactivity mixed in with the movement and shooting we see on the table. One dice roll is not necessarily one shot or burst, but possibly extended firing over time. Under this model, defensive fire isn't really firing more often or with more power, but using electronics to track the incoming fire and shoot more efficiently, thus warranting an additional dice roll. Creating absolutes concerning the game turns always causes problems no matter the game ... always. Even historical games have issues with this.
  23. Jeneki

    Recon CAV's...

    I do like the 1 x (fast unit with eccm) with 3 x (superiority unit) mixture. Relying on an ESM unit in another section forces it to be out in the open longer and risk more enemy fire. Using the "move, action, finish move" activation of a unit, the ESM unit can still do its job and make the opponent work harder to destroy it, possibly putting the enemy in a bad position just to get to it. Do not totally blow off a crazy ESM pilots though. I'd rather not say how many times I've lost a heavier unit to a psycho scout CAV (new players who just charge everything, or Kai who's just nuts). For example, when a Kahn banzai charges another CAV it has a +7 to lock and two +7 shots with lock, and that's with no upgrades.
  24. Jeneki

    CAV at ReCon, January 2004

    A section of Mark IV Treehuggers slowly advances using cover. The Wight wants to take this one home for next Christmas. Meanwhile, team KODA has no need for sissy trees and walks around them. Just be glad KODA doesn't have any flamethrower units. Sick of putting up with IFM, Mark IV makes a mad dash for the hill. Strangely enough, once the only CAVs left behind that hill were some missile support CAVs and some angry undamaged Mark IV superiority CAVs, that player got a phone call and had to leave the con. Kai's Spartan of Ultimate Destruction charges Jeneki's Rhino of Ultimate Wussiness. Apparetly the Poltergeist's oh-so-state-of-the-art electronics scared it away, so it found an easier target. Was there any doubt of this outcome? Yea, when the Rhino takes its first damage from IF which didn't even have target lock, things just go down hill from there. Kahns, some of the fastest CAVs in the game, duel to the death point-blank in the forest. And this concludes the 40k game of the night.
  25. Jeneki

    Command CAV

    The revenant has 36" guns. It's not quite a rhino or emperor, but pretty close...